Chapter 78 - Wide Movements

Chapter 78 - Wide Movements

Su Tao could sense the raging jealousy in the surroundings. Yin Le was wrapped around his waist. Her gown had already been dredged up to her thighs, revealing her slender legs. At this position, Su Tao’s crotch would touch her ample butt if he just stuck his crotch out a little.

Yin Le was completely intoxicated in her dance and used great force on her waist. Her body suddenly propped up and one hand was placed on Su Tao’s neck for support, while the other hand removed the band that kept her hair bunned together. Her black hair instantly flowed out like a waterfall, glistening under the disco light.

She raised her pearly-white neck and flung her head so that her hair fluttered in the air, looking messy and bewitching at the same time. However, everyone, especially the men, was focused on her legs. They were imagining how wonderful it would be for them to be clamped to death by her legs.

Infected by Yin Le, Su Tao felt all his muscles and cells throbbing as she matched her dance and made many highly difficulty moves. Yin Le gracefully danced under Su Tao’s control. As Yin Le straightened her body, her body slightly trembled and Su Tao felt a comfortable touch from his hand that was supporting her butt. It was like his hands were grabbing ahold of soft clouds.

His heart raced, his blood boiled, and his breathing depended. Su Tao wished for this moment to last forever, and it wasn’t tiring for him. But it was a pity that the music finally stopped. Yin Le tightly hugged Su Tao’s head at the last moment.

He could feel his nose pressing against her soft and tender chest, her faint and sweet body fragrance entering his nostrils.

“Let me down!” Yin Le whispered in Su Tao’s ears, but after a brief ponder, her brows knitted again. “Actually, don’t put me down. Hold me like this.”

Su Tao felt surprised, then teased, “Why? Did you feel that my arms are especially strong and can provide you with a sense of security, so you don’t want to come down?”

After speaking, his hand which was supporting Yin Le’s butt purposely spread out. Yin Le immediately felt an electric current running through her body and she nearly cried out.

With her face flushed, Yin Le warned, “Don’t take advantage of me or I’ll chop your hands off. My movements were too wide earlier, and I tore my clothes.”

“Now I don’t like to hear this. You’re begging me right now, so why are you speaking in such an overbearing tone?” Su Tao looked into Yin Le’s bright eyes. She wasn’t wearing any contact lenses, which left him surprised to see such natural and charming eyes.

However, he wouldn’t have tender feelings for the fairer sex and secretly pinched her with the mindset of taking advantage of the moment to touch some more. Su Tao’s mood instantly turned joyful from the touch and Yin Le kept silent because she didn’t dare to speak up.

Yin Le was practically on the verge of crying, so Su Tao only did it briefly before his hands shifted to her waist and gently tilted her. Immediately, her position turned into a princess carry. Yin Le gritted her teeth, and from Su Tao’s direction, Yin Le’s aura suddenly changed from strong to tender.

As Su Tao carried Yin Le out of the dance floor, everyone immediately started to clap for Yin Le’s bewitching dance. Although Su Tao was merely a prop, he still felt an accomplishment in his heart.

After returning to their seat and gently placing Yin Le down, Su Tao looked in the direction of her gown. Her fishtail gown had been pulled up from her dance, and due to her large movements, her dress was torn. There was a huge hole in it. Yin Le helplessly sighed, “This gown is a rental, I’m afraid that I will not be getting the deposit back.”

When she raised her head, she saw Su Tao looking in her direction and misunderstood that he was taking peeks at her revealed thighs, so she sourly said, “Can you not look at me with such a lewd gaze? I’m still vexed about this here!”

Looking at the vibrant expression on her face, Su Tao’s black eyebrows were raised before he sighed, “Wearing a gown to a pub, I’m afraid that you’re probably the only one here. You should feel happy because you have encountered the omnipotent me.”

Finishing his words, he approached Yin Le and lowered his body. His sudden movements caused Yin Le to be astonished, before she subconsciously moved back. However, there was an obstruction beside her and Su Tao half-squatted down at her torn gown. She suddenly felt a breeze on her lower body. It was a feeling akin to her being exposed. She cursed in her heart that Su Tao was doing this on purpose to take advantage of her.

Although Su Tao occasionally looked frivolous, he’s not someone that would do such things in public. There was a silver needle in his hand and he traced the thread of the gown. He gently hooked it and turned two rounds around the needle, instantly turning it into a sewing needle.  As a Physician who could easily sew up any wounds, it was a piece of cake for him to restore this gown.

