Chapter 76 - Wolf in Sheep’s Skin

Chapter 76 - Wolf in Sheep’s Skin

Yin Le’s mind instantly went blank. The story wasn’t proceeding as she had imagined. She should be calmly greeting Xu Huifang and leave a prideful impression for Bian Youtian. However, she never expected that Xu Huifang would dare to humiliate her in public. At this moment, it was as if time had paused with the wine splashing towards her. If it landed on her, then she would instantly turn from a prideful peacock to a ridiculous sparrow.

A cold smile flashed in Xu Huifang’s eyes. The reason why Yin Le came was because she had given the latter an invitation in secret, intending to humiliate this vixen in public.

She actually knew about the affair, but she kept quiet. She knew that controlling a man was akin to flying a kite. As long as she held the reins, there’s no worry that the kite would fly away from her sight.

Bian Youtian had been constantly chasing women for the past few years. But she could tell that Bian Youtian didn’t treat Yin Le like the other woman, his feelings had been implicated. Some time ago, Xu Huifang received an audio recording through a private investigator. It was actually an audio recording of Yin Le asking Bian Youtian to divorce, which he agreed to in the audio. So how could Xu Huifang not be mad?

This adulterous couple!

In her heart, even if her husband was in the wrong, it was due to Yin Le’s seductions that caused it. Thus, she decided to humiliate and tear apart Yin Le’s phoney façade in public.

The wine splashed in the direction of Yin Le, along with her rage.

Yin Le had subconsciously used her pink purse to cover her face, and it was a response based on instincts. But she suddenly felt her underarm being lifted and her centre of gravity was shifted towards the right. She could even hear the whistling sounds of wind blowing by her ears as she dodged the wine’s assault.

She was lying in Su Tao’s embrace as she looked at the fellow who rescued her with a faint smile. Her eyes were bright, as if she was still mulling over this situation.

Su Tao lowered his head and tapped Yin Le’s forehead with a hand. “We didn’t manage to dodge it completely, a drop got on you.”

He moved his finger to his lips and licked it, causing Yin Le to suddenly feel numb.

It all happened in an instant, from Xu Huifang splashing the wine to Su Tao pulling Yin Le to dodge the assault and wiping the droplet of wine on her forehead. In the eyes of others, it all practically happened in a few blinks of an eye.

Xu Huifang’s ridiculing expression suddenly turned to shock and her head froze with a few cut scenes from the moment. How did Yin Le instantly disappear from her eyes?

The wine splashed on the floor and missed the target, causing Xu Huifang to forget how she should react.

She released her thick fingers, allowing the glass to fall and it shattered on the floor as she pointed towards Yin Le and cursed, “You actually have the guts to turn up for this ball?!”

Yin Le still hadn’t recovered and she was looking at Xu Huifang in panic. She’s weak in her heart, despite her appearance. After all, she’s the third party here. Her gaze looked towards Bian Youtian, wishing that he could stand out to protect her. However, Bian Youtian instantly turned his face away and avoided her gaze.


A crisp slap resounded, instantly causing everyone to be dumbfounded.

As Xu Huifang spoke, Su Tao walked to her and gave her a heavy bitch slap.

“You hit me?” Xu Huifang held onto her burning cheek while looking at Su Tao in disbelief.

This was her villa, and she also hosted this ball. She initially wanted to make use of this opportunity to humiliate Yin Le. With her understanding, even if she had humiliated Yin Le, the ball would still proceed as usual because she understood her husband, Bian Youtian, well. He would surely suck it up and keep quiet. At the same time, she was also making use of the event today to tell Bian Youtian to behave himself and not violate her bottom line.

But the event that she had expected undergone a complete turn. She was slapped by a skinny guy that looked to be in his twenties. His eyebrows were black and a modest smile hung on his rosy lips. However, it was such a young man that gave her the resounding slap.

Retracting his hand back, Su Tao nodded his head. “Yeah, I did! This slap is for my girlfriend because your actions had been too unruly. My girlfriend is so beautiful, so wouldn’t it spell a public rage if she got splashed by such cheap wine?”

As Su Tao reprimanded her, her plump chest trembled as she raged, “Do you know where this place is?”

Su Tao shook his head and calmly replied, “I don’t care. No one can bully my woman, no matter the place. Initially, I felt that the atmosphere in this ball was pretty high-end, but I never expected to encounter a bitch like you here. How classless.”

“You called me a bitch?” This was still the first time that she had been treated in this manner by someone. Not only did she suffer a slap, she even got insulted.

Su Tao pointed to the wine splashed on the ground, and the shattered glass, and replied, “Not only are you a bitch, but you’re also a smashing bitch. Even wearing such high-class clothes and luxurious perfume can’t hide your body odor.”

