Chapter 803 - Two tigers can’t be contained in a mountain

There’s finally news from Jackson for him to head over to Slovakia in five days time.

Thinking of Liu Jianwei and Yuan Lan, Su Tao knew that the two of them must be in Slovakia at this moment as he wonders how are they coming along.

At the same time, he had made a decision to give them a helping hand if there’s an opportunity.

Although it’s imminent for him to leave the country, Su Tao still wanted to settle all the work in his hand. The Three Flavour Medicine is of utmost importance to him right now. After Joanna returned to Italy, the money was swiftly wired over. Due to the fact that there’s no lack of money, the initial scale of the Three Flavour Medicine had already been completed.

To obtain the first order after establishing the factory, Su Tao made a trip to Qiongjin City and paid a visit to Jin Guoxiang, obtaining an order worth ¥30,000,000. The ointment that Su Tao had previously given to Yuan Lan has a good effect, which obtained a high appraisal in the military.

It can resolve ordinary wounds by just applying a little of it. Even if it’s somewhat serious, the ointment could bring good effects.

“I never expected that you would make such a huge commotion so quickly. Not only are you an outstanding physician now, but you’re also an entrepreneur.” Jin Guoxiang smiled.

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied humbly, “I only established the medicine factory so that I can spread TCM easier.”

Nodding his head, Jin Guoxiang replied, “That’s what I like about you. When your medicine factory comes out with more products, I will also help you advertise it within my circle.”

“Help me advertise? Do you need a commission?” Su Tao teased.

“Stinking brat, do I seem to be that sort of person?” Jin Guoxiang is familiar with Su Tao, so they would occasionally joke around.

However, it’s also a piece of good news for Su Tao that Jin Guoxiang is willing to help. In the country, hospitals with a military background have more patients, and this is a pretty good channel.

Patting on Su Tao’s shoulder, Jin Guoxiang continued, “It has been a long time since you saw Sire Shui. It’s rare for you to be in Qiongjin City, so why don’t we pay him a visit together?”

Thereafter, the two of them sat on an ordinary military jeep as they arrived at Sire Shui’s residence.

Jin Guoxiang originally wanted to give Sire Shui a surprise, so he did not give a call beforehand. After they entered the door, Jin Guoxiang purposely got Su Tao to follow behind him as he called out, “Old man, look who I brought today.”

When Sire Shui saw Su Tao, he smiled, “I thought that you forgot about me!”

Su Tao immediately went up as he replied, “Can could I possibly forget you? Isn’t it because I have been too busy and I have only returned to the country recently?”

Sire Shui knows that Su Tao has truly been busy recently, so he wasn’t too fussy over it. As he waved his hand, he smiled, “Let’s not talk about that. It’s rare for me to see you, so let’s not waste time and place a few rounds with me.”

It has been a long time since Su Tao played chess and his hands also felt somewhat itchy. Hence, he played three rounds with Sire Shui. In the end, he was completely butchered by Su Tao.

Truth be told, Su Tao did not go easy on Sire Shui. It was Sire Shui who came fully prepared as the old man had researched his style.

Playing chess is interesting, but being squashed isn’t.

Hence, Su Tao admitted defeat as he smiled bitterly, “I can’t go on anymore. Otherwise, I’ll have a nightmare from this!”

“It looks like I did not waste my time recently. I finally defeated you fair and square. But it’s also reasonable that you would lose to me. You’re always busy with all sorts of things in your brain, so it’s impossible for you to be so carefree like me.”

Raising his thumbs towards Sire Shui, Su Tao sighed, “You have a pair of keen eyes indeed!”

“There’s something bothering you?” Sire Shui asked as he took a sip of the tea.

“Yeah…” Su Tao sighed.

“Are you worried about the meeting between the Fire Deity and Dragon Emperor?” Sire Shui asked while placing his cup down.

“I feel somewhat uneasy for some reason because there’s something unusual about Old Yan.” Su Tao smiled bitterly as he continued, “Can they cancel their meeting this time?”

There are not many people in the world who can call off the meeting between the Fire Deity and Dragon Emperor, but Sire Shui is definitely one of them.

Shaking his head, Sire Shui replied, “Their meeting is fate, and it cannot be avoided. But don’t be too worried about it. With my understanding for the Fire Deity, he’s afraid of death more than anyone else and he will definitely come back alive.”

“They’re both working for the country, so why must they see each other as enemies?” Su Tao was baffled as he sounded his question.

“Two tigers cannot be contained in a mountain.” Sire Shui looked at Su Tao seriously as he continued, “When you’re in his position, you will naturally know why the Fire Beacon and Dragon Group cannot reside together.”

The Fire Beacon’s mission is to ensure the stability of the country’s economy, while the Dragon Group is a sharp blade for power. It will harm anyone the moment it is unsheathed. The two organisations are fundamentally different which decided that they’re on two extreme ends.

“Junzhuo’s work has been going smoother than expected. I reckon that she will be back in half a year.” Sire Shui suddenly mentioned her granddaughter.

“That’s a piece of good news. After all, it’s not easy for a woman to be overseas alone.” Su Tao smiled.

