Chapter 826 - Retaliation against Qin Jingyu

On the second day after thorough investigation, the old doctor who tried to save Hua Yan was given the compensation he deserved. Yan Jing gave him a cheque of ¥200,000 as his reward.

Mao San’s assets in Shanzhou Province mainly involve real estate and coal business. Although the coal business in Shanzhou Province was greatly reorganized by the government, and the profits weren’t as great as before, the few companies under Mao San’s control still made money.

However, Mao San was dead, and there was no one to tend the business as everyone started panicking.

As a result, Yan Jing contacted Mao San’s family and acquired all the assets with a low price.

Then again, Mao San’s families weren’t pushovers, and she needed some special means in order to get the other party to yield. However, Yan Jing was known as the Poisonous Widow for a reason, and her rage instantly raised a bloodbath in Shanzhou Province’s underworld.

Then again, Mao San’s ending could also be expected for provoking the Poisonous Widow.

This was the rule of the underworld, where the big fishes ate the small, and the small fishes ate the shrimps.

Qin Jingyu sat before his office with his face ashened as he looked at Rangure with rage in his eyes. He had just been informed that a business in South Africa had gone down the drain. The business was initially clinched, but someone had struck him with a blow.

“What’s going on?” Qin Jingyu asked in a solemn voice. “Why was there such a mistake?”

Rangure knew the reason why Qin Jingyu was furious. After all, this was a business that involved $5,000,000,000 USD, along with follow up orders. Qin Jingyu had already lowered his price because of the follow up orders, but he never expected that someone would interfere and snatched his business from him.

“The other party hit us by surprise. Not only was their price 10% lower than us, but they even gave some decent equipment for free.” Rangure was also in a bad mood. After all, she could’ve gotten a huge profit in this business as well.

“10%? How is that possible?” Qin Jingyu knocked his fingers on the desk impatient, “Didn’t we calculate it? The profit of this deal was only 10%, unless the other party had no intention of making money!”

“That’s right, the other party has no intention of making money! Even I have no idea why they’re doing that.” Rangure sighed.

“Investigate! I have to know the reason!” Qin Jingyu stood up as he starting pacing back and forth in his room.

After a brief silence, Rangure’s phone vibrated as she looked through it before she sighed, “The investigation is done. It’s Hamza’s mercenary organization from Slovakia.”

“Isn’t Hamza on the verge of dying?” Qin Jingyu has been in the firearm business for some time, so he had some knowledge about Hamza.

Hamza’s condition was widely spread among everyone in this line of business. He was the greatest firearm supplier in South Africa, and his illness had caused a change in this market that gave Qin Jingyu an opportunity to develop.

“Hamza made his appearance a few days ago, and he even seemed healthy, causing all the rumors to fall apart.” Rangure sighed as she continued, “This cooperation even involved Lin Yifu. It was Lin Yifu, who made the appearance that allowed the deal to go through so smoothly. Otherwise, it’s impossible for the deal to go through so quickly.”

“Lin Yifu!” Qin Jingyu’s eyes flickered with fear.

Looking at Qin Jingyu with a complicated glance, Rangure warned, “Lin Yifu even sent us a message.”

“Speak!” Qin Jingyu was stunned by those words.

“He wants us to leave this market, and he will do anything to accomplish it.” Rangure sighed.

“Damn it!” Qin Jingyu’s eyes spewed with flames. “He’s simply taking it too far! We have never offended Lin Yifu, so why did he target us?!”

“Have you forgotten that Su Tao just came back from Slovakia?” Rangure smiled bitterly.

Qin Jingyu naturally knew about Su Tao’s whereabouts, but he failed to connect Su Tao, Hamza, and Lin Yifu together. “What does that have to do with this?”

Taking out a few photos from her purse, Rangure explained, “Su Tao made his appearance a few days ago in Lin Yifu’s manor, and the two of them interacted well with each other. There was also news that Su Tao shared an intimate relationship with Lin Yifu’s granddaughter, Vera Ormond. Furthermore, Su Tao must have treated Hamza. Hamza was gravely ill, and he had completely recovered thanks to Su Tao.”

At this moment, Qin Jingyu finally understood what Rangure was trying to say as he asked, “You’re saying that Lin Yifu and Hamza cooperated together to help Su Tao?”

“You can look at it that way.” Rangure nodded her head.

Hammering the desk out of fury, Qin Jingyu roared, “That lucky bastard!”

“If Lin Yifu and Hamza are really going to target us, we can only slow down our business for the time being. Otherwise, we will be facing their retaliation.” Rangure warned.

With the deal going down the drain, it had caused them a huge loss. Because in order to ensure that everything went well, they had put in both resources and manpower.

“No way!” Qin Jingyu waved his hand as he refused it decisively. “Worse comes to worse, we’ll lower our profits. We will never lower our heads!”

Rangure understood Qin Jingyu’s personality well, and he would definitely not let this matter rest. Hence, she could imagine that the firearm business would go into chaos for the time being.

