Chapter 801 - In depth cooperation

With their cooperation with Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate clinched, Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate’s stocks have also been coming back up. With that, the directors are all happy with Joanna’s decision. As for Tony, there’s nothing he could do about it despite making a mess after coming back.

After all, Tony was used as a puppet by Ying Xiong and caused an enormous loss to Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate.

However, Qin Jingyu still managed to plant a saboteur in the conglomerate.

For this matter, the Chinese government had also reacted swiftly as they soon hosted a signing ceremony between the Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate and Three Flavour Medicine. Furthermore, they even dispatched several high officials at the scene with a vice governor responsible for the economy as the highest official, displaying the importance that the government is paying to this event.

At the same time, Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate made use of this opportunity to enter the Chinese market. Furthermore, the Three Flavour Medicine also swiftly became one of the biggest enterprises in Hanzhou City thanks to Tosca’s capital.

Nowadays, everyone could see the internet market has been rising, but everyone has neglected something. The reason why the internet market has been flourishing is due to the firm foundation.

If you don’t have any foundation, there will be no market even if you’re given a massive platform. In the turn of the century, China has the title as the world’s factory, but it’s also thanks to this foundation that the internet market could grow so rapidly.

This is also the reason why other countries couldn’t replicate China.

Now that the Chinese government has slowly calmed down from the internet hype, they know that the cause comes from capital. Ultimately, the substantial industries have to be done, so they have been mentioning the Industrialization Project 4.0.

After all, without substantial industries, the internet platform will have a lack of resources. Furthermore, they can only develop society with the substantial industries developed.

This is also the reason why Su Tao had paid importance on being firm with the Three Flavour International and Three Flavour Medicine. They have both been walking on the substantial industry route.

The TCM pharmacy is also a platform and there’s actually no practical products.

The reason why many people couldn’t understand TCM is due to the fact that TCM is too unreal, but if you manage to make it real and allow everyone to see the products, TCM will be able to take effect.

Take the brand, Yundian Baiyao, for example. Right now, Yundian Baiyao’s toothpaste has a high market. Although TCM has been doubted all these years, Yundian Baiyao still replaced brands like Darlie, becoming one of the major daily necessity products.

Then again, the reason lies in the fact that Yundian Baiyao has a resounding reputation. Furthermore, their toothpaste could really treat and prevent gum issues, allowing it to become the consumers’ favourite.

As for Su Tao, his target for the Three Flavour Medicine isn’t any hospital, but daily necessities. Hence, there’s a possibility that he might also produce toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and other daily necessities, allowing TCM to enter the daily lives of the people.

After the contract was signed, Joanna felt heavily relieved. Due to the fact that there’s a huge time difference between Italy and China, the stock market is still not opened. But when the news goes out, the stocks of several core companies under Tosca will definitely rise.

In the end, China emphasises on being frugal, so the funds have also been reduced. Hence, the event only provided a buffet.

Joanna wasn’t too interested as she called Su Tao to the side and spoke out, “It has been days since I’ve come to Hanzhou City but I’ve been staying in the hotel and still haven't tasted any local delicacies.”

Shrugging his shoulder, Su Tao replied, “Isn’t that simple? I’ll bring you out later after we’re done to relax. Oh, do you want to call Fred along?”

“It’s fine!” Joanna smiled bitterly as she looked at Fred, who was standing afar and spoke out, “He found himself a local girlfriend here a few days ago.”

“So you’re feeling lonely?” Su Tao teased.

Rolling her eyes at Su Tao, Joanna replied, “I’m only unfamiliar with this city, so I need a guide.”

Furthermore, there’s a secret that Joanna did not reveal. In reality, she’s actually someone with a poor sense of direction. The moment she goes out on the street, she will soon lose her way. Due to the fact that her subordinate had found himself a lover and she’s unfamiliar with the environment, she had no choice but to seek Su Tao for help.

Then again, Joanna also knows that Su Tao is a good bodyguard. After all, she had personally witnessed how he fought.

Driving his Volkswagen CC, Su Tao drove to an unfamiliar street and passed by a milk tea store, which he came down and bought two milk teas.

After Joanna tasted it, it tasted pretty good as she praised, “I like this.”

“I don’t drink it often, and I’m only accompanying you today.” Su Tao shook his head as he smiled.

“Why?” Joanna was baffled as she looked at Su Tao.

“Milk tea as such often adds food addictive, so it’s not natural enough. If you drink too much of it, it will be harmful to your body.” Su Tao explained without any intention of hiding it.

“Isn’t your explanation a little too tiring?” Joanna smiled casually as she went on, “Then again, I can understand since it’s your occupational disease.”

