Chapter 809 - Hamza being house arrested

The night in Slovakia was clear with dazzling stars hanging in the sky with ripples spreading on the lake, reflecting the image of the moon. The dense forest dwelled flying animals that made a gorgeous scene out of the primitive forest.

Lin Yifu and Su Tao sat in an off-road vehicle as they traveled two hours through the rugged path before they finally arrived at their destination.

This place was similar to armed bases in the movies with a high building as the entrance. On the building, there were three men patrolling and many checkpoints inside too.

There was a woman waiting as she nodded her head in Lin Yifu’s direction before guiding them into the room.

“Lin…” A caucasian man laid on the bed as he seems to be proficient in Mandarin.

“Hamza, don’t move about!” Lin Yifu wore a smile and introduced, “This is a physician that I invited from China, and his name is Su Tao. He might seem young, but he’s well equipped with medical skills.”

Giving Su Tao a weak glance, Hamza smiled bitterly, “I know my body well, and I know that I don’t have many days left. However, I’m still grateful for your kind intentions.”

The friendship between Hamza and Lin Yifu was forged in blood and fire. When they were young, the two of them had gone through many life and death scenarios together.

After all, firearms might be a profiting business, but no one knew that you would face in the process.

Lin Yifu was smart, while Hamza had the courage. Thus, the two of them forged their reputation together.

But as Lin Yifu’s business expanded, he did not have much chance to meet with Hamza.

However, Lin Yifu still treated Hamza as a brother from the depth of his heart.

Su Tao could tell the despair within Hamza’s heart. Even if he had no favorable impression about firearms, he still intended to do his best because of Lin Yifu.

Placing his medical box down, a clamor sounded from the outside as Hamzha roared, “Mr. Lin is here, so get everyone outside to settle down!”

But with his body greatly burdened by his condition, Hamza clearly did not possess as much authority as he used to when a robust youth walked in with a sneer on his face.

“Stein, what are you doing?” Hamza questioned as he coughed.

Looking at this scene, Lin Yifu sighed. Stein was Hamza’s eldest son and the heir that Hamza had been glooming. However, Stein did not have any good reputation but he was known for being greedy and selfish. This is also the reason why Lin Yifu had been keeping his distance from Hamza in recent years.

“I heard that Mr. Lin came, so I wanted to seek some advice from him.” Stein grinned.

Hamza knew his son’s temperament. Now that he was bedridden, his subordinates that he could trust had already been swapped. He was now a loner, one being house arrested.

LEtting out a sigh inwardly, Lin Yifu knew that Stein wouldn’t dare to do anything to him as he asked in English, “What is it!”

“Mr. Lin, why did you hand Eritrea’s business to someone else?” Stein asked in a solemn voice.

Eritrea, a country situated in the coastal area of Africa, located between Sudan and Ethiopia.

In the eyes of the western world, it was also known as Africa’s North Korea, and it was also known as an information black hole by Reporters without Borders. It meant that the freedom of information was ranked at the lowest throughout the globe.

“Your father and I were best friends, but that doesn’t mean the same with you. As for the business, I just wanted to give it to someone more reliable.” Lin Yifu smiled.

“So you’re saying that you don’t trust me?” Stein was enraged as he questioned.

“That’s right!” Lin Yifu replied honestly.

Stein was instantly enraged as he pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Lin Yifu.

Lin Yifu had a young man in his thirties following him, which Su Tao knew that this person must be an expert. The moment Stein pulled out his pistol, Su Tao could clearly sense a dense surge of murderous aura coming from him.

If Stein dared to pull the trigger, Lin Yifu’s bodyguard would definitely kill him.

Despite having a gun pointed at him, Stein had no fear as he roared, “Put it down!”

Although Lin Yifu only brought a few people with him, Stein knew Lin Yifu’s reputation well. If he really dared to pull the trigger, it would result in chaos among the mercenary world. At that time, this base will be blazed to the ground in less than one month.

“Hmph!” Stein kept his pistol as he gave a cold glare at Lin Yifu before he left.

“I’m sorry to have shown you a joke.” Stein struggled to support his body as he continued, “You one told me that my son wasn’t someone worthy of grooming. I didn’t lift to you back then, and I’m suffering from my wrong decision now.”

Hamza was house arrested because of his body condition. With his terrible health, who would be willing to follow him?

Although his son had a violent temper, everyone knew who the future decisionmaker was, successfully allowing Stein to seize power.

Letting out a helpless sigh, Lin Yifu recalled how Hamza dragged his wounded body riddled with bullets in the past for nearly a hundred kilometers.

