Chapter 79 - The Hunter Being Hunted

Chapter 79 - The Hunter Being Hunted

After Su Tao and Yin Le left the ball, the scene became chaotic for ten-odd minutes, and all the guests were sent off. After all, the host would be too embarrassed to continue after such an event occurred. Bian Youtian was currently kneeling before the couch, endlessly apologising to Xu Huifang, while Xu Huifang folded her arms with anger flashing in her eyes.

“Darling, I’m in the wrong. Please give me one more chance, it’s all that woman’s fault for seducing me. I made a mistake!” Bian Youtian repeated this sentence over and over again. At this moment, he had pushed all the blame onto Yin Le to appease the anger of his wife.

Bian Youtian knew that all he had was given to him by Xu Huifang. If Xu Huifang called her father, then he would no longer have a footing in Hanzhou tomorrow.

Xu Huifang finally sighed and said, “Things have already happened, and I don’t want to pursue this matter too much. Yin Le will be fired from the Television Station tomorrow morning, and you will cut contact with her from now on.”

Bian Youtian was stunned. He actually had feelings for Yin Le; otherwise, he wouldn’t have placed so much effort in wooing her. He bitterly smiled. “She’s the pillar of Hanzhou Television Station, a seed anchor. I’m afraid that it won’t be easy to accomplish this; this is something that has to be discussed through meetings.”

With a sneer, Xu Huifang fished out her phone and handed it over to her husband. “Looks at these photos, then!”

Bian Youtian’s gaze instantly turned cold as he looked at the photos. All of the photos were of Yin Le and Su Tao dancing, and Yin Le even sat on Su Tao’s body in an ambiguous posture. His eyes instantly grew red and felt that Yin Le betrayed him. He forced his words out, “That slut!”

“Youtian, you know that I have been turning a blind eye to your mess outside. As a successful man, it’s natural for there to be people trying to get close to you. But this Yin Le isn’t the same, and I know that you already have feelings for her. However, she’s just playing with you, using it to ruin our relationship. Beauties are the source of calamity, and I believe that you will not be foolish enough to leave me for her and give up your career.” Xu Huifang sighed after noticing that Bian Youtian had finally realised that that woman had played him.

Clenching his fists, Bian Youtian felt his heart tearing apart. Even if his promises to Yin Le were lies, he still felt unresigned. This was how vile people were nowadays; they'd rather be the ones betraying than to be betrayed.

Taking a deep breath, Bian Youtian asked, “What are you going to do to her?”

A sinister smile appeared on Xu Huifang’s plump cheeks before she lowered her voice, “Since she ruined my ball, I must surely ruin her.”

Bian Youtian knew how ruthless Xu Huifang was. She even hired a fixer in the past to break the legs of her competitor over a project; a woman that went at nothing for her objective. However, she hid it well, and her wealthy appearance gave others a feeling that she’s someone with a gentle temper. But a book cannot be judged by its cover, so Bian Youtian trembled upon hearing her words and asked, “So, what are you going to do?”

A vicious smile appeared on Xu Huifang’s lips as she replied, “I have thought of many things, like hiring someone to pour acid on her face so that she cannot seduce anyone in the future. Or kidnap her to an unknown place and have a group of guys rape her, to let her experience the taste of being a slut. But to deal with such a slut, there’s no need for me to risk breaking the law. I just need to send these pictures online with paid trolls to fan the flames and let the matter blow up. She’ll know the taste of having her reputation swept away.”

Shock flashed in Bian Youtian’s eyes. He understood Xu Huifang’s meaning. She was trying to use these pictures to throw Yin Le into a storm of scandals. Feeling his throat dry, Bian Youtian asked, “But I’m afraid that these photos aren’t sufficient, right?”

With a faint smile, Xu Huifang responded, “I already have everything prepared. Tomorrow, there will be a scandal of Hanzhou News Anchor with lots of bed photos.”

All those bed photos were naturally forged through Photoshop, but it was more than enough to pass them off as real. When they’re posted online, along with some genuine photos, the public would definitely not be able to distinguish their legitimacy.

“You’re going to create fake scandals?” Bian Youtian asked.

According to Xu Huifang’s original plan, she wanted to humiliate Yin Le in the ball today and let her suffer a scandal tomorrow.

The moment a news anchor fell into a scandal, they would surely be put on hiatus by the Television Station. Through this vicious method, she could ruin Yin Le’s career without getting her hands dirty.

Stretching her hand out to touch Bian Youtian’s face, Xu Huifang asked, “I’m doing all of this for you, you don’t blame me, right?”

Forcing a smile, Bian Youtian gently held onto Xu Huifang’s hand. “Of course not. I still have to thank you for bringing me back in time.”

Nodding her head in satisfaction, Xu Huifang dialled the number of a private investigator. “How are the two of them doing?”