After Rangure left, Qin Jingyu stood by the window as he smokes his cigarette. At this point in time, he had to admit that he had underestimated Su Tao.

He never imagined that Su Tao’s retaliation would come so swiftly, and he would get Lin Yifu and Hamza to suppress him in the firearm business.

He had lost in this confrontation, and at the same time, he was given a resounding slap.

Truth be told, Rangure’s reminder was pepper. Now that Hamza was preparing to adjust the firearm business, it was best for them to stop for the time being to prevent losses. However, Qin Jingyu just couldn’t take it down lying.

When he was done smoking, Qin Jingyu returned to his desk and made a call, “Hello, I’m Qin Jingyu. According to the current international situation, we have to adjust our prices with the firearms.”

“You can deal with it fully.” The person over the phone was confident in Qin Jingyu. So when he knew about Qin Jingyu’s request of lowering the price, he agreed to it without any hesitation.

Su Tao was indeed, the person behind Qin Jingyu’s loss in the firearm business.

Hua Yan coming to harm had violated Su Tao’s bottom line, which was why Su Tao decided to teach Qin Jingyu a lesson. Otherwise, that fellow would definitely come targeting everyone around him.

But to deal with someone like Qin Jingyu, he needed skills. He had to deal a blow to Qin Jingyu’s interest for it to hurt.

Su Tao knew that Qin Jingyu had already stretched his claws into many industries, but he was mainly focusing on his firearm business. So he decided to deal with Qin Jingyu on this industry, which he requested Lin Yifu’s help to suppress Qin Jingyu.

It was initially Lin Yifu and Hamza’s intentions as the South Africa firearm market was now in a mess because of the rumors that Hamza was dying. Hence, Lin Yifu accepted Su Tao’s request and start with Qin Jingyu’s business to give a warning so that those people who were coveting over this cake would be fearful.

Then again, Su Tao never imagined that Lin Yifu and Hamza would be so formidable, to gain dominance in the firearm market.

After Lin Yifu had dealt with this matter, he gave Su Tao a call and told Su Tao about the good news. At the same time, Hamza’s condition had improved under Su Tao’s treatment. Through the call, Su Tao requested for Lin Yifu to remind Hamza to take his medications in time and exercise frequently.

Because Hamza was bedriddened for too long, and exercising could help him recover faster.

“Do you have any thoughts of coming out of China? The world is big, and you’re wasting your talent to be holed up in China.” Lin Yifu rarely praises, but Su Tao’s performance in Slovakia had changed his mind about Su Tao.

Su Tao was skilled when it comes to medicine, not to mention that he could fight as well. Most importantly, he was courteous. If Su Tao was willing to come under him, Lin Yifu was sure that Su Tao could be his successor with some tempering.

“I’m only a physician, and I have no idea what to do if you ask me to leave China.” Su Tao smiled.

“If you’re willing to leave China, I can invest in several hospitals to be under your management.” Lin Yifu was still reluctant as he threw out his offer.

“I only hope to rely on my own capability.” Su Tao rejected Lin Yifu’s offer tactfully.

Although he wouldn’t have to be concerned about his prospects if he followed Lin Yifu, it was only a pity that he had many responsibilities.

“Haha! I rarely get rejected and still feel so disappointed.” Lin Yifu could also guess that Su Tao wouldn’t agree to his offer, so he wasn’t too bothered. “But I’m happy that Vera picked the right man. Furthermore, you can call me anytime in the future if you need my help. With our relationship, you don’t have to be concerned about favors between us.”

“Roger that!” Su Tao smiled.

When Su Tao ended his call with Lin Yifu, he had gained a better understanding on Lin Yifu that could be considered his harvest.

Then again, Su Tao had also never imagined that treating Hamza would come into help when dealing with Qin Jingyu.

Hence, he had to admit that karma was a strange connection.

The reason why Qin Jingyu could obtain his current position was mainly due to his firearm business as he was favored by many authoritative people for it.

As a physician, Su Tao had his bottom line, and he would definitely not go into businesses that would cost life. However, Su Tao had to nurture someone who could compete with Qin Jingyu.

Thinking about it, he suddenly recalled that Wang xuan had invited him to Beijing.

The National Healer Conference would soon take place, so Su Tao could take this opportunity to meet up with Wang Xuan and find someone to fight with Qin Jingyu.

According to Wang Xuan’s connections, it wouldn’t be difficult for Su Tao to find someone who could fight with Qin Jingyu.

The reason why Qin Jingyu could become so good in the firearm business was all thanks to Rangure.

Now that Su Tao had Lin Yifu and Hamza as his connections, he backing and connection was naturally stronger.

Hua Yan’s incident had given a wake up call to Su Tao that he couldn’t just defend himself. Occasionally, he had to attack as well.

Just you wait, Qin Jingyu. My revenge is just starting!

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