Chapter 805 - An Additional Protector

Yan Jing did not go too near before the young man removed his spectacles and smiled, “Sister-in-law, is that girl my elder brother’s daughter, Hua Yan?”

“What do you want?” Yan Jing looked at this man with a complicated gaze.

His name is Hua Ling, the younger brother of her deceased husband, Hua Feng. They have an age difference of three years, and they also have many similarities together.

“Nothing much.” Hua Ling knows that Yan Jing isn’t an ordinary woman as he was cautious with his words and asked, “I believe that it’s not much for me to see my own niece, right?”

Thereafter, he opened the door to his vehicle and retrieved a gift box with a doll in it.

“I’ll accept the gift.” Yan Jing sighed as she went on, “We’re going out now, and leave if there’s nothing else. Furthermore, please don’t show yourself again in the future.”

“Sister-in-law, don’t be so heartless!” Hua Ling immediately smiled as he added, “Hua Yan is ultimately the bloodline of the Hua Family. Her grandparents are both especially happy after seeing her photo so they asked me to bring her home when I’m free. According to my knowledge, you’re also busy with work. Although you hired a nanny at home, how can you ensure that the nanny wouldn’t abuse the kid? After all, there are many examples all around. Rather than letting an outsider take care of her, why don’t you let her grandparents take care of her?”

Seeing Hua Ling’s cold sneer, Yan Jing instantly knows that he had finally revealed his foxtail. Although he’s the younger brother of her husband, they’re two completely different people.

Hua Yan’s father was capable when he was young and instantly became an outstanding figure among his age. If it wasn’t for someone harming him, Hua Ling’s achievements today will definitely not be beneath hers.

As for Hua Ling, this fellow is lazy who dropped out of school and went out into society. He went into prison when he was sixteen, and when he came out at nineteen, he became even worst. His reputation alone was terrible. Back then when Hua Feng got into trouble, Hua Ling was also related to it.

Hence, Hua Ling can be said to have indirectly caused the death of his elder brother.

As for her previous parents-in-law, they felt that Yan Jing is the cause of their son’s death and kicked her out. So much so that they even refused to acknowledge the child in her stomach.

Hence, Yan Jing did not have any feelings for the Hua Family. On the contrary, she only has fury for them.

If it wasn’t for the Hua Family, she wouldn’t have wandered around for years. So much so that she even thought that her daughter had left her, causing Hua Yan to suffer years of darkness.

Hence, Yan Jing wanted to keep her distance with the Hua Family in her subconscious.

Then again, she did not expect Hua Ling would find his way over, trying to make use of Hua Yan to cling onto her.

“State your price. How much do you want for you and your parents to leave us alone?” Yan Jing replied coldly.

To treat Hua Yan as a tool, it had already infringed her bottom line.

“We’re a family, and how hurtful it will be to talk about money?” Hua Ling smiled as he continued, “But recently, my friends and I are planning to set up a hotpot restaurant. We have already picked the location, but we’re lacking some flowing capital. You also know that a hotpot restaurant will require money and renovation fees. But you can trust me that I will definitely earn it back in a year. At that time, I will return you the money along with interest.

Seeing that Hua Ling had finally revealed his foxtail, Yan Jing replied, “The total operational cost of a hotpot restaurant only costs about ¥800,000. I’ll give you ¥1,000,000!”

“That’s enough!” Hua Ling nodded his head as he never expected that Yan Jing would be so straightforward.

He was originally planning to try his luck, but he never expected that it would go so smoothly.

Taking out her cheque book from her purse, Yan Jing wrote ¥1,000,000 on it and handed it over to Hua Ling as she asked, “Do you know what to do now?”

“I’ll leave immediately!” Hua Ling immediately rejoiced from the money as he immediately boarded the vehicle and left.

When Yan Jing returned, Su Tao instantly knew that the man earlier was someone that she did not want to see from her worrying face.

After the vehicle drove out, Yan Jing took the initiative to explain, “He’s also one of Hua Yan’s relatives in the world aside from me. But when we needed them the most, they threw us aside.”

Su Tao could roughly guess the situation as he replied, “You gave him money?”

“Yeah. I hope that they can stop bothering Hua Yan; she had just gotten her life normal.” Yan Jing sighed.

“Your method of handling it is wrong.” Su Tao shook his head with a bitter smile as he continued, “The moment he tasted sweetness, there will definitely be a second time. Never underestimate the greed of humans.”

