Chapter 811 - The Netherworld Code State

Even now, Su Tao still has no idea that he’s actually so close to Yuan Lan and Liu Jianwei.

That was because Yuan Lan and Liu Jianwei had acted swiftly, turning Tomislav’s base into chaos.

On the other hand, Su Tao was focused on treating Hamza.

Su Tao waited for a period of time before performing the acupuncture despite seeing Hamza in pain. He wasn’t letting Hamza suffer on purpose, but he needed the right time to numb the pain.

The moment he acted, he inserted his needle into Hamza’s acupoints, leaving a flash behind.

Looking at Su Tao, Dominica was shocked as everything had exceeded his knowledge. Could it be that there was some medicine on the needle?

Why would Hamza no longer feel any pain when Su Tao inserted his needle? Furthermore, the effect looks even more efficient compared to his painkillers.

However, Dominica doesn’t know that the needle which Su Tao used was an ordinary one. It was only his acupuncture technique that controlled Hamza’s central nervous system, cutting him from the pain signals.

Even the woman who had been taking care of Hamza was shocked as she never expected that Su Tao was really so good.

Then again, she was still worried about her heart. She wasn’t optimistic that Su Tao could treat Hamza.

After numbing Hamza’s pain with his acupuncture, Su Tao began the actual treatment.

He’s mainly working on the Jueyin Liver Meridian of the Foot and Shaoyin Kidney Meridian of the Foot, a technique originated from the Imperial Physician Scripture, under the Taiyi Piece section.

However, Su Tao wasn’t that proficient with the Taiyi Piece because it was more difficult than he had imagined, and he still couldn’t comprehend parts of it.

In the past, Su Tao only thought that the Taiyi Piece was all nonsense, just like Zhuang Zi, writing a pile of illogical and emotional thoughts without any practical worth. However, Su Tao had an insight recently. Taiyi Piece recorded the highest profundity of TCM’s logic, and the more he goes through them, the more he feels that he could find a solution when facing terminal illnesses.

It’s just like the Nine Solitary Sword. There weren’t any forms mentioned for the final move but the logic behind each move, and that’s the highest form of profundity.

The Taiyi Piece was equivalent to the final move in the Imperial Physician Scripture. When you go through the experiences of all the past imperial physicians and conclude your study, you will discover where the essence lies.

So during his treatment of Hamza, Su Tao verified his treatment with the Taiyi Piece, allowing him to find a solution in many parts. At this moment, he felt as if he had gone into a wonderful state.

Su Tao had already reached the level of seeing through the finest part of the body, just like using a microscope.

Now that he saw a lamp within that realm, he searched in the direction of that lamp and discovered a whole new world.

This was also the legendary netherworld code state.

Since ancient times, there weren’t many who could achieve that state.

The reason why Song Sichen could obtain the title of the Heavenly Eyed was due to the fact that his observation skill had reached this state.

However, based on Su Tao’s understanding of Song Sichen, even the latter could only be considered being in the quasi-netherworld code state.

Although Su Tao had not reached that realm completely, he was still exceedingly close, which meant that he was even a few steps ahead of Song Sichen.

However, those few steps were the easiest.

Within the Taiyi Piece, there was such a saying, “Healers who have reached the netherworld code state are equivalent to celestials!”

It meant that if someone could reach the netherworld code state, that physician would be equivalent to a deity.

Even Su Tao had not expected that he would come in contact with it during his treatment of Hamza, leaving him extremely excited.

As Su Tao inserted his Qi using his Heavenseizing Hands under the netherworld code state, it was akin to a warm current clearing up the impurities in Hamza’s body.

At this moment, Hamza felt as if he was lying on the beach sun tanning, basking in the warmth.

There was no longer any pain as he gently breathed out. He had actually fallen asleep at this moment with faint snoring escaping his mouth.

Looking at this scene, the woman who was responsible of taking care of Hamza was shocked because she had never seen Hamza sleeping so peacefully ever since he was suffering from the disease. Even with the help of painkillers, he also couldn’t sleep peacefully.

“He has fallen asleep now, and he will wake up roughly two hours later. At that time, let him take this medicine.” Su Tao said to Lin Yifu.

Lin Yifu knew that Su Tao wanted him to act as the translator as he translated to the woman, which she nodded her head heavily.

Standing by the side, Dominica found himself to be in an embarrassing position. Although he had no idea if Su Tao’s treatment was effective, he managed to get Hamza to fall asleep peacefully.

