Chapter 83 - A physician isn’t afraid of poison

Chapter 83 - A physician isn’t afraid of poison

Su Tao and Lu Shimiao’s appearance had caused the attendant to be shocked since guests of the presidential suite usually had a pile of followers around them and their assistants typically did things like registration.

Even if this pair had an outstanding appearance, they looked like everyone else dragging their luggage without any followers around them.

Was this the legendary act of playing a pig to eat the tiger?

The manager immediately assigned an attendant to help the two with their luggage and Su Tao’s phone rang at this moment. It was Yan Jing who was calling and her voice resounded from the other side as she smiled. “The two of you have reached the hotel by now, right? Are you satisfied with my arrangements?”

Su Tao excused himself to take the call after seeing Lu Shimiao’s puzzled expression. “This is truly a surprise, indeed. But it’s wasting a little too much money.”

Shaking her finger, Yan Jing replied, “All of this is the foundation for you to seize the Physician King’s title. In any case, you’re a Physician King, so it’s natural for you to receive preferential treatment!”

“Aren’t you just trying to pressure me?” Su Tao sighed.

Yan Jing replied with a smile, “I have trust in your ability that you will not lose!”

Shaking his head, Su Tao corrected her, “Winning and losing doesn’t exist in the dictionary of a doctor, only saving the dying and treating the injured.”

On the other side, Yan Jing was stunned at his words. One would understand Su Tao after a long time of interaction. He might seem wanton and unrestrained, but there’s a flame hidden in his heart. Su Tao was a little lustful, but he knew the limits. Although his actions would occasionally seem villainous, his bones were filled to the brim with positive energy, and it was such a person that possessed great lethality for the opposite sex.

“I assigned the presidential suite for you because I was worried that someone might scheme and harm you. At the same time, it is also to increase your self-confidence.” Yan Jing responded.

Su Tao naturally understood her intentions, since many people were often bullied due to keeping a low-profile. Blindly being low-profile would cause others to look down on you. So the reason why she arranged the presidential suite for Su Tao was to deter those that might conspire against him.

“What about you? Did you give any difficult issue to those competitors?” Su Tao smiled as he whispered.

Pulsing her lips, Yan Jing smiled. “Don’t forget my nickname. I never reason in my actions!”

“How fortunate that we’re on the same side. I’m praying for those people now and hope that they do not end up too badly.” Su Tao shrugged.

Yan Jing briefly paused before asking, “I heard that you brought a beautiful married woman along? I never knew that you had such a special taste…”

Su Tao smiled. “Looks like you’re understanding me better. I like ladies that are older than me, just like Big Sister Yan, a mature and successful woman like yourself is my target.”

“Aren’t you afraid of being poisoned for daring to make a move at me?!” Yan Jing said sourly.

Lowering his voice, Su Tao reminded, “Don’t forget that I’m a Physician. I’m not afraid of poison!”

Although Su Tao spoke in a soft voice, Lu Shimiao could still vaguely hear his words. So when he hung up the phone, she finally couldn’t help but ask, “Who were you talking with?”

Su Tao also did not hide from her and smiled, “Strictly speaking, she should be considered as an associate of mine. I did not participate in the Physician King Tournament purely for Jianghuai Hospital, I have another objective, and it was she who booked the room for us.”

“Looks like your relationship is pretty good.” Lu Shimiao slightly knitted her brows.

Slapping on his chest, Su Tao smiled. “That’s because I have good relations with others, isn’t our relationship pretty good as well, Department Head Lu?

With a gentle snort, Lu Shimiao muttered, “Don’t blow your own trumpet, I don’t have any relationship with you at all!”

Finishing her words, she quickened her pace and walked at the front with Su Tao calmly following behind looking at her ample bottom. This was a standard married woman, and they would always throw their temper, which made them more attractive.

There were two rooms in the presidential suite, the master bedroom and second bedroom. Each one had a washroom. Even as someone experienced in such spectacles, Lu Shimiao also felt uneasy when she entered the presidential suite. The living room was exceptionally spacious, with over twenty square meters that could host a small party with ten-odd people.

The carpet on the floor felt soft and comfortable, and the ceiling of this suite was exceptionally high, with crystals hanging on it. Through meticulous care, the leather couch was emanating an elegant lustre. There were also many silver ornaments in the wardrobe that looked extremely luxurious.

After Lu Shimiao sorted out her luggage, she laid down on the bed with her eyes closed. At this moment, she’s reflecting on this insane decision that she had made to come to Huaibei. Although they’re here for work-related matters, it’s still suspicious for a man and woman to be together.

Recalling the gaze that Di Shiyuan looked at her with, she instantly felt a little regret, since this was a rash decision that she had made that would undoubtedly create rumours.

