Chapter 759 - Patella Strain

The party instantly went silent as Emily was groaning out in pain. At this moment, Maldini was completely at a loss, so he yelled out, “Quick, send her to the hospital!”

Standing beside Su Tao, Yan Jing asked, “You did that on purpose?”

“Not exactly, this was only a possibility. That woman might have a serious injury, but it had strongly stayed hidden, and it could erupt anytime. It was just that she did not pay any attention to it, and it erupted during her dance with Maldini.” Su Tao patiently explained before he continued, “For example, it’s akin to hanging something heavy on a damaged rope. Although the rope could barely sustain it in the beginning, it will break when the weight increases.”

Nodding her head, Yan Jing bitterly smiled. “Maldini must be panicking right now. Everyone feels that he is at fault for this incident.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao replied, “That lady might have a heavy injury, but it isn’t the same as typical fractures. It’s considered a chronic fracture, and it’s also called a fatigue fracture. It’s a chronic condition that accumulates over time. There was a young patient in his twenties in Three Flavour Hall who plays basketball three times a week. Occasionally, he would go for night runs as well. But despite his healthy lifestyle, his legs were suddenly fractured one day.”

“It’s unfathomable that exercising can also result in a fracture.” It was also Yan Jing’s first time hearing that, so she wore a bitter smile. “Then, wouldn’t I have to pay attention in the future?”

“Just exercise appropriately.” Su Tao patiently explained and went on, “When a person exercises, there will be different degrees of damage on their bodies. Normally speaking, they’re small injuries, and they will heal overnight. However, if the damage is faster than the body can recover, it will slowly accumulate before it results in a fatigue fracture. If I’ve guessed correctly, this lady must be involved in heavy exercises, and it’s also due to the fact that her previous sprain did not recover for this to take place.”

“We’ll go and take a look!” Yan Jing led Su Tao through the crowd.

George and Roscoe were standing beside Maldini. Although the two of them weren’t orthopaedics, they still had some knowledge on this matter. The two of them exchanged a glance. Emily’s condition was just as Su Tao had previously stated. There was a fracture on Emily’s knee that was closely related to the earlier dance.

Putting it in a nutshell, Emily’s leg had already fractured.

“How is she right now?” Maldini impatiently asked.

Shaking his head, Roscoe explained, “She suffered heavy injuries to her knee, and she has to be sent to the hospital for treatment.”

Nodding his head, George added, “As for the exact situation, we can only know about it after making a detailed check-up in the hospital.”

“Why don’t you let Physician Su Tao have a look at it?” Yan Jing walked out from the crowd with a smile and added, “He can help Emily.”

Maldini looked at Yan Jing before turning to look at Su Tao with a conflicted gaze, he was conflicted in his heart. No matter how he dealt with this issue, he had already lost.

Su Tao had already warned him that Emily had an injury on her leg, and he didn’t believe it and insisted on dancing with Emily. Hence, he was responsible for this matter.

Maldini looked at Emily, who was groaning in pain. Her complexion had turned pale with beads of sweat falling from her forehead. She seemed to be under immense pain.

“Mr. Maldini, you have to be prudent. We should send the patient to the hospital before determining a treatment method after a detailed investigation.” George persuaded with his brows knitted.

“I admit that Su Tao is something for being able to detect the injury on Emily’s knee, but judging from her current condition, we have to find the injury before putting on a cast and using painkillers. Otherwise, she will soon faint from the pain.” Roscoe spoke up as well.

Yan Jing sighed. It was truly troublesome for her to communicate with this bunch of western medicine specialists. However, she still tried her best to persuade, “TCM has an advantage when it comes to bone conditions, and I think that we should seek the patient’s opinion.”

Thereafter, she squatted down and asked, “Are you in pain right now? This person standing beside me is a physician who came from China. He created the Beautifying Cream and Restoring Serum, and he’s willing to help you. Are you willing to accept his help?”

Emily was in immense pain at this moment, so she immediately nodded her head with tears rolling down her cheeks. “If he can help me with the pain, I’m naturally willing!”

Yan Jing knew that the Beautifying Cream and Restoring Serum had taken effect. The two cosmetics had a magical effect, and many women in the noble upper circle were filled with admiration for it. They even felt that TCM was miraculous to create such a miracle.

Seeing that Emily had agreed to Su Tao’s treatment, there’s no reason for Maldini to say anything, despite his disbelief about Su Tao being able to treat Emily. Gnashing his teeth, he said, “Then please have Physician Su Tao take a look at Emily and see if he can alleviate her pain!”

If Su Tao manages to treat Emily, it would resolve the current awkward situation. On the contrary, if Su Tao failed, that would mean that his medical skills weren't as brilliant as rumoured, and their previous bet cannot be considered a complete loss on his side.

