Chapter 850 - Outcome of the Battle

Everyone only managed to see how brilliant was Su Tao’s schemes when everything slowly unfolded.

Su Tao was meticulous in every step, catching his opponent by surprise.

Without Rangure, Qin Jingyu’s sales channel took a heavy blow. At the same time, Shu Haonan and Ye Sheng were also strong competitors. It meant that his position would be shakened.

By using Wang Guofeng’s death, Su Tao slowly planned and eventually hit Qin Jingyu where it hurts.

To sort out the connections for Ye Sheng, Su Tao gave a call to Lin Yifu and explained the present situation.

After Lin Yifu listened to what Su Tao had to say, he smiled, “I’ll talk to Hamza about this matter. Since it’s a recommendation from you, I’m sure that Hamza won’t refuse it.”

“How is Hamza’s condition?” Su Tao asked.

“He’s recovering well from your treatment, and he can already start working. Many of his subordinates came back to him. Stein might have the base, but it’s just an empty shell now.” Lin Yifu smiled. “At the same time, Hamza is grateful to you. If it weren’t for you, he would’ve probably left the world by now.”

“I’m a doctor. So it’s my duty to treat patients.” Su Tao smiled.

“Perhaps Hamza might cut down his business on firearms because of your influence.” Lin Yifu laughed.

Su Tao smiled bitterly. Lin Yifu understood him well. As a physician, Su Tao would distance himself from such matters since it was in contrary with his values.

Truth be told, Su Tao could go into this business easily, according to Lin Yifu’s plan. First, Su Tao had the Shui Family’s support from the military side so that it wouldn’t be an issue to obtain supplies. Secondly, Su Tao was Hamza’s savior, and Hamza would definitely do his best to help Su Tao.

However, the thought of going into this industry had never crossed Su Tao’s mind. He was still firm about being a physician.

“Old friend, it’s your turn.” The Fire Deity placed a chesspiece down.

“Old fellow, just admit defeat if you don’t want to play. There’s no need to let me win on purpose, is there?” The Dragon Emperor shook his head with a smile. He moved a chesspiece over and ‘devoured’ the Fire Deity’s ‘Chariot.’

The Fire Deity smiled and continued to move his ‘Cannon.’ The Dragon Emperor glanced at the Fire Deity, “You lost.”

“Yeah!” The Fire Deity casually smiled and stood up from his seat. “The victor has now been decided.”

Fire Deity had admitted his defeat in the game of chess. But the Dragon Emperor had lost in the other game of chess.

After Fire Deity left, the Dragon Emperor began coughing violently. When he covered his mouth with a napkin, the napkin was soon dyed red.

“Are you alright?” First Dragon stood beside the Dragon Emperor. He had appeared out of nowhere.

It was a tradition for the Dragon Emperor and Fire Deity to fight in every meeting. The two weren’t any weaker than the other, so it was tough for them to convince the other with their strength. However, the Dragon Emperor seems to have suffered heavier injuries this time.

Shaking his head, the Dragon Emperor smiled bitterly, “I’m fine. He might seem fine, but he’s not in any better shape than I am.”

The First Dragon noticed the concern lingering between the Dragon Emperor’s brows. After a short contemplation, he asked, “You’re worried about Chief Qin?”

“Not him. I’m worried about the Dragon Group’s future.” The Dragon Emperor smiled bitterly. “It appears that I still have to cling onto this old life of mine a little longer. Now’s not the right time to hand everything to him.”

The Dragon Emperor knew that he had lost to the Fire Deity when it came to finding their successor.

The First Dragon sighed when he heard the Dragon Emperor’s concern. The Dragon Emperor had spent a lot of effort on his successor, and this meeting with the Fire Deity made him felt even more stressed out.

Su Tao sat in the Three Flavour Hall for an entire day. When it was time for him to knock off, he suddenly received an unexpected visitor. Wang Rui had come unnoticed, and Su Tao received him in his office.

In that split second when Su Tao closed the door, Wang Rui suddenly gave a deep bow. “Physician Su, I came unnoticed to apologize for my rash actions in the past. My wife and I had caused lots of unnecessary trouble for you. So I would like to seek your forgiveness.”

Helping Wang Rui up, Su Tao smiled, “Senior Wang, you’re putting things way too seriously. You cannot be blamed since you were blinded by anger. This incident is just a misunderstanding. If someone has to be blamed for this matter, it will be the mastermind. Now that everything’s cleared up, there’s nothing between us.” Su Tao spoke as he poured a cup of tea for Wang Rui.

When Wang Rui received the cup and took a sip, he replied, “You have a wide breadth of mind. Now I know why my Senior Brother was filled with praises for you.”

Su Tao knew that the ‘Senior Brother’ that Wang Rui mentioned was the Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect. He replied humbly, “I still have more to learn, and I will need your guidance.”

Seeing how Su Tao was neither overbearing nor servile, Wang Rui felt conflicted. At this moment, he knew that his son was pale compared to Su Tao. Letting out a sigh, he responded, “I actually have two motives for my visit. One is to apologize to you, and the other is to invite you to the Wang Family on my father’s behalf as the Wang Family owed you one. Please accept my invitation.”