Joanna is born with a silver spoon, but after Su Tao had interacted with her for a long time, he realised that she’s actually a carefree person. Then again, this is also related to her living environment and education.

Looking at a potato chip store nearby, Joanna’s interest was piqued as she went over to the boss and bought two of it. But when she saw that Su Tao was about to pay for it, she smiled, “It’s fine, I’ll treat you to it!”

“Let me do the honour. After all, you're the guest here!” Su Tao immediately took his money out and paid the boss.

Holding onto two skewers of potato chips, Joanna’s face was filled with excitement.

Sensing her emotion due to his sensitive sensation, Su Tao smiled, “This is the difference between Eastern and Western culture. In China, a man has to be the one paying when going out with a woman or it will be shameful otherwise. But in western society, women are often independent and they’re not willing to be restricted, feeling that going dutch is common.”

Knitting her brows together, Joanna asked, “So why did you pay after knowing?”

“Just this one time. Now if you’re going to buy anything, we’ll stick with going dutch.” Su Tao smiled.

Listening to his words, Joanna was satisfied as she smiled, “That’s more like it!”

Joanna had displayed the passion of an Italian. When she’s with Su Tao, she would feel especially joyful. Even if the two of them had not interacted for a long time, Joanna still left a deep impression in Su Tao.

When two people come together, there will be a subtle difference that cannot be spoken clearly.

For example, Su Tao might have gotten to know Silvia much earlier than Joanna, but he did not hit it off well as compared to Joanna.

When he’s together with Silvia, Su Tao would feel tensed and restricted. But when he’s together with Silvia, he realises that they can talk about almost anything. Even if Joanna might react negative occasionally, it still felt great.

This can be considered fate. Some people might stay in the same building and see each other every day, but they might not greet each other. On the other hand, others might be far apart but when they come in contact, they will realise that they have many things in common.

As time passed, the two of them found themselves in a Chinese restaurant with the name, “A different Northeast Cuisine.”

The restaurant was renovated in a Mediterranean sea style and it’s completely compared to Northeast China’s style. It permeated with a modern ambience with greeneries everywhere, permeating a refreshing atmosphere.

After the two of them made their orders, they were swiftly served with their food. The cuisine was nicely arranged. Take a dish, for example, it consisted of stir-fried potato, green pepper, and eggplant. The entire dish was represented in a different way as they were hanging on a wooden cross, looking like a tree.

Impacted by the appearance, Joanna felt her appetite opened as she ate and smiled, “I never expected that you’re so good going. I initially thought that you’re a difficult person to deal with.”

“I’m an easy-going person as a friend, but I can’t say the same as enemies.” Su Tao smiled.

“You seem to have a lot of enemies, not to mention that all of them are powerful,” Joanna replied.

“So I need an alliance!” Su Tao pointed at Joanna.

“I’m not interested to be involved in schemes. I’m a businesswoman, and I only want to earn my money peacefully.” Joanna was attracted by the mushroom in the pot of chicken strew mushroom.

“Which businessman’s money isn’t earned through the expense of brain cells?” Su Tao suddenly stopped his chopsticks and looked at Joanna, “If Tosca can’t defeat Neuer, then Tosca won’t be able to find a stable footing in China. As the saying goes, a mountain can’t have two tigers, not to mention that they have already formed their network in China. If it goes according to my expectation, they will soon strike at you guys for your attempt in entering the Chinese market.”

Joanna looked at Su Tao with a smile as she sighed inwardly. Su Tao was sharp as he had a clear view of Tosca’s current situation. Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate had just stabilised themselves on the stock market, but this is only the beginning.

“I don’t want to be a tool in your hand,” Joanna replied peacefully.

“We’re already both on the same both, so we should help each other.” Su Tao smiled as he went on, “We’re no one’s tool, and we’re only standing on the same side for interest.”

Joanna gently sighed as she added, “I have to see hope and the worth. Tell me, how can you help Tosca as an ally?”

Seeing that Joanna is getting more in depth into the topic, he knows that he has to convince her heart in the alliance and replied, “I have already gotten my Martial Uncle, Yue Zun to contact ten-odd hospitals to stop their cooperation with Cambell Pharmaceutical Company under Neuer to work with the pharmaceutical company under Tosca instead. However, you guys have to provide quality medicine to be competitive.”

Listening to his words, Joanna was somewhat surprised as she asked, “You’re already prepared?”

“That’s for sure. We can only win by planning everything beforehand.” Su Tao smiled as he went on, “You have to tell Fred to cut down his dating time with his new girlfriend and pay more attention to work.”

Pursing her lips, Joanna smiled, “You’re a pretty good partner!”

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