Chapter 77 - The Sorrowful Dancer

Chapter 77 - The Sorrowful Dancer

Xu Huifang refused to believe heresy. She continued to roar towards the security guards, “Go!”

“Why don’t we forget it, darling?” Bian Youtian knew that if this continued, he’d be the one that would be in an awkward and dangerous situation. “Why don’t we let them go?”

Shaking her head, Xu Huifang raged, “Why are you such a coward? They came knocking on our door, how can we let this matter go like this?!”

Bian Youtian was helpless. He lowered his voice, “What do you want me to do, then? Even the security guards couldn’t do a thing to him, do you want me to go up and get beaten up?”

Xu Huifang was instantly filled with grievance, since there was nothing she could do to Su Tao. She called so many people over to watch her humiliate Yin Le. However, she never expected that her ten-odd security guards couldn’t even deal with the man Yin Le brought with her.

Most importantly, as a man, Bian Youtian just wanted to immediately send the guy off like he was sending a plague.

Apart from this, Yin Le was the more astonished one.

In such a short amount of time, her impression of Su Tao had completely changed. Initially, the feeling that he gave her was like a dignified silver spoon, except that he’s young and looked pretty decent as well. At this moment, her image of Su Tao grew imposing and his moves gave her a sense of security.

Su Tao looked around and found a bottle of wine not too far away. He walked towards it before striding towards Xu Huifang and Bian Youtian with the bottle of wine in his hand.

At this moment, the entire hall was in silence. Everyone was curious what Su Tao would do next.

Seeing Su Tao walking over, Bian Youtian felt incredibly nervous. He had lost all of his refined bearing. He knew that Su Tao’s target was him. He immediately wanted to move backwards, but he realised that he couldn’t exert the slightest bit of strength in his legs. After walking towards Bian Youtian, Su Tao grabbed him by the collar, shifting Bian Youtian’s centre of gravity, and made him kneel on the ground.

Tilting the bottle, Su Tao poured the red liquid down on Bian Youtian’s head. His neatly combed hair was all wet and had drooped down.

With a bright voice, Su Tao said, “The reason why I came today was to warn you not to harass my girlfriend. If you continue to harass her, pouring wine on you won’t be the last thing I do. Furthermore, remind your wife that Yin Le is a good lady. She was pure and foolish; thus, she was bewitched by you. As a man, learn to have family responsibility and be satisfied with what you already have. As a wife, she should pay attention to herself. Men are all visual animals, so if women don’t pay attention to themselves, there will be a day when they will be abandoned.”

He could understand Xu Huifang’s feelings. It’s normal for women to retaliate after discovering a third party in their relationship. It was just Bian Youtian was being a cheapskate and had an affair, causing this issue.

After pouring the wine to the last drop, Su Tao smashed the bottle on the ground. The fragments of the bottle scattered. He patted his hands before he turned back and held onto Yin Le, then they left. From the start till the end, no one dared to stop Su Tao and Yin Le.

Returning to the Mondeo, Yin Le held onto the steering wheel and started to laugh like an insane woman.

Su Tao sighed, waiting for her to stop laughing for a full five minutes before he pulled out a tissue and passed it to her. “Try to cry, if you want to. You’re pretty scary, now.”

“Why should I cry? I’m finally being freed today, so I must be happy and celebrate.” Yin Le sourly said, wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes.

Su Tao shook his head. “I recommend that you go home and take a good nap. When you wake up tomorrow, you will realise that everything is still the same. None of what has happened is important, Earth still continues to rotate, and you are still the prideful you.”

Yin Le turned to Su Tao and sighed, “Do I look like I love him that much?”

“If you didn’t like him, why would you come after knowing that this was a scheme?” Su Tao nodded his head.

Yin Le briefly paused before she suppressed her voice, “Your analysis is right. I came, knowing that I would have to face Xu Huifang today. I wanted to see how he would respond between his wife and me!”

“Reality is cruel, but it’s understandable. She is his wife, and you’re just a mistress of his.” Su Tao added.

Yin Le was briefly stunned by his words, before she bitterly smiled. “You’re pretty cruel, as well. Your words have seriously hurt me.”

“You needed to listen to reality, or you would not wake up. You would just keep finding excuses for Bian Youtian.” Su Tao said, hitting the nail on the head.

“Do you want to hear the story between him and me?” Yin Le sighed.

Su Tao shrugged. “I’m not that interested, but since you have rented me today, it’s part of my duty to listen.”

Yin Le started the car. As the vehicle slowly drove out, she started to narrate the story between her and Bian Youtian.