“Is the baby doing well?” Su Tao smiled. He did not give a direct reply.

Nodding his head, Wang Rui smiled, “The baby is very adorable. If it’s not for this baby, I’m afraid that my Wang Family won’t be able to walk out from this trauma.”

“The deceased cannot come back alive. We should learn how to move forward.” Su Tao replied. “Life will get better.”

Wang Rui chatted with Su Tao before he left. Before he left, Su Tao promised that he would visit them two days from now.

After Su Tao sent off Wang Rui, he went to look for Ling Yu and told him about Wang Rui’s visit. At the same time, he wanted to dispel Ling Yu’s concern.

Ling Yu could sense Su Tao’s kind intention. At the same time, he also made up his mind to visit the Wang Family two days from now with Su Tao.

Since Wang Rui gave him respect, Su Tao naturally had to return the respect. At the same time, it would dispel the barrier between them. By not making enemies with the Wang Family’s Pharmacy, it would benefit the Three Flavour Hall in establishing a footing in Beijing.

Although Su Tao met Ye Sheng by coincidence, he naturally still had to go on with the appointment.

Ye Ling wore a pale green dress for the dinner that matched well with her soft white cheeks, bright slender eyes, and high bridged nose. She was simply gorgeous tonight.

She was sitting in the private room with Ni Jingqiu, and the two seem to get along well. They were currently gossiping among themselves with peals of laughter sounding out occasionally.

The name of this restaurant was Autumn Goose Vegetarian. The private room was bright and spacious. The waitresses were all wearing Cheongsam with a smile hanging on their faces.

Su Tao knew that this meal would cost over ¥10,000. This was Beijing, you can find anything here as long as you had money.

“What are the two of you laughing about?” Su Tao asked after he sat down.

The two ladies were laughing among themselves, and they were definitely trying to pique other people’s curiosity.

“Women talk! It has nothing to do with you.” Ni Jingqiu rolled her eyes at Su Tao before he continued whispering with Ye Ling.

Keeping me in suspense? You want me to beg you? Dream on!

Su Tao spread his hands out with a bitter smile and looked at Ye Sheng, “Just look at them isolating the two of us.”

“Well, it’s not as if I’m desperate to talk with them.” Ye Sheng laughed.

“Forget it. We’ll tell you then. When Jingqiu and I went to the washroom earlier, we bumped into Gu Yang with a man coming out of the ladies.” Ni Jingqiu smiled.

“Are you serious?!” Ye Sheng was shocked. “Aren’t Gu Yang and Shu Haonan engaged?”

Everyone in Beijing’s circle knew about the engagement between Gu Yang and Shu Haonan.

“Gu Yang has a playful personality, to begin with. But doing it in the too casual.” Ye Ling shook her head with a bitter smile. As she spoke, she even took a peek at Su Tao.

“Well, who knows if they might be discussing something important in the toilet. The truth might not be as dirty as the two of you thinks. Why are you women so simple minded? The world is beautiful, but it’s all contaminated by the two of your foul imagination. Our mind should be more positive, and we should have purer thoughts. Can’t there be friendship aside from having an affair?” Su Tao shrugged.

Ni Jingqiu rolled her eyes at Su Tao’s words and snapped, “Don’t make yourself out to be a gentleman.”

As Su Tao laughed, the waitresses came in with the dishes. But Su Tao was still sweating for Shu Haonan inwardly. Even if it might be a misunderstanding between Gu Yang and that man, it was the same as cuckold for Shu Haonan if everyone knew.

Truth be told, Su Tao knew that Beijing circle was chaotic, especially the relationship between men and women.

Su Tao felt the urge to pee after drinking quite a bit of juice. When he came to the toilet and glanced through the female toilet, he shook his head.

But when he came out, he bumped into Shu Haonan. The two had met in the past. Even if they did not cooperate together in the firearm business, the two of them had still dispelled their hostility publicly.

“Chief Shu!” Su Tao greeted with a smile. He felt pity for Shu Haonan after learning about Gu Yang from Ye Ling and Ni Jingqiu.

When Shu Haonan saw Su Tao, he nodded with a smile, “What a coincidence. I never expect to see you here.”

“Let’s chat again when we’re free!” Su Tao smiled.

Watching Su Tao leave the toilet, Shu Haonan was baffled. Why was Su Tao looking at him with a weird gazed?

After Shu Haonan was done with the toilet, he sighed inwardly. He had jumped into the firearm industry under Li Anbo and Wang Xuan’s incite. But he had no idea that the goods were swapped in the delivery process. In the end, they delivered a bunch of inferior goods.

Shu Haonan had no way to explain for the inferior goods himself. In the end, he even had to pay out compensation to the buyers.

Even if Wang Xuan had subsidised part of it for him, the compensation paid out still stabbed Shu Haonan in the heart. When he was done in the toilet, he suddenly had a bold idea. He was wondering if he should contact Su Tao and join the latter to get out of this mess.

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