Chapter 762 - Celebrity in Milan

Seated before her desk, Joanna had a white cup of coffee placed before her that’s emitting steam as she’s currently studying Su Tao’s information.

There might not be much information, but Joanna noticed something peculiar, the information only provided everything Su Tao had done for the past year.

Furthermore, every single one of piece was a shocking achievement.

“I see, no wonder Qin Jingyu would hate Su Tao so much.” Joanna soon figured out the reason for the conflict between Qin Jingyu and Su Tao.

But even so, Joanna was still baffled. With Qin Jingyu’s solid foundation in China, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to deal with Su Tao. Since he could deal with it in the country, why did he want her to help him with it in Italy?

At this moment, her phone vibrated. Entering her social media, Joanna was shocked to see that Su Tao had occupied her feeds in just one night. All the upper ladies in Milan were fighting to post photos of tonight’s party hosted in Maldini’s private castle, with Su Tao becoming the focus of attention.

“Do you guys know who the creator of the Beautifying Cream and Restoring Serum is? That’s right, I met him today, a young man from China. Not only did he treat the pitiful Emily, but he even managed to see through my condition. I now declare that I will be a loyal fan of his starting from today!”

“It was truly a magical night! I never expected that TCM would be so magical, and is there an illness that Su Tao can’t treat?”

“For the first time, I hoped that my husband could be a doctor, and an outstanding physician. If that’s the case, I won’t have to worry about my health anymore!”

Joanna did not continue reading since she couldn’t be bothered with those infatuated comments and inwardly sighed. Su Tao was truly capable of attracting so many loyal fans in just a short party.

This was also because the Three Flavour International’s Beautifying Cream and Restoring Serum’s effects were too great.

Even she had gotten someone to buy some for her, which she ultimately threw away her other skincare products and switched to the ones sold by Three Flavour International.

Despite some hesitations in her heart, Joanna had no choice but to consider Qin Jingyu’s request. After all, her elder brother was more important than some skincare products.

Before her mother, she was just showing her disappointment for her elder brother.

Then again, aside from dealing with Su Tao, Joanna also hoped to find an appropriate method.

Even now, Su Tao had no idea that he had already become famous in Milan, or strictly speaking, Italy.

A woman secretly took a video of Su Tao and posted it on the internet, which instantly became famous over the night with a breakthrough of a hundred thousand views.

Then again, this was also because someone was pushing it in the dark. To advertise the new launch of Three Flavour International’s products, they had to create a subject. Hence, the Three Flavour International’s branding department caught onto this opportunity. The video had created a considerable sum of advertisement fees, so the woman also promoted Su Tao without any hesitation.

Under her initiation, everyone else who was at the party also echoed along.

On the second day, Italy’s media had also grabbed onto this opportunity and came to Su Tao’s hotel for an interview.

The Three Flavour International’s branding department had already prepared the manuscript last night. After distributing them to the reporters along with an enormous red packet, the reporters left in satisfaction and made changes to the manuscript before posting it on their various media platforms.

Taking advantage of Maldini’s party, Su Tao became a household name in Milan in just three days. There were also people who sneaked into the hotel, hoping to catch a glimpse of Su Tao for his treatment, but they were all restricted under the security of Hao Changle’s team.

But when Su Tao found out that they were coming to seek his help, he treated them without any hesitation. In the end, this incident created another wave and brought Su Tao’s fame to a whole new level.

Holding onto a famous magazine in Milan, Maldini entered the hotel. He was already used to being searched whenever he entered Su Tao or Yan Jing’s room.

After entering the room, Maldini happily placed the magazine down on the desk and said, “I never imagined that Su Tao would actually appear in the most famous magazine in Italy. This is a piece of good news for the product launch, and I’ve also just received a request from a few friends of mine, who expressed their wishes to make a pre-order on the new products.”

“I’m sorry, but we will be refusing them!” Yan Jing smiled as she went on, “Everyone has to be present in order to make any pre-orders.”

“Do you really have to be ruthless? It will put me in a difficult position.” Maldini awkwardly smiled.

Yan Jing could tell that Maldini was acting. He was actually inwardly rejoicing at this moment since the products he’s in a partnership with became so popular.

“You can provide the tickets for the launch beforehand. If they’re your friends, you can give them to them beforehand.” Yan Jing reminded him.

“That’s right!” Maldini slapped his thigh and continued, “This is no different from making a pre-order, so I’ll talk to them about it. What about the pricing for the front seats?”

“You only have to provide me twenty tickets for the first three rows. As for the rest, you can deal with them however you like.” Yan Jing smiled, shrugging her shoulders.

