Chapter 824 - Fool me

Whether humans were evil or good, it had been a debate in China over the past hundreds and thousands of years.

But in reality, it wasn’t that complicated. Many people were ordinary people, and while they had a good side to them, they also had an evil side to them as well.

Hua Ling was also an ordinary person. With his blood relations with Hua Yan, he might continue pestering Yan Jing if it wasn’t for Mao San. Although he would try to get more money out of Yan Jing, he would definitely not harm Hua Yan.

He might be only getting close to Hua Yan because of his motives, but he was still touched by her innocence.

Hua Ling did not have a good relationship with his elder brother. His elder brother, Hua Feng, was too outstanding, and their parents would always make requests of him with his elder brother as the standard.

So when Hua Ling knew that his niece was still alive, he came up with the idea of pestering Yan Jing.

But now that he thought about it, he wanted to give himself several slaps. AFter all, it was his greed and cowardliness that put Hua Yan in danger.

“Uncle, are you hungry?” Hua Yan asked when she heard Hua Ling’s stomach grumbling in his embrace.

“I’m not hungry.” Hua Ling sighed inwardly. He was naturally hungry after being tormented for so long.

At this moment, Hua Yan’s kindness was completely shown from how she still showed concern to him at this moment.

“Why did they want to catch me?” Hua Yan asked weakly.

“There are many bad people in the world, and they would do anything to achieve their motive.” Hua Ling could only brush it off as he had no idea how to explain to Hua Yan.

“Then everyone outside must be bad!” Hua Yan replied.

“What do you think of me then? Am I a good or bad person to you?” Hua Ling asked with a bitter smile.

“You… are a good person!” Hua Yan might be young, but she still knew that she was brought here by Hua Ling.

However, her heart was innocent as the scene of Hua Ling being beaten up by Mao San left a deep impression in her heart.

In Hua Yan’s view, they were bad people, and since they were beating Hua Ling, that naturally made Hua Ling a good person.

Sighing as he rubbed Hua Yan’s head, Hua Ling smiled, “You’re really a good child!”

At this moment, he had made the decision that he had to help Hua Yan get out of this hell.

After a brief ponder, he then whispered his plan to Hua Yan, which the latter nodded her head.

A few minutes later, Hua Ling came to the door and started knocking, “Help! Help!”

On the other hand, Hua Yan was lying on the ground with her eyes closed.

A brief moment later, someone opened the door as he lashed out a kick at Hua Ling before he roared, “What the hell are you yelling about?!”

“My niece suddenly fell unconscious. Her health hasn’t been good, and she was born with heart conditions. Please save her!” Hua Ling replied nervously.

“How troublesome!” However, that man did not dare to be careless as he walked over to Hua Yan and pinched her cheeks. When he saw that she wasn’t responding, he immediately rushed out and went to look for his boss, Mao San.

When Mao San heard that Hua Yan was born with heart conditions, he was shocked. After all, he had to use Hua Yan as the bargaining chips, so wouldn’t his plan fail if something happens to Hua Yan?

“What’s the matter?” Mao San walked into the room with a grim face.

“My niece is suffering from a heart attack, can you please send her to the hospital?” Hua Ling feigned a pitiful look.

“Hospital?” Mao San wasn’t stupid to take that suggestion. If he sent Hua Yan to the hospital, wouldn’t that expose his deeds?

“Wasn’t she just fine earlier? Are you trying to fool me?”

As he spoke, he walked over to Mao San and wanted to sound her out.

“I swear that I’ll die a terrible death if I lied!” Hua Ling immediately yelled out as he was afraid that Mao San might be too harsh with Hua Yan.

As Hua Ling was always lying, his acting alone could grant him an oscar award.

“Do you think that swearing is useful?” Mao San gave a slap at Hua Yan in disdain, and he was even pretty harsh at it before he pinched her cheeks.

When Hua Ling saw this scene, he sucked in a cold breath as he was worried that Hua Yan might not be able to bear the pain. But the result had surprised him as Hua Yan still remained lying on the ground without any response that struck him with greater guilt.

Hua Yan was an obedient child, and he had just whispered to her lie down. In the end, she had really done it.

“She’s really ill?” Mao San was a doubtful person, and he was prepared to go harsher with Hua Yan in his probing.

However, Hua Ling ran over with tears and snot as he hugged Mao San’s leg, “Please, please save her! She would die if she received help too late!”

“Save your ass!” Mao San roared as he kicked Hua Ling away.

Thereafter, he walked out of the room fuming in anger as he lit a stick of cigarette.

“Why don’t we send her to the hospital? If a girl like her dies, it would be too much of a pity.” A subordinate asked.

Glaring at that subordinate, Mao San replied sourly, “We need identification if we’re going to the hospital. Do you have that kid’s identification?”

“Then what should we do now? Are we going to just watch her die?” That subordinate pouted his lips.

Taking a deep breath, Mao San replied ruthlessly, “If she dies, then so be it.”

Mao San only wanted to use Hua Yan as his bargaining chips to negotiate with Yan Jing. He did not want to kill Hua Yan, but it’s clearly impossible to send her to the hospital.

