Chapter 807 - Slovakia’s Journey

Su Tao finally arrived in Slovakia under Jackson’s arrangements and met with Lin Yifu. Lin Yifu still looks the same as before, bespectacled wearing a white shirt and a grey vest, looking elegant like a professor.

He has a decent manor here where he would normally reside for three to four months annually. Hence, he has ten-odd mercenaries as his subordinates here.

The study room was well kept with a bonsai by the corner along with calligraphies on the wall.

Lin Yifu lifted a bronze flowering pot as he’s watering the flower.

Lin Yifu looks to be in his fifties as he had maintained himself well. He had black hair along with an amicable temperament. Looking at him, it’s hard for anyone to connect his appearance with that of an underworld godfather.

Then again, Lin Yifu did not like his title as a godfather. Rather than that, he prefers people calling him a businessman.

He has a wide range of business that involves retail, shopping malls, and even firearms.

Hence, Lin Yifu is well-respected wherever he goes.

A gorgeous woman walked in with a tray with two soups on it.

“Have some. It’s my favorite White Fungus and Lotus Soup. I would feel especially blissful whenever I have it, recalling how my mother used to make it for me.” Lin Yifu smiled.

Su Tao did not reject his offer as he picked the spoon and started eating while he smiled, “It really tastes good, but it’s a little too sweet. Although you’re healthy, you still have to watch your diet.”

Since it was something that Su Tao had said, then Lin Yifu naturally has to pay attention to it. He can consider it some words of concern if it came from someone else, but Su Tao is a formidable physician. Since Su Tao told him to watch his diet, then he naturally has to do so.

“You have keen sight. I went for a health checkup days ago and my sugar level is a little on the higher side.” Lin Yifu smiled bitterly as he went on, “Trouble comes when you get old. You even have to watch your diet while you’re eating.”

“It’s fine having it occasionally!” Su Tao immediately smiled before he carried on, “I’ll give you a prescription later for you to take it once a week. I can reduce your sugar level effectively.”

As he spoke, he took out a piece of paper from his medical box and starting writing a prescription.

Lin Yifu displayed a casual personality and did not put on any airs. When he took the prescription from Su Tao, he took a look at it before carefully placing it in his drawer. From this detail alone, anyone can see how highly he looks at Su Tao.

“I wanted you to take a look at a friend of mine, but I never expected that I would be the one receiving your help instead.” Lin Yifu smiled.

“Sorry about that, it’s part of my occupational disease.” Su Tao shook his head as he smiled humbly, “May I ask when will I be taking a look at your friend?”

Waving his hand, Lin Yifu replied, “You’re the guest, so it’s best for you to rest first. As for that patient, this condition is a little special, so it’ll be a little troublesome making the arrangements. At the same time, I hope that you can keep it a secret…”

Nodding his head, Su Tao found it somewhat weird.

However, Lin Yifu had helped him several times, so naturally wouldn’t refuse a request from the former.

Furthermore, Su Tao is also doing this for Vera.

Vera’s father, Ormond, did not look at him greatly, not to mention that he even obstructed the two of them from developing. On the other hand, Lin Yifu stood on his side, so he still needed Lin Yifu’s help if he wants to maintain his contact with Vera in the future.

As the night descended, a new moon hung on the sky.

Su Tao and Lin Yifu chatted in for half a night, talking almost anything. So before they knew it, it had already been so late, leaving even Lin Yifu surprised.

Because Lin Yifu never expected that he would spend so much time talking to a young man so much younger than him. Judging from interest and experience, Su Tao seems to know about everything, not to mention that he’s also humorous. Hence, it’s not tiring talking to Su Tao.

When the next day arrives, Su Tao greeted Lin Yifu before he headed for a town in the north of Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava. From the inside information coming from the Fire Beacon, this is a secret location provided to Liu Jianwei and Yuan Lan after arriving at Slovakia.

Due to the fact that Slovakia had hosted many rounds of mercenary competition, it’s being known as the Mercenary Nation. Hence, this country has many secrets.

As a special organization, the Fire Beacon has many members making an appearance in the mercenary competition, and they have also left behind many secret bases around Slovakia. This place looks ordinary and it was built at least fifty years ago. Even the walls were peeling off with greeneries crawling on the wall. From the appearance alone, it looks somewhat horrifying, like a picture out of a horror movie.

Not long after Su Tao approached this place, he could sense that he had been monitors. When he came to the metal door and pressed on the doorbell, a gap opened, revealing a pair of sharp eyes as the owner spoke in local language, “Who are you?”

Su Tao’s appearance drew the other party’s suspicion, causing the other party to think that he’s an Asian tourist.

Su Tao couldn’t understand what the other party was talking about and opened up his collar, retrieving the token of the Fire Beacon. When the other party saw the token, he was somewhat shocked before he opened the door and yelled, “He’s one of us!”

