Chapter 808 - Treating the King of War

When Su Tao returned to Lin Yifu’s manor, Lin Yifu had already gone out.

However, Lin Yifu had informed the housekeepers to treat Su Tao as the master and do their best to fulfill Su Tao’s request.

Among all the housekeepers, there were some with connections managed to find out Su Tao’s identity. They found out that Su Tao was someone with a great backing, an unconfirmed grandson-in-law of Lin Yifu.

Lin Yifu only has a daughter, and his daughter only had one child, and logically speaking, all of Lin Yifu’s assets will be handed over to his granddaughter. So as Lin Yifu’s grandson-in-law, he can be considered half the owner of this place.

Seeing that there was nothing for him to do, Su Tao took a shower. By the time he came out, he coincidentally bumped into Vera’s mother, Michelle.

Because he had just finished showering, Su Tao did not wear much as Lin Yifu examined him before exclaiming out, “Vera’s eyesight is pretty good. You have a decent figure. Do you work out often?”

As she spoke, she even touched Su Tao’s arm, making Su Tao smile bitterly.

Due to the fact that Michelle has maintained herself well, she only seemed in the mid-twenties at best from her appearance. However, Su Tao knows that Michelle gave birth to Vera at a young age, so she’s in her early forties now. Hence, Su Tao has been treating Michelle as an elder.

Thus, he couldn’t help feeling somewhat complicated to be teased by such a gorgeous Elder.

However, Su Tao did not have any impure thoughts for Michelle. Through his numerous interactions with Vera, he found out that she has a weird character.

On this point alone, Vera was much more mature than her mother.

Based on his interaction with Michelle so far, the latter was more willful than Vera. However, Michelle isn’t hateful. On the contrary, you would find yourself attracted to her without knowing because she was proficient in using her charm.

“It’s rare for me to see my handsome son-in-law. Why don’t your mother-in-law prepare a sumptuous meal for you today?” Michelle suddenly declared in high spirits.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you for that.” Su Tao smiled. He had an understanding of Michelle’s character, so as long as he makes her happy, everything else would be easy.

“Help me out then!” Michelle immediately headed for the kitchen.

In the beginning, Su Tao thought that he was only going to help out as an assistant, but he smiled when he saw Michelle staring at the kitchen implements at a loss. He knew that Michelle was a genuine princess with no experience in chores.

“What are you laughing at? Are you looking down on me?” Michelle instantly became unhappy as she felt that she was despised by her son-in-law, hurting her dignity in the progress. As she spoke, she took the kitchen knife and patted it hardly on the chopping board. However, she had lost control of the knife, causing the knife to fly out and left her terrified.

Su Tao reacted swiftly as he immediately caught the knife, which nearly cut Michelle’s face.

“Aunty, why don’t you stand by the side and guide while I do the work?” Su Tao smiled as he began working on the preparations.

“Fine!” Michelle was terrified by her previous action. But just when she was vexing on a stage to get down, Su Tao stood out. Instantly, Michelle looked at Su Tao in a more satisfying light.

Michelle only acted by the side as she took her phone out and started searching for recipes. However, they were all rejected as Su Tao had already sorted the ingredients and started cooking.

“Are you making sweet and sour fish?” Michelle asked as she began reciting the procedure, “The fish has to be marinated for ten minutes before covering it in starch and adding 70% fried flaky pastry. Lastly, use ketchup as the sauce and pour it on the fish.

“Sweet and sour fish? I seem to be making simmer-fried fish instead.” Su Tao smiled bitterly.

Glaring at Su Tao, Michelle sighed, “Then we’ll just go with simmer-fried fish then.”

She’s not a fool, and she knew that Su Tao hadn’t been following her instructions.

But she could tell that Su Tao was pretty skilled when it comes to cooking. In just an hour, Su Tao had prepared six dishes along with a soup, causing Michelle to sigh in exclamation. She never imagined that not only was her son-in-law a medical expert, but he’s also skilled when it comes to culinary.

Thus, she began to feel more satisfied with this son-in-law.

By the time Lin Yifu returned, Su Tao had already finished cooking as Michelle laid the dishes out on the table and asked, “I made them together with Su Tao. What do you think about it?”

Hearing Michelle’s words, Lin Yifu looked at his own daughter in astonishment as he knew that her daughter knows nothing about cooking. Taking a taste of the food, it tasted pretty good as he exposed, “These dishes definitely have nothing to do with you. It must be made by Su Tao.”

“Aunty gave me many suggestions in the process.” Su Tao gave a humble smile although he did not take any of the suggestions.

Suddenly, Michelle took out her phone with a smug as she took a few photos and sent them to Vera, which she chuckled shortly after, “Vera is mad. She said that she hadn’t enjoyed such treatment yet!”

