Chapter 797 - Trouble

The Hanzhou City is a third-tiered city. Despite the fact that there’s an airport, there are rarely any international flights. Hence, Joanna had to transfer a flight from Beijing to Qiongjin City’s airport before arriving at Hanzhou City.

Hanzhou City is under Qiongjin City, so the journey takes roughly an hour. Hence, Su Tao personally drove his Volkswagen CC to Qiongjin City to pick her up.

Joanna did not come along as she came with her assistant, a tall man that seemed to be roughly in his thirty-five.

“This is Fred. He lived in China for years, so he’s well versed in Mandarin.” Joanna introduced as she went on, “In the future, he will be Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate’s representative in China.”

“Nice to meet you!” Fred stretched his hand out as he went on, “I’ve read about you, and you’re someone worth admiring. I believe that our cooperation will be a joyful one.”

“Fred is a football fan, and he supports A.C. Milan, you should be able to understand why he has such a good impression about you.”

Su Tao treated Sanche back in Italy, allowing A.C. Milan to flip the table and obtain the victory. After the match, Sanche had thanked Su Tao for his help, causing all fans of A.C. Milan to be grateful for Su Tao.

“Sanche’s recent performance is insane, and he practically scores a goal every single match. With his strength, he will definitely be able to bring the club to the peak once more, regaining their footing in the European Football League. He has the potential to become the greatest football star in the world.” Fred shared passionately.

“Sanche has a good physique, and he has been recovering well, so I believe that you will not be disappointed.” Su Tao has a pretty good impression of Fred. In a nutshell, Fred is an easy person to interact with.

As Joanna and Fred entered the backseat of Su Tao’s vehicle, Su Tao introduced them to China’s local customs along the way.

Truth be told, Joanna was somewhat surprised in her heart as she had come to China in the past. However, her reception previously was grander.

However, she wasn’t against this type of reception either. On the contrary, it made her feel relaxed.

But when Su Tao drove his vehicle into the hotel assigned in Hanzhou City, it was a whole new feeling.

No matter what, Joanna is a major investor, so the government has given her the highest treatment possible. The Municipal Committee, Commerce Bureau, and Baoyou County’s officials had all arrived to receive her.

There’s nothing they could do about it since Joanna is a huge bankroller and is intending on invitesting 500,000,000 EUROs in Baoyou County.

In the process, Su Tao saw an old friend, Du Ping. This fellow is currently the Deputy County Mayor, so it’s natural that he has a natural sense of smell for investments.

Among everyone, Su Tao also met Wang Xuan, whom he had a previous meeting back in Milan. As a leader of the Commerce Bureau, he had given Joanna the highest treatment possible by receiving her personally.

“I never expected that Joanna would be so beautiful!” Du Ping finally found an opportunity to talk with Su Tao, but he started praising Joanna for her beauty.

“It’s truly surprising for Deputy Mayor Du to give her such an evaluation.” Su Tao knew that Du Ping is a workaholic, and no women had attracted her attention aside from his wife.

“You’re also a man alright!” Du Ping coughed awkwardly as he went on, “I now know what Ms. Perfect is!”

Nodding his head, Su Tao agreed, “She has the title as the Bella of Rome, and she fully deserves that title. Why don’t I matchmake the two of you if you’re interested in her?”

“No thank you!” Du Ping shook his head as he continued, “You’re trying to instigate me to do the wrong thing!”

“Am I not just testing your willpower?” Su Tao laughed.

With an awkward smile, Du Ping changed the topic, “I’m more interested in the changes it will bring to Baoyou County from the huge funds she’s bringing in rather than her outstanding appearance.”

Bayou County is located in the west of Hanzhou City, and it’s not exactly that developed. But with the construction of the Three Flavour Medicine, it will definitely bring a huge change in the future.

“I intend to use that fund to construct a TCM City in Baoyou County with that money. Aside from Chinese Medicine Research Facility and TCM Museum, I’m also intending on setting up a complete business plan with TCM as the focus.” Su Tao revealed his plan.

“Will it clash with the Old Street’s project?” Du Ping asked with his brows knitted.

“The Old Street’s project is to commercialise and publicise Hanzhou City. On the other hand, the TCM City is a grounding industry, with a comprehensive community; the home of TCM.” Su Tao smiled as he went on, “The TCM City will become the Three Flavour Hall’s roots, and all the employees will be provided a residence there.”

Du Ping finally understood what Su Tao meant. Right now, many corporations would change the living environment of their employees upon receiving investments, establishing a headquarters and providing livelihood to their employees. So even if Su Tao’s businesses had still not reached that level, he has already started to plan for it, which proves Su Tao’s vision.

The difference between an ordinary person and a genius is that not only will a genius work hard, but they will also plan for the future.

Su Tao’s every step might seem smooth, but he already has a direction in his mind. He wants to create an empire that revolves around TCM, and every single of his steps is working towards that objective. At the same time, drafting up his plan.

