Chapter 813 - Saving Yuan Lan

Stein came to the place where prisoners were kept and saw Yuan Lan.

Squatting down, he held onto Yuan Lan’s chin. Although this woman’s face was covered in blood, her feathers were delicate which made Stein’s interest rose.

These two people had killed nearly two hundred of his men. The mercenary world was a world for men, and it was rare for him to see such a unique woman.

“Ptoh!” Yuan Lan spat a mixture of blood and saliva on Stein’s face.

Stein was briefly stunned by her sudden act before he smiled, “I never imagined that you have some personality.”

At this moment, Arnold came in and handed a document over to Stein. Looking through the document, Stein knitted his brows as he spoke out, “No wonder you’re so formidable. So it turns out that you’re a special agent from China.”

Yuan Lan’s identity has always been a secret, so Arnold could only find some information regarding her.

China’s elite forces were famous in Slovakia as they would always rank among the top 3 in the annual competition. Hence, lots of mercenary organization welcomes retired elite forces from China.

With most of the countries entering the peaceful era, many countries had reduced their expenditure into their military. However, China’s military showed no signs of weakening as they focused most of their attention on elite forces.

Many people thought that the military would be on the frontlines in times of disaster. But in reality, China’s elite forces have always been active in peacekeeping or anti-terrorist missions. In terms of fighting capability, they were definitely ranked among the top in the globe.

For two people to be able to slaughter hundreds of mercenaries in a single night had left Stein shocked. At the same time, he began to hesitate.

Because two people had already caused such chaos to his men. Wouldn’t it be worse if they sent more people over?

Hence, Stein had to consider the consequences as Yuan Lan did not represent herself, but a colossal country.

All of a sudden, Stein felt that providing protection for Ying Xiong might not be profitable. On the contrary, it might bring him trouble instead. Now that his father wasn’t dead, the entire organization wasn’t exactly stable. So if anything happens right now, he couldn’t see any future development.

“How should we deal with her?” Arnold examined Yuan Lan. He was still filled with interest despite Yuan Lan’s current terrible state. Most of the women in the base were whores, and it was rare for her to see a fresh woman.

Stein naturally knew that his trusted aide was thinking as he replied, “You can’t touch her.”

In the mercenary world, trophies were usually given as personal assets.

“Because she can be sold for a high price.” Stein knew Arnold’s violence and he knew that this woman would lose her life if he went havoc on her. Hence, he continued with his explanation, “Regardless of selling her to the Chinese government or Ying Xiong, she can be sold for a high price. As for the money, we’ll split 50-50.”

When Arnold heard about it, his face was instantly covered in a smile. Although he lusted after Yuan Lan, he definitely wouldn’t go against money. After all, he could get himself any women as long as he had money, not to mention that Yuan Lan looked so terrible right now. Even he did not have much interest in playing with her.

“Get Ying Xiong over!” Stein waved his hand as he started calculating in his mind on this business.

Ten-odd minutes later, Ying Xiong was brought over by Arnold as the former had a vicious look on his face. Seeing this woman that nearly took his life, fear, rage, and vengeance started spreading out in his heart.

Seeing Ying Xiong’s response, Stein smiled, “Mr. Ying, are you satisfied with this?”

“What about the other one?” Ying Xiong knitted his brows together.

“The other one escaped.” Stein smiled after a brief stun.

Gnashing his teeth, Ying Xiong replied, “The other one also has to be captured. Since I paid you 3,000,000 EUROs, I naturally want them resolved.”

Listening to Ying Xiong’s words, Stein knitted his brows as he smiled, “Don’t worry about it. Since we took your money, we will definitely satisfy your request. With this bait here, her companion will definitely come back for her. At that time, we will be able to take him down easily.”

When he finished his words, he smiled with smug on his face. Even Ying Xiong felt that this was a good idea as a cold sneer rose on his lips.

“I’ll leave this woman to you.” Stein pulled out a pistol from his waist before whispering in Ying Xiong’s ears, “Bullets cost money as well, 1,000,000 EUROs for one.”

Ying Xiong knew that Stein was trying to squeeze him dry of his money as he sneered, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll transfer the money to your account later.”

“Great!” Stein laughed as he left the room.

Taking the pistol, Ying Xiong walked towards Yuan Lan. He might be ruthless, but he had never killed some personally in his life. Stein naturally knew about that, and he only said those words to con Ying Xiong.

However, there was nothing Ying Xiong could do about it since he was currently in Stein’s base. He could only get squeezed dry of his money by Stein willingly.

