Chapter 766 - Hearts, the Hardest to Predict

“I have been feeling unwell lately. I saw the video you posted on your social media, and you seem to know a magical physician? I wonder if you can introduce him to me?” Joanna pretended to cough out as she spoke.

Upon hearing that, Silvia knitted her brows. Joanna’s family controlled Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate, and they have several famous hospitals under them. They had tons of talented doctors, so why would she be interested in Su Tao?

“I can help you with that, but you can also visit the hospital for that.” Silvia tried to tactfully probe.

Joanna knew that Silvia truly understood her well, but she couldn’t possibly honestly reveal her motive to Silvia, so she explained with a smile, “Actually, I’m also interested to see if TCM is really as magical as it seems.”

“Alright, I can help you with that. If he’s willing, then I’ll bring him to Rome.” Silvia had no idea that Joanna had other intentions. They studied together when they were younger. Although they now had their own careers, they still maintained close contact. In Silvia’s impression, Joanna was a diligent person who always wore a smile on her face.

After ending her call with Silvia, Joanna inwardly sighed from the guilt in her heart since she had made use of her friend.

“I’m sorry, Silvia. Please forgive me because I have to save Tony.”

When they boarded the cab, Gu Rushan finally couldn’t hold back her curiosity anymore and asked, “That gorgeous Italian woman is a friend of yours?”

“Not exactly!” Su Tao explained with a smile, “We met once at a party.”

“I can tell that she has fallen for you.” Gu Rushan looked at Su Tao with a playful smile and continued, “Please believe in a woman’s intuition.”

“Love is too serious, and it’s just a favourable impression at best.” Su Tao smiled as he explained, “Love needs to be tampered through time. When both of you are loyal and determined, that’s where you use love.”

As Gu Rushan’s face changed, she lowered her head and pondered Su Tao’s words.

Swiping his phone, Su Tao suddenly handed it over to Gu Rushan.

Gu Rushan was briefly stunned and she had shock written on her face.

Su Tao showed a Chinese website to Gu Rushan, it was the live broadcast of the fashion show. Due to the fact that Gu Rushan was a Chinese, the photographer took a few photos of her. He smiled. “You’re already popular now. There were nearly eighty thousand people watching it earlier, and many people have treated you as the Queen of Fashion.”

Reading through the article, Gu Rushan revealed an embarrassed smile. “These reporters are just making things up. I’m not familiar with Mr. Rand, but they’re saying that we were old friends.”

Su Tao had also read the news and smiled. “You’re wrong. Those weren’t written by reporters, but were drafts handed out by the Three Flavour International’s Branding Department. It’s to increase your popularity to welcome the upcoming fashion show.”

“So that’s how popularity is made.” Gu Rushan said, self-mockingly.

“If you don’t like it, I can tell the Branding Department not to involve you in any publicity.” Su Tao smiled.

Rolling her eyes at Su Tao, Gu Rushan grumbled, “You’re boring!”

Truth be told, she’s very emotional in her heart. She initially thought that Milan’s Fashion Show would only be a mere formality, but she never expected that she could become a hot topic in the country.

Gu Rushan’s sudden burst of popularity wasn’t only because of Three Flavour International, but representatives of Milan’s China District had also discovered her potential. Moreover, it would also be beneficial for Gu Rushan to receive more endorsements in the future.

Li Qing’er went to the hospital for a full-body check-up. When she obtained the results, the doctor looked at Li Qing’er in perplexion and shook his head with a smile. “I have already done all sorts of check-ups on you, and you’re perfectly fine. You don’t even have the slightest inflammation, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“How can I be fine?” Li Qing’er was emotional as she continued, “I bled buckets earlier!”

Shrugging his shoulder, the doctor patiently explained, “The blood in the body is replaced daily. Many people might think that bleeding is terrifying, but it depends on the situation. There’s no danger to your bleeding since it was only discharging the old blood. Putting it in a nutshell, a woman will bleed every month, and it will be abnormal if there’s no bleeding, which is a sign of illnesses.”

Li Qing’er was afraid of dying, especially in a foreign land. Sitting beside her, Patrick comforted, “Darling, you don’t have to worry now. Please believe in the doctor’s words.”

Rolling her eyes at Patrick, Li Qing’er still felt uncomfortable in her heart. She even suspected if her bleeding was related to their intimate relationship.

Patrick was so violent, like a starving beast. At that time, she felt extremely stimulated, but thinking about it now, it might be related to his violence.

She’s a celebrity back in China, so her relationship with Patrick was only temporary. She’s only being together with him for benefits and her curiosity with a foreign man.

However, this incident had left a deep shadow in her heart and she was filled with fear for a foreign man like Patrick.