After getting everyone in the surroundings to take a few steps back, Maldini started to call for an ambulance to send Emily to the hospital. In the depths of his heart, he still didn’t believe that Su Tao could treat Emily.

Standing to the side, George looked at Su Tao with a conflicted gaze. After knowing that Andrewson and Su Tao resolved the virus he had painfully created, he had done a detailed investigation on the latter.

Su Tao’s experience for the past year could be considered miracles, and even George felt that it was a product of packaging. He didn’t believe in TCM, nor that TCM could withstand the test of modern science. In the depths of his heart, he did not believe that Su Tao could do anything to help.

Placing his medical box on the ground, Su Tao’s eastern-styled medicine box had attracted everyone’s attention.

Due to the Three Flavour International’s products opening a market in the western countries, these people have started to come in contact with some traditional TCM skills, such as acupuncture, fire cupping, and massage. Then again, they did not use it for treatment but healthcare.

Retrieving his needles from his medical box, Su Tao took two needles out and slowly inserted them into two acupoints on Emily’s knee.

All of a sudden, Emily stopped groaning in pain and she looked at Su Tao in astonishment before she asked, “Why is it not painful anymore?”

“I’m using acupuncture to numb your nervous system, and this is the reason why you’re not feeling any pain. However, I still have not joined up your bones, so it will still hurt if I pull out the needles.” Su Tao patiently explained.

Standing to the side, Yan Jing swiftly acted as Su Tao’s translator. Although Emily couldn’t understand all of it, she wasn’t feeling as much pain as before so her emotions slowly calmed down.

As for the spectators in the surroundings, all of them exclaimed out since they had personally witnessed it. Everyone saw how Su Tao alleviated Emily’s pain with two needles.

Generally speaking, the pain could only be alleviated with anaesthesia or painkillers, not to mention there were side effects with those two medicines. On the other hand, there wasn’t so much concern with acupuncture.

“This is too magical! I never expected TCM to be so formidable. He’s truly worthy of being the creator of the Beautifying Cream and Restoring Serum.” A woman whispered to her friend.

Su Tao also never expected that his action today was a form of advertisement for Three Flavour International.

At this moment, he had nothing else on his mind as he started to feel the fracture with his hands. At the same time, he wasn’t too optimistic about Emily’s body condition.

Emily had Osteomalacia on her knees, and it’s due to her intense activities over the years.

Osteomalacia was a slow-developing condition. In the beginning, there would only be dull pain before the surrounding area starts to feel pain from any form of strength exerted. As time accumulates, it would be difficult for her to even go down the stairs. In severe cases, it might even affect her ability to walk. Judging from her condition, it started from the death of her cartilage cells, affecting the cartilage’s ability to absorb nutrients. Furthermore, there was a higher chance of this condition occurring in women than men.

From western medicine’s point-of-view, it could only be treated with surgery. Then again, there would also be complications after the injury with side effects, but it’s not the only method of handling it.

In TCM, Osteomalacia of the cartilage was also known as Patella Strain.

There could be two causes, external and internal. The external being that the cartilage has suffered damages, causing the acupoints to be blocked up and the stagnant of blood and Qi. As for the internal reason, it’s due to the weak kidney and liver, causing the cartilage to lose nutrients. When Qi no longer dissolves hematoma, it would cause the veins to be clogged.

At this moment, Emily’s condition was considered severe. If she didn’t have security immediately, it might result in other complications.

Knitting his brows, Su Tao first used the Planks Fixing Technique to fix the fracture before applying his special ointment. The ointment would be one of the medicines produced by Three Flavour Medicine. The military’s logistics department had already contacted him to order a batch of it for the military’s usage, and this was also the reason why Su Tao wanted to invest in a medicine factory to create more profits.

Emily only felt a spicy sensation coming from her painful locations before she gently let out a breath.

Thereafter, Su Tao got Emily to lay flat on the ground and started to perform acupuncture on her liver and kidney meridians. This was the difference between TCM and western medicine. According to western medicine, fixing the injury and applying medication would be the end of it. However, TCM emphasised on treating the cause, so he had to clear up her hematoma and nourish the two of her organs so that she could completely recover.

At that moment, the ambulance had already arrived. When the medics saw Su Tao currently handling Emily’s injuries and seemed to have an effect, they weren’t in a rush to put her on the stretcher.

Half an hour later, Su Tao finally finished his job and stood up. When he stood up, he was welcomed with applause from the surroundings. They were cheering for this physician.

Su Tao had successfully won everyone over with his medical skills because the changes in Emily wasn’t an act, but it was an effect of Su Tao’s treatment.

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