“Then what should I do?” Yan Jing seems to be furious as she continued, “Get someone to get him to leave? He’s still Hua Yan’s relative, and if I leave the world one day, at least Hua Yan still has someone to rely on.”

“You’re only lying to yourself. I can tell that he shares some resemblance with your deceased husband.” Su Tao exposed.

“What are you talking about!” Yan Jing flew into a rage from the embarrassment.

“I’m only saying that you’re actually not cold-blooded at all. You’re actually a passionate person.” Su Tao smiled as he continued, “Since you can’t firm your heart to resolve this matter, why don’t I handle it for you instead?”

Listening to his words, Yan Jing moved her lips but she ultimately couldn’t say a single thing.

Su Tao knew that Yan Jing had done many things for him, and it’s time for him to do something for her.

When they came to the Zoo, Hua Yan instantly became lively from the animals as Su Tao took many photos for the mother and daughter.

In terms of her appearance, Yan Jing only seem to be in her late twenties. As Hua Yan had inherited many of Yan Jing’s merits, she looks delicate as well. Hence, their photos are extremely matching.

As for Su Tao, he knows that he has a phobia for the camera, so he used many excuses whenever Yan Jing tries to take photos of him. In the end, Yan Jing could only do it discreetly. 

Walking to the shade of a tree, Yan Jing was somewhat exhausted from walking as she hugged Hua Yan and sat on the stone bench. Lying on her embrace, Hua Yan laughed while Yan Jing’s outstanding figure was outlined. Undoubtedly, Yan Jing is a charming young married woman.

The reason why young married women are charming is because they’re more elegance than young women. Their temperament is something that has to be tempered over the years after marriage.

A young married woman who can attract the attention of men definitely has many things that a young woman doesn’t.

A young woman is lively and active, while a young married woman would have a mature woman taste that came from within. They’re like a flower permeating fragrant that makes you unable to control yourself.

Hence, the charm in Yan Jing lies in the charm that she permeates.

Then again, there’s also a drastic difference between young married women. For example, both Yan Jing and Jiang Qinghan had both undergone unsuccessful marriage, but they both have a unique temptation due to their careers.

Yan Jing’s beauty lies in her wisdom and steadiness, like a graceful peony.

On the other hand, Jiang Qinghan’s beauty lies in her courage and decisiveness, like a prideful wintersweet.

They both have their own differences, but they also share a similarity as they displayed the resilience and greatness of a matured woman.

Looking at Yan Jing resting with Hua Yan, they look no different from any other tourists here. As Su Tao sighed in his heart, he knows that Yan Jing is also an ordinary woman despite her strong appearance.

After coming in contact for so long, she had revealed the mysterious veil covering her and returned to her true self.

Recalling to his journey after he took over the Three Flavour Hall, everything felt unreal to him. But at this moment, he could have a clear sense of reality as his heart throbbed violently. Because of the people around him, he had to do his best to become better.

As Hua Ling drove his Nissan to the nearest Huaxia Bank branch and swiftly took a number from himself, he waited impatiently for twenty minutes before he finally came to the counter and handed the cheque over.

When the bank employee saw the amount, she was somewhat surprised. Normally speaking, money at this sum requires an appointment. However, due to the fact that there’s a unique certificate from Yan Jing’s cheque, the employee made a brief check before she asked, “Mister, may I ask if you want to withdraw the funds?”

Shaking his head, this is Hua Ling’s first time using cheque as he smiled, “I would like to verify if this cheque is effective.”

“This check is truly effective and it can be withdrawn anytime. I suggest that you can transfer this sum of money into a bank card because it’s unsafe for you to bring so much money with you personally.” The bank employee was courteous after looking at the enormous sum of money.

“Make the transfer for me then!” Hua Ling couldn’t contain his excitement as he immediately retrieved his bank card from his wallet. This is his only bank card left with funds less than three digits inside.

Taking the card from Hua Ling, the bank employee got him to key in his pin number. After a series of operation from the bank employee, Hua Ling’s phone vibrated as he looked at the sum of money that he had just received, ¥1,000,000.

Immediately, Hua Ling felt his entire body trembling as he’s finally rich. He never expected that Yan Jing would be so generous. He had only come up with a random number and Yan Jing actually gave him ¥1,000,000. That means that he can continue to take money from his ex-sister-in-law.

Coming out of the bank, Hua Ling entered his vehicle and immediately felt his blood boiling as he muttered to himself, “Now that I’m rich, I’ll get myself a new car first!”

As he muttered, he stepped on the accelerator as his vehicle flew out.

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