Chapter 848 - Provoking my Brother

Su Tao easily dodged the youth’s attack. The youth might be trained with some practical experience, but it was nothing in his eyes. Su Tao waited for the youth to lose his stability before he lashed out a kick on the youth’s knees.

The youth immediately collapsed on the ground from that kick as he held onto his knee and groaned out in pain.

“Get lost!” Su Tao looked at the youth coldly.

The youth took a long time to get on his feet. He knew that he wasn’t Su Tao’s match, so he immediately left the ward limping.

“Sorry to trouble you.” Tian Xinxin smiled bitterly.

“Why don’t you change to another hospital?” Su Mu sighed. “He will probably not give up so easily.”

As Tian Xinxin fell into a dilemma from Su Mu’s suggestion, Dai Liang got up on his feet with his head lowered. He wanted to protect Tian Xinxin, but it was a pity that he wasn’t the youth’s match. In the eyes of others, he probably looked as if he had overestimated himself.

“You don’t have to worry about it and stay in the hospital. I’ll deal with him if he continues to harass you.” Su Tao might help her out with this matter since he had already made a move. Since he had encountered an injustice, then he might as well take responsibility for it.

As Su Tao asked Su Mu and Dai Liang to leave the room, he continued his treatment for Tian Xinxin. At the same time, Su Tao also managed to get more information about the youth.

That youth was Zhang Kun, an instructor of a kickboxing club. Although it might not be considered a proper career, he could still receive a decent income.

Zhang Kun was a local in Beijing with a few properties under his name. In addition to the fact that kickboxing was trending, it was very attractive to young women.

Tian Xinxin was an extrovert even though she was still schooling. She was fond of visiting the gym and even fell in love with spinning bikes. So after a year of professional training, she became an instructor in spinning bikes, guiding the gym members weekly. Because of her outstanding appearance, she was especially popular in the gym, so she was also receiving a decent income.

Zhang Kun was a kickboxing instructor, while Tian Xinxin was a spinning bike instructor. As the two of them interacted, Zhang Kun naturally started pursuing her. Although Tian Xinxin had dated in the past, those were just kids playing around. So she easily fell for the experienced Zhang Kun. In just a few months of being assaulted by his flowery speech, she eventually fell for him.

Later, when Tian Xinxin discovered that she was pregnant, Zhang Kun’s first reaction was to get an abortion when he got to know about it. As Tian Xinxin was still studying, she eventually heeded Zhang Kun’s advice. In the end, Zhang Kun contacted an improper clinic for Tian Xinxin to get her abortion done. But Tian Xinxin had also left a problem in her body because of that.

At the same time, Tian Xinxin had also seen through his irresponsibility and broke up with him.

As Tian Xinxin was running out of novelty for him, Zhang Kun naturally agreed to breakup. But after a few months later, Zhang Kun came back with the hope of getting back together with her.

After Su Tao finished performing acupuncture for Tian Xinxin, he wrote down a prescription. He placed it by the bedside, “The abortion surgery damaged your body greatly, so you need at least half a year to nurture your health. Remember not to stop taking medicine. I won’t be staying long in Beijing. So you can look for a physician by the name of Ling Yu in the Three Flavour Hall every month. He will guide you on nurturing your health.”

“Thank you, Divine Physician Su.” Tian Xinxin expressed her gratitude from the bottom of her heart.

“Thank your cousin if you want. I’m only here under your cousin’s request.” Su Tao smiled.

Tian Xinxin did not show any symptoms from her condition. So it couldn’t be detected. It wasn’t because she wasn’t ill, but her illness just hadn’t flare-up. It had only shown signs in her five viscera and six bowels.

Western medicine couldn’t detect her condition. And by the time when Tian Xinxin became gravely ill, it was already too late for her to be treated entirely. At best, she could only keep her condition under control.

It was the same logic as to why women had to convalesce for a month after childbirth. If it weren’t done well, they would have complications left on their body for the rest of their lives.

If chill invaded their bodies while they were conducting the convalesce, they might experience headaches occasionally. If they were to cry during convalescing, they would get epiphora by the wind. Those weren’t conditions that could be treated by western medicine.

Women had to undergo convalesce after childbirth was because their physique was fragile. If it weren’t done well, there would be damages left in the body for the rest of her life.

As Tian Xinxin had undergone an abortion, it was the same as not undergoing convalesce. It had already damaged her body, and the consequences might be dire if her health wasn’t nurtured well.

To avoid Zhang Kun coming back, Su Tao did not leave immediately after treating Tian Xinxin. The few of them chatted in the ward as Su Tao shared some of his bizarre stories in his journey as a physician. On the other hand, Su Mu and the rest were captivated by his stories.

Roughly an hour later, a commotion rang out from outside as the nurse failed the stop the party from charging into the ward.

When Su Tao raised his head, he saw Zhang Kun coming in with seven to eight youths. The one leading the party was actually an acquaintance.

Pointing at Su Tao, Zhang Kun roared arrogantly, “It’s this brat! He’s the one that kicked me!”

That person locked his brows together and glanced at Su Tao before smiling helplessly, “Physician Su, I’m sorry about this matter. I will definitely sort out this matter to give you an explanation.”

