Chapter 764 - It came

Fashion week had already begun in Milan with a large number of fashion shows daily. Normally speaking, there wouldn’t be a clash between large brands, but they would generally host some pre-heat shows to suppress their competitors, indirectly striking at their competitor’s activity.

The show was located at a lawn and the style seemed similar to a garden party with six white tents with white tables. It wasn’t as grand as Su Tao had imagined, and it was more similar to a lawn wedding. When they entered, there were snacks and desserts readily available on the tables.

Most of the men here were dressed in an old-fashioned gentleman-style with a handkerchief in their pockets. As for the females, they wore slightly more formal wear compared to a cocktail party.

The display hall was located further inside. The clothes and furniture had formed into a life environment. There were ten-odd models in the hall and they weren’t walking about, but flipping through magazines or chatting together.

They would only stand out when someone requested for photos. The models weren’t as formal as seen on the television. On the contrary, they looked even more casual and free.

While looking at the models for a long time, Su Tao couldn’t help the beating in his heart. Their clothes were rather open and they only wore a shirt on the outside without anything inside, leaving boundless imagination to others.

For these professional models who have participated in many fashion shows, they’re already used to displaying their body. Furthermore, they would anticipate gathering the attention of others.

“How is it? It’s not a trip in vain, right?” Gu Rushan teased.

“Not bad. I never expected that a fashion show would be so open.” Su Tao shrugged as he pinched his nose.

“The fashion shows in the country have already been sorted, and a real one is way hotter than imagined. Some fashion shows would even create a small episode to create some topic.” Gu Rushan’s understanding for Milan’s fashion week clearly exceeded Su Tao. When she finished explaining, she went to take a cocktail glass and handed it over to Su Tao.

When Su Tao received the cocktail with a smile, he suddenly heard a commotion coming from the side. When he turned to look, he inwardly sighed. Enemies were truly on a narrow path. He saw Li Qing’er holding onto Patrick’s arm. She had a smile on her face as she looked at Gu Rushan with provocation. “It seems that I really bump into you everywhere! I never expected that you would have the tickets to Branbelia’s pre-heat fashion show. It looks like you still have some connections after all!”

“Li Qing’er, we’re all here to watch the show, is there a need need to be so aloof?” Gu Rushan was somewhat furious.

“That’s where you’re wrong. The audience in a show are also differentiated into class.” Li Qing’er pointed to somewhere nearby and continued, “The location there is very limited, and generally speaking, only those at the front rows are considered powerful. I wonder, what row are you at?”

Gu Rushan locked her brows together and her lips trembled from the rage. It was just as Li Qing’er had determined. Her seat was towards the rear, and the view wasn’t going to be the nicest when the show starts. Because when the photographer takes photos, she would definitely not have a chance in those photos.

Someone like Li Qing’er, who’s only here to rub on the popularity, her objective was to have her photo taken by the photographers so that she could put it on her social media to promote herself.

This was the reason why many celebrities would spend so much money to buy the front rows of a fashion show.

Then again, Li Qing’er did not fork a single dime from her pocket for this row since it was Patrick who had obtained the tickets for her.

Patrick had some fame in this circle, especially when this was just a pre-heat show. Hence, it’s not difficult for him to get two front row tickets.

After looking at the tickets that Gu Rushan was holding onto, Li Qing’er snatched them over before she laughed, “No wonder you’re keeping quiet, so you’re actually sitting in the last row. Oh my god, can you even get a clear look at the clothes from so far away? Is this your first time in a fashion show? I have the responsibility to tell you that you won’t be able to see a thing. Perhaps you’re only here to enjoy the food?”

Gu Rushan’s face had turned red from the anger and her entire body was trembling. The two’s conflict was noticed by the organisers and a lady came over and asked Patrick, “May I know what happened here?”

“Oh, my friend got into some conflict with these two guests from China. Can you please get them to leave?” Patrick chose to stand by Li Qing’er without any hesitation.

“Mister, you’re putting me in a difficult position with this request.” The staff knitted her brows.

“Then ask your supervisor about it. Tell him that it’s Patrick’s request.” Patrick said with confidence.

Helplessly looking at Su Tao and Gu Rushan, the female staff went backstage. The supervisor was currently preparing for the show since there’s only ten-odd minutes left. However, there must not be any mistake for the highlight tonight.