It turned out that Bian Youtian belonged to the category of capable leaders in the Television Station. Under his operation, the station’s revenue had been rising every year. They met at a dinner banquet, and Bian Youtian started to woo her after that. Even knowing that Bian Youtian had a family, Yin Le still slowly got attracted to him under his meticulous concern.

After that, when Xu Huifang found out about it, she tried to threaten Yin Le several times. Yin Le had also thought of leaving Bian Youtian, but Bian Youtian would always resort to using convincing methods to make her softhearted. He even declared that he would divorce Xu Huifang.

After Yin Le finished narrating the story, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “So this is the reason why you have been rejecting blind dates, right?”

Bitterly smiling, Yin Le replied, “My Brother-in-Law would always arrange a blind date for me, which I’m completely fed up with. Now that I think about it, that was because my heart had been occupied. I have to thank you today. After tonight, there is no longer a chance for Bian Youtian and me to be together. I will resign tomorrow.”

It was no longer suitable for her to stay in the station after having this mess with a Deputy Station Chief and Su Tao understood the reason. He said, “In my view, you do not need to resign.”

Yin Le gently brushed her bangs, then replied, “Actually, my family has wanted me to leave Hanzhou, it’s just that I have never agreed to it. Perhaps this matter has come to an end, and it’s time for me to give up.”

Seeing the relieved smile hanging on Yin Le’s lips, Su Tao knew that she wasn’t just speaking, but she really meant it. Perhaps she really wanted a new life.

After the vehicle passed through two traffic lights, Yin Le suddenly jammed the breaks and looked at Su Tao. “Since you’re a rental boyfriend, then you’re obligated to drink with me as well!”

“Sure, since I’m charging hourly, anyways.” Su Tao nodded his head.

Parking the car by the roadside, Yin Le turned around to retrieve her wallet and took out a stack of notes before shoving them into Su Tao’s pocket, “You’re all mine today!”

Without any hesitation, Su Tao shoved the money deeper into his pocket. “Sure, the one that leaves first is a dog.”

After arriving at a pretty popular pub, Yin Le ordered two bottles of wine, looking like she had no intention of going home sober. Su Tao poured a cup for her, which she immediately dunked down. She clearly wanted to numb herself with alcohol.

After most of the alcohol entered her stomach, Yin Le smiled then grasped Su Tao’s hand. “It’s the song I like, come and dance with me.”

The beat dropped and Yin Le pulled Su Tao with her. Su Tao could only bitterly smile as he followed. Because of the sweat on her hand, the grip felt a little slick.

Yin Le practically charged a path for herself and the two of them came to the centre. She gently bit on her rosy lips, then she started to bewitchingly sway her waist. She’s still wearing the low-cut gown and Su Tao could see a deep arc down from her neck under the disco light and felt his throat tickling.

She belonged to the category of a natural dancer, even without any rehearsal. Her hands were raised to her chest level and she snapped her fingers along with the beat as her movements started to grow along with the intensity of the music.

Su Tao suddenly felt burning glares. Many people had their eyes on the both of them. As the dance partner of a goddess, he had instantly become the target of everyone. So it’s inexcusable for him to stand there like a piece of log. Thus, he also started to sway along to the music, like a drifting leaf from Yin Le’s provocative wind.

Yin Le was already immersed in her dance. In her eyes, Su Tao was merely a prop. She placed her hands on his shoulders and brought herself closer to a width of two fingers, and Su Tao could smell the sweet alcoholic fragrance coming from her.

Cheers resounded from the surrounding as Yin Le became the centre of attention, luring everyone's emotions as she squatted down and placed her finger on her lips before she slowly stretched her body up. Su Tao felt as if he’s watching a snake wandering up his body as the excitement was imprinted in his mind.

He could sense the jealousy from the surroundings directed at him. Whenever Yin Le pulled herself closer to him, sighs of depression would echo from the surroundings.

Su Tao was a prop, a prop that was also the target of everyone’s jealousy. Even being a stone forever was all worth it to be tangled by such a bewitching woman!

As the disco light shone onto Yin Le’s face, Su Tao could see the flickers of tears in her eyes that made him feel an ache in his heart. Although she looked passionate now, she’s actually covered in wounds in her heart. She wished to use her strong appearance to hide the sadness in her heart.

Su Tao finally took the initiative and held onto her waist. At this moment, he shredded himself from being a prop, and he started to dance and occasionally ram against Yin Le. His eyes were closed, and his hands raised. Although he did not rehearse with Yin Le, his aggressive bearing matched Yin Le perfectly.

Yin Le was a little surprised before the corner of her lips rose and she leapt into his embrace with her legs around his waist and yanked her body backwards. The two of them started to spin around before the two of them fell into a moment of silence, while Su Tao enjoyed the view of her waist, chest and her neck… 

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