Chapter 799 - The Higher Hierarchy Acts Out

With Huainan Province entering the autumn season, it’s frequently visited by rain, and many people have started wearing autumn clothes. In a black vehicle, the Secretary of Huainan’s Provincial Committee, Yin Kailang is currently sorting out the information regarding Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate.

Sitting beside Yin Kailang, Zhang Ping wore a black-framed spectacle with a grave expression on his face. Based on schedule, Yin Kailang should be on his way to Caoyao City for an event, but he was stopped halfway by Zhang Ping, and the latter even went as far as heading to Caoyao City along with Yin Kailang.

With regards to Zhang Ping, Yin Kailang still admired a talent like the former. Among all the cities under Huainan Province’s management, Zhang Ping is the youngest to be in his position. If it goes well for him, he will definitely be promoted into the province in a few more years, becoming a pillar in the government system.

Zhang Ping’s mentor was a good friend of Yin Kailang, so Yin Kailang has a good relationship with Zhang Ping when it comes to work. Furthermore, Yin Kailang has also been taking good care of the former.

“I’d also heard news about the Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate investing in the Three Flavour Medicine project. Not only are they hoping to save Tony out, but they’re also hoping to resolve their public image through the Three Flavour Medicine. After all, all the controversy will be wiped if both of them cooperates.” Yin Kailang analysed.

“Actually, the epidemic incident has already been investigated, and the mastermind is Ying Xiong. He was supported by several forces in the dark, and the virus came from Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate. Putting it in a nutshell, the Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate is just a scapegoat.” Zhang Ping sighed.

Nodding his head, Yin Kailang knitted his brows together, “Where’s the problem now?”

“Qin Jingyu transferred Tony to the prison under the Dragon Group’s management to threaten Joanna to give up on her partnership with the Three Flavour Medicine.” Zhang Ping smiled bitterly as he went on, “Most importantly, he has a reason to do so. Tony isn’t the mastermind, but he’s also an accomplice. With Ying Xiong deported, Tony cannot be sent away. Otherwise, who will bear the responsibility of the losses caused by the Seven Mountain Virus incident?”

Letting out a sigh with his brows locked, Yin Kailang replied, “This is complicated, not to mention that it involves the military.”

China might seem united, but the military is a solid alliance that even the government couldn’t influence.

Qin Jingyu might not seem to be in politics, but he has a huge influence in the military, especially the military equipment business that he had taken. Based on that contribution, Qin Jingyu is a talented young man in the hearts of many key figures in the military.

“Please help us in this matter. Not only does this involve Hanzhou City, but it also involves the development of TCM!” Zhang Ping sighed as he added, “Su Tao is a talented young man. He has the passion, so we can’t leave the next generation disappointed.”

Su Tao’s figure immediately appeared in Yin Kailang’s mind. Not long ago, Su Tao had treated him under Di Shiyuan’s recommendation. Yin Kailang had met a fair share of formidable physicians in his lifetime, but Su Tao’s medical skill had reached a high attainment from how he managed to see through his illness with a glance.

“I never expected that your determination would be so huge.” Yin Kailang initially thought that Zhang Ping was only using the project as a tool to add a mark in his resume. But Zhang Ping seems sincere based on his reaction now.

“It’s mainly because Su Tao had changed my view on TCM. TCM is truly a deep and profound culture. The commoners are bearing three heavy loads on them, education, medical, and housing. Many strategists had researched the reformation of the medical system, and I think that TCM might be the breakthrough.” Zhang Ping replied honestly with a flicker in his eyes.

“I hope to replace western medicine with TCM. This way, the commoners will have an easier time with medical assistance. After all, the cost of western medicine is too high. If TCM manages to replace western medicine, it will force western medicine to lower their cost as well.” Zhang Ping revealed his own thoughts.

“This is a pretty interesting idea.” Yin Kailang nodded his head in satisfaction as he went on, “If TCM really managed to replace western medicine, not only will it protect China’s culture, but it can also resolve the stress on the people.”

“Most importantly, this is a business that can go beyond the coast. With Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate’s network, they can help Chinese medicine go on the international platform.” Zhang Ping replied and added, “Regardless of the present of future, it’s a suitable project for Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate to invest in the Three Flavour Medicine.”

Without any hesitation, Yin Kailang took out his phone and gave a call to Vice Premier Xiao, someone who can resolve this matter.

When Vice Premier Xiao heard about the intention of Yin Kailang’s call, he knitted his brows, “Wasn’t Tony’s matters already discussed? Tony’s release is in support by the higher hierarchy for Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate to invest in the Three Flavour Medicine to establish the largest medicine factory in the country.”

“Qin Jingyu transferred Tony away to threaten Joanna to drop her cooperation.” Yin Kailang smiled bitterly.