When the female staff explained the situation, the supervisor lightly frowned before asking, “Patrick? That fellow is somewhat influential, and he can be considered a jack-of-all-trades in fashion shows with a large number of model resources in his hands. The models here today were all introduced by him. Oh, who are the two who got into a conflict with him?”

“I’ve just made a check, and they bought their tickets online. If it goes according to my guess, they must have bought it off someone else.” The female staff was experienced since the official site would provide some free tickets for promotion. When some fortunate people managed to obtain those tickets, they sold them off online.

Gu Rushan had gone through this channel to obtain the tickets, so she only got the back seats.

“Then, get the two of them to leave!” The supervisor locked his brows together and continued, “Try and persuade them first. If it doesn’t work, then get security to interfere. The show will start soon, and I don’t want the show to go beyond control from the conflict.”

Receiving her supervisor’s instructions, the female staff first looked for the security personnel before coming back. “I’m sorry, mister, the show will soon begin, and I hope that you guys can leave to avoid unnecessary conflict.”

“Why do we have to leave? We have the tickets!” Gu Rushan was on the verge of going insane as she rebuked in English.

“Your tickets were provided for free by the organisers, so we have the qualification to take them back.” The female staff helplessly replied before she continued, “Thank you for paying attention to Branbelia, but please understand us for going out to work.”

“Haha, so the tickets were free. How embarrassing!” Li Qing’er took a step further and mocked, “So the media in the country is really blind to compare me with someone as low as you. They even claimed that you can shake my position, what a joke.”

At this moment, Gu Rushan was feeling extremely indignant since she never expected that the situation would develop in this manner. It was unbearable, especially to embarrass herself before Su Tao.

She had spent roughly ¥4,000 for the two tickets, and it’s naturally nothing compared to Li Qing’er, whose income reached nearly millions. But her career had just kickstarted, so she still had to be frugal.

Su Tao locked his brows together. He couldn’t watch this anymore and sneered with his brows knitted. “Both of you are women, so why are some women so innocent and refined, while some women are a total embarrassment? Both of you are public figures, and it’s disgusting to bring out social class.”

“Who the hell are you to talk about me?” Li Qing’er instantly became furious upon hearing those unsightly words.

“Only you’re qualified to humiliate others and not be humiliated?” Su Tao sneered as he continued, “ I believe this man beside you has no idea that you were married and had a child, does he?”

“What nonsense are you saying?!” Li Qing’er roared with her eyes bulged.

Su Tao was truly speaking nonsense since he had zero knowledge about Li Qing’er. In any case, talking nonsense didn’t cost money, not to mention that the two parties had fallen out here. Since Li Qing’er couldn’t be bothered with a bottom line, then there’s nothing Su Tao had to be concerned with.

Although Patrick didn’t understand Mandarin, he turned to the security personnel after seeing that Li Qing’er was trembling from the anger. “What are you guys waiting for? Get these two out of here.”

The two security personnel came forth and pointed at the direction of the door, signalling for the two of them to leave.

“Let’s go!” Gu Rushan was dejected as she continued, “There’s no need for us to remain here since they don’t welcome us.”

Su Tao inwardly sighed since he did not want to make the situation complicated. After all, it’s not normal for anyone to ruin the entire fashion show just because of a woman with no class.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao suddenly went over to Li Qing’er and whispered in her ears.

“What are you talking about?” Li Qing’er knitted her brows and unconsciously took a step back.

“I’m saying that it came for you.” Su Tao appeared to be annoyed and had contempt on his face.

“You’re speaking nonsense!” Li QIng’er’s menstruation had just passed, so she did not take any security measures with Patrick last night.

“Oh my god!” Patrick looked in the direction of Li Qing’er’s legs in shock as red blood leaked out. “Darling, you’re hurt?”

Thereafter, a commotion resounded from the surroundings as they were all looking at Li Qing’er’s legs. “Look! She’s bleeding, what’s going on?”

“She’s not experiencing a miscarriage, right?”

“This scene is a little too stimulating. I have to take it down and post it online. It will surely become popular!”

“Quick, go to the hospital. She’ll die if her blood finishes.”

“Quick, send them off. The fashion show will soon begin, so how can the activity go on if someone dies?”

“The organiser is really unfortunate…”

Seeing that everyone was looking at her, Li Qing’er couldn’t bear it anymore and covered her lower abdomen with her bag as she ran out. Taking a deep glance at Su Tao, Patrick gnashed his teeth and threatened in English, “It must be your doing. I will definitely not let you off so easily!”

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