“Are you alright?” Lin Yifu sounded his concern after seeing Su Tao’s haggard expression.

“It’ll be fine after a night’s rest.” Su Tao smiled. Ordinary acupuncture was tough and exhausting enough, not to mention that Su Tao had to infuse his Qi in the process. The workload was unbearable even for someone with Su Tao’s foundation.

When Dominica left the room with his head hanging low, Stein noticed his expression and asked, “Why are you here?”

“Your father has fallen asleep!” Dominica smiled bitterly as he continued, “That young man is very mysterious as he seems to possess a formidable painkiller.”

With an alert on his face, Stein asked, “What’s the matter? You’re saying that my father can be treated?”

“Please be reassured. With his standard, he can only relieve your father’s pain at best. Your father’s organs have already died, so it’s impossible for him to recover unless he receives a transplant on all his organs.” Dominica squeezed out a smile.

Evidently, Stein already knew about this fact as he nodded his head, “I believe in your judgment!”

Right now, his focus was on Tomislav, and he couldn’t be bothered about his dying father.

He had to find the two who were pursuing Ying Xiong. After all, Ying Xiong had paid him, not to mention that he still intends to squeeze Ying Xiong dry of his money. If Ying Xiong died now, not only would it embarrass him, but it would also bring an enormous loss.

Most importantly, he had already lost quite a few men. Although this place was known as the grave of mercenaries, there weren’t a lack of adventurers.

Hence, he needed to replenish his loss immediately.

But as an official mercenary organization, he had to give out compensation for the loss of every single member. So if Tomislav’s base was truly 70% destroyed, the compensation would be at least four to five million.

After venting out his urges on his lover for two hours, a commotion came from outside as Stein wore his pants and saw Tomislav returning to the base with his face covered in dust.

Ying Xiong who was following behind him was also looking haggard as he also never expected that his pursuers would be so formidable, especially that robust man. That robust man had given him a trauma as the latter was like a wild boar, slaughtering a path for himself like a reaper from hell.

As Stein walked forth, his expression was grave. Judging from the men that Tomislav brought back, the losses seem to be worse than he had imagined.

“Stein, is this the best that you can do?” Ying Xiong replied in a furious tone.

After all, Stein had given him the promise of protecting his life, but the outcome had gone completely different compared to what Stein had promised.

Just a moment ago, he was still running through the forest for his life.

“Mr. Ying, please calm down. You are absolutely safe starting from now. In this base of mine, I have nearly a thousand mercenaries. If your pursuers truly come, they will only be courting death. I will definitely send them on a path of no return!” Stein comforted with a solemn voice as he went on, “If we’re unable to provide you protection, I’m afraid that it will be the same even if you look for another mercenary group.”

With rage pent up in his chest, Ying Xiong coldly snorted.

What Stein said was right. There might be many forces in this forest, but Stein’s reputation was more resounding. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have bet his entire fortune on Stein.

“I’ll give you another 3,000,000 EUROs!” Ying Xiong gnashed his teeth and continued, “You have to find those two assassins for me! I want to take their lives personally!”

Ying Xiong knew that Stein wouldn’t do his best if he did not increase the chips.

Right now, he needed to get rid of those two assassins from China as soon as possible.

“As you wish!” Stein grinned as he likes how generous Ying Xiong was.

Thereafter, he waved his hand to his aide and instructed, “Sent out an S-ranked team to search for those two assassins. They have to be found in one day!”

Since someone was willing to spend money, then his men were also willing to risk their lives.

“Do they need to be captured alive?” That trusted aide grinned.

After all, killing and capturing alive were two completely different concepts.

“No need!” Stein replied as he swept a glance at Ying Xiong. Even if he managed to capture those two before Ying Xiong, the latter also might not have the guts to kill them.

In Stein’s view, Ying Xiong only had money and nothing else.

“We’ll move out immediately!” The trusted aide replied. His name was Arnold, an S-ranked mercenary.

Only mercenaries who had participated in over ten S-ranked missions can be considered an S-ranked mercenary.

Hamza was called the King of Firearms because of how his mercenary organization could easily complete S-ranked missions.

Now that Hamza was dying, everything he ever owned would fall onto his son, Stein.

A mercenary organization was a collective without any loyalty, and their loyalty lies in whoever pays them.

Half an hour later, Arnold headed out with a team of ten to pursue the two assassins.

Perhaps this forest might be terrifying to many people, but it was practically their home.

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