Chapter 800 - Qin Jingyu Strikes Again

“Who is he?” Tony was furious as he added, “I also want to look for Ying Xiong because he’s my enemy now.”

“Su Tao! He’s the one who resolved the Seven Mountain Virus with Andrewson.” Qin Jingyu shrugged and continued, “Actually, I even suspect if he’s in cahoots with Ying Xiong.”

“How do you want me to deal with him?” Tony was baffled as he looked at Qin Jingyu, “If I return to Italy, I’m afraid that I will never come back to China again.”

To many foreigners, China left a beautiful image to them, but that definitely doesn’t include Tony. In China, he had gone through the darkest period in his life.

“Your younger sister, Joanna is preparing to work together with Su Tao and invest 500,000,000 EUROs in his medicine factory!” Qin Jingyu smiled, “You’re the legal heir of Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate, so how can something so ridiculous take place without your agreement?”

“Is there something wrong with her? Why would she stand with the enemy?” Tony widened his eyes in disbelief.

Standing up from his seat, Qin Jingyu gently patted on Tony’s shoulder and replied, “According to my knowledge, your younger sister has already fallen for him.”

“That’s impossible!” Tony replied firmly as he added, “Joanna is Rome’s Bella, and she has countless pursuers. So how can she possibly fall for a Chinese man?”

“Naturally there are schemes involved!” Qin Jingyu paused briefly before he continued, “Perhaps Su Tao lied to Joanna, claiming that he has ways to rescue you to get close to her!”

“That despicable fellow! If I regain my freedom, I will definitely stop that project from proceeding. Furthermore, I will also reveal Su Tao’s vile plans!” Tony gnashed his teeth.

“I take it that we have reached an agreement?” Qin Jingyu smiled.

“Naturally. As long as you regain my freedom, I will get rid of that trash for you.” Tony replied seriously.

As Qin Jingyu clapped his hand happily, the female warden entered with wine as she filled the two of their cups.

Returning to his gentlemanly appearance, Tony smiled, “Cheers for a happy cooperation!”

With a smile hung on his lips, Qin Jingyu’s eyes flicked eerily.

After Tony finished his meal, Qin Jingyu moved him to a decent room. He’s still in prison, but his treatment has been raised.

At this moment, Tong Zuoqing walked over and raised his thumb towards Qin Jingyu, “This plan of yours is simply brilliant.”

“Oh? What makes you say that?” Qin Jingyu asked without any change in his expression.

“Tony will become a threat to the cooperation between the Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate and Three Flaour Medicine, and this can be considered a long term plan for major returns.” Tong Zuoqing smiled and went on, “With Tony’s temper, he will definitely screw up the cooperation.”

Shaking his head helplessly, Qin Jingyu sighed, “This is because I have no better alternatives! Just earlier, someone gave me a call that Tony must be released because the Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate had already transferred the money. They’re firm about that, and I can only agree to it.”

“So you plan to plant a seed in Tony before he leaves?” Tong Zuoqing exclaimed in admiration.

“At the very least, let him know that the reason why he can leave here is all thanks to me and not Su Tao. As for if he will use Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate to deal with Su Tao, that’s secondary.” Qin Jingyu replied calmly.

Tong Zuoqing sighed as Qin Jingyu was getting more shrewd, making him seem unfathomable.

“I have a highly possible candidate in mind on the new Fire Deity.” Tong Zuoqing suddenly spoke out.

“Oh? Who is it?” Qin Jingyu’s face suddenly sank.

“You have a keen sense, he’s indeed Su Tao!” Tong Zuoqing sighed as he continued, “Then again, it might also be Jin Guoxiang. After all, he’s fully capable with his experience and achievements. However, his age doesn’t fit. Only Su Tao is the most suitable among all the younger generation that goes in and out of Sire Shui’s home. Furthermore, I even suspected the mysterious Fire Deity is Hanzhou’s Martial Art Grandmaster, Yan Wujin. After all, Su Tao is the disciple of his daughter-in-law.”

The Fire Deity has always been a mysterious figure, but Sire Shui can still be tracked as someone who founded the Fire Beacon.

Over the past year, only Jin Guoxiang and Su Tao came in and out of Sire Shui’s residence. However, Jin Guoxiang is approaching his fifties, so there’s a huge difference in his age compared to Qin Jingyu. Hence, Su Tao is more appropriate as the candidate.

Furthermore, Su Tao has been rising rapidly recently and he is already ranked 7th on China’s Elite Ranking.

At the same time, he’s also the youngest to be on the ranking.

China’s Elite Ranking is a namelist that flows among the higher hierarchy of the government, and anyone who can make it in the list are undoubtedly elites.

