Chapter 80 - Signing a 100,000,000 IOU

Chapter 80 - Signing a ¥100,000,000 IOU

Before meeting Su Tao, even if Xia Yu had heard of people that knew how to hit a pressure point, he was in doubt of them. But at this moment, he totally believed in the existence of them, since his numb limbs had returned to normal when Su Tao jabbed his lower abdomen. Beads of sweat started to appear on his forehead. He knew that he had met an expert today. The reason why he worked in this field was for the sake of money, so it wasn’t worth him putting his life on the line.

Su Tao understood someone like Xia Yu, someone that didn’t have any dream nor any professional ethics and put his loyalty where his interest lied. With enough money, he could even turn around and deal with Xu Huifang tomorrow. Thus, that was the reason why he used violence to intimidate Xia Yu so that he wouldn’t play any tricks.

He didn’t have any deep relationship with Yin Le, he just didn’t like a nosy person, and if he didn’t properly deal with the matter today, it might even cause trouble for him in the future.

Since Xu Huifang could get a private investigator to follow Yin Le, that meant that she might also find someone to threaten him in the future. After all, he had gifted her a bitch slap in the ball today and even emptied a bottle of wine on her husband’s head.

As someone that excelled in tailing, it only took him twenty minutes to reach the villa. Xia Yu left the car first and pressed the bell. When the security guard came out with a torchlight and saw Su Tao standing beside Xia Yu, his face drastically changed, as if he had seen a ghost. He quickly took several steps back before reporting it through the intercom.

Five minutes later, two rows of security guards stood by the gate with Xu Huifang and Bian Youtian there as well. An embarrassed expression flashed on Xia Yu’s face as he softened his voice, “Boss Xu, sorry about this. I was discovered.”

Xu Huifang’s face turned unsightly as she raged, “You took my money, and you should keep a secret even if you’re discovered!”

“I have already told him about the troll army. I will no longer take your task, and I will refund your money later.” Xia Yu shook his head and stretched his hands out.

Xu Huifang felt her teeth itching, since she was in a difficult spot. She never thought that it would all be exposed and that Su Tao would even come knocking on her door.

Su Tao took two steps forth and said, “Open the door, or I’ll look for ways to come in myself.”

Xu Huifang laughed, “Why should I let you in? If you have enough time, then wait outside. We’ll go back to sleep now.” She continued to laugh and her chest trembled from her movements to conceal the fear in her heart.

Su Tao sighed and re-entered the vehicle. He immediately jammed the accelerator and the car sped forward, charging towards the gate. At the sight of this, Xia Yu felt that his heart had collapsed. He had just brought that vehicle last month, which cost him more or less ¥2,000,000. If it was charged over, wouldn’t his car be scrapped?

However, Su Tao did not use the vehicle to charge through the gate. Brainless screenwriters wrote this method in movies; however, an automated steel gate had a strong resistance against force. If he used the vehicle to charge at it, the car would instantly be turned into scrap without even being able to break the gate apart. Once he’d reached the gate, he immediately jammed the breaks and the vehicle was stuck beside it.

Su Tao opened the door and leapt onto the roof of the vehicle before jumping again. His entire silhouette flew into the air and Xia Yu widened his mouth from the scene. His jaws nearly fell on the ground from the shock. It was too stunning for Su Tao to leap over the 3.5-meter gate, even if he made use of the vehicle’s height.

When Su Tao fell, he rolled on the ground to cushion the impact. For an ordinary person that jumped from a height of 3.5 meters, they would most likely suffer from fractures due to their centre of gravity. But due to the Pulse Art, Su Tao’s body was stronger than an ordinary person’s.

The security guards that witnessed this did not dare to do anything but opened up a path for Su Tao. Su Tao followed the path and walked towards Xu Huifang before grabbing ahold of her hair and dragged her onto the ground. Because she was wearing her pyjamas, her chest was on the ground, and her clothes were torn apart from the friction and her skin was revealed.

While being dragged, Xu Huifang did not forget to throw her curses, “You’re just a cheating dog! I will definitely get someone tomorrow to claim your life! That Yin Le as well, I will get a hundred beggars to rape her!”

Su Tao was simply rendered speechless. Even at this moment, this woman did not forget to throw her vicious curses. When they entered the hall, Bian Youtian finally couldn’t bear the pressure and fell onto the ground. At this moment, Su Tao was akin to a demon god to him.

“I beg you; please let my wife off.” Bian Youtian kowtowed as he continued, “It’s all my fault. Please, let her go.”

“Why are you begging him, you coward!” Xu Huifang raged.

At this moment, Bian Youtian was silently cursing that Xu Huifang had been blinded from rage and forgot to compromise to preserve their strength so that they could make a comeback before he continued, “Please, list your request, as long as you let my wife and me off.”

After stretching his hand out, Su Tao jabbed Xu Huifang’s lower jaw. Instantly, she couldn’t talk. Su Tao then turned to Bian Youtian. “Firstly, you have to stay far away from Yin Le in the future. You will resign and leave Hanzhou tomorrow, and you are not allowed to meet her again. Secondly, write an IOU for me, with your financial backing, we’ll go with ¥100,000,000. Thirdly, write down a confession for all the embezzlements that you’ve done, along with your wife’s vile doings in the past years for me.”

¥100,000,000? His entire assets were only worth ¥20,000,000 - 30,000,000, so Bian Youtian was instantly stunned when he heard the second and third conditions. Su Tao was trying to hold onto his Achilles heel so that they couldn’t make a comeback.

