Chapter 760 - Successfully Making into the Upper Circle

While Emily was being carried on the stretcher, she was laying on it with a calm expression. Even before she left, Maldini had been grabbing her hand.

“I’m fine, so you don’t have to be worried about me. On the contrary, I’m sorry for making a mess of the party.” Emily squeezed out a smile.

What a silly lady!

Maldini sighed with sorrow, “I will pay you a visit tomorrow, so please rest well.”

After the ambulance left, Maldini realised that the guests did not leave and many of the women had surrounded Su Tao. They’ve taken a liking to the mysterious air around him, especially with how his treatment for Emily was like a magic performance.

Seeing that Yan Jing was standing in a corner, Maldini grumbled, “How did he become the protagonist of this party today?”

Logically speaking, Maldini hoped for Yan Jing to be the protagonist of this party to allow Three Flavour International to shine during their fashion show.

Casually shrugging her shoulders, Yan Jing replied, “Please don’t get it wrong. He’s the real soul of Three Flavour International, and you’ve gotten something wrong.”

“Oh? What is it?” Maldini was stunned as he looked at Yan Jing. He had no idea where he was wrong.

“What kind of people are concerned about fashion week?” Yan Jing smiled.

“Those in the upper circle.” Maldini immediately replied.

Shaking her head with a bitter smile, Yan Jing analysed, “The bunch who are concerned with the fashion week are mostly women with spending power and authority. Men generally won’t be concerned with the fashion week since they’re more concerned with power and wealth. Then again, they might occasionally pay attention to some models and celebrities during fashion week. So, even if I managed to attract attention amongst the upper circle, it’s nothing much to most of the people that are interested in fashion week. On the other hand, Su Tao can attract the liking of these women as a man.”

As Maldini’s gaze changed, he sighed, “You’ve considered things further than me.”

Shaking her head, Yan Jing smiled. “That’s because I believe that no woman can resist Su Tao’s charm.”

“Including you?” Maldini asked with a playful smile.

“Including me!” Yan Jing responded without any hesitation.

Maldini inwardly sighed. He knew that Yan Jing was giving him a tactful rejection to let him give up. At the same time, Maldini had to look at Su Tao with a whole new evaluation. Su Tao wasn’t a total failure, but a formidable competitor.

Standing amongst the crowd, Su Tao had a woman who’s proficient in Mandarin standing beside him. Her name was Silvia, and she’s a blonde lady in her late twenties with a height at 5’7”. Wearing her heels, she’s at the same height as Su Tao when she stood beside him.

Aside from Spanish, she’s also proficient in Arabic, Mandarin, and Korean. Her family business emphasised on foreign investment, so she had put in effort in her languages.

“Catherine says that she often gets sleepy, and she would feel exhausted at about 9 p.m., what’s the problem with her?” Silvia asked.

“Everyone has a beaten period in their bodies. She suffered a cold three months ago, leading to some damage in her spleen. Although her body has naturally recovered, her subconscious is still trying to maintain sufficient rest for her body, and the key to resolve this is to nourish her spleen.” Su Tao analysed.

From TCM’s point-of-view, those with spleen damages will experience exhaustion, and they won’t be fond of talking. Looking at her tongue, her tongue was plump and faint in colour with a greasy white coating on the surrounding teeth.

They’re not genuinely sleepy, it’s because their spleen had been absorbing nutrients to recover. When their muscles lack nutrition, it’s natural for one to feel beaten and tired.

After he shortly written down a prescription, Su Tao explained, “Find a pharmacy and eat according to this prescription. Her condition will be resolved in just three months. Furthermore, she has to cut down on alcohol.”

Su Tao’s judgment was accurate. When Catherine discovered that Su Tao could tell that she was ill three months ago, she couldn’t help covering her mouth as she exclaimed out. Naturally, she was stunned by Su Tao’s diagnosis.

TCM could diagnose a patient’s condition three months ago, and it’s something impossible for western medicine.

Western medicine emphasised on experience, and anything without the basis of science was the same as speculation.

Truth be told, this was an extremely false point-of-view.

TCM emphasised on finding the root of the illness, and it’s not something that could be done in a day. Finding the common point amongst a large number of cases before proofing and analysing it had been the key foundation to medical theories for the past thousands of years.

“Stephanie says that her menstruation cycle has been inaccurate for the past three months.” Silvia briefly paused when she spoke. Italians might be more open, but it’s awkward to reveal such private matters to a man. However, since Stephanie was willing to say it out loud, she could only translate accordingly, “Do you have any suggestions for her?”