Although Qin Jingyu focuses on politics as his career while Su Tao focuses on medicine, they can easily go into another domain as long as they’re willing in the future.

“How complicated!” Qin Jingyu smiled, “No wonder he could rise so quickly, so it turns out that he has the Fire Beacon backing him up. Originally, I’m only thinking of messing with him as a game, but it looks like I can’t hold back anymore in the future.”

At the same time, Qin Jingyu also felt relieved upon receiving the answer. Su Tao might be difficult to deal with, but he can at least get back some face from so many failures.

Meanwhile, Tong Zuoqing sighed in his heart.

It looks like Qin Jingyu has treated Su Tao as his rival.

Then again, it is also within expectations.

After all, Su Tao had already proven his ability from how Qin Jingyu failed to mess with Su Tao so many times.

Recalling his several meetings with Su Tao, Tong Zuoqing could tell that Su Tao’s path will be a bumpy ride. But then again, his prospect is unimaginable.

At roughly 10 a.m. the next day, Su Tao received a call from Du Ping as the latter sounded emotional, “Good news! Tony has been released. Because of various reasons, he’s not allowed to stay in the country and he has been directly sent on a flight back to Rome.”

Listening to the good news, Su Tao felt relieved. Although there’s some tribulation in this matter, it still ended on a good note.

After hanging up his call with Du Ping, Su Tao spoke to Joanna, who was sitting opposite him, “Your brother has already been sent on a flight back to Rome!”

On the other side of the phone, Joanna was shocked as she sobbed, “Are you serious? That’s great! Thanks for your help!”

Sighing inwardly, Su Tao never imagined that Joanna would still be putting up an act. However, he did not expose her as he asked, “So when are we going to sign the contract? The faster we get it done, the earlier you will be able to see your brother.”

Joanna was briefly stunned as she wiped her tears and replied, “Tomorrow! I hope that we can get it done in an appropriate location. As you know, Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate is facing a crisis, so we need an appropriate location to resolve it.”

“I will also be one of Tosca’s shareholders after signing the contract, so please be reassured that I will get it done well for a smooth cooperation.” Su Tao smiled.

Just as they’re speaking, Joanna’s phone suddenly rang as Tony’s voice sounded out coldly, “Where are you?”

“I’m in Hanzhou for work! I heard that you’ve regained your freedom, so congratulations. Mom has been worried about you, so give her a call immediately!” Joanna replied.

“I heard that you’re going to invest in what Three Flavour Medicine? Not to mention that you’re even taking out 500,000,000 EUROs for it? I definitely don’t agree to it.”

Joanna never expected that her brother would have this reaction as she patiently explained, “Part of this investment is to compensate China’s loss for the Seven Mountain Virus incident and to change the international investors’ impression of us. Our stocks are dropping fast, so we have to make use of this incident to recover the investors’ impression of us.”

“So you’re not listening to me?” Tony replied furiously.

“Brother, I’m trying to clean up your mess. If it wasn’t for me, do you think that you will be able to be released so quickly?” Joanna was speechless as she soon realised that Tony had been misguided.

“I’m the legal heir of Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate, and I have more authority than you. I will definitely stop this foolish project.” Tony was furious on how Joanna refused to listen to him. Then again, he knows that he’s pale compared to Joanna when it comes to management.

Taking a deep breath, Joanna replied, “The directors have already approved the cooperation with the Three Flavour Medicine, so it doesn’t matter even if you oppose it. I don’t know why you’re so against this project. I hope that you can learn and grow through this lesson and not be used by someone else!”

Finishing her words, Joanna hung her call with her brother as Tony smashed his phone on the floor.

Sitting opposite Joanna, Su Tao couldn’t understand Italy, so he has no idea what Joanna and Tony are talking about.

“My brother says that he’s grateful for your help and he hopes that you can forgive him for his mistake.” Joanna ultimately decided to use a white lie. If Su Tao knows that her brother opposes their cooperation, it will only worsen the situation.

“You don’t have to lie to me!” Su Tao shrugged his shoulders. “If it goes according to my expectation, Tony must have been misguided by Qin Jingyu when he’s in prison, so he’s furious about our cooperation.”

Wearing a helpless smile, Joanna replied, “Nothing seems to be able to fool you. You’re too terrifying!”

“So what do you intend to do now?” Su Tao was somewhat interested in Joanna. Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s also smart.

“Don’t worry about it. I will deal with Tony. As for the cooperation, Fred will be responsible for it and I believe that we will have a joyful cooperation.” Joanna replied casually.

“Ever since the news of our cooperation came out, Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate’s stocks have been coming back up. Once this matter is done with, it will be brought to a new height. As for the directors, they will treat this cooperation seriously as long as they see that their wealth is not decreasing. As for Tony, there’s nothing he can do about this matter!”

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