Chapter 810 - Going deeper to treat

Stein’s tone was clearly asking Lin Yifu to leave with his man.

Dominica was a famous liver specialist in Slovakia. Then again, Stein wasn’t trying to treat his father, but he only wanted to verify if his father could be saved.

Wearing a bitter smile, Dominica smiled bitterly, “The patient’s situation isn’t optimistic, and he only has two weeks at best. So I can only do my best to reduce his pain.”

Stein shrugged as he wore a painful expression and continued, “Mr. Lin, you’d misunderstood me. I have been doing my best to save my father’s health, but there’s nothing we could do to help. I can only do my best to help him get through the two weeks. Hence, I would like to apologize for my rudeness before.”

A smile of disdain rose on his lips as he knew that Stein’s subordinates had some brains. For Stein to react so differently compared to before, someone must have given him a piece of advice.

The reason why Stein brought out a specialist was to appease his conflict with Lin Yifu.

In contrast to his appearance, Stein sneered inwardly. If it wasn’t because Lin Yifu has his worth, would Stein lower his head to him?

After all, Stein had held grudges against Lin Yifu because the latter tried getting Hamza to remove him as the heir.

If it wasn’t for Lin Yifu’s strength, Stein would’ve fired a bullet to his brain.

“Aren’t you a little too quick in saying that Hamza has no cure?” Lin Yifu naturally knew what Stein was thinking about as he continued, “As his son, how can you watch as your father die?”

“You’re right,” Stein replied with an embarrassed smile.

However, he was sneering inwardly. Regardless of anything, there was nothing he could do to save his father.

After he was done, he turned to Dominica, “I’ll be leaving my father to you, and you will be responsible to take care of him 24/7.”

Dominica knew who Stein was, and he knew that he would lose his life if he was careless. Then again, it was also easy for him to earn Stein’s money. Hence, he immediately nodded his head, “I will do my best.”

Stein shot a disdainful glance at Su Tao as he sneered inwardly. Lin Yifu must have a screw loose in his head to bring such a young doctor to treat his father, and how was he still that cunning person as rumored at this moment?

He must be a fool instead.

Hence, Stein left Dominica by Hamza’s side as an informer to observe Hamza’s actions.

With all his father’s subordinates under his control, he would be able to wield great power the moment his father passes away. However, he was still worried that Lin Yifu might do something to change that situation.

He naturally wasn’t worried that his father might regain his health because that was impossible.

Thus, Stein turned around and left, leaving Dominica behind to keep an eye of Su Tao and Lin Yifu.

Although Su Tao couldn’t understand the language that they were conversing in, he already had an idea in mind on how to treat Hamza.

He had already obtained an evaluation of Hamza’s condition from the documents provided before, so he had all the herbs prepared in his medical box.

The odds of treating Hamza might not be high, but Su Tao still wanted to do his best and bring an improvement to Hamza’s condition within three to five days.

Instructing that woman who brought them in to prepare the medicine, Su Tao began making preparations to perform acupuncture for Hamza.

“What are you trying to do?” Dominica immediately called out.

“He’s going to treat Hamza!” Lin Yifu explained on Su Tao’s behalf because he knew what Dominica was talking about.

“What a joke!” Dominica replied with disdain as he continued, “Treating the patient? With these needles? Hamza is in a dire condition right now, and he can’t withstand that torment. Stop what you’re doing immediately!”

Dominica’s intention was blatant. Since he was Hamza’s doctor, all treatment methods had to go through him.

However, Su Tao paid no attention to Dominica as he continued preparing his tools. Giving a sneer at Su Tao, Dominica left to call for reinforcements.

Not long after, Stein returned furiously as he roared, “What are you guys doing?”

“We’re treating Hamza!” Lin Yifu explained as he knew that it was tough to get Stein to accept it.

“Treating? With that weird medicine and this weird method?” Stein wore a sneer. Although he hoped that his father could die faster, he still had to put up an act on the surface, “Stop your foolish actions immediately!”

Sighing inwardly, Lin Yifu never expected that Hamza’s son would be so difficult to deal with as he replied, “You can ask Hamza about it. If he’s willing to accept the treatment, then there’s nothing you can do about it even if you’re his son.”

“Since he believes you guys, then I won’t interfere in it. But if anything happens to my father, I will definitely not let you guys off the hook.” Stein sneered.

He was doing this so he could push the blame onto Lin Yifu and Su Tao.

He wasn’t stupid. Back then when Hamza was in a serious condition, he had purposely delayed his father’s treatment, resulting in serious deterioration. Because of that matter, he was called an unfilial son by everyone. Now that Lin Yifu came knocking on the door, if anything happens to his father during the treatment, he would be free from being called an unfilial son by everyone.