“I’ll contact those people immediately. This matter has to be dealt with no matter what.” Vice Premier Xiao replied in a solemn voice.

Even for the higher hierarchy of the government system, an investment of 500,000,000 EUROs is not a small sum.

Tony was feeling nervous as he was dragged into a secluded room. Even after he had been moved to the new prison with better treatment, he still couldn’t help feeling curious about this place.

After all, anyone would feel fearful after being placed in an unfamiliar environment, not to mention that Tony had long lost contact with the lawyer, Mike.

Right now, he just hopes that he can stay alive.

At this moment, the door was opened as a professionally dressed woman came in with two trays as she placed one before Tony and the other opposite him.

A few minutes later, a robust Chinese youth came in as he greeted with a smile, “Let me introduce myself. My name is Qin Jingyu!”

Instantly, Tony felt his hair standing up as he looked at Qin Jingyu in alert, “What do you want?”

Unveiling the tray, Qin Jingyu pointed at the sumptuous meal inside and smiled, “I’m treating you to a meal! This is made by the best chef in Beijing. Although he might not be comparable to your family chef, this is still my token.”

“Stop beating around the bush and speak what you want!” Tony looked at the steak, spaghetti, and bread nervously. He was greatly tempted by the food before him. After all, he had been imprisoned for months, but he had no idea what Qin Jingyu was planning.

He had a pretty good relationship with Ying Xiong in the past, and Ying Xiong is an enemy of Qin Jingyu. Hence, he was certain that it’s impossible for him to sit down with Qin Jingyu for a meal, not to mention that he’s a prisoner now.

“Worried that the food is poisoned?” Qin Jingyu placed a slice of steak in his mouth as he smiled, “I have tons of ways if I want you dead, so why would I bother poisoning your food?”

Pondering over Qin Jingyu’s words, Tony found that it makes sense. Hence, he picked up the cutlery and placed a slice of steak in his mouth. However, it did not taste as he had imagined. On the contrary, it tasted somewhat sour.

“What’s the matter? It’s not up to your taste?” Qin Jingyu smiled with his eyes narrowed.

“This is not the taste of beef!” Tony revealed the sensation frankly.

“That’s right. This is a steak made from cat meat, so it’s not surprising that you’re not used to it.” Qin Jingyu smiled.

Listening to Qin Jingyu’s words, Tony’s face changed drastically as he grabbed his neck and started retching as acid rolled in his stomach.

“Well, it looks like cat meat doesn’t taste great!” Qin Jingyu clapped and went on, “I’m a vindictive person. This is your punishment because you once stood on the same side as my enemy. However, I’m also a pragmatic person. I’m willing to forgive someone as long as he has worth in him.”

The female warden returned with a tray and replaced Tony’s food.

“Give it a try. The taste should be right this time.” Qin Jingyu smiled.

However, Tony shook his head hesitantly. He couldn’t figure out Qin Jingyu, and he’s also afraid of suffering once more.

But seeing Qin Jingyu looking at him calmly, he could feel a chill down his spine.

Under the gaze of those eyes filled with killing intent, Tony ultimately submitted as he picked up the cutlery and carefully placed a slice of meat in his mouth. Soon after, his brows loosen up as he realised that the taste is right this time. Furthermore, this steak is made with Italian style. The texture was tender and it wasn't inferior to any Italian restaurant.

Being in a foreign land, he had to eat rice daily in China along with unappetising vegetables. Thus, he practically had no resistance for Italian food as he started gobbling the food.

He never imagined that there would be a day where he would toss his gentlemanly behavior that he had nurtured for years and started gobbling like a hungry ghost.

Looking at Tony, Qin Jingyu was satisfied with the former’s performance. It was just as written on the information, Tony is someone without any brain. This is also the reason why he would be used by Ying Xiong so easily as a scapegoat.

After Tony finished all the food on the tray, he couldn't hold back a burp before looking at Qin Jingyu embarrassedly, “Pardon me for that. It has been a long time since I had eaten so much.”

“It’s fine. If you’re willing, you will be able to regain your freedom soon enough. With your status, you will soon lose interest in food.” Qin Jingyu smiled.

“What did you just say?” Tony looked at Qin Jingyu in disbelief.

“Just as you had heard!” Qin Jingyu smiled as he continued, “You will be able to return to Italy. However, on the prerequisite that there’s something done between us.”

Looking at Qin Jingyu cautiously, Tony’s solemn voice sounded out, “What do you want? I will not do anything that harms Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate’s interest.”

“Haha!” Qin Jingyu never expected that Tony would be so unyielding as he went on, “You should know that I have something with Ying Xiong. I know that you’re just being used by him, so I don’t hate you. However, I never expected that Ying Xiong was actually deported, and I’m furious about that. I hope that you and I can be on the same side to deal with someone. He’s the reason why Ying Xiong was deported.”

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