Chapter 84 - Start of the Physician King Tournament

Chapter 84 - Start of the Physician King Tournament

Su Tao was an emotionally-rich person. Although he was affectionate, he wasn’t fickle in love. From the day he met Lu Shimiao, he felt that both of them were tied by a red string that bound them together. It started with the misunderstanding during their first meeting to Su Tao helping her, it all seemed to be planned by the wheel of fate. Right now, Su Tao even felt complicated feelings for her and even wanted to protect her from any harm.

Feelings had to be tempered into steel, akin to wine being kept in the cellar for it to taste better as time passed.

He felt many complicated feelings when he looked at Lu Shimiao, with an additional desire to possess her. As if she was his everything, and he could only be the one to protect her from any harm.

As someone familiar with psychological studies, Su Tao knew that his feelings for her were growing, and when the feelings catalyzed, it would cause an intense reaction. As his feelings grew stronger, all her points were merits without any demerits in his eyes.

For example, Lu Shimiao’s character was icy and she was also married. In the eyes of many, these were the demerits. But it wasn’t the same in Su Tao’s eyes; on the contrary, it made her look more charming, instead.

After their lunch, Su Tao received a notification from the organizing party that he had to register before 2.30 p.m. and the opening ceremony of the event, along with the Physician King Tournament’s allocation, would start at 3.

The organizing committee had invited a specialist for the TCM Assembly that would give a speech and discussion about the current situation of the TCM Culture. On the other hand, the Physician King Tournament was a competition between the hospitals and sects, a gimmick to attract attention over

A few years ago, they also tried to spread TCM for development. However, the public reputation of TCM was ruined from some scum in pretence of specialists that scammed others. Thus, many people felt that physicians were scammers.

Not long after they entered the venue, Tang Nanzheng found Su Tao and pulled his hand with a smile. “Come, I’ll introduce some Seniors to you.”

If a girl held his hand, Su Tao would naturally enjoy it. But when Tang Nanzheng held his hand, he instantly felt a little repulsion. However, he could tell that Tang Nanzheng was genuinely trying to help him.

“This is Physician Xiang Boran, and his Fire Cupping techniques are unparalleled.” Tang Nanzheng introduced.

Xiang Boran examined Su Tao and smiled. “A talent, indeed. Old Tang has been talking about you every day. You’re that talented divine physician from Hanzhou, Su Tao, right?”

Tang Nanzhen laughed, “He is! How about it, after seeing him in person, is our bet still valid?”

Xiong Boran nodded his head. “Having such an exquisite Qi-nourishing skill is truly surprising. But many geniuses have gathered under one roof in the Physician King Tournament. If he can get into the Best 8, it would be considered your win, and the Qing Dynasty’s Snuff Bottle that I have been keeping for so many years will be yours.”

Winking at Su Tao, Tang Nanzheng smiled. “You must win, I have a fan painting of Zheng Xie in this bet!”

Su Tao helplessly smiled. He realized that gambling was found everywhere. No wonder Utopia had placed such importance in this tournament and even fanned it in the dark, setting up a website to attract gamblers.

With a modest smile, Su Tao responded, “Old Tang, don’t blame me if I lose. Since ancient times, which divine physician dares to proclaim to be unparalleled? Even a formidable doctor has a blind spot, not to mention that medical skills are advancing and diseases are evolving. Who can be certain that they can treat all sorts of diseases in the world?”

Nodding his head with satisfaction, Tang Nanzheng patted Su Tao’s shoulder. “I trust my eyesight. Just these words alone, I’ll be delighted even if I lose the bet.”

Seeing Tang Nanzheng’s unconditional trust, Su Tao was moved, so he had to do his best.

Wang Guofeng’s gaze fell onto Su Tao, who was not too far away, while he conversed with others. As one of the seeded competitors in this tournament, many people have requested a photo with him.

“Guofeng, I’m honoured to be on the same stage as you!” Bai Fan stretched his hand over.

Wang Guofeng gently shook his hands. Bai Fan was a little shorter than him and gave off an unflustered bearing. Wang Guofeng smiled. “Bai Fan, you're too modest. The Medicine King Valley is the host this time, so you have a higher chance of winning!”

Bai Fan gently smiled in response. “Those chances are fake, forged by those gambling companies. In terms of ability, everyone’s expectations are on you.”

When he finished speaking, a commotion rang out, so Bai Fan turned his head over before turning back and smiled. “Aqua Cloud Stream’s representative is here!”

Wang Guofeng cupped his hands towards Bai Fan and walked over. When a sweet and young girl saw Wang Guofeng, she chuckled and waved her hand, “Big Brother Guofeng, I’m finally meeting you!”