Sitting in the front passenger seat of Patrick’s sports car, Li Qing’er said, “Send me back to the hotel!”

“Oh? Darling, we’re planning to go out to sea later, and I have already booked a yacht with a few friends of mine.” Patrick said in an unhappy tone.

“I bled. I’m sick, and I can’t go out to the sea!” Li Qing’er remained firm in her decision.

“I think you should bear with it a little. I’m going to introduce you to many famous people in the circle today, and they can all provide you with front seats for you to attend more fashion shows.” Patrick ultimately decided to use benefits to tempt Li Qing’er.

In the end, Li Qing’er briefly hesitated before she remained firm and shook her head. “I’m sorry. I’ve fallen ill, so I have to return to China to rest.”

Many celebrities in the country were well-doing. A celebrity like Li Qing’er who had made a name for herself many years ago already possessed assets of over a hundred million. She heard that those yacht parties were often chaotic since women would wear revealing clothes to suntan on the deck, while men applied sunblock oil for them.

If Li Qing’er did not experience that bleeding incident earlier, she might agree to Patrick’s invitation. But at this moment, she was filled with insecurity since she did not want to die in a foreign land.

“Angel, you’re too willful, and I’m not happy about this. I’m preparing to introduce you to a few friends of mine, but you’re standing me up.” Patrick’s expression turned solemn as he complained.

“I will purchase a flight in the afternoon to China!” Li Qing’er was still immersed in her own emotions and continued, “I’m sick, so I have to rest.”

“What about us?” Patrick was shocked as he looked at Li Qing’er.

“We’ve already broken up!” Li Qing’er sourly glanced at Patrick and continued, “You wouldn’t have treated our relationship as real, right? It’s impossible for the two of us to be together. I have my own career back in China, and you can’t leave Milan. It’s only an encounter between us. The both of us had fun, so isn’t it enough?”

Patrick might be fickle when it comes to love, but he hoped to invest his greatest passion in every relationship. Although he knew that it’s impossible for them to last long, he never expected that the break up would be so abrupt. In rage, he roared, “You slut!”

“To receive such an evaluation from a playboy like you is my honour.” Li Qing’er smiled.

“Get out!” Patrick roared as he stomped on the breaks.

With a crook on her lips, Li Qing’er took her bag and left the vehicle. Seeing Patrick leaving, she deeply sighed as she looked around. She realised that she’s in a barren land, and her decision had been too rash earlier. Burrowing her head into her knees, she started sobbing.

“Everything’s all due to that whore, Gu Rushan!” Li Qing’er blamed it all on Gu Rushan. Thereafter, she gave a call to her manager and sent her address over. At the same time, she instructed her manager to cancel all her schedules in Milan.

She no longer had any sense of security in Milan. She had no idea if that doctor earlier was lying to her, so she wanted to make a detailed check-up in China.

Meanwhile, Su Tao still had no idea that the little incident from before had scared Li Qing’er to the point that she abandoned her enitre schedule and returned to China.

Then again, he wouldn’t feel guilty even if he knew about it. Li Qing’er was too low, to even gave herself to a foreign man for benefits. Just this point alone had caused Su Tao to loathe her.

Was a foreign man more majestic than a Chinese?

Li Qing’er might be the dream lover of many Chinese, but she had damaged their dignity, and it’s simply unbearable.

After returning to the Hotel, the Heavenly Queen of Asia, Hwang Ji-yeon, had also arrived as scheduled. After all, the launch was only three days away.

It had been a long time since they met, and Huang Ji-yeon had changed her style. To fit her objective in coming to Milan, she wore Chinese-styled clothes. She did not have any heavy make-up and looked more clean. If one didn’t pay any attention to details, they might consider her to be a Chinese celebrity.

“Oppa, we meet again!” Hwang Ji-yeon stretched her hand out with a smile.

Looking at Hwang Ji-yeon, Su Tao recalled what happened back in South Korea. Although he did not take that final step with Hwang Ji-yeon, their relationship had, strictly speaking, exceeded that of an ordinary man and woman.

Shaking hands with Hwang Ji-yeon, Su Tao smiled. “I hope that we can have beautiful memories in Milan.”

Listening to those words, Hwang Ji-yeon blushed. Evidently, she had the wrong thoughts and immediately withdrew her hand.

After a brief stun, Su Tao inwardly sighed since his relationship with Hwang Ji-yeon was truly unclear.

Su Tao realised that he had a shortcoming. She never lacked women around him, but his relationship with them was always so complicated and ambiguous. It seemed like he had to pay attention to that in the future.

Then again, how could hearts be so easily controlled?

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