Xu Huifang’s eyes widened. Her weak spot had been pricked. She took two steps back, then turned to Bian Youtian and raged, “Don’t you think you should do something? He’s scolding your wife!”

Bian Youtian took a long time to recover from the shock before he looked at Su Tao for a long time. Initially, he thought that Yin Le was just casually bringing a man over, since Su Tao was still too young, and Yin Le had always had a thing for older men. So he felt that she definitely wouldn’t fall for someone like Su Tao.

However, he never thought that Su Tao would stand up for Yin Le, that proved the unusual relationship between the two.

The attention in the ball was immediately directed over and the surrounding people started to whisper and discuss. The commotion grew even further when they saw Xu Huifang being slapped. The ball quickly turned into a mess, since the host got humiliated before everyone.

Bian Youtian took a step forth and coldly demanded, “You have to give me an explanation today. You hit my wife earlier, and you need to be slapped twice by my wife for me to let you go.”

Su Tao turned to glance at Yin Le. Yin Le was stunned at this moment. She never thought that the mess would blow up.

He helplessly sighed. Why was she stunned when he’s trying to fight for her? Thus, Su Tao gently pinched her tender arm, which made Yin Le feel a sour and numb sensation on her arm before finally returned to earth.

Yin Le gently breathed out, then coldly looked at Bian Youtian. “It was your wife that tried to splash wine on me. If I hadn’t dodge in time, I would have been the one humiliated today. The reason why he slapped your wife is due to her actions being classless.”

A complicated expression flashed on Bian Youtian as he suppressed his rage. “Yin Le, don’t mess around here. Look at what venue this is; take note of your behaviour.”

Shrugging her shoulders, Yin Le indifferently smiled. “Don’t use this technique on me. Watch the venue? Watch my behaviour? I had enough of your hypocrisy.”

Seeing that Yin Le wasn’t giving him any face, Bian Youtian’s face sank. “Since that’s the case, then I’m sorry for this.” Finishing his words, he gave a signal to the security guards and they immediately surrounded Su Tao and Yin Le.

Bian Youtian faintly said, “They’re ruining the ball on purpose, get them to leave.”

Despite the pompous words, the security guards knew that they were to give the two of them a taste of bitterness in the process of getting them to leave.

Yin Le helplessly glanced at Su Tao and bitterly smiled. “I’m sorry for landing you in trouble.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “Can’t help it, I forgot to take a fortune when I left home today. If I knew that there would be trouble today, I would have never joined this mess with you.”

Yin Le never thought that Su Tao still had the mood to joke around now. She suppressed her voice, “I’ll block the security guards so that you can escape. I’m a woman, and Bian Youtian won’t do a thing to me due to our past relationship. If you’re caught, I’m afraid that you will definitely suffer.”

Seeing the concern for him, Su Tao felt that although this woman was a little overbearing, she’s still loyal. He gently smiled. “Why are you despairing? We must have confidence and believe in miracles, along with having an unyielding courage in the face of desperate straits.”

Yin Le never expected that Su Tao still had the mood to talk right now. She grew anxious. “Be serious here!”

“Alright, I’ll shut my mouth for five minutes!” Su Tao smiled.

When he finished his words, a security guard had already charged over with a commonly used takedown technique, to grab ahold of Su Tao’s arm and tripped his foot, then subdue him onto the ground.

However, it did not go as he had wished. When his hand came in contact with Su Tao’s arm, his hand immediately slipped and an intense pain was coming from his wrist. His joint cracked and his entire arm was dislocated.

Su Tao gently pulled and dislocated the arm of that security guard. For a Physician well-versed in bone setting, dislocating someone was akin to eating beans. He only needed a little force to achieve it.

The bizarre situation instantly caused the other security guards to take several steps back. None of them were actually trained. They had been dressed so well for the show, so how could they do a thing when encountering a master?

Xu Huifang subconsciously took two steps back while pointing at Su Tao and yelled, “Go! If none of you can take him down today, all of you can get lost tomorrow!”

Immediately, the security guards hardened their scalps and charged forth.

The security captain was a firefighter for several years, so his skills were pretty decent. He immediately knew that he definitely wouldn’t be able to gain any advantage while being barehand, so he quickly drew his electric-baton out and charged towards Su Tao.

Su Tao stood on the spot, and his leg lashed out when the guard got close. The captain immediately felt his wrist turning numb, and Su Tao took his electric-baton and pressed the trigger, poking it in the chest of the security captain. Zapping sounds rang out as the captain fell onto the ground, fainted.

The other security guards that initially wanted to charge forth immediately backed down after seeing this situation.

Shock covered Bian Youtian’s face. At this moment, Su Tao’s calm expression looked like a wolf donned in the skin of a sheep that had revealed his mask.

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