After Su Tao examined Stephanie’s tongue, he nodded his head and smiled. “If I’ve guessed correctly, she must be someone who loves sports, such as marathons. Appropriate exercises can aid the body in maintaining their metabolism, allowing the secretion in the body to function well, and that naturally goes the same for the menstruation cycle. Intense exercises will decrease the hormone secretion in the body. To keep up with the strenuous exercise, testosterone secretion in the adrenal glands will increase. With one increasing while the other decreasing, it will cause an imbalance in the body. Hence, strenuous exercises can cause inaccurate menstruation cycles.”

“Oh my god!” Stephanie covered her mouth in shock after Su Tao managed to tell what her hobby was. She’s a marathon lover, and she would participate in any marathons hosted in the country. To ensure that she’s in top form, she had a habit of jogging daily.

Being able to tell that Stephanie liked to do marathons wasn’t just from her tongue, but her physique as well. A marathon lover generally had smaller muscles, and they’re also lighter in weight. Their muscles were usually more slender while the muscles on their Achilles tendon was more developed. Then again, it’s also easier for one to suffer from tendonitis.

Although Stephanie did not show any apparent injuries to her Achilles tendon, Su Tao could tell from her walking posture that she had often trained.

Under Silvia’s help, Su Tao helped a few more people with their conditions. He did not use any medical apparatuses, but only relied on his observation and taking of pulse to accurately point out the cause of the illness, which won everyone’s admiration.

“This is my number, you can give me a call anytime.” Silvia winked when the party ended, she even secretly shoved a name card to Su Tao.

Noticing this detail, Maldini walked over to Su Tao and said, “Silvia is a famous icy beauty in Milan. I never expected that she would actually give you her name card. It’s truly shocking.”

Su Tao could hear the faint envy in Maldini’s words.

Stowing the name card well, Su Tao smiled. “Don’t forget about our bet. You have to find a few international models for Three Flavour Hall’s fashion show.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Maldini replied with confidence, “Don’t worry about it. Even without this bet, I would still find the best models for you.”

“Your gaze seems to have changed when you’re looking at me!” Su Tao smiled.

“Oh?” Maldini froze.

But just when he was about to speak, Su Tao headed over in Yan Jing’s direction. Meanwhile, Maldini was inwardly commenting on Su Tao’s sensitivity.

Su Tao knew that he had left behind an inextinguishable impression in the hearts of everyone with his performance today.

However, this was only the first step of TCM into the international stage.

Seated in his vehicle, George took out his phone and made a call, “Ms. Monica; I have a piece of shocking news for you. I met someone at the party today, and he’s the one who ruined our plan in China.”

Monica was currently applying a mask with a glass of red wine in her hand as she replied, “I know about him. He’s that Chinese physician called Su Tao, right?”

George was stunned since he never expected that Monica already knew about this and replied, “That’s right, it’s him. I’ve communicated with Andrewson, and if it wasn’t for him, the cure couldn’t have been made so quickly. This way, Mr. Tony will also have more time to leave China.”

Letting out a sigh, Monica realised the reason why George had called her.

Although he was in the same profession, George grew a hatred for Su Tao, and he wanted to make use of her to teach Su Tao a lesson with her grudges.

“Thank you for your reminder!” Monica replied without any change in her expression before she continued, “That plan has already failed, and it’s of no importance who the one who ruined the plan was. The utmost importance right now is to rescue my son, Tony.”

George initially expected that Monica would be furious, but he never expected that she would be so calm and revealed an embarrassed smile. “Alright. I understand your meaning now, and I won’t disrupt your rest.”

After hanging up the call with George, Monica gave a furious call to the international lawyer, “Your target is already in Milan, so why haven’t you guys done anything yet? I don’t remember transferring the payment late!”

Mike distanced himself from his phone and waited for Monica to vent her anger before he helplessly explained, “Su Tao is more cunning than we have imagined. We actually did send someone to act today, but it failed.”

In the end, those two mercenaries weren't able to escape the pursuit and were currently stuck at a hotel of a small town. Furthermore, they’re at risk every single moment.

“I don’t like explanations! I only want results!” Monica smashed her phone.

Listening to the call that was hung up on him, Mike helplessly turned to the person beside him. “Commander Caru, you have to get more elites to deal with this matter. Otherwise, not only will you not be able to receive the money, but I will also be embarrassed.”

Nodding his head with a solemn expression, Caru replied, “Don’t worry about it. I will give you a satisfying answer as soon as possible.”

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