Chapter 806 - Threat before Departure

Behind Hua Ling, a silver van closely followed behind Hua Ling’s Nissan as a man wearing spectacles sat in the front passenger seat as he chewed on chewing gums in his mouth. Occasionally, he could blow a bubble to the point of explosion, resulting in the chewing gum covering his lips.

“Did this fellow take the wrong medicine today? Why is he driving so ferociously?” He spoke out unhappily.

Sitting on the driver’s seat, a man whose face was covered in pimples replied coldly, “Could it be because he discovered us?”

“It’s impossible! Trust in our tailing ability.” The bespectacled man continued blowing his chewing gum as he checked his phone and grinned, “We can finally stop tailing him now. Find a road up ahead and force him to stop his car.”

“Heh, wait up!” The pimpled-faced man turned his steering wheel before he stomped on the accelerator. Even if there’s nothing remarkable with this van, the van still zoomed out rapidly.

Meanwhile, Hua Ling was still submerged in his happiness and failed to discover that someone is tailing him. Although he had many enemies all these years, it still doesn’t reckon for someone to follow him for days. His only thought at this moment is to get himself a luxurious car.

All of a sudden, a violent collision occurred as his Nissan jolted, causing the entire car to sway as Hua Ling immediately tried his best to control the steering wheel.

However, the van behind followed up with another collision that landed Hua Ling giddy as he finally realised that someone is attacking him.

Could it be because someone is targeting him after seeing that he had transferred ¥1,000,000 to his bank account earlier?

After all, rather than robbing the bank, robbing him is so much easier.

As the Nissan received another collision, Hua Ling finally couldn’t control his vehicle anymore as he pulled over by the side.

The van slowly stopped before the Nissan as the bespectacled man took a sledgehammer and smashed the window before he proficiently opened the door and dragged Hua Ling out of his car.

“Who are you guys?” Hua Ling barked.

Replying to Hua Ling, the bespectacled man sneered before gave a hammer to Hua Ling on his head, causing the latter to lose his consciousness.

At this moment, the pimpled-faced man also came out of the van as he tested for Hua Ling’s breath before speaking out, “Aren’t you a little too much? How are we going to complete our job if he dies?”

“Don’t worry about it; I have good control over my strength!” The bespectacled man smiled casually.

Thereafter, the pimpled-faced man proficiently tied Hua Ling into the van and swiftly left with the entire process taking less than five minutes.

Not long after, a bucket of cold water rained down from Hua Ling’s head, waking him up from his concussion. When Hua Ling woke up, he realised that he’s currently in a narrow room as he was tied in a chair with his mouth ragged.

Looking at the three men before him, aside from the bespectacled man that he has some impression with, he had no idea who the other two were.

“Please don’t harm me. I can give you guys money.” Hua Ling immediately begged after the rag in his mouth was removed.

“I think you’d made a mistake here. We’re not after your money, but we only need your help.” The man before him did not look ferocious, but Hua Ling felt fearful of him.

“Pray tell!” Hua Ling is a coward, fearing for death. Hence, he’s willing to do anything as long as he can live.

Taking out a photo from his pocket, the man threw it to Hua Ling and asked, “Do you know them?”

Sweeping a glance at the photo, Hua Ling actually saw his ex-sister-in-law, Yan Jing. along with his niece, Hua Yan. He had no idea what’s going on as he has no idea if these bunch of people is enemies or friends of Yan Jing.

In the end, Hua Ling could only tell the truth, “I do!”

“Then I hope that you can help me with something!” The man smiled as he went on, “As long as you can get this matter done, I’ll give you ¥1,000,000 as your repayment.”

“Pray tell!” Hua Ling felt relieved at this moment knowing that he has some worth. Since he has some worth, then he won’t lose his life.

As the man stood up, he walked over to Hua Ling and whispered in his ears.

“This…” Hua Ling started to hesitate. He knows that these bunch of people is definitely not friends of his ex-sister-in-law, but enemies.

The reason why they kidnapped him here is to use him as a weapon to harm Yan Jing.

“Aren’t you overestimating me?” Hua Ling smiled bitterly as he continued, “I have no connections with my ex-sister-in-law at all.”

“Didn’t you pay her a visit today?” The man frowned.

As he spoke, the bespectacled man walked over with a sneer as he threw a jab at Hua Ling’s abdomen, causing the latter’s eyes to bulge from the pain as he nearly vomited out his stomach juice.

“Alright, I’ll promise you!” Hua Ling immediately realised that these people are ruthless and he knows that he will definitely suffer if he says anything else.

Hence, he couldn’t bother about anything else and only agree to their terms.

“At least you’re still obedient!” The man sighed before he smiled, “You will regain your freedom soon and I will get two people to help you get this matter done.”

Hua Ling never expected that he would experience a moment of hell and heaven. At the same time, he rejoiced that these people aren’t intending to rob him.