But thinking about it more, she felt that she might be too sensitive. After all, Su Tao and her were two completely different kinds of people. Su Tao was in his twenties, and she was already a married woman. So other people shouldn’t piece them together.

The door was suddenly knocked. Lu Shimiao immediately sat up and yelled, “What is it?”

“It’s getting late, shall we have lunch together?” Su Tao said after opening the door.

Lu Shimiao rolled her eyes. “Please have some manners. Come in only after I allow you to.”

In response to her, Su Tao quibbled, “I’m just trying to see if the door is locked, but I never thought that you really did not lock it, so I quickly pushed it open.”

“If this happens again, I’ll book another room to stay.” Lu Shimiao sighed sourly.

Su Tao took two steps back to allow her to come out, then his shoulders stuck close to hers with a smile on his face. “Isn’t it a little wasteful for me to stay in such a suite alone?”

Lunch had already been set up on the balcony. They could feel the cool air from the cloudy autumn sky. The hotel prepared western cuisine for them. There was steak, spaghetti, fried chicken wings, and pumpkin soup, along with some appetizers. They tasted pretty good, and when Su Tao notice that Lu Shimiao didn’t have any appetite, he asked, “Why are you building sandcastles?”

Lu Shimiao sighed, “President Di will soon leave Jianghuai Hospital, so I’m worried about the future of the hospital.”

Picking a piece of steak and placing it into his mouth, Su Tao replied, “I never expected you to be so concerned about the hospital!”

After a brief silence, Lu Shimiao said, “Fath… Qiao Dehao once told me that if he becomes the president, the first thing he will do is a bold reform of the hospital.”

Knitting his brows, Su Tao smiled. “That means that he has a lofty aspiration to want a reformation.”

Lu Shimiao shook her head with a bitter smile. “But the plans he has in mind are unreasonable.”

“Oh? Let’s hear about them, then.” Su Tao took Lu Shimiao’s plate and helped her cut her steak into smaller pieces before giving the plate back to her.

“For example, all income will be linked to the titles.” Lu Shimiao sighed as she continued, “Taking Qiao Dehao for example, he doesn’t possess any ability as a doctor, but he has a high title. But if the policy is implemented, his income will be significant.”

Su Tao nodded his head and sighed, “That is a wrong decision. In the future, doctors will all be frauds in forging titles for themselves, how will there be any mood to pay attention to the patient?”

What Qiao Dehao was going to do could even be considered as shaking the foundation of the hospital’s operation.

Lu Shimiao sighed before she continued, “Furthermore, he also intends to select some of the best young doctors and promote them.”

Su Tao could naturally understand the intention behind this action and sighed, “He’s trying to push those standing with President Di aside.”

With a weak smile, Lu Shimiao responded, “Speaking with my conscience on the line, Qiao Dehao is largely the reason why I could become the Paediatrics Department Head at such a young age, but I’m not thankful to him at all.”

“You don’t have to undervalue yourself. Under your management, the Paediatrics Department is one of the most distinguishing departments in the hospital, and that is also because of your hard work.” Su Tao gently patted Lu Shimiao’s hand.

He wasn't trying to flatter Lu Shimiao, but she had done a great job in the Paediatrics Department that even foreign patients were attracted over because of the reputation.

Sensing Su Tao’s touch, Lu Shimiao felt the warmth from his hand before she immediately pulled her hand back. “Why are you getting touchy when we’re talking?”

Su Tao touched his chin as he smiled. “Pardon me, I was getting emotional.”

They ate their lunch for an hour, and both of them had chatted about many things. Like how many guys chased after Lu Shimiao when she was in university, and how many of those were influential elites. But Lu Shimiao was extremely diligent in her studies back then and rejected those people. She was only introduced to Qiao Bo after joining Jianghuai Hospital.

In the beginning, when she got to know Qiao Bo, he was especially attentive towards her, but he completely changed after their marriage. He often stayed out, and the relationship between the two of them had reached the end of the road.

“What about your parents? Are they in support of your divorce?” Su Tao asked.

Lu Shimiao shook her head with a bitter smile. “I’m an orphan. I was born in the orphanage, it is my home, and the Dean was my mother. A few years ago, the Dean passed away, and the orphanage was taken over by a private organization, so I am all alone now. It is also because of Jianghuai Hospital that I am where I am now, so the hospital is my second home.”

Su Tao could sense her hesitation, since she was an emotional person to her family. So even if Qiao Bo had hurt her again and again, she had chosen to endure it. He quietly analyzed, “You’re actually a person without any sense of security.”

Lu Shimiao nodded her head with tears flickering in her eyes. “Yeah, so don’t treat me too good, or I’ll be dependant on someone.”

Her words had left Su Tao briefly stunned, before he turned his head and looked at her. Her flickering gazes had stirred the softness in the depths of his heart, causing him to feel sympathy and compassion for her, hoping to protect her to the best of his ability.

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