He instantly raged, “I can’t accept this!”

With a sigh, Su Tao lifted Bian Youtian’s collar and jabbed several of the acupoints on his chest. Instantly, Bian Youtian was swept up by a feeling that was like countless ants biting him.

Su Tao casually threw him on the ground, and roughly five minutes later, Bian Youtian finally couldn’t take the pain anymore and said with a sinister expression, “I agree!”

Earlier, Su Tao had cut off several arteries that supplied blood to his heart, causing him to suffer a pain that was a hundred-fold worse than a fracture. It was equivalent to a woman’s labour pains, and ordinary people could only bear it for five minutes before they fainted.

Su Tao had calculated Bian Youtian’s character. Compared to Xu Huifang, Bian Youtian feared death even more, so it was easy for Su Tao to threaten him.

Roughly an hour later, Bian Youtian handed the IOU and confession, which Su Tao took a glance at before saying, “Not specific enough, rewrite it.”

A sinister flicker flashed in Bian Youtian’s eyes. “Are you trying to push me to the wall?!”

Su Tao stretched his leg out and kicked Bian Youtian’s lower abdomen, causing the latter to roll out several meters before he stopped after slamming against a wall. Without any expression, Su Tao responded in a low voice, “Let’s think of it from another angle. If I don’t do this, Yin Le will be the one being forced by the two of you. All of this is what you guys deserve!”

Holding onto his lower abdomen, Bian Youtian bore the pain. At this moment, he could only complete what Su Tao had requested of him. From the start till the end, Xu Huifang stared at Su Tao with a vicious gaze.

Su Tao wasn’t bothered by her gaze, since such a vile person should be dealt in a despicable manner. This husband-and-wife couple must have bullied many people over time, so that’s why they did not dare to call the police. That’s because, if the police were involved in this matter, then it would make this problem even more complicated.

After rewriting it three times, Su Tao finally took the confession he wanted then looked at Xu Huifang. “I will not hand this confession out for the time being. But if you guys make any conspiracy again, then you will have a taste of your medicine.”

Finishing his words, Su Tao walked towards Xu Huifang and dissolved her mute acupoint. Although Xu Huifang was looking at Su Tao with a vicious gaze, she no longer dared to speak. She felt terrified after seeing Su Tao’s means. It was as if his bright eyes could see through everything.

After Su Tao left, Bian Youtian went to help Xu Huifang up but was flung aside by her before she questioned, “Why did you write down everything, aren’t you afraid of him taking it to the relative department?!”

Bian Youtian shook his head with bitterness in his eyes. “He will not hand it over. The reason is simple, we owe him ¥100,000,000, so if we’re gone, he won’t be getting anything.”

“Then, what should we do now?” Xu Huifang gritted her teeth.

After a long silence, Bian Youtian answered, “Let’s leave Hanzhou. As long as we’re not around him, we can still live a good life.”

“You want me to give up everything and leave Hanzhou with you?” Xu Huifang bitterly smiled with a complex look on her face.

Bian Youtian gently embraced her shoulder and sighed, “Once we’ve accumulated enough strength, we can make our comeback again.”

Seeing the forbearance in his eyes, Xu Huifang hesitated for a long time before she nodded her head. “I’ll listen to you.”

Bian Youtian had seen through Su Tao’s intentions, the confession and IOU were merely safeguards for him and Yin Le.

After leaving the villa, the headlight of a vehicle that was not too far away flashed, so Su Tao walked over. He realised that Xia Yu still hadn’t left. Xia Yu exited the driver’s seat and said, “Let me send you back.”

Su Tao was stunned and found Xia Yu a little interesting. He had just beaten him, and yet Xia Yu could still have such an attitude towards him, that meant that Xia Yu had extraordinary wisdom.

However, Su Tao did not refuse his intentions, so he entered the front passenger seat. Xia Yu wanted to smoke, but he did not light it despite the cigarette hanging on his lips. “I’m quite curious, how did you deal with Xu Huifang and Bian Youtian?”

“I asked them to leave Hanzhou, the further, the better.” Su Tao sighed.

Xia Yu was stunned. “Not eliminating the root and branch will surely give them a chance to make a comeback. Aren’t you afraid that they will come looking at you a few dozen years from now?”

Su Tao shrugged before he placed his hands behind his head, comfortably lying on the seat as he said, “They can’t beat me now. Even if I give them ten or twenty years, they will only be further away from me, why do I have to be afraid of them?”

“You’re truly extraordinary. The reason why I was waiting here was to request an opportunity from you!” Xia Yu smiled in embarrassment.

Looking at Xia Yu, Su Tao asked, “What opportunity?”

“Let me follow you!” Xia Yu said with excitement in his voice as he continued, “I feel that it’s fate that allowed us to meet. If I follow you, I can definitely change my monochrome life!”

“You’re a private investigator that easily earns millions a year, and you shouldn’t make such rash decisions.” Su Tao revealed a playful smile.

A fawning smile was plastered on Xia Yu’s face as he replied, “When a person becomes an immortal, his followers will ascend to heaven with him. With my ability, this is already the limit of my life. So I need to borrow the power of someone, and I’m certain that you are that person for me.”

After a brief pondering, Su Tao fished out a name card and handed it over to Xia Yu. “Look for me when you’re free, then.”

Su Tao felt that he needed an assistant like Xia Yu around him, since the society was complicated, and Xia Yu had enough experience to share his burden. Provided that Xia Yu passed his test of loyalty.

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