Since he’s currently in their control, he could only bow his head and sighed inwardly.

Sister-in-law, you can’t blame me for going against our promise. It’s because there’s an issue with you as you have too many enemies.

After Hua Ling was sent away, the man made a call and reported, “Boss, it has already been done as you instructed.”

Sitting on his spacious office desk, Qin Jingyu nodded his head, “Get this matter done beautifully. If you manage to get rid of the Poisonous Widow, you’ll replace her to control Huaibei and Huainan Provinces.”

“She’s just a woman. If I can’t even get rid of her, then there’s no need for me to hang around in the underworld.” The man grinned.

Qin Jingyu knows that this is a cunning man. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to control the grey area in the northwest.

After Qin Jingyu hung the call, he looked at Tong Zuoqing, who was savoring the tea on the couch and spoke out, “This person that you recommended seems pretty good. At the very least, he’s fast in his work.”

“If Mao San is born in ancient ties, he will definitely be a resounding figure in the northwest. Not only is he ruthless, but he’s also sly. Someone like him is evenly matched with the Poisonous Widow, Yan Jing. Once Yan Jing is removed, Su Tao will lose a trusted aide along with a lover. The Poisonous Widow’s weakness lies in her daughter, so she will definitely make a mistake the moment anything happens to her daughter.”

“While Su Tao is going to leave China again, you have really given a lot of thought to come up with this plan.” Qin Jingyu was satisfied with Tong Zuoqing’s arrangements.

Su Tao, don’t you like to travel around?

Then I’ll take advantage while you’re not around to get rid of your lover, Yan Jing, clipping off one of your wings!

Qin Jingyu grinned as he had become more serious in dealing with Su Tao. The moment he becomes serious, even he’s afraid of himself.

First, he will make a move on Yan Jing before going onto Lu Shimiao, Cai Yan, and Qin Meimei. Don’t you have many lovers around you?

Qin Jingyu is not the kind who would show compassion to the fairer sex. Anything who obeys him thrives while anyone who goes against him dies.

Since Su Tao dares to snatch his woman, then he’ll make Su Tao a loner!

Kids are actually easy to coax; they’re innocent and naive. Together with Hua Yan, Su Tao could forget all the trouble to enjoy himself in a fairytale-like world.

In the end, Hua Yan was exhausted as she fell asleep on Su Tao’s shoulder, closing his eyes as he slept.

As for Yan Jing, she was walking close to Su Tao. Aside from her hands, her chest would also tremble along with her movement. Occasionally, her arms would come in contact with Su Tao’s as the soft sensation along with Hua Yan’s softness made Su Tao felt relieved.

After coming out of the carpark, Yan Jing swiftly walked over as she opened the door. Bending down his body, Su Tao carefully placed Hua Yan in the rear seat and smiled, “Hua Yan is exhausted, so why don’t we return?”

Nodding her head, Yan Jing sat in the rear seat as she gently caressed Hua Yan’s hair. Over the years, today is the day that she had felt most relaxed.

“I’m going to Slovakia tomorrow.” Su Tao smiled as he continued, “Wait for my return. I’ll bring you a present.”

Su Tao is getting busier as his schedule always seems to be in a rush.

This trip to Slovakia is not only to help Lin Yifu, but he’s also going to find news about Liu Jianwei and Yuan Lan.

If possible, he wouldn’t mind joining in to get rid of that scum, Ying Xiong.

“It’s fine for you to come back safely. Is there anything that you can’t get in the country?” Yan Jing smiled bitterly as she shook her head.

“A present represents my feelings!” Su Tao explained with a smile.

Truth be told, he had a premonition that something is going to happen during his trip to Slovakia.

It might result in his personal experience or someone around him. For some reason, Su Tao couldn’t feel at ease.

Then again, his sixth sense has always been accurate. So he would always do his best to make arrangements at times like this to reduce to danger to an extent within his control.

“What are you thinking about?” Yan Jing could sense that there’s something wrong with Su Tao.

“I’m worried about the two of you.” Su Tao sighed as he went on, “My enemy now is no longer someone like Wang Guofeng, but someone like Qin Jingyu. He’s someone with wide means in the country. Qin Jingyu’s plans have failed numerous times, so there’s a possibility that he might make a move at someone around me.”

“Don’t forget my nickname. I had also been through bellows, so how can I possibly not have any means to protect myself? Don’t worry about it, I will definitely take good care of your harem. I will ensure that nothing happens to anyone around you.” Yan Jing smiled.

“You’re truly a considerate elder sister!” Su Tao smiled.

“Well, there’s nothing I can do about it since I have fallen for a playboy.” Yan Jing gently smiled.

Su Tao had to admit that he’s keen when it comes to women. Regardless of Cai Yan, Lu Shimiao, or Vera, all of them are good women. If he had to compare, Yan Jing did not have much advantage compared to them as all of them can become his trusted aide.

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