If Hamza truly dies, there was nothing Stein could do to Lin Yifu because of the latter’s status in the underworld. However, ripping some money off Lin Yifu was still possible.

Hence, he was thinking of getting some money from Lin Yifu if his father dies because of the treatment.

Lin Yifu could naturally see what Stein was planning as he replied with a sneer, “We’ll see about that.”

Truth be told, even he had no confidence in his heart. After all, even Su Tao did not have complete confidence in the treatment.

Stein left once again, leaving Dominica behind. He naturally didn’t believe that Su Tao has any solution to treat Hamza’s condition. However, he still had to keep surveillance of the matters here so he could report to Stein if there was anything.

From western medicine’s point of view, there was nothing anyone could do to help Hamza. Hamza would even die if he cuts off his medication for a night.

Hence, Dominica decided to stop providing Hamza with medication starting now to prove his worth.

“Weren’t you guys confident in treating Hamza? Then I’ll take my hands off this matter and let Hamza taste suffering!” Dominica sneered by the side.

However, Su Tao still couldn’t understand what he was talking about. Then again, it was a good thing since it wouldn’t affect his mood.

But judging from Lin Yifu’s expression, Su Tao could tell that Lin Yifu would be placed in a difficult position if he couldn’t treat Hamza.

Taking a deep breath to clear his mind off all the negative thoughts, Su Tao began his acupuncture on Hamza.

Hamza’s condition was earliest seen in the Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon. The disease lies in the liver before reaching the kidney. In the process of the disease, the liver, spleen, and kidney would be damaged as fluid started to retain in the body.

So now that he was performing acupuncture, he had to start with the kidney and liver channels.

Removing Hamza’s clothes, his abdomen was swollen with his limbs dried up, covering in veins.

“Ughh…” Hamza locked his brows since he had already stopped his medication for some time as he groaned out in pain.

Looking at this scene, Dominica sneered inwardly.

Hamza had taken all the possible painkillers under Dominica’s suggestion, so Hamza’s body had built up resistance for almost all the painkillers.

Painkillers work by numbing the nervous system to numb to pain, but it was actually the same as drugs. It can only be increased or replaced with a more powerful painkiller.

Now that Hamza’s medicinal effect had passed, he immediately reacted like a drug addict as he started becoming irritable.

The woman who had been taking care of Hamza was loyal to him. Hence, she knew that he needed right now and begged, “Doctor Dominica, please inject painkillers into Hamza. He’s feeling too much pain right now.”

“I’m not int he position to interfere. You had heard that this young man over here is treating the patient!” Dominica started examining the doctor and praised Hamza for his luck. Life was truly unfair as he had such a gorgeous woman taking care of him despite being so sick.

In just two to three minutes, Hamza’s condition gradually became worse as he couldn’t bear the pain. Hence, his expression started turning savage with his groans turning into roars.

Stein was in a room not far away as he hugged a woman and drank. When he heard his father’s painful groans, a sneer rose on his lips.

In his view, the reason why his father could have such a good time so far was all thanks to his help.

Although he did not manage to treat his father, he managed to save his father from suffering.

Stein had also thought of injecting medicine into Hamza so that his father could pass away peacefully. However, his father was afraid of death more than he had imagined and rejected his request.

Since his father wanted to live, then there was nothing he could do about it.

As a sneer rose on his lips, he grabbed at the gorgeous woman, causing the woman to chuckle out.

But at this moment, Tomislav appeared on the image, seeming to be in a terrible state as he reported, “The base is under attack! Their target is Ying Xiong and I have already arranged for him to be transferred out!”

Tomislav could be considered as Stein’s subordinate, who had been sent out a few days ago as his path of retreat.

The mission of protecting Ying Xiong was an instruction he had given Tomislav, but he never imagined that there would be an accident.

“What’s the situation right now?” Stein asked in a solemn voice.

“Over 70% casualties!” Tomislav replied in a miserable tone.

“How many enemies are there?” Stein knew about Tomislav’s ability, and there must be at least three to four hundred mercenaries to get him in such a sorry state or a government’s elite team of twenty to thirty.

“They only seem to be two!” Tomislav replied with embarrassment on his face as he continued, “But we managed to injure one of them during the crossfire earlier.”

What a useless fool!

A few hundred had their forces reduced by 70% by two people? Was that something to be proud of?

“I’ll send out reinforcements immediately!” Stein’s gaze became cold. Even if he had to flip the forest around, he had to find the two or how can he continue to stay in this circle in the future?

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