“I am in acknowledgement for the two of you to be together, but you have to deal with her parents yourself.” Sire Shui sighed as he continued, “Although my words hold some weight, her parents’ opinion is more important. Right now, they’re more leaning towards Qin Jingyu, and you should know the reason why. Regardless of his background of age, he has more advantage than you.”

“I understand!” Su Tao nodded his head heavily.

“Don’t hate her parents. Which parents wouldn’t worry about their daughter? If you have a daughter yourself, you will also want her to marry the most outstanding man possible, right?” Sire Shui’s eyes lit up as he wanted to undo the knot in Su Tao’s heart.

“I will grow stronger.” Su Tao smiled as he added, “I will only be able to become your grandson-in-law this way.”

“Haha, I admire your courage!” Whenever Sire Shui is together with Su Tao, he would feel himself getting younger like an overgrown child. Then again, this is also Su Tao’s ability to make anyone feel reassured with him around.

“So, can I pay your collection a visit?” Su Tao sounded his request after seeing that Sire Shui is in a pretty good mood.

However, Sire Shui subconsciously knitted his brows upon hearing those words and smiled bitterly, “You can take the two cartons of milk and fruits away with you.”

Sire Shui knew that Su Tao is definitely striking an idea on his treasures again.

“I’m just going to admire!” Su Tao continued to beg.

“How are you admiring?” Sire Shui gnashed his teeth and continued, “You’re simply a robber. Whatever that’s being eyed by you will be taken away.”

“But weren’t you the one who willingly gave it to me previously?” Su Tao replied with an innocent expression.

“Isn’t it because of your sweet mouth? Otherwise, how would I be so muddle minded?” Sire Shui was suddenly clear-minded today as he was determined not to be conned by Su Tao again.

“Am I not your future grandson-in-law? Everything belongs to Junzhuo after you’re gone, isn’t it?” Su Tao continued with his begging.

“You stinking brat!” Sire Shui had no ways of venting his frustration as he continued, “You’re already yearning after my treasures when I’m not even dead!”

“I’m only taking a look!” Su Tao strongly emphasised again.

Sitting by the side looking at the two of them bickering, Jin Guoxiang couldn’t help laughing. In the end, he knows that Sire Shui will still submit to Su Tao’s stubborn begging and let him take something among the treasures.

However, Jin Guoxiang could tell that Sire Shui was willing to be conned by Su Tao because he had already treated Su Tao as his grandson-in-law.

Hence, in his view, Qin Jingyu is only an opponent that Sire Shui had arranged for Su Tao.

After all, any tree needs to go through tribulations in order to grow into a towering tree, and Qin Jingyu is undoubtedly a good opponent for Su Tao to polish himself.

While the Three Flavour Medicine is setting up, the Medicine Deity Corporation had another new action. They had cooperated together with Cambell Pharmaceutical Company and acquired a Chinese medicine factory in Huaibei Province’s He City.

The He City has the title as the medicine capital, so there’s a good TCM foundation in this city. Although it’s hard for their products to make it into the international market, it held a great position in China’s market.

After it’s being sorted, this medicine factory had more capital along with the Neuer Pharmaceutical Conglomerate as their backing. Hence, entering the international market is just a matter of time.

The Medicine Deity Corporation had already been listed and their stock price has been constantly rising. As the Chairman, Wang Guofeng appeared in numerous major magazines with his popularity even higher compared to Su Tao. Even his story of leaving TCM had been packaged into a new legend in the business industry.

The female magazine reporter smiled as she asked, “Mr. Wang, you were once an outstanding physician with major influence in the medical industry. So why did you choose to leave the industry and become a businessman?”

With an amicable voice, Wang Guofeng explained, “I did not leave the medical industry or my beloved TCM. I only used a different method to enter this industry. TCM gives off an ancient feeling that goes against modern society. Hence, I’ve decided to add more business elements in it so that more people can come to accept TCM.”

Raising the picture frame, the reporter continued, “You’re an outstanding and successful man, so why are you still unwed today?”

“Perhaps I have been too busy at work so I have no time dating. Then again, I believe no woman would want to spend their time with a workaholic like me, right?” Wang Guofeng laughed.

“How is that possible?” The reporter smiled as she added, “It must be because you have a high requirement.”

“It’s not high at all. Even a woman like yourself fits my standard.” Wang Guofeng replied humorously.

Hearing his words, the female reporter blushed as her heart throbbed. To be praised by a diamond bachelor like Wang Guofeng, anyone would be charmed by him.

Seeing that he had successfully made the female reporter to have a favourable impression of him, Wang Guofeng felt smug as he enjoys this feeling. It’s easier compared to when he was a physician.

After he completed his interview, Wang Guofeng handed his name card to the reporter, telling her that it’s his personal phone on the card and she can call her whenever she’s free.

According to his analysis, Wang Guofeng knows that this woman will definitely drop him a message. After all, he had a fair share of experience with this type of woman.

When he came out of the interviewing office, Wang Guofeng swept a glance at his new assistant and smiled, “You’re quieter than Luo Ran.”

“That’s because I know you don’t like a chattering assistant.” The assistant smiled.

In his heart, Wang Guofeng sneered. After Luo Ran’s done, Rangure sent another even more unfathomable person to keep a close watch of him.

His freedom is always disguised and he wants to get out of this birdcage.

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