“There will be plenty of chances in the future!” Su Tao smiled.

“Don’t forget about me! You’re my son-in-law, so you have to be responsible for me too.” Michelle smiled as she looked at Su Tao.

Su Tao smiled bitterly upon hearing those words. Although her words sounded weird, it still made sense since being her son-in-law would be equivalent to being her son. In the future when Michelle becomes old, he would definitely have to take responsible for Michelle with his relationship with Vera.

Although the food Su Tao made tasted somewhat light, it still fitted Lin Yifu and Michelle’s tastebud.

But when they were done eating, Michelle was afraid of becoming fat as she headed for the gym with the intention of burning some calories.

Despite warning Michelle against exercising after eating, she still went in her own way and ignored his suggestion.

Watching this scene, Lin Yifu shook his head before waving his hand at Su Tao, “Come, have a sit in my study room.”

Coming to the study room once more, Lin Yifu handed a document over to Su Tao and continued, “This is the patient’s information!”

Su Tao received the document from Lin Yifu. Although he had seen some information from Jackson, he still wasn’t too sure about the patient’s condition. Because if he was going to make an accurate evaluation, he needed to know the patient’s profession and daily habits.

“He’s my partner, wielding many middle-eastern and African countries.” Lin Yifu explained as he went on, “If he passes away, the market will definitely go into chaos.”

Although Lin Yifu did not explain anything about the market, Su Tao knew that this patient was a bigshot firearm dealer.

If anything happens to a firearm dealer, the resources in his hand would be divided by those in the same trade. So during this period when everyone fights for the pie, the entire market would go into chaos. As a result, more wars might occur in the world.

Su Tao sighed inwardly. He had once seen a move, the King of War. The protagonist was a firearm dealer, and he would travel to places with war. They would serve the various governments, ranging from guns to boats, planes, and missiles.

This was an extremely dangerous job to be walking on the border of the world.

As a physician, Su Tao was naturally filled with rejection for war, so it’s for certain that he did not have much favorable opinion for firearm dealers.

The nature of his job was to save lives, while firearm dealers create more battle and death.

“If you’re able to treat him, you will be saving countless lives indirectly.” Lin Yifu explained as he managed to see through Su Tao’s expression.

After all, common folks would undoubtedly suffer in times of war.

“I’ll give it a try!” A smile rose on Su Tao’s lips as he did not reveal his true emotions to Lin Yifu.

After all, the patient’s condition was somewhat complicated. After all, Lin Yifu wouldn’t have called for his help for ordinary sickness.

Judging from the information that he had received, the patient’s condition was somewhat dire. It wasn’t any inferior compared to Kohei Koizumi’s condition.

Beijing, the Dragon Group.

Qin Jinyu walked into the Dragon Emperor’s residence. Even if he was usually arrogant and untamed, he would restrain himself whenever he was here.

After all, the Dragon Group still did not belong to him; he was just an appointed success of the Dragon Emperor.

Just like ancient dynasties, a successor could be changed anytime unless you wield any actual authority. Hence, Qin Jingyu had to be cautious.

The Dragon Emperor was currently enjoying his meal on a wooden table. The table had three dishes, barbequed pork, stir-fried vegetables, and a large bowl of shredded meat with mushroom soup.

“I believe you’ve not eaten yet, right? Come, eat with me then!” The Dragon Emperor spoke out.

This wasn’t the first time that Qin Jingyu had eaten together with the Dragon Emperor. Although he had no interest in any of the food on the table, he still sat down with a smile as he accompanied the Dragon Emperor.

Despite his lack of interest in the food, he still enjoyed this feeling as it implied that he had an important position in the Dragon Emperor’s heart.

“I have already set up my meeting with the Fire Deity.” The Dragon Emperor spoke out casually as he cleaned up the rice in his bowl.

Listening to those words, Qin Jingyu was shocked. After all, everyone knows that the meeting between the Fire Deity and Dragon Emperor meant a battle of life and death.

Everyone knows that the Dragon Emperor’s attainments in his martial arts had already reached an unfathomable realm. Even the injuries that he had suffered in his lifetime could be counted, but all of them had something to do with the Fire Deity.

“Please be safe!” Qin Jingyu spoke in a worried tone.

Waving his hand with a smile, the Dragon Emperor replied, “You’ll be in charge of the Dragon Group while I’m gone.”

“You’re saying?” Qin Jingyu was somewhat surprised by those words.

“That’s right. You will replace me as the new Dragon Emperor.” The Dragon Emperor revealed a rare sigh as he went on, “The world today belongs to the new generation, and I hope that the Dragon Group can remain firm with their mission under your leadership to protect the country.”

“I will definitely not let you down and bring the Dragon Group to a new height!” Qin Jingyu gave out a heavy promise as he stood up from his seat.

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