Maldini never expected that Yan Jing would make such a generous decision and reaffirmed with shock, “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, you deserve it!” Yan Jing wasn’t concerned with the profits the tickets could bring since she decided to share it with Maldini. This way, it would motivate him to work on the advertisement even more.

“Making a rough calculation, I seem to be able to earn a considerable sum of money.” Maldini smiled.

After a brief pause, he looked at Su Tao and nodded his head. “Then again, it’s all thanks to Chairman Su!”

Maldini’s attitude towards Su Tao had changed since that day, especially after he paid a visit to Emily the next day.

Su Tao had relied on the Plank Fixing Technique to stabilise Emily’s injury, shocking the orthopedists. When they removed the planks for Emily and sent her for x-ray, an orthopedist was shocked to realise that Emily’s injury had already started to heal. Hence, they invited Su Tao for a trip to the hospital for Emily’s treatment.

Putting it in a nutshell, the entire process was similar to Su Tao treating Shinin back in Japan. Su Tao had used TCM’s bone-setting techniques to change the orthopedists’ view on TCM.

All of a sudden, Maldini received a call. He excused himself to the bathroom to pick it up, and when he came out, he bitterly smiled. “Because of the incident in the party, I’ve gotten into quite a bit of trouble.”

“Let me guess!” Su Tao pondered as he analysed with a smile, “Did Ms. Emily fall for you?”

From how Maldini visited the hospital for the past few days, anyone could tell that there’s a spark going between them.

Then again, Su Tao was more than happy to see that.

Glancing at Yan Jing, Maldini shook his head and explained, “It’s worse than that! Right now, the entire circle is talking about me courting Emily, and even my grandfather asked me about that.”

“And how do you feel for Emily?” Yan Jing became somewhat gossipy.

Knowing that Yan Jing’s heart was already taken, Maldini did not persevere and honestly stretched his hands out. “To be honest, I have no idea what I’m feeling right now. Emily comes from a prominent family, and she’s a perfect match with me. If we can get married, it will definitely be a piece of good news for our families. However, I don’t exactly feel passionate about it.”

It was a little shocking for Maldini to reveal it since no one had expected that he would be so honest before Su Tao.

After interacting with Su Tao for sometime, Maldini discovered Su Tao to be someone worth trusting. All the previous conflicts that they had between them had already been thrown away.

“A moment of passion won’t last forever. A real relationship has to be constantly refined for it to be stable. Since you don’t hate Emily, why don’t you give it a try?” Su Tao replied.

Taking a deep look at Su Tao, Maldini took a deep breath and smiled. “This is a garbage plan.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “Actually, you already have a decision in your heart, no?”

Maldini was frozen upon hearing that. Su Tao’s gaze was terrifying. It was as if Su Tao could look into his inner world.

Then again, it wouldn’t be difficult for anyone to guess it if they’re observative enough.

The reason why he wasn’t so passionate to Yan Jing anymore was due to having another relationship filling the empty space in his heart.

At this moment, Maldini was akin to someone who had fallen out of love. He had lost his confidence for his own courage. So to have someone like Emily appearing by his side all of a sudden, she naturally diverted his attention. Thinking about it now, it was pitiful for Emily since she’s only a substitute.

“Emily called!” Maldini smiled and went into the bathroom to pick up the call.

Not long after, he came back out in a happy mood and said, “Through the evaluation of the hospital, Emily can now be discharged. I’ll go pick her up right now.”

“Watch your safety on the way there!” Yan Jing smiled as she shrugged.

After Maldini left in a hurry, Su Tao looked at Yan Jing’s face and teased, “Are you feeling disappointed right now?”

“Why would I feel disappointed?” Yan Jing rolled her eyes at Su Tao.

“Women like to be courted by the opposite sex. Now that Maldini has changed his attention to someone else, you’re not disappointed?” Su Tao asked as he raised his brow.

Letting out a helpless sigh, Yan Jing jabbed at the top of Su Tao’s nose. “You’re a little petty sometimes.”

Just when Su Tao was about to embrace Yan Jing with a chuckle, he was stopped by her and she grumbled, “Again? Aren’t you tired? I’m afraid that you might be drained.”

“I know my own body well.” Su Tao shook his head.

Dodging to the side, Yan Jing wore a playful smile. “I’m tired if you’re not. Vera will arrive tomorrow, so save some energy for her.”

Awkwardly scratching his head, Su Tao could only chuckle at this moment. When Vera arrives in Milan tomorrow, it’ll be impossible for him to hide their relationship, so he could only feign stupidity to brush it off.

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