Chapter 825 - Not the end

The old doctor was then dragged down the vehicle.

So it turns out that Mao San had personally tested the medicine because of his suspicious personality. As he had a habit of taking vitamins, he suddenly found out that the medicine slice wasn’t bitter, but sweet. It tasted like the vitamins that he had been taking, so he instantly figured out that he was fooled before ordering his subordinate to bring the doctor back.

Mao San could naturally figure out that the old doctor was planning to call the cops, and if this matter was exposed, it would definitely disrupt his plan.

“Aren’t you gutsy? You dare to lie to me?!”

Mao San punched the old doctor in the face, causing the old doctor to groan out in pain with his nose bridge fractured as blood started to bleed from his nose.

Looking at this scene, Hua Ling immediately covered Hua Yan’s eyes as the scene was too bloody, and it wasn’t appropriate for kids.

Mao San was furious as he knew that this was an idea from Hua Ling. Thus, he walked over to Hua Ling and gave a kick on the latter’s face before he roared, “Are you courting death? If you’re courting death, then I’ll fulfil you!”

Pulling out a butterfly knife from his waist, Mao San stabbed it on the back of Hua Ling’s hand.

“Arghhhh!” Hua Ling held onto his bleeding hand as he started rolling on the ground from the pain.

Looking at Hua Ling screaming out in pain, Mao San felt more satisfied in his heart before walking over to Hua Yan and sneered, “It seems like I have to change my evaluation about you. You’re truly the daughter of the Poisonous Widow, knowing how to lie at such a young age. It looks like I’ll have to put a slash on your face, lest you become a scammer when you grow up.”

As he spoke, he slowly walked towards Hua Yan as he spinned the butterfly knife in his hand with a cruel smile on his lips.

Someone like Mao San had already lost his conscience. At this moment, he was filled with excitement that he would be able to leave a mark on Hua Yan’s delicate face.

Looking at Mao San, Hua Yan trembled from the fear. She fell onto the ground as she subconsciously moved herself backwards while her face was covered in tears.

When Hua Ling saw that Mao San was going to touch Hua Yan, he had momentarily forgot about the pain and roared, “Screw you!”

However, it was a pity that he had lived his life as a spoilt brat, so he was pinned on the ground by Mao San’s subordinates with his face on the ground.

Glancing at Hua Ling with disdain, Mao San stretched his hand out to Hua Yan and grabbed on her cheeks before he lifted her in the air as she struggled with her limbs.

But just when Mao San was about to leave a mark on Hua Yan’s face with his butterfly knife, a commotion suddenly rang out from his rear as he locked his brows together.

But before he could even turn around, his eyes suddenly widened with disbelief before he dropped onto the ground.

As Hua Yan fell onto the ground as she brawled, a gentle voice sounded by her ears, “Hey cutie, it’s fine. I’m here to save you.”

As she spoke, she gently took Hua Yan in her embrace.

Then again, it was fortunate that Hua Yan did not witness how Mao San died, or she would definitely have a trauma for the rest of her life.

As for Hua Ling, he widened his eyes as he was covered in a layer of sweat. Looking at how Mao San died with his eyes wide open, Hua Ling first felt lingering fear before he rejoiced and started laughing.

Mao San was arrogant, and even wanted his life. But wasn’t he dead now?

As for the woman who was carrying Hua Yan, she was naturally Tang Shi of the Fire Beacon.

After receiving Su Tao’s orders, they immediately came to the address that Mao San had provided. It wasn’t the first time that they had to rescue hostages, not to mention that Mao San and his group weren't strong despite their brutality. So after they scattered through the ground, they swiftly completed their invasion.

Then again, Tang Shi and the rest were right on time. If they were several minutes later, Hua Yan would definitely be disfigured by Mao San. Although Su Tao could treat it and remove any scars, it would still leave a trauma in Hua Yan’s heart.

After all, Hua Yan had lived in the orphanage since young, and she had a slight autism. It had just been treated, and if she were to go through this episode, it would definitely worsen her condition.

Compared to Tang Shi and the other agents of the Fire Beacon, Su Tao and Yan Jing were naturally slower. Looking at how Yan Jing kept her silence as she sat in the vehicle, Su Tao naturally knew that she was feeling nervous.

Looking at her, Su Tao felt guilty as this matter might be related to him, and it was him who dragged Yan Jing down.

However, there wasn’t a need to be calculative as the two of them had already become one entity.

“Boss, the mission is complete. The little girl was only slightly frightened.” Tang Shi reported as she called Su Tao.

“Alright, thank you for that. We’ll arrive in just a few minutes.” Su Tao could finally feel relieved as he finally unloaded the worries in his heart.

If anything happened to Hua Yan, Su Tao would definitely blame himself for that.

Feelings came mutually, and the reason why Hua Yan was so reliant on him was due to the fact that he had invested real feelings when he interacted with her.

“Problems solved.” Su Tao turned to Yan Jing.

Yan Jing nodded her head with tears welling in his eyes. Because of the fact that she was too emotional, she couldn’t put her feelings into words.