Taking a puff of a cigarette, the private investigator smiled. “They've already entered the condominium. Seeing how drunk the woman is, I’m afraid there will be a show tonight. Do you want to make an offer? For me to take the risk and snap those photos for you.”

Xu Huifang knitted her brows. She felt that the private investigator was truly greedy. She had already spent a lot of money in this to have him investigate Yin Le and Bian Youtian in the past.

With a cough, she asked, “I’m not interested in that, have you prepared the troll army?”

“I have hired the best troll army. Some time ago, a male celebrity was cuckolded by his manager and hired this troll army to mess with his manager. They’re extremely experienced, and it’s just dealing with a news anchor from a third-tiered city. She will be famous tomorrow, just wait and see.” the private investigator replied.

Nodding her head, Xu Huifang was satisfied with a smile on her face. “If you do this well, I will give you a bonus.”

Seeing Xu Huifang call the private investigator before him, Bian Youtian felt a chill down his spine. Xu Huifang had actually got someone to investigate about him and Yin Le. That’s basically placing another chain on him in his mind.

He sensed a gentle pat on his face and Xu Huifang smiled. “Darling, everything is in my control. Just wait and see how that slut loses her reputation tomorrow.”

Xu Huifang was enjoying this moment of Bian Youtian keeping silent. She knew that after this matter, Bian Youtian would forever live in her shadow, and would see if he dared to implicate his feelings in the future.

Hanging up the call, the private investigator wanted to wind down the window to flick the cigarette butt. In that short moment, the front passenger seat was opened and he turned his head in shock to see a silhouette entering his vehicle. After taking a closer look, it was the man who sent Yin Le home earlier.

Before the private investigator could speak, his throat was being held, and his body was slammed against the window. He tried to struggle, but he felt a jab against his lower abdomen and, instantly, he lost his strength with a sensation of death enveloping him.

That man touched his body and took out his wallet. It was fine if the other party wanted money, but the private investor saw the man take a name card from his wallet and said, “Xia Yu, a Private Investigator?”

Xia Yu blinked his eye. It was the only thing he could do right now.

He had a history in reconnaissance and was posted to the Civil Affairs Bureau after he had retired from the army. However, he felt that there wasn’t any meaning in work and started out working as a private investigator.

He was very satisfied with this job, since the competition wasn’t great. Firstly, abilities and courage were needed to work in this field, so it wasn’t a job that just anyone would join in. Secondly, there were many requests around. He only had to leave his phone number online, and there would be people contacting him practically every day. In the current society, mostly everyone had their own secrets.

Xu Huifang was a great customer of his, since she had a womanising husband. He would change to a different girl three to four times a year, so he was responsible for keeping an eye on Bian Youtian. If needed, his job even included chasing the girls away.

Returning that name card into the wallet, Su Tao loosened his grip. Xia Yu instantly felt his throat burning and he took a few coughs. However, he still couldn’t put any strength into his body.

Xia Yu was someone that adapted to the circumstances, or he wouldn’t be able to keep working as a private investigator and remain unscathed. “I admit defeat for falling in your hands. I’ll tell you what you want to know, on the premise that you have to let me go. Working in my field, we’re all pressure by our livelihood. I have ageing parents and children to take care of, so it isn’t easy…”

When he spoke, he felt a gale sweep across his face from Su Tao slapping him. His entire face distorted before his head smashed against the window. He took a long time for him to recover; he was slapped stupid. He had done a lot of tailing work, so even if he was discovered, the other party would be somewhat courteous after hearing his words.

But how could Su Tao fall for Xia Yu’s schemes? Sneaking around all day and bringing out such an excuse after being discovered. A private investigator infringed on the personal space of others, and exchanged them for money. For such people that did anything for money, Su Tao felt disgusted for such a person to use his family as an excuse.

When Xia Yu raised his head, he looked at Su Tao and did not dare to speak, since he couldn’t guess what Su Tao was thinking.

After being silent for a long time, Su Tao faintly said, “From now on, I will ask, and you will answer. Don’t try to play any tricks!”

Xia Yu nodded his head, since it was the only thing that he could do.

Taking out a tissue to wipe the traces of blood on the corner of Xia Yu’s lips, Su Tao asked, “Who sent you here?”

After seeing Su Tao throw the tissue out of the window, Xia Yu felt his body unconsciously tremble before he softened his voice, “The wife of Bian Youtian, Xu Huifang. The fatty that you met in the ball today.”

Actually, Su Tao had already guessed it, so he nodded his head in satisfaction. “What’s your plan for following me? Are you going to do something to Yin Le?”

Xia Yu started to hesitate and struggled in his heart. After seeing Su Tao slowly raise his head, he immediately said, “Indeed, the fatty intends to use trolls to throw Yin Le into a storm of sandals, ruining her reputation.”

Su Tao could tell that he wasn’t lying, so he stretched his hand out and jab Xia Yu’s lower abdomen. “Bring me to Xu Huifang!”

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