Chapter 823 - Even scumbag has a conscience

“Young Master Qin, Yan Jing’s daughter has been delivered. So what should we do next?” The middle-aged man asked.

“What do you think?” Qin Jingyu responded with a question instead. He knew that the middle-aged man, Mao San, had his own plans, so he did not want to reveal his intentions to let the middle-aged man know his intention. This was a brilliant tactic to control his subordinate.

“Let Yan Jing leave the Three Flavour International and give me ¥200,000,000!” Mao San chuckled. He knew about Qin Jingyu’s background, and he only managed to get connected with Qin Jingyu because of Tong Zuoqing. Since this was their first cooperation, he had to be cautious.

It wasn’t Mao San’s first time performing a kidnap, just that his opponent this time was formidable. After all, Yan Jing was reputed as the Poisonous Widow of Huaibei and Huainan Provinces.

However, Mao San wasn’t too worried about Yan Jing. After all, she was a woman and what could she do?

“Not only leaving the Three Flavour International but get her to retire!” Qin Jingyu was somewhat disappointed in the middle-aged man before he asked, “Do you only want to be in Shanzhou Province for your entire life?”

Qin Jingyu’s words were evident as he wanted Mao San to take over Yan Jing’s position in the two provinces.

Qin Jingyu was playing a game of chess as he wanted to plant his own men into the government and underworld.

The reason why he chose Mao San was that the latter was cruel with no bottom line to achieve his goal. In this sense, Mao San was similar to him. Then again, he had to maintain his complete control over Mao San. Mao San’s scheming ability was ordinary, and he was a tad inferior compared to Yan Jing.

The reason why he wanted Mao San to take the initiative was to catch Yan Jing by surprise. Furthermore, it was to grab her weakness at the same time.

“With Young Master Qin’s support, I naturally hope to make a name for myself in Huaibei and Huainan Provinces as well!” Mao San smiled.

“If possible, get rid of the Poisonous Widow as well. I will give you my fullest support to gain control over the Huainan and Huaibei Provinces’ underworld. However, it’s all nothing if the plan fails.” Qin Jingyu snickered.

He was truly a brutal person!

Although Mao San was feeling unhappy in his heart, he did not reveal it as he knew that Qin Jingyu had absolute strength to talk with him.

In the society, one had to find a backing, especially someone like Mao San with unclean history. Hence, he needed a firm backing.

Although Mao San knew that Qin Jingyu was just giving him empty checks, he still caught onto the opportunity with his keen senses as he grinned, “Thank you, Young Master Qin for your support. I will definitely do my best.”

Ending his call with Mao San, Qin Jingyu sat before his desk as his eyes flickered coldly.

He had a blank piece of paper beside him with a few names on it, including Yan Jing.

With his fountain pen, he marked a cross beside Yan Jing’s name.

In the Yan Residence, Yan Jing paced back and forth anxiously with his arms folded together. She was constantly praying for Hua Yan’s safety.

Looking at her, Su Tao felt heartache for her and spoke out, “Give me your phone!”

At this moment, Yan Jing was completely distracted as she had no idea what Su Tao wanted. Hence, she handed her phone over.

Holding onto the phone, Su Tao searched for Hua Ling’s number and began typing a message.

Looking at him, Yan Jing immediately figured out Su Tao’s intention as she smiled bitterly, “It’s futile. Since Hua Ling had taken Hua Yan, he won’t reply to your message.”

However, Su Tao did not respond to Yan Jing’s words as he continued typing.

Although Hua Ling wasn’t picking up the phone, he could still see messages.

Despite knowing that it might not be effective, Su Tao still decided to give it a try. After all, who knew if Hua Ling might be persuaded by him.

Hence, Su Tao began typing the message, “I know that you were forced to do this, so I don’t blame you. But Hua Yan is your biological niece, and are you going to watch her falling into danger? If you’re willing to send her back right now, I can forgive you for your mistake.

“Humans are made of flesh, and I believe that you have also fallen in love with Hua Yan. Right now, she needed her mother, so please help her!”

Su Tao sent dozens of messages, but those messages had fallen into the ocean without any reply.

Soon after, the phone vibrated as Su Tao saw a call from an unfamiliar number. He immediately guessed that it might be a call from the kidnapper as he immediately handed the phone over to Yan Jing.

“Ms. Yan, have you forgotten about me so quickly?” Mao San laughed. “Come, Uncle is currently speaking with your mother, so speak a few words as well.”

“Mummy, I want to go home!” Hua Yan’s voice sounded out.

When Yan Jing heard Hua Yan’s voice, her heart was being torn. She had already used all her power, but she still couldn’t find Hua Yan’s location.

“What do you want?” Yan Jing knew that she should show a strong appearance right now. After all, seeming weak would only make the kidnapper more arrogant.

