Chapter 81 - Get out of my world

Chapter 81 - Get out of my world

When the first rays of dawn seeped in through the curtain, Yin Le opened her eyes, then stretched her waist as she breathed out. Surprisingly, she wasn’t suffering from any hangover. She suddenly felt that something was wrong, so she immediately sat up and checked her body. She’s still wearing the gown she wore last night, and if it wasn’t for the strong alcoholic scent that lingered in the room, she would have felt that last night was a dream.

She scoured for her phone and found Su Tao’s number. But she hesitated for a long time before decided against dialling it and decided to let everything go. Bian Youtian became her past, while Su Tao was merely a passerby.

She came out of the bedroom and saw a glass of water left on the table of the living room with a lipstick mark left on the cup. She wiped her lips unconsciously and roughly recalled Su Tao feeding her a pellet last night, which might be the reason for her not experiencing any hangover now.

Her phone suddenly rang and she received a piece of news from the group chat with her colleagues. When she saw it, she was shocked because everyone was discussing the resignation of the Deputy Chief, Bian Youtian. As one of the younger and more capable Deputy Station Chiefs around, it was shocking for him to hand in his resignation, which left Yin Le shocked and disappointed at the same time.

Taking a sip of water, Yin Le received another message, “Lele, I just want to apologise to you. Please forget me and have a new start. I hope that, without me, you can still be that prideful princess.”

After a long hesitation, Yin Le replied with a short message, “Get out of my world, thanks.”

After she blocked him, she entered the toilet and was shocked when she looked at the mirror. Her lipstick had been opened and there were words written on the mirror with it, The Prideful Anchor. With a smile on her face, Yin Le sighed before she wiped the words off with a tissue.

From today onwards, she would return to being that cold woman and no longer believe in love so easily. She dialled a number and said, “Dad, I want to return to Qiongjin after a clear consideration.”

“Sure! I’ll make the preparations for you. Hanzhou is a small city; after all, the stage is too small for you. If you want to fulfil your dream, you will need a bigger stage. I have already cleared up the connections for you, and Qiongjin Television Station will arrange a suitable position for you.” A coarse and deep voice resounded from the other side.

When she hung the phone, her gaze flickered with unswerving determination. It’s time for her to start her new life.

On the other side of the call was a large red desk with a middle-aged man in his fifties. He had an outstanding appearance with his hair neatly combed. There was a bookshelf beside him, and a landscape painting was hanging on the wall on the right.

After knocking his finger on the desk, he dialled a number. “Lele just called and said that she wants to return to Qiongjin, prepare her room if you’re free.”

“Really? That’s great! Although Hanzhou isn’t that far from Qiongjin, she’s a lady, after all. It’s more reassuring to have her with us.” The woman spoke with a smile on her face.

“We can’t let her be so willful in the future.” The man sighed, then continued, “But we must experience setbacks in life. I believe that she will grow stronger after this, prepare the blind dates when she’s back.”

“But she has been negative about blind dates.” The woman was surprised.

“Not anymore.” The man responded.

When he hung up the phone, he called another number and instructed, “Have you investigated the identity of that young man last night?”

“His name is Su Tao. He has just recently returned to Hanzhou and his history for ten years is blank. In this period, while he’s been back, he’s displayed outstanding medical skills and even has a close partner-relationship with Yan Jing and has established a cosmetics company.” A man replied from the other side with a deep voice.

The middle-aged man sighed, “What about Bian Youtian?”

“He has already resigned. Looks like he has reached a form of agreement with Su Tao last night.” The man suppressed his voice.

With a deep shine in his eyes, the middle-aged man instructed, “He can’t get away so easily, he has to pay the price.”

“I will immediately have it done!” The man over the phone responded.

Qiongjin, in Huainan TCM University’s Vice-Principal Office

Wang Guofeng was brewing tea with a blue and white porcelain tea set. He had high art of tea, and his every action looked skillful, along with a particular philosophy in his movements. The Daoist School was an indispensable culture in China, which emphasised on naturalness. Thus, not only were there no impurities in the tea that Wang Guofeng had brewed, but there’s also a faint scent that filled the office.

“Martial Uncle Zhang, please have some tea!” Wang Guofeng handed over the teacup with a respectful voice.

Zhang Qingsong took a sip of tea and felt the smooth sensation in his throat and smiled. “They say that good tea can even treat illnesses. This tea of yours has smoothed out my laryngitis that has bugged me for a long time.”

Shaking his head, Wang Guofeng immediately replied, “How can it be so miraculous. Martial Uncle’s laryngitis is an old illness, how can this tea show any effect to it?”

Zhang Qingsong waved his hand, since this was what he liked about Wang Guofang and sighed, “I was careless back then and was set up by someone, thus resulting in this illness. Despite nursing for many years, there still isn’t any effect on my body.”

Wang Guofeng stood up and probed, “Shall I take a look for you?”