“Alright. I’ll trouble you then, Young Master Ye.” Su Tao smiled bitterly in his heart. The fate was truly amazing. He initially wanted to meet Ye Sheng tomorrow, but he never expected to encounter him in these circumstances.

Su Tao was the benefactor of the Ye Family, and Ye Sheng understood Su Tao well. He was filled with respect for Su Tao.

Ye Sheng didn’t come here to help Zhang Kun. He knew that Zhang Kun wasn’t someone good, who would often bully others. But he came because he heard that Zhang Kun had encountered an expert and was defeated with a single move. This matter attracted Ye Sheng’s interest as he wondered who it would be.

When Ye Sheng saw Su Tao, he instantly knew what was going on. At the same time, he finally understood why Zhang Kun was defeated. After all, even he was defeated by Su Tao.

Zhang Kun was dumbfounded. He initially felt smug with confidence that Ye Sheng was going to stand up for him. But was caught by surprise when he saw that Ye Sheng and Su Tao knew each other. Furthermore, judging from Ye Sheng’s tone, he seems to be trying to get on Su Tao’s good side.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you know that you’ve provoked my brother?” Ye Sheng swept a cold glance at Zhang Kun, causing the latter to feel a chill down his spine.

At this moment, Zhang Kun finally knew why Su Tao was so calm. So it turned out that he was Ye Sheng’s brother?

Zhang Kun was suddenly placed in a tough spot. He initially wanted to take revenge, but he never expected that he had called a cheerleading party for Su Tao instead. “I’m a couple with Tian Xinxin, and I’m here to visit her. But a verbal fight broke out between us, and we fought.”

“What do you mean by verbal fight?” Ye Sheng asked.

“This brat is trying to snatch my woman!” Zhang Kun knew that targeting Su Tao would only put him in a more disadvantageous position. In the end, he directed his target at Dai Liang.

“If the two of you share a good relationship, who will be able to break the two of you up?” Ye Sheng wasn’t someone so easily fooled.

Standing by the side, Tian Xinxin raged, “I have already broken up with him, but he keeps harassing me!”

“You’re just angry for the time being! When I treat you better in the future, I’m sure that you will forgive me.” Zhang Kun explained. “I even intend to give you a car!”

At this moment, Ye Sheng finally knew what was going on and glared at Zhang Kun, “Fuck, she has already said that she’s breaking up with you, so why are you still harassing her? Are you that great with money? What an embarrassment! Scram! I hate people like you the most. Do you think that all the women in the world will center around you just because you have some money?”

Ye Sheng’s words left everyone by his side, stunned. Did they not learn from him?

Then again, Ye Sheng could be a prodigal because he had the capital to behave arrogantly.

Glaring at Zhang Kun, Ye Sheng replied, “Right. Apologize before you scram.”

Zhang Kun sighed inwardly. He knew about Ye Sheng’s temper well. If he refused to lower his head, he wouldn’t have a place among Beijing’s prodigal circle.

“I’m sorry!” Zhang Kun lowered his head.

“Physician Su, what do you think?” Ye Sheng smiled. “Why don’t you let this matter rest at this? After all, we’re acquaintances.”

“Not yet.” Su Tao shook his head.

Everyone else was dumbfounded. Who was Ye Sheng? He was the Young Master of the famous Ye Family in Beijing. He had lowered himself, wanting to resolve this matter, but Su Tao still held onto this matter.

Ye Sheng was somewhat surprised, but he wasn’t furious. He admired Su Tao, and he knew that Su Tao wasn’t the one who would take things too far. That means that Su Tao must have a reason for doing so.

As Su Tao stood up, he went over to Ye Sheng and whispered in the latter’s ears. After all, this matter concerned Tian Xinxin’s privacy.

Listening to Su Tao’s words, Ye Sheng’s face turned gloomy. He never expected that Zhang Kun would be such an irresponsible bastard. He wasn’t even qualified to be a man! Furthermore, it was thanks to Su Tao’s reminder that made Ye Sheng catch a clear glimpse of Zhang Kun.

“Indeed, this matter cannot be resolved so easily. Zhang Kun, you are responsible for compensating Tian Xinxin.” Ye Sheng’s cold voice sounded out. “Otherwise, you can give up staying in Beijing in the future.”

Ye Sheng’s words threw Zhang Kun into the icy chamber. How did things turn out this way?

Wasn’t Ye Sheng his reinforcement? So why was Ye Sheng helping the other side instead?

However, Ye Sheng was someone who would bully the weak while fearing the iron fist. He did not dare to offend Ye Sheng and ultimately lowered his head, “Since Young Master Ye has already spoken, I will naturally oblige. How much do you want?”

“¥ 500,000!” Ye Sheng raised his brow.

It wasn’t a small sum of money. Even with Zhang Kun’s income, he could only earn ¥20,000 monthly, and ¥500,000 was equivalent to two years of his income.

Due to the pressure coming from Ye Sheng, Zhang Kun could only gnash his teeth and agreed, “Alright! I’ll send the money to her after gathering the money.”

Nodding his head, Ye Sheng knew that Zhang Kun wouldn’t dare to go against his words.

Seeing that Su Tao had no other request, Zhang Kun quickly fled with Ye Sheng’s permission.

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