For example, Su Tao stood out when he participated in the Physician King Tournament, obtaining the title as a Physician King and swiftly planned to establish branches for the Three Flavour Hall.

Another example would be Su Tao’s competition with Kim Jung-ho on the International Medical Summit, bringing the worth to TCM’s name and slowly allowing TCM to gain the acknowledgement in the international platform.

So likewise, setting up a TCM medicine factory is a bigger game of chess.

It’s worth doesn’t lie in how much wealth it can bring, but it’s a method to let everyone in the country know about TCM.

When more people come to know the worth of Chinese medicine, they will naturally gain an interest in TCM.

By attracting more people into TCM and researching TCM's worth in modern medical studies, it will be able to spread out widely. And at the same time, to research more prescriptions from the treasures left behind by the ancestors and ultimately achieving the goal of allowing TCM to be brought to a greater height.

Back then when Su Tao burnt the Imperial Physician Scripture for his grandfather, Su Guangsheng, he had already made the decision to protect his grandfather’s dying regrets.

He started out with a pharmacy, but he soon realised that if he wants to protect the pharmacy well, he will have to stop TCM from declining and injecting new life into TCM.

The county’s policies and the public’s view isn’t the most important. The most important thing is to find a batch of outstanding successors for TCM to replace western medicine.

Ultimately, any industrial competition relies on talents.

Hence, his objective to create the TCM City is to nurture more talents.

When Wang Xuan walked over to Su Tao, he gave a deep glance at Du Ping. He had a deep impression for this young official, someone who’s experienced when it comes to work. Furthermore, he gives off a reliable sensation, not to mention that he has a pretty good relationship with Su Tao.

Du Ping knew his position well, so when he saw that Wang Xuan seemed to be wanting to speak with Su Tao, he found an excuse and slipped away, giving the two of them some private spaces.

“Congratulations, and I hope that you can have a joyful cooperation with Joanna!” Wang Xuan smiled as he added, “The Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate is an internationally known pharmaceutical corporation, and it will definitely be beneficial to the international market for you to work with them.”

“Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate will not do a losing business, and China’s market is a huge piece of meat for them.” Su Tao smiled.

Seeing that Su Tao was neither servile nor overbearing, Wang Xuan smiled, “Do contact me if you come to Beijing. I have a friend who’s also interested and hopes to meet you.”

Su Tao was somewhat surprised by those words. With Wang Xuan being able to obtain such a high position in the government at such a young age, anyone can tell that he has some family background. Hence, the person that he’s talking about must have some background.

Due to the media, most people do not have much impression for second generations, feeling that they’re princes and princesses without any ability.

But in reality, that’s a false point of view. There are definitely some blacksheep among them, but most of them are highly educated elites. From their genes alone, they have a good foundation from their parents. From their living environment, they have a higher starting point compared to the rest, which makes sense with their education.

“It’s a promise then!” Su Tao did not have any hesitation before he agreed to it. It’s mainly because it’s hard to detest someone like Wang Xuan, someone completely different from Qin Jingyu.

After the banquet ended, Su Tao sent Joanna and Fred back to their residence.

“Can I have a word with you in the room?” Joanna asked with an unsightly expression.

Su Tao was somewhat curious as Joanna’s expression seemed unusual after she talked to Wang Xuan.

Following Joanna into the room, Su Tao sighed, “Did something happen with releasing Tony?”

“That’s right. Someone is interfering in this matter, and you should be able to guess who it is!” Joanna nodded with a flicker through her eyes.

“Qin Jingyu?” Su Tao smiled bitterly.

“That’s right!” Joanna was also helpless as she continued, “Qin Jingyu made use of his connection to transfer Tony to another prison with his authority, and Wang Xuan said that he will do his best to find Tony.”

“Calm down for now. He’s just trying to ruin our cooperation.” Su Tao tried his best to appease Joanna.

“Saving Tony is a promise I gave to my family, and it’s also the prerequisite for our cooperation.” Joanna replied solemnly.

“Look at it this way, if we continue with our cooperation, it will only put no worth in them controlling Tony.” Su Tao sighed inwardly as Qin Jingyu was too cunning in this move.

“If Tony has no worth, then his life will be threatened.” Joanna wasn’t too worried before because she knows that even if Tony was held captive in China, he still has some worth, so the Chinese government will not do anything to them. But the moment he loses his worth, then his life might be endangered.

Su Tao knew that Joanna’s thoughts were a little extreme as he smiled bitterly, “If that’s your thoughts are so pessimistic and negative, then there’s no need for us to continue our cooperation.”

“I told you this because I hope that you can help me find Tony. You’re my cooperation partner, so you’re responsible for helping me as well!” Joanna raged.

“That’s where you’re wrong. I’ve never promised you that I will save Tony. It’s your agreement with the government.” Su Tao wasn’t trying to push the responsibility away as it was the truth.

Immediately, tears started to fill Joanna’s eyes as she cried.

Looking at her, Su Tao was at a loss as Joanna should be stronger than he had imagined, so why is she crying now?

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