Chapter 812 - Yuan Lan and Liu Jianwei

Yuan Lan laid on a frame that Liu Jianwei made out of wood.

She had taken a shot to her leg. Even if the bullet had been taken out and the wound had been treated, she still needed at least ten days to half a month to recover. And within this period of time, it’s impossible for her to walk normally.

Placing Yuan Lan on the frame, Liu Jianwei had to find a discreet location as soon as possible because he was worried that the other party might launch a counterattack. Based on their previous confrontation, the other party had changed their location, which he could infer that this place was only their temporary base.

“Just leave me here!” Yuan Lan replied coldly as she continued, “You still have a responsibility to fulfill.”

“No way. As a man, I can’t leave you behind.” Liu Jianwei replied as his breathing became rough. Truth be told, he was also injured from the fight. Although he wasn’t as badly injured as Yuan Lan, he still lost half of his fighting capability.

“I’m your superior!” Yuan Lan responded in a solemn voice and went on, “This is an order!”

“Screw that!” Liu Jianwei snapped as he went on, “In the worse situation, I’ll just leave the Fire Beacon. I’m sorry, but I can’t leave a woman to die alone!”

Liu Jianwei’s voice might sound somewhat coarse, but his speech made Yuan Lan felt at ease.

Strictly speaking, Liu Jianwei was still in his internship and he’s still not an official member of the Fire Beacon. Hence, he could go against her orders.

“Let’s rest up ahead. At a period like this, we need to rest to conserve our strength.” Yuan Lan sighed inwardly as she looked at the nearby location. It was a higher ground that could easily conceal their location.

Fighting in the forest, they had to pay attention to conceal themselves. If their enemies were in the dark while they’re in the light, it would be a dangerous situation.

Hence, they had to find a discreet location and lay down traps, taking advantage of the terrain to the best they could.

Yuan Lan was highly experienced when it came to this stuff, which played an important role at this moment. This time, Liu Jianwei did not reject Yuan Lan’s idea and dragged Yuan Lan over. Thereafter, Yuan Lan took out her tools and made simple concealment nearby, transforming this place into a hiding spot. And if someone approaches nearby, they would be able to discover them swiftly and take the initiative.

After he was done with all that, he saw Yuan Lan’s wound started to bleeding again. Liu Jianwei instantly knew that she had overdone it earlier during the preparation, causing her wound to tear open. Thus, he started to treat her wound once more.

Through this process, Yuan Lan noticed that Liu Jianwei was more meticulous than he looks. But now that they were in a difficult situation, she did not put too many thoughts about that.

Right now, they could only think about getting through this crisis and taking Ying Xiong’s life just as planned.

As the night deepens, the two of them took turns to rest. After all, not only do they have to guard against their enemies, but they also had to guard against wild animals.

At about 5 a.m., ten silhouettes slowly approached Yuan Lan and Liu Jianwei’s hiding spot as their military boots carefully tracked through the forest. Their faces were covered under the beret, only revealing their faces occasionally from their teeth.

The leader of the group, Arnold, was the first to notice something amiss as he waved his hand to the rear. One of his men retrieved the night vision goggles as he walked forth, observing the surroundings.

“Watch out!” He suddenly called out as a series of gunshots rang out.

“Crap, we’re being ambushed!” Arnold and his group were S-ranked mercenaries, so their response speed was swift as well. Even if they’re in a safe location, they would still have a strong self-protection awareness.

Hidden in the dark, Liu Jianwei was disappointed. It was initially a highly successful ambush, but he failed to get rid of even a single one. Knitting her brows together, Yuan Lan spoke out, “These people are stronger than the previous mercenaries. I’ll hold them up and you leave first.”

“No way. I can’t leave you alone!” Liu Jianwei replied as he went added, “If we’re going to die, we will die together!”

Yuan Lan never imagined that Liu Jianwei would speak those words. However, she knew that Liu Jianwei had treated her as a companion, nothing emotional.

“I’m only your burden right now. It’s impossible for you to escape while bringing me along. If you leave now, you can at least retain some strength. You can still get the mission done and save me!”

However, Liu Jianwei wouldn’t be so easily convinced by Yuan Lan as he grinned, “What do I have to be afraid of as a man? If I can get rid of them now, it’s impossible for me to complete the mission even if I live.”

When he finished, Liu Jianwei pressed on the trigger once more as bullets flew out.

Just when Arnold wanted to pop his head out, he was immediately suppressed by the fire once more.

Liu Jianwei’s violent way of fighting was a headache.

It’s mainly because the two of them had picked a good position at a high terrain. Hence, they have the advantage of shooting from high grounds. After all, it’s definitely more comfortable than shooting from low grounds.

Arnold wore a grave expression as he made a gesture with his hand. His two subordinates instantly knew what Arnold meant as they headed to the left and right, preparing to surround Liu Jianwei and Yuan Lan.