Although Hua Ling managed to fool Mao San, he had still underestimated Mao San’s ruthlessness.

When Hua Ling saw that Mao San wasn’t going to do anything, he went over and knocked on the door once more.

Entering the room once more, Mao San first lashed out a kick on Hua Ling before he sighed, “Go and see if there’s any clinics around. If there’s a clinic nearby, get the doctor over to take a look at her.”

Bearing the pain from the kicks, Hua Ling felt hopeful in his heart that he could finally gain contact with the outside world, which meant hope to escape.

Half an hour later, Mao San’s subordinate came with an old doctor, “He’s the best doctor around, and people would come to look at him for headaches and fever.”

The old doctor first gave a glance at Mao San before he immediately turned his gaze away. He was experienced when it came to reading people. From the moment when he boarded the vehicle, he knew that they weren’t good people. However, he was terrified, so he could only toughen his scalps and come with them.

He was not a professionally trained doctor, and because of the medical reformation in recent years, doctors like them without any license were weaved in.

This old doctor had learned his skills from his master, which he slowly fumble his way through over the years. Although he wasn’t a famous doctor, his skills were much better than an intern in the hospital.

Hence, he could treat ordinary illnesses.

When the doctor came into the room and saw a little kid with Hua Ling’s face bruised, he immediately knew that he had run into criminals.

“doctor, please save my niece! She was born with a heart condition!” Hua Ling immediately called out.

“Relax, let me take a look at her.” The old doctor went along with an act as he flipped through Hua Yan’s eyelids and heartbeat.

“How is she?” Mao San asked coldly.

“It’s truly a heart attack, and she has to be sent to the hospital. Otherwise, her life might be at risk.” The old doctor replied in a solemn tone.

When Hua Ling saw that the old doctor was cooperating with his act, he sighed inwardly. If the doctor hadn’t gone along with the act, then he would be exposed.

“No hospital! You’re a doctor, so you should have a way. It will do as long as she lasts through tonight.” Mao San replied. He had his own consideration, and he plans to return Hua Yan to Yan Jing when she agrees to his condition. As for Hua Yan’s illness, it would be Yan Jing’s concern.

“I’m not a professionally trained doctor, and there’s nothing I could do about this situation. Her condition is too serious, and she needs to be sent to the hospital. She can only be saved with those professional medical equipment.” The old doctor smiled bitterly.

“If I’m telling you to treat her, then treat her!” Mao San slapped the old doctor. “Shut your mouth and treat her. If she isn’t treated, then you can stay here tonight as well.”

Holding onto his face, the old doctor also felt helpless. At this moment, he had regretted that he helped out in the lie, which landed him in trouble.

After the old doctor adjusted his spectacles, he replied, “Please leave this room for now. The patient needs some space!”

Seeing that the old doctor had come to an agreement, Mao San waved his hand, “Everyone leave the room!”

When he came to the entrance, he pointed to Hua Ling as well, “You too.”

Hua Ling sighed inwardly upon hearing that as Mao San was too cautious. He was afraid that Hua Ling might collude with the old doctor.

After everyone left the room, the old doctor sighed, “Child, you can open your eyes now. I know that you’re fine.”

“Save me, grandpa!” Hua Yan opened her eyes.

“What’s the matter?” The old doctor asked.”

“Those people outside are bad people, and they’re not letting me go home!” Hua Yan cried.

Nodding his head, the old doctor replied, “I’ll tell them that you’re treated later and I’ll call the cops for you when I’m out of the factory.”

“Thank you, grandpa!” Hua Yan nodded her head emotionally.

Seeing that Hua Yan was so obedient, the old doctor nodded his head as he took out a medicinal bottle from his medical box as he took out a vitamin slice, “Take this first.”

After Hua Yan had taken the vitamin slice, the old doctor knocked on the door as he wiped the sweat on his forehead and smiled, “She’s fine now.”

Mao San looked at the old doctor in suspicion when he heard that. Didn’t the doctor just claim that she needs to go to the hospital?

When the old doctor saw that Mao San was doubting him, he pointed at the medicine bottle and immediately explained, “It’s all thanks to the fact that I brought heart medicine with me. But her condition is still not stable, and she needs to go to the hospital.”

Taking the medicine bottle over from the old doctor, Mao San raised it to the light and examined the bottle before he replied, “Thanks for the trouble. You can leave now.”

The old doctor was escorted out of the abandoned factory by Mao San’s subordinate. When the subordinate started the car, he warned, “Keep this matter to yourself if you don’t want any trouble. Otherwise, we’ll kill your entire family!”

The old doctor was badly terrified as he began to struggle in his heart. Even if he was afraid, he had still decided to save the pitiful girl when he was safe.

As the vehicle drove ten-odd meters out, the phone of Mao San’s subordinate suddenly rang as he picked it up. Shortly after, he knitted his brows and jammed the breaks before grabbed the old doctor’s collar and started slapping, “Old foggy, you actually dare to fool me?!”

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