However, Su Tao could sense Yan Jing’s current mood. Upon knowing that Hua Yan was fine, it made her see light in the darkness.

Mao San was cautious in his planning, but he did not consider the fact that Su Tao could mobilize the special agents in the Fire Beacon to act in such a short period of time.

Then again, it was also something that Qin Jingyu hadn’t expected.

Mao San’s subordinates were practically made up fugitives and criminals. Yan Jing also had many people under her, and it would definitely be a great loss if the two of them fought.

However, the Fire Beacon was a transcendent existence, and it was easy for them to deal with Mao San.

When Su Tao and Yan Jing arrived, Tang Shi was already cleaning up the mess.

Reuniting with her daughter once more, Yan Jing immediately took Hua Yan in her embrace as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“It’s great that you’re fine!” Yan Jing kissed her daughter’s forehead emotionally.

“Mummy, uncle’s injured.” Hua Yan replied.

Yan Jing was stunned upon hearing that as she knew that Hua Yan was talking about Hua Ling.

“He was the one that brought you away from me, and it was his punishment.” said Yan Jing.

“No mummy. Uncle is a good person, and he was injured because he had to protect me. He even bled buckets.” Hua Yan immediately replied.

Hearing those words, Yan Jing was stunned once more as she knew that there must be a story behind this matter.

When Hua Ling saw Yan Jing walking over with Hua Yan in her embrace, he immediately lowered her head, “I’m sorry, sister-in-law. I was wrong in this matter, and it was fortunate that Hua Yan was fine. You can deal with me however you want!”

Looking at Hua Ling’s hand covered in blood and thinking about Hua Yan’s concern for him, Yan Jing sighed, “Get your wound dressed first. I’ll deal with you later when everything clears up.”

Yan Jing was after all, not an ordinary mother. She was the Poisonous Widow of the underworld, and she was panicking earlier before she had lost her daughter.

However, now that everything was resolved, she was definitely planning on taking vengeance. She would definitely make those who wanted to harm her pay the price, and the death of Mao San wasn’t the end.

“The investigation was done. Mao San was under the orders of someone from Beijing to capture Hua Yan to threaten you to leave the underworld and handover all your assets.” Su Tao spoke out as he looked at Yan Jing through the rear mirror while driving back to Hanzhou City.

“They were too simple-minded.” Yan Jing replied with rage in her voice.

“No, it’s not simple at all. They made their investigation well and knew about your weakness. In order to protect Hua Yan, it was highly possible that you might give in.” Su Tao smiled bitterly.

He understood Yan Jing well, and Hua Yan was her Achilles Heel. If she had to make a choice between her career or daughter, she would definitely pick her daughter.

“Who is that person?” Yan Jing asked.

“You don’t need to know about it. He’s my enemy.” Su Tao replied in a solemn voice.

Qin Jingyu was Su Tao’s strongest opponent as of now, and he did not want to drag Yan Jing into this fight. Qin Jingyu was ruthless, and Su Tao would be guilty for the rest of his life if anything happened to Yan Jing.

Although Yan Jing wasn’t simple, she was still lacking compared to Qin Jingyu.

Looking at Su Tao’s expression from the side, Yan Jing sighed inwardly, “If he’s your enemy, then he’s also mine.”

With a smile, Su Tao changed the topic of the conversation and warned, “Make preparations to take over Mao San’s assets. He has many businesses in Shanzhou Province, and all of them needs to be tended.”

Yan Jing knew that Su Tao must have a reason for not wanting to let her know about this opponent.

Then again, Su Tao’s suggestion was proper. Mao San’s death doesn’t mean that this matter had come to an end. She still had to take over all of Mao San’s assets and uproots any potential threats.

“Furthermore, I feel that you can try to forgive Hua Ling.” Su Tao persuaded patiently.

“Forgive? If it wasn’t for him, why would Hua Yan be in danger in the first place?” Yan Jing did not have that much breadth of mind, and she also did not bother hiding her emotions before Su Tao.

“Hua Ling is just a pawn, and I have already made my investigation on him. He might be cowardly, but he can still be saved. He suffered quite a bit in order to protect Hua Ling, and he had already received his punishment.” Su Tao smiled bitterly. He knew that Yan Jing was still feeling conflicted about this issue, and his words allowed her to make a decision.

Seeing that Su Tao understood her so well, Yan Jing sighed as she nodded, “Hua Ling’s actions did change my evaluation about him, so I won’t make things difficult for him on this matter. But on the condition that he never shows up before me ever again.”

“That’s not the solution. You have to give him a job.” Su Tao paused briefly before he continued persuading, “After all, he was Hua Yan’s uncle. Hua Yan’s blood relative.”

As a result, Yan Jing fell into silence before she nodded her head.

Blood relations were something that cannot be denied, and Yan Jing also had her own intention. If anything happens to her one day, Hua Yan wouldn’t be alone with her relatives still around in the world.

Yan Jing could be considered as the greatest mother in the world, going as far as embracing anything for her daughter.

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