“You will get better. The moment you get better, your prestige alone is sufficient for you to regain control. As for your son, he was too impatient.” Lin Yifu sighed.

Stein became arrogant before his father died. It was similar to how ancient rulers and their descendants would wrestle over power.

Then again, even Lin Yifu wasn’t optimistic about Hamza’s full recovery, and this was also the reason why he did not take it too far with Stein.

Lin Yifu knew many of Hamza’s subordinates. Back then when Hamza formed his brigade of nearly a thousand, he also had a share in it.

Hence, Lin Yifu did not want that brigade to disappear from the world because of the contest of power between Hamza and Stein. Although the disappearance of that brigade wouldn’t affect him much, he did not want to part with those feelings.

After all, they were once his foundation for his wealth.

It was his sweat and blood. This was also the reason why many employers would maintain the operation of their first enterprise despite losing money.

All of a sudden, a commotion came from outside as a man in his fifties walked in and greeted Lin Yifu, “Mr. Lin!”

“Hello, Jacob!” Lin Yifu smiled as Jacob was Hamza’s trusted aide.

Now that Hamza was gravely ill, Jacob was naturally stripped from all his authority by Stein, becoming a useless man in this base.

However, Jacob still had his prestige despite his authority taken from him, and it was because of them that left Stein somewhat fearful.

Lin Yifu’s sudden visit made Stein sensitive as the latter was worried that Lin Yifu might incite these bunch of people to rebel against him and affect his authority.

“Stein actually dared to be so rude to you? He’s simply impudent!” Jacob spoke in a somewhat furious voice.

After all, Jacob knew that even Hamza would be respectful when meeting Lin Yifu.

“It’s fine. My temper has improved over the years.” Lin Yifu replied. But despite his words, anyone who knew him well would be sweating for Stein. After all, Lin Yifu was extremely vindictive when he was younger.

From just how Stein pointed a pistol at him earlier, the past Lin Yifu would definitely teach him a lesson.

Seeing that Su Tao had started checking Hamza’s body, Jacob sighed, “I’ve gotten so many doctors to take a look at Hamza, but nothing went well. I only hope that you can bring him some hope.”

Judging from his tone, even he wasn’t optimistic about Hamza’s condition.

After Su Tao checked Hamza’s body for a long time, he knitted his brows together. Hamza was truly in a dire condition. He might have a chance if it was two months ago, but Hamza’s condition had already deteriorated.

There were four difficult illnesses for TCM, namely stroke, tuberculosis, edema, and dysphagia.

Stroke, also known as cerebrovascular accident. It was often seen when people are getting on their age.

Tuberculosis, as the name implies.

Edema meant the swelling of the abdomen with the skin turning yellow, such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, schistosomiasis, and abdominal cavity.

Lastly, dysphagia meant the difficulty of swallowing food. Putting in a nutshell, conditions like esophagus and cardia.

Hamza was suffering from the edema condition, or also known as spider parasite in TCM.

It was mainly caused by cirrhosis. But due to the fact that it wasn’t noticed at the early stage, it was already too late by the time he was noticed. Furthermore, Hamza hadn’t been paying attention to nourish his body lately, so his condition was worse than imagined.

Many people thought that cancer was fearful and cannot be cured. However, that wasn’t true as there were more people dying from influenza annually. Furthermore, Hamza was suffering from edema, and if it was placed in ancient times, it belonged to an illness without any treatment.

Although it can be treated with surgery or controlled with medicine, it wasn’t easy to treat it completely.

Putting in a nutshell, Hamza’s liver functions might have already been badly damaged, so a transplant was needed.

Then again, he had also missed out on the best time for a transplant. Not only was there an issue with Hamzha’s liver, but even the function of his other organs had also been affected. That means a total transplant of all his organs, but Hamza’s body couldn’t withstand the torment.

Hence, Su Tao wasn’t optimistic about Hamza’s condition. Strictly speaking, it was even harder than Kohei Koizumi.

Seeing the difficulty of Su Tao’s expression, Lin Yifu called him out and asked, “How confident are you?”

“50%!” Su Tao replied honestly as he went on, “The disease has already attacked his vitals. Even if I do my best, it will still have to depend on his luck.”

As he spoke, Stein came over with several people. But this time, his tone changed, “Mr. Lin, this is Doctor Dominica. He has been treating my father, and he’s also a specialist in liver diseases. I believe that he will be more reliable than this ‘divine physician’ you’d invited from China.”

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