With a smile, Wang Guofeng nodded his head. “Sui’er, you’ve grown taller in the few years that we’ve not met. You were a plump and cute potato in the past.”

Mo Sui’er had a slender figure with a height of 5’6”. She seemed a little furious at this moment and held onto a lady behind her. “Senior Sister, Big Brother Guofeng is humiliating me! You must fix him for me!”

Wang Guofeng’s gentle gaze glanced at the lady. Mo Sui’er was a gorgeous lady, but the one standing beside she overshadowed her. Although that lady couldn’t be considered as a peerless beauty, she had a natural elegance that made others unable to dare to be profane after glancing at her.

When she walked in, everyone had their attention focused on her. Both men and women were affected by her temperament.

Standing beside Su Tao, Tang Nanzheng fondled his beard and said, “That’s the winner of last year’s Physician King Tournament, Liu Ruochen.”

Su Tao had studied Liu Ruochen’s information. After she won the Physician King Tournament last year, she then became the Sect Master of Aqua Cloud Stream. The Aqua Cloud Stream only accepted female disciples, with attainments in obstetrics and gynaecology. Naturally, since Liu Ruochen could obtain the Physician King title, that meant that her other fields weren’t that bad either, belonging to a jack-of-all physician.

Liu Ruochen swept a glance at Wang Guofeng and said, “Guofeng, Sui’er hates people calling her fat the most. Don’t poke at her wound, or she’ll go on a diet for the next few months when she returns.”

She spoke it in such a relaxing manner despite the fact that her words sounded like criticism. Wang Guofeng smiled and replied, “Taking another look, you’ve grown skinner compared to the last time we met, Ruochen. The food hasn’t been good in the Aqua Cloud Stream lately?”

Mo Sui’er grinned from the side and joined in, “Big Brother Guofeng, help us persuade this Sect Master of ours. Not only does she like to eat like a vegan, she even wants all of us to follow her ways and eat grass. It’s all radish, cabbage and bean curd every day. I’m starting to feel that I’m turning into a monkey now.”

“How is it that exaggerated? Ruochen surely has her reasons for this.” Wang Guofeng said as he flicked on Mo Sui’er’s forehead.

Glaring at Mo Sui’er, Liu Ruochen gently replied, “There’s no deeper reason for this, I just don’t like to eat meat. After we return, I’ll get the kitchen to separate the cooking so that you won’t be annoying me about eating meat.”

Sometimes, Wang Guofeng would wonder why he was attracted by Liu Ruochen. Perhaps it’s this transcending character of hers that captivated him, as if there’s nothing in the world that interested her and put everything clear and orderly.

Talking a few steps, Wang Guofeng walked with Liu Ruochen side by side before lowering his voice, “When do you think it’s the right time for us to fix our wedding?”

“Wedding? If you’re anxious about it, you can look for someone else.” Liu Ruochen faintly replied after casting a glance at Wang Guofeng.

Awkwardly coughing, Wang Guofeng bitterly smiled. “I can naturally wait, I was too concerned about you. I’m afraid that you might fly away from me.”

Looking at him, Liu Ruochen replied with a gentle tone, “I never expected that the genius physician, Wang Guofeng to be such a man without confidence. Isn’t it the same as me waiting for you as well? I’m waiting for the day that you conquer my heart with your ability, but it’s a pity that you still haven’t accomplish it!”

Wang Guofeng froze on the ground. He was stunned by those words, but Liu Ruochen was already walking a few steps ahead of him.

He looked at Liu Ruochen’s silhouette. Even if he liked this bearing of hers, he couldn’t help having his self-esteem waver at this moment. He had decided that he must conquer her and willingly let her be his woman.

As the host announced the starting of the assembly, the spokesperson this time, Xia Ruo, was dressed in an ancient costume. She had flown in with wires hanging from her. She had an elegant figure with coloured ribbons dancing in the sky, giving off a feeling that she was a celestial being that came from the immortal realm.

The character that Xia Ruo was acting today was the Herb Fairy. When she descended, she started to perform solid dancing skills, executing various high difficulties movements before putting her hand into the basket and scattered petals into the sky. As the aroma drifted throughout the surroundings, it made others feel relaxed. At the same time, the assembly had formally started.

Su Tao had sat down together with Lu Shimiao. He found it funny when he saw her holding onto a notebook as she recorded the words of the person speaking, but he did not stop her from doing that.

When the speech was done, the Physician King Tournament’s balloting finally started. Su Tao walked onto the stage, and sensed Wang Guofeng’s gaze directed at him. He felt a little better in his heart. After all, if no one paid any attention to him, then he would be depressed.

He subconsciously looked in the direction of Bai Fan and noticed the latter was also staring at him with a cold gaze before he slowly raised his hand to his neck and made a swiping motion with his thumb across his throat!

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