Chapter 761 - Qin Jingyu’s Schemes

Mike was a steady international lawyer, and he also had a good reputation in the industry. However, Monica wasn’t reassured. After all, the Chinese were a bunch of barbarians in her eyes.

Tony lived without any worries for his entire life, so who knew how much he suffered in such a barbaric country.

Monica’s treatment of Tony could be considered as pampering. Hence, she even showed her unhappiness for her husband several times.

In terms of the successor rights for Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate, Monica had more authority of speech in it. After all, her husband had only obtained the position on the board because of her family. Putting it in a nutshell, Monica was the main controller behind the company.

After Monica finished two glasses of red wine, she was feeling uneasy as she came down. When her daughter, Joanna, came out of the study room and saw Monica’s unsightly expression, she frowned. “Why are you not asleep, yet? You had insomnia again?”

“Your elder brother is now in China, so how can I fall asleep?” Monica sighed.

“I had disagreed about him heading to China, from the beginning. For him to go against the Chinese government, this can be considered a lesson for him.” Joanna replied in a grave tone.

“He’s your biological brother, and he has been doting on you the most since young. So how can you say those words?” Monica’s face turned grim.

Helplessly shaking her head with a bitter smile, Joanna replied, “It’s precisely because he’s my brother that I commented on his rash actions. To use a laboratory-developed virus to interfere with the economic stability of another country, who gave him the courage to do that?”

“How can you help others judge your brother?” Monica bitterly smiled.

After a brief pause, Joanna sighed, “The successor of Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate shouldn’t be someone who fools around. If he’s not qualified, then I will replace him.”

“It looks like you’re not going to help?” Monica asked.

“That’s right!” Joanna’s gaze coldly flickered as she continued, “We can only sit back and let him grow.”

Monica knew that Joanna was speaking against her heart, so she shook her head. After returning to her room, she took some sleeping pills before she managed to sleep.

On the other hand, Joanna got herself a cup of coffee and returned to the study room to handle the conglomerate’s affairs. Tony might be acknowledged as the successor in the conglomerate, but his younger sister, Joanna, was the one that everyone respected.

Joanna was serious in her work, regardless of importance. Furthermore, she would care about the overall situation, and she’s the most talented management talent of Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate in recent years.

However, Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate had a conservative style. If anyone wanted to be deemed as the successor, they would have to receive the acknowledgement of the elders. Because Joanna was a woman, Tony was more highly viewed by the elders of the conglomerate. Hence, Joanna could only become an executive at best, and it’s impossible for her to qualify for becoming a successor.

She had stuck her hands out to try and stop her brother, Tony, from cooperating with Ying Xiong. But her brother had insisted on his ways, trying to prove with his own ability that he could change the strategic planning of the entire conglomerate.

However, Tony never expected that the situation would take such a drastic turn. Not only was Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate unable to enter the Chinese market as they had planned, but they even lost the chance to enter the market because of this incident.

Seated before her desk, Joanna gave a call to Qin Jingyu. Qin Jingyu had met with Joanna several times, so he had a deep impression of this beautiful executive of the Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate.

“Mr. Qin, I’m sorry to disturb you.” Joanna’s voice sounded gentle.

“Shouldn’t it be a wonderful matter for me to be disturbed by a beauty like yourself?” Qin Jingyu laughed.

Qin Jingyu was extremely fluent in his command of English, and he had an accurate British accent.

After a brief pause, Joanna asked, “I wonder how the development of the matter that I’ve previously requested of you is going?”

“Oh?” Qin Jingyu patted his forehead, appearing to have just recalled about it and sighed, “Saving Tony, right? I’m sorry, but I’ve been too busy recently to handle it.”

Joanna knew that Qin Jingyu was acting at this moment, so she swallowed up the humiliation. “Mr. Qin, I have already transferred 30,000,000 EUROs to your account as you’ve requested. Isn’t it inappropriate for you to forget about it?”

“I have received it, but I don’t recall asking you for it though.” Qin Jingyu smiled.

“You!” Joanna’s eyes were gushing with flames. She never expected that Qin Jingyu would be so cunning.

“How about this, transfer another 40,000,000 EUROs to my account, and I might be able to help you with it when I’m not busy.” Qin Jingyu casually said.

What a despicable fellow!

Joanna sucked in a deep breath. Her family could afford 70,000,000 EUROs, but she was disgusted by Qin Jingyu.

“Alright, I will transfer another 40,000,000 EUROs to your account, and I hope that you will not forget about it again.” Joanna compromised.

“Oh, and I have a request for you!” Qin Jingyu suddenly opened up.

“What request?” Joanna knitted her brows together.