Doctor, don’t treat thyself. Zhang Qingsong had outstanding medical skills, but he also followed this principle. So he did not decline Wang Guofeng’s offer and smiled, “Sure, you can give it a try and let me see how much your skills have improved!”

Wang Guofeng walked to his medical box and took out a thumb-lengthed golden needle, then gave an attempt at several acupoints around Zhang Qingsong’s neck before he bitterly smiled. “With my ability, this is the best I can do. It’s still mainly because I have insufficient Qi to channel your lung acupoints.”

When Wang Guofeng retrieved the needle, Zhang Qingsong touched his neck with surprise in his eyes. “Your Rising Dawn Qi has reached the seventh stage?” That’s because Zhang Qingsong knew that only the Rising Dawn Qi at the Seventh Stage could have such an effect.

Nodding his head, Wang Guofang responded, “That’s still because I’ve been busy with ordinary affairs over the past two years. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken me so long to break through!”

Zhang Qingsong immediately shook his head before bursting into laughter, “Your father was the peerless genius of a hundred years in the Medical Dao Sect, but he only managed to break through to the Seventh Stage at the age of 30. But you have achieved such heights at the age of 28. Our Medical Dao Sect is truly blessed! I will inform your Master about this when I go back, and he will surely be happy about this news.”

Zhang Qingsong was already in his fifties, but his Rising Dawn Qi had only reached the Third Stage, which could be considered as an average-high standard.

The reason why he had a high position in the sect was that he was responsible for the assets under the Medical Dao Sect, placing most of his energy in management. For example, his duty to deliver geniuses to the various hospitals around the country. Although he did not have a top-tiered medical skill, he had a deep connection that granted him respect from others.

Wang Guofeng’s Master was the current Sect Master of the Medical Dao Sect, also known as the unrivalled first in the current generation of TCM. Hearing his words, Wang Guofeng immediately cupped his hands as he reminded, “Martial Uncle, this piece of news cannot be announced for the time being.”

Zhang Qingsong’s eyes lit up. He naturally understood the meaning behind Wang Guofeng’s words and smiled. “That’s for sure. This is your trump card for when you show your skills in the Physician King Tournament. After all, the other sects have all sent out powerful competitors this time.”

Wang Guofeng nodded and lowered his voice, “Martial Uncle Zhang, I still have a request that I need of you. I need you to investigate someone.”

Seeing the seriousness in Wang Guofeng’s eyes, Zhang Qingsong knew that it must be someone powerful for him to receive such attention from the former, so he rubbed his round chin. “Go ahead!”

“His name is Su Tao, the TCM Department Head of Jianghuai Hospital.” Wang Guofeng’s eyes flashed with a trace of unwillingness as he continued, “I’m afraid that he might be my strongest competitor in this tournament.”

Zhang Qingsong fell into pondering, since this name did ring a bell, “Is he the person that Xu Tiande previously mentioned? The one that injured Nie Yaozhong?”

With a bitterly smile, Wang Guofeng came clean, “I’ll not hide it from you. We have confronted once in the past, and I failed. His medical skills are extremely ingenious, and I can’t tell his origin. I’m afraid that he might be from a mysterious organisation.”

Coldness flashed in Zhang Qingsong’s eyes as he replied, “Don’t worry. You’re the future leader of my Medical Dao Sect, anyone that hinders your way is an enemy of ours.”

Pouring another cup of tea for Zhang Qingsong, Wang Guofeng casually asked, “How is the Aqua Cloud Stream preparing?”

Patting his shoulder, Zhang Qingsong smiled. “You’re pretty patient. I was just wondering when you’d mention that fiancée of yours. Rest assured, the Aqua Cloud Stream will send out their strongest for this tournament, the Junior Sister of your fiancée, Mo Sui’er.”

Wang Guofeng’s eyes lit up at Zhang Qingsong’s words. “I met Sui’er five years ago. She must be barely twenty now, right? It could be a unique experience for her in this Physician King Tournament.”

“You cannot underestimate your opponent. According to the popularity, Mo Sui’er is ranked 4th as a winning candidate, and she is a strong enemy.” Zhang Qingsong swayed his finger, making it clear to Wang Guofeng.

Wang Guofeng nodded his head on the surface, but in his heart, he felt that only perhaps that young man, Su Tao, could be his opponent.

Although he had lost to Su Tao in the past, it’s just a private confrontation, and it was also because he had been too anxious.

He actually wanted to thank Su Tao. If it wasn’t for the threat he felt from Su Tao, his Rising Dawn Qi wouldn’t have reached the Seventh Stage so quickly.

The Medical Dao Sect emphasised the combination of Qi into their medical skills, so if their Qi improved, that would mean that their medical skills would also improve. At this moment, Wang Guofeng was extremely confident, so he longed for the confrontation between him and Su Tao at the Physician King Tournament.

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