He took ten-odd seconds before he stood up and stored the needle that was in his hand. “Done, I fixed it for you.”

Yin Le lowered her head with astonishment because the needlework of a gown was usually more complicated. So it was a mystical achievement that Su Tao could fix it with a needle and in such a short amount of time.

She stood up and took two turns on the spot, then chuckled, “You can participate in China’s Talent Show. With such skills, you will definitely make it amongst the top.”

Blacklines instantly covered Su Tao’s forehead before he sourly replied, “You’re asking a doctor to gain attention from sewing clothes? Your mind is pretty messed up here.”

Casually smiling, Yin Le responded, “You look pretty young, so why do you sound so mature and experienced? You have to respect me in the future, call me Big Sister, got it?”

Su Tao rolled his eyes. “Having a young age doesn’t mean that I’m not wise. We’re currently related through employment, so I should address you as Boss, instead.”

“What a joy killer!” Although Yin Le said those words, there wasn’t any unhappiness on her face. She took a glass of wine that was on the table and filled it up before gulping it down. “Am I unpleasant in the eyes of others? Actually, I know that my character is especially overbearing, and it’s easy for me to offend others; I’m a hedgehog. My quills will prick anyone that gets close to me.”

Taking a sip of the wine, Su Tao faintly smiled. “The reason why hedgehogs have quills is to protect themselves. If you don’t do that, then you will most likely encounter even more danger.”

Yin Le raised her thumb and smiled. “Your analysis sounds reasonable; that’s what I’m thinking as well. Why should I face everyone with a smile on my face? Especially those men who approached me with impure intentions. I loathe those the most, and I wished they could all get lost!”

“I’m afraid that Bian Youtian has suffered pretty much from wooing you, right?” Su Tao refilled her glass.

Rubbing her chin, the ring on her pinky flickered and she sighed, “Why are you talking about that hypocritic fellow now? Yeah, his character is good, and he has patience. He slowly removed the quills on me, but in the end, all of it was just a lie.”

Seeing the tears flickering on the corner of her eye, Su Tao handed a tissue over, but it was thrown on the ground by Yin Le as she snorted while pouting, “I don’t need you to shed crocodile tears.”

Su Tao shrugged. He couldn’t fathom Yin Le. But such women were worth savouring.

After they finished the two bottles of wine, Yin Le finally decided to leave. When Su Tao saw how unsteady she walked, he wanted to support her, but he was pushed away by her while brandishing her purse. “Even if I’m drunk, don’t think of taking advantage of me!”

Yin Le was truly a woman with a powerful self-protective will. Su Tao smiled. “Okay, I’ll distance myself from you.”

There were many people in the pub, and many guys had their attention on Yin Le. Especially after her dance from before, which had set their male hormones on fire. With his brows knitted, Su Tao quickened his steps while blocking the flies for her.

After they exited the pub, Yin Le couldn’t hold herself back after the breeze blew on her stomach. She supported herself against a tree and started to vomit.

By the time Yin Le had stood back up, Su Tao had already called a cab for her. He supported Yin Le into the car. “Where’s your house? I’ll send you back!”

“The Grand Hyatt Condominium, not far away from here!” Yin Le said as she gently patted on her head.

Looking at the black vehicle that followed them from behind, Su Tao sighed. Since he’s already here, then he might as well send her back home.

The cab soon stopped outside the Grand Hyatt Condominium and Su Tao sighed at Yin Le’s economic circumstances. This was the best exclusive condominium that Hanzhou’s downtown had to offer, with a sky-high price tag, judging from the average salary of ¥2,500.

Su Tao helped Yin Le into the lift. She was already asleep. Su Tao looked at her forehead that had messy strands of hair and gently brushed them away for her. When they reached the ninth floor, Su Tao took a key from Yin Le’s purse and opened the door.

This was roughly a 150 square meter four-room apartment. The renovation was exceptionally refined with an open concept kitchen and a spacious living room. After helping Yin Le into the bedroom, Su Tao saw a huge sexy picture of her framed up on the wall. Her finger was touching her lips and she was wearing an oversized black shirt with large patches of her chest being revealed. She was semi-reclined, which exposed her long legs. Due to the lighting and the cleaning of the photo, her skin looked sexily bronze.

However, Su Tao was not in the mood to admire it. He went to a window after putting Yin Le down. He gently hopped up the bay window and opened the curtain and looked down. He could see a black vehicle stop below the building, that also meant that they'd been followed!

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