“I’m already hiding here, so why aren’t you guys letting me off?” Ying Xiong was furious as he seemed like a defeated hound right now.

He made a lot of money for some interest organization, but he was filled with regrets at this moment. He had become someone that anyone could come after him.

The battle last night had struck him with fear because he knew that the Chinese government had sent someone to claim his life.

“Because you have to die!” Yuan Lan replied coldly as she went on, “So many lives were lost because of you. As a Chinese, you’re the embarrassment of the entire race and someone like you deserves to die.”

“Haha!” Ying Xiong couldn’t help laughing as he mocked, “You still dare to speak such words to me despite being captured? Aren’t you afraid that I might kill you?”

“You?” Yuan Lan looked at him in disdain.

Ying Xiong trembled from the anger as he swiftly flipped the safety switch and pointed the pistol on Yuan Lan’s temple, “You wretch! I’ll kill you!”

But after a few minutes later, Ying Xiong still did not have the courage to pull the trigger.

Looking at this scene, Yuan Lan sneered. At this moment, she only wanted to die because Stein wanted to use her as the bait to lure Liu Jianwei over.

She did not want to become a burden. If possible, she wanted to sacrifice herself. At the very least, Liu Jianwei wouldn’t be so impulsive to save her. Hence, she was trying to trigger Ying Xiong with her words.

However, she did not expect that Ying Xiong was a coward, one without any guts to kill her.

“You want to die right now? It’s still a little too early for that!” Ying Xiong wore a savage smile as he continued, “Don’t you have a comrade? I’ll use you as a bait to lure him over. When we capture him, the two of you can die together!”

When Yuan Lan heard those words, she sighed inwardly as Ying Xiong was truly cunning.

Although Ying Xiong did not have the courage to kill Yuan Lan, he still decided to torture her. Seeing the wound on her leg, he pounded the gun directly on the wound.

The wound instantly tore apart as blood started to flow out. However, Yuan Lan had no response.

Ying Xiong initially wanted to see this woman begging him, but he was filled with fear when he saw how Yuan Lan had reacted. At the same time, he had also lost his interest.

As someone who had undergone strict training, Yuan Lan would naturally not be affected by pain. However, the bleeding constantly drained the strength from her body.

She had executed many missions in her career, and she had undergone all sorts of dangers. She had also experienced being a prisoner in the past, which she relied on her own ability to escape.

However, the difficulty was too great this time because her injury was simply too great. She had lost too much blood, and if she wasn’t treated in time, she would slowly die from the blood loss.

Even as a Goddess of War, she was still ultimately a woman.

“So, you’re not going to get rid of her?” Arnold mocked with a smile.

There wasn’t any gunshot, so it meant that the woman was alive.

“I want to leave her alive as bait!” Ying Xiong replied unhappily as he added, “There’s still one more, and he needs to be captured!”

Ying Xiong knew that the Chinese government would send more people to claim his life even if he killed Yuan Lan and Liu Jianwei. At this moment, he was only filled with regrets for his past actions.

However, there was nothing he could do about regrets. Since he had already come this far, he could only continue walking.

After a treatment session, Hamza’s complexion had improved as Su Tao instructed, “I’ll have to let you suffer for the time being. You can’t show any improvement for now. You have to put on an act!”

Nodding his head, Hamza sneered, “I know Stein wants me dead. He’s too greedy, and even in death, I will not give him anything.”

Hamza’s inheritance wasn’t only the mercenary base. As a firearm dealer, he had countless firearm resources in his hand, and this was also the reason why Stein did not kill him immediately.

Stein naturally wanted to see Hamza ‘pass on peacefully.’ The character was of the utmost importance in business. If you were marked with the title of murdering your father, who would dare to conduct a transaction with you?

Su Tao nodded his head upon hearing those words. He knew that he could only turn the situation around by treating Hamza. Hamza had lost his authority because of his disease. But if he had suddenly recovered, wouldn’t he be able to regain his authority?

Then again, this was only one of Su Tao’s plans.

After all, Hamza and Stein were father and son. So Su Tao couldn’t make any judgment for now. At this moment, he had to find Yuan Lan’s location before planning for an escape.

As for this matter, he could only conceal it from Lin Yifu for the time being. It wasn’t because he did not trust Lin Yifu, but Lin Yifu only had a bodyguard with him, and he wouldn’t be able to provide much help.

Now that the base was under Stein’s control, any changes could attract Stein’s attention easily. Hence, Su Tao had to remain calm for now.

Before his plan succeeded, it would be better if lesser people knew about it.

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