“Oh, let me introduce myself. I’m Mao San, and I have heard about you, the Poisonous Widow, for a long time. So I would like to meet you!” Mao San laughed. He had seen Yan Jing’s photo, and she was truly a charming woman. Even if he had his fair share of fun with women, he still couldn’t help being interested in Yan Jing.

In reality, he did not agree with Qin Jingyu’s decision. Since Yan Jing was a widow, then wouldn’t it be better if she was married to him?

As for subduing Yan Jing, Mao San was confident in his own charm.

When Yan Jing heard Mao San’s request, she felt slightly relieved before she asked, “Location!”

“I will send it to you at a later timing, but you should know the rules. I only want to see you, or don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Mao San continued with his threats.

When he was finished, he immediately hung the call.

Just when Yan Jing was about to give a call back, she was stopped by Su Tao as he shook his head. He knew that the other party wouldn’t pick up the phone right now if Yan Jing pestered him. On the contrary, it would make him feel more smugly.

“Since he said that he will send the address over, then he will definitely send it over.” Su Tao had also heard about the conversation between Yan Jing and Mao San vaguely.

“He requested that I come alone!” Yan Jing bit her lips.

Su Tao knew that Yan Jing wasn’t afraid that she might be in danger, but she felt that there was nothing she could do even if Mao San did not let Hua Yan go.

“It will all be fine. Believe me!” Su Tao took a deep breath.

Although Yan Jing moved her lips, she ultimately nodded her head. For some reason, she could see hope from Su Tao’s eyes.

Mao San soon sent the address over to Yan Jing. He already had a path of retreat, and if Yan Jing dared to come with anyone, then her daughter would become the sacrificial product.

Grabbing onto Hua Yan’s braid, Mao San grinned, “Little miss, I have just given a call to your mother and she will come to fetch you soon. So stop crying now!”

“You’re a baddie!” Hua Yan yelled.

“How cute! Why don’t I become your father?” Mao San laughed.

“Dream on!” Hua Yan was just a kid, so how could she stand Mao San’s teasing? She had pouted her lips as she was on the verge of crying.

In her fragile heart, only Uncle Su could become her father.

All of a sudden, a commotion rang out as Mao San stood up. Looking over unhappily, he questioned, “What’s the matter?”

Before they completed their task, they couldn’t afford to have their location leaked.

“That fellow returned!” A subordinate returned as he escorted Hua Ling. With Hua Ling’s frail body, he was easily taken down.

“Didn’t I get you to leave? What are you doing here!” Mao San questioned unhappily.

Although Hua Ling had helped him, Mao San looked down on scum like Hua Ling.

“I’m here to leave with my niece!” Hua Ling replied with his voice trembling.

The heart was made of meat, so when Hua Ling saw so many messages from Su Tao, he ultimately couldn’t break away from his guilt and decided to return.

Looking at Hua Yan squatting in the corner, Hua Ling was filled with even more guilt.

“Do you have a screw loose?” Mao San gave a kick on Mao San’s abdomen.

Hua Ling was someone who had lived a wretched life, so he was directly sent flying by the kick.

Getting back up on his feet with great difficulty, Hua Ling kneeled on the ground and begged, “Please let my niece go!”

When Hua Yan saw Hua Ling begging for her freedom, her eyes flickered. She naturally knew that she was abandoned by her uncle, but when Hua Ling appeared once more, Hua Yan immediately felt a sense of security.

“Uncle! Don’t beat my uncle!” Hua Yan ran over to Hua Ling.

Looking at the frail body of his niece blocking before him, Hua Ling lost control as tears started rolling down his cheeks. He was simply a huge jerk!

Spitting a mouthful of phlegm on the ground, Mao San grinned. He felt no compassion in his heart. So even if Hua Yan was young, he did not hold back and lashed out a kick on Hua Yan’s cheeks.

Hua Ling had always been weak, but when he saw this scene, he mustered his courage and hugged Hua Yan. The immense force from the kick made him feel dizzy, but he still gnashed his teeth and bore it down.

“Oh? It seems that I was wrong!” Mao San snickered. “Lock them up in the black house!”

Thereafter, Hua Ling was dragged into the room, while Hua Yan was carried by someone on the shoulder. Although she was young, she was still tossed on the ground heavily.

“Unacle, are you alright?” Hua Yan asked in a concerned tone as she touched Hua Ling’s cheeks.

“I’m fine. I’m sorry, Hua Yan. It was all uncle’s fault.” Hua Ling apologized in guilt as he was filled with regret. If he had been tougher, something like this wouldn’t have happened.

“It’s fine. I forgive you.” Hua Yan knew that Hua Ling returned to protect her and she immediately forgot about what he did easily with her innocent heart. “Don’t worry about it. Mummy and Uncle Su will definitely come to save us.”

“Uncle Su?” Hua Ling asked curiously.

“Yeah, Uncle Su is the best person in the world, and he will definitely not leave me behind.” Hua Yan spoke with strong belief in her tender voice.

With his face covered in guilt, Hua Ling had decided that he would protect Hua Ling even if he had to die.

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