“Help me deal with someone. He’s currently in Italy.” Qin Jingyu briefly paused before he smiled. “Logically speaking, he should be our common enemy. I will send you his information shortly. If you can get this matter done, I’ll return 20,000,000 EUROs to you.”

When Joanna ended the call, Qin Jingyu soon sent Su Tao’s information to her, to which he immediately received a message, “He’s the hero who has just saved your entire country!”

“China is huge, and we’re filled with talents. As for being a hero, he will definitely not be the only one.” Qin Jingyu’s lips twitched with disdain.

After completing his transaction with Joanna, Qin Jingyu saw Rangure looking at him with a peculiar smile.

“Do you have any objections about this?” Qin Jingyu sighed.

“You’re negotiating with Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate before me. Accurately speaking, you’re challenging my bottom line.” Rangure honestly replied. Italy’s Tosca Pharmaceutical and Germany’s Neuer Pharmaceutical had a similar background, and they also had a similar group of people like Rangure.

Interest-wise, Rangure and Joanna were both enemies. Hence, Qin Jingyu’s action undoubtedly set his foot in both camps, so Rangure naturally felt unhappy about it.

“I’m giving you an assurance to make the call before you.” Qin Jingyu shrugged before he continued, “Don’t worry about it. After this incident, Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate can’t enter the Chinese market. I’m only taking advantage of this opportunity to extort a sum of money out of them.”

“You really intend on sending Tony back?” Rangure curiously asked.

Letting out a sigh, Qin Jingyu wore a cold sneer. “Since the Fire Beacon could release Ying Xiong, why can’t the Dragon Group release Tony? Tony was only Ying Xiong’s pawn in this matter, and if we can get a sum of money by getting rid of a useless chess piece, this can naturally be negotiated.”

Rangure never expected that Qin Jingyu would have such thoughts, so she inwardly sighed with a bitter smile, “You’re really a terrifying person.”

“Oh?” Qin Jingyu looked at Rangure with a playful smile and replied, “I like others fearing me. This way, they will not provoke me so easily.”

“You only have interest in your eyes, and working with someone like you will feel as if I’m making a loss.” Rangure smiled.

“Then, why are you still here?” Qin Jingyu liked how Rangure evaluated him since he had always been wanting to become an ambitious and ruthless person.

“Worse comes to worst, you will only use me if I get close to you. If I distance myself from you, I will only be destroyed. I’m a smart person, so I will naturally pick the former.” Rangure chuckled.

Lifting Rangure’s chin, Qin Jingyu eerily said, “I’m taking a liking to your honesty.”

After Rangure left, Qin Jingyu sneered and muttered, “That German spy is getting more and more arrogant.”

In his view, Rangure was only a chess piece in his hand. As long as he’s firm enough in his heart, he would not be led astray by her. As for having contact with Joanna, it was just a back-up plan. If he loses Rangure’s channel to communicate with the Middle East’s battlefield, he would be able to easily find a replacement. Tosca Pharmaceutical represented one of the great figures in the medical industry, and it’s not any weaker than Neuer Pharmaceutical.

Hence, this was the reason why he’s trying to free Tony. It’s so that he could get the Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate to owe him one.

However, it would definitely take time. After all, the Seven Mountain Virus had just recently happened, and there were still repercussions in the country. The leaders of the nation were still furious, so he would only upset them by releasing Tony.

On this matter, Fire Beacon was clearly too anxious when they sent off Ying Xiong.

After this commotion calms down, Qin Jingyu would decide to use his connections to get Tony back to Italy.

Giving a call to the Second Dragon, Qin Jingyu ordered, “Help me contact Tony’s prison and get them to improve his standard of living so that he won’t be wasted before he even leaves the prison.”

“Roger!” The Second Dragon replied.

Seated in her vehicle, Rangure’s gaze turned sharp. She had known Qin Jingyu for years, and this was a deep and unfathomable man.

When the vehicle drove out, Rangure sighed. But shortly after, she found something wrong with her mood, so she wondered who she was sighing for.

Was she sighing for Qin Jingyu’s cruelty?

 Or was she sighing for that young physician in Italy?

Rangure was slightly startled since she realised that she had underestimated Su Tao’s ability. Without her knowing it, Su Tao had started to appear in her sights, such as the underground research facility or South Africa’s Gold Mine.

Without her realising it, Su Tao had grown into a formidable opponent with boundless potential.

At that moment, she started to regret her decision. If she had chosen Su Tao instead of Wang Guofeng back then, Su Tao could be considered a qualified seed by now.

But then again, she had tried to get close to Su Tao; however, Su Tao was firm and wasn’t influenced by her.

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