“Not good, they’re coming from the sides!” Liu Jianwei instantly sensed with his keen senses. Because they had made some setups, he instantly noticed the commotions.

Although Yuan Lan couldn’t move her legs, she could still shoot. With a rifle in her hand, she suppressed the other party.

Despite the day turning brighter, the vision wasn’t good. Hence, Yuan Lan couldn’t be accurate with her shooting. However, it still startled the mercenaries as the bullets practically flew past their heads.

Arnold sneered at this scene before making another gesture as he brought three men with him and headed out while leaving four behind to cover them.

He knew that their target was only two, and one of them was injured. Hence, they could only cover two angles at best, so he decided to go with three routes for the assault.

With the bullets flying in their faces, Liu Jianwei and Yuan Lan were suppressed. They couldn’t even raise their heads as Yuan Lan gnashed her teeth and kept on shooting. The only difference was firing at a slower speed.

“Leave quickly!” Yuan Lan called out as she continued, “We’re currently being surrounded. As long as one of us survives, we will be able to fight back.”

After Liu Jianwei fired a few shots, he began to hesitate as what Yuan Lan said made sense. If he continued to stay here, they would only be captured.

Most importantly, he had also underestimated the other party’s strength. If it was Tomislav instead, it would be so much easier. But he was facing S-ranked mercenaries instead, and their strength was comparable to elites in special forces, not to mention that there were ten of them.

With Liu Jianwei and Yuan Lan’s strength, it’s impossible for them to get rid of those S-ranked mercenaries.

Most importantly, Yuan Lan had an injury on her leg that makes it hard for her to escape.

“I’ll leave!” Liu Jianwei no longer hesitated as he gave a complicated glance to Yuan Lan.

Now that they were in a difficult position, hesitation would only make him an idiot.

“Yeah!” Yuan Lan sighed as Liu Jianwei finally understood her difficulty now.

“I’ll come back for you!” Liu Jianwei gritted his teeth as he held onto his gun and fled.

As he fled, he roared in his heart. Please be reassured. I’ll be back for you!

Yuan Lan wore a bitter smile as she bore the pain and continued firing. As bullets flew out from her rifle, she accurately suppressed the other party’s advance.

She had a solemn expression as she continued attacking the left and right. Even if she was facing S-ranked mercenaries, she still did her best to buy time for Liu Jianwei.

However, there’s a limit to her bullets.

Roughly 5 minutes later, Yuan Lan finished her bullets as she smiled bitterly. On the other hand, Arnold waited for some time before he instructed someone to capture Yuan Lan.

“We only managed to capture one of them!” Arnold held onto Yuan Lan’s chin as he grinned. He never expected that this woman would be so gorgeous.

His heart was itching as he wanted to play with her after returning to the base.

Generally speaking, such a gorgeous woman wouldn’t be killed immediately upon being captured. After all, life was boring in the forest with a lack of women.

Aside from Arnold, the other men also had their eyes flickering.

“One of them escaped, so what should we do?” Someone asked.

If they did not get rid of the one captured, trouble will definitely arise.

After all, leaving roots behind will only spell trouble.

“Five people stay behind to wait for us. As for the rest, follow me.” Arnold gave out a command as he took a deep breath.

However, he had still underestimated Liu Jianwei’s ability to escape.

Liu Jianwei kept on running for as long as he knew after leaving Yuan Lan behind.

As a martial artist, he was able to run for a long time.

His speed might not be shocking, but his stamina definitely was.

After running for roughly an hour, he began to slow down and paid attention to covering up his tracks.

As for his pursuers, Arnold clearly never expected that Liu Jianwei would be so good at running. They had been chasing for more than an hour and they still couldn’t find Liu Jianwei. Seeing that there weren’t any tracks left behind, they could only return to where they came from.

Hence, the team escorted Yuan Lan back to the base. Although one of them managed to escape, they had something that they could report with.

When Yuan Lan was escorted into the base, an exclamation sounded out. After Su Tao finished his acupuncture on Hamza, he came out to take a glance after seeing no commotion.

But when he discovered Yuan Lan lying on a frame looking to be in pain, he was filled with both astonishment and pain.

He never imagined that Yuan Lan, who he was looking for would be here.

Judging from the situation, Yuan Lan seems to be captured.

Going into deeper analysis, it also meant that there was a high possibility that Ying Xiong was hidden in his base.

After coming up with his analysis, Su Tao began to ponder for an idea to resolve this desperate strait.

If this base was still under Hamza’s control, he might have a chance if he talked to Lin Yifu about it.

But the base was currently controlled by Stein, and Lin Yifu wasn’t in the position to interfere, not to mention that if Stein knew that he was slowly treating Hamza, he and Lin Yifu would become Stein’s enemies.

Hence, it was impossible to negotiate with Stein to let go of Yuan Lan.

Locking his brows together, Su Tao could only start planning on an escape route.

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