With that, Su Tao successfully entered the door before it was swiftly closed.

Looking at the man before this, this is an Asian standing at roughly 5’4” with a robust figure and somewhat tanned skin.

“You must be Tie Ci.” Su Tao had seen the information of this man.

Nodding his head, Tie Ci replied, “That’s right. You’re Su Tao?”

Su Tao knew that Tie Ci must have gotten his information as well. Hence, he smiled and went into the question, “I would like to know about Liu Jianwei and Yuan Lan’s tracks.”

“They only replenished their equipment here and never came back again.” Tie Ci replied and continued, “But according to the information that I received, the two of them are not in a good situation.”

“Oh? What’s the matter?” Su Tao knitted his brows.

“The target recently appeared in the southern central region of the forest, and the situation is somewhat complicated there. It’s known as the home of mercenaries. Every year, there would be large quantities of armies dying in there because there are many veterans and mercenaries. If you want to survive, you will have to depend on your own ability.” Tie Ci explained as he went on, “It won’t be easy for anyone to complete their mission there.”

Su Tao instantly understood Tie Ci’s words. Ying Xiong must be hiding in that forest now, and as long as he’s willing to spend some money, he can easily hire people to work for him.

That is already a terrible environment, not to mention that Ying Xiong even has people around him. Hence, it won’t be easy for Yuan Lan and Liu Jianwei to complete their mission.

Coming to know about this news, Su Tao sighed inwardly as he couldn’t help feeling worried for those two.

However, there are no better alternatives right now. He’s currently overseas, and there are no resources that he could use, unlike China.

As for Lin Yifu, he’s not in the position to ask for help because Liu Jianwei and Yuan Lan are both executing their mission. If Lin Yifu uses his own connection to search for them, wouldn’t it be the same as alarming the other party and increasing the mission’s difficulty?

Thereafter, Tie Ci brought Su Tao to meet with the remaining two people in this base. They’re both looking in their twenties, and there are many more like them in Fire Beacon, hiding in various countries in the world.

The Fire Beacon has a wide reach as they’re not only required to execute missions, but they’re also required to gather information.

With that, Su Tao is starting to come in contact with the true nature of the Fire Beacon, leaving him shocked in his heart as the scale was larger than he had imagined. However, it’s precisely because of these people who use their own lives as bargaining chips to ensure the country’s safe development.

Su Tao then went with Tie Ci and the rest to understand the situation in Slovakia before bidding his farewell.

This trip did not go too well because he did not manage to obtain Liu Jianwei and Yuan Lan’s tracks.

Wearing a military uniform, Ying Xiong sat in a wooden house facing the owner, who wields the title of General, Tomislav, along with his three aides. The three of them are playing poker. Although Ying Xiong has the bigger card, he still purposely lost a few rounds.

On the other hand, Tomislav loves this guest of this. Because of his generosity, he won about roughly 300,000 EUROs from Ying Xiong.

“I’m not playing anymore!” Ying Xiong then opened his wallet and replied helplessly, “I lost all my money today.”

Patting on Ying Xiong’s shoulder happily, Tomislav replied, “My friend, don’t you always say that money is mere worldly possessions?”

“But losing money isn’t something to be happy about.” Ying Xiong shook his head, looking wronged.

“Then let me tell you something to be happy about!” Tomislav winked at Ying Xiong and continued, “Come with me. You should be happy when you see it.”

Under Tomislav’s lead, Ying Xiong came into a room and looked at an image on the display.

Ying Xiong knows that this is the surveillance of these mercenaries that allows them to monitor the entire base. It was to the point that not even a fly could hide from their monitor.

After a brief control over the surveillance system, Tomislav spoke out, “Look at the two of them!”

Narrowing his eyes as he looked at the display, Ying Xiong was inwardly shocked as he recognized the two of them. They had once intruded on his building in China. Although they did not manage to retrieve the cure, they still caused quite a bit of a problem for him.

“It’s them!” Ying Xiong gnashed his teeth. Coming from his source, he knew that despite being deported, he’s still not forgiven by China for his crime.

“The two of them are pretty good when it comes to tracking, and they’re already near here. As long as we manage to get rid of those two, you will be able to live a carefree life.” Tomislav smiled.

Although the Fast System was laid all around, it’s the same as decoratives for veterans.

“I never expected that they would overestimate their own abilities.” Ying Xiong replied coldly.

He had already gotten tired of his life in the forest. Although he lacks nothing here, he still feels that a city life fits him more.

He originally planned to stay in this mercenary base for a year or two, waiting for the world to forget about him before coming back on the stage.

However, he never expected that the Chinese government would send someone after him.

If we get rid of those two, would the Chinese government back off? Ying Xiong sneered as he pondered.

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