Chapter 758 - Showing Off

Due to the fact that the Seven Mountain Virus emerged in China, and it was swiftly contained, many people in other countries did not know anything about it, despite its massive influence.

The media had only reported for a few days when the outbreak was serious, and now that the virus outbreak had passed, everyone naturally forgot about it.

However, it wasn’t the same for George since he was a part of the virus. He was the one who created that virus, so he had been paying attention to this matter. Even so, he never expected that he would be able to meet Su Tao at this party, the young man who struck a blow to the virus that he created.

He got to know from Andrewson that Su Tao played a crucial role in creating the cure. Hence, George had held deep grudges for Su Tao since his virus couldn’t take effect as was originally planned, leading to the enormous loss of Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate. Even the business of his company had been affected by this matter.

“Mr. Su, you’re extremely famous in China.” George smiled as he continued, “An old friend of mine often mentioned you to me, I wonder if you know Andrewson?”

Maldini was surprised as he looked at Su Tao and translated George’s words.

When Su Tao heard that George was an international virology specialist, he instantly figured out that this person might be acquainted with Andrewson. Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “I have recently participated with him in a medical rescue mission back in the country, and he’s a pretty good fellow. It’s just that he can be a little stubborn.”

Wearing a smile, George stretched his hand out. “So it’s really you. It’s an honour for me to meet you here.”

Su Tao did not know if George was a friend or enemy, but when he saw that the latter had stretched his hand out, he shook hands with George.

“Ever since I found out that you found inspiration from a Chinese herb for the cure, I have been spending some time studying TCM and Chinese herbs. I heard that physicians have a diagnostic technique that allows them to diagnose their patients with their eyes. Is that really true?” George smiled.

When Maldini heard that, he laughed, “How is that possible? Such medical skill definitely does not exist in the world. How can someone rely on their eyes to diagnose others?”

Standing to the side, Roscoe shook his head as well. “It should be a rumour. I’ve once read an article, and regardless of TCM or Indian Medicine, there’s a large portion of superstitious theories in it that goes against modern science. It has long been abandoned in Europe to use folk remedies to treat patients.”

Since Su Tao couldn’t understand Italian, he had no idea what they were talking about.

When Yan Jing finally found an opportunity to break away from the crowd, she walked over to Su Tao and Maldini smiled. “It’s a coincidence that you’re here. Roscoe and George here are both famous international medical specialists, and they don’t believe that TCM can make a diagnosis without any medical equipment. Do you agree with that view?”

Su Tao locked his brows upon hearing that. He knew that Maldini was trying to stir trouble.

Seeing that Su Tao’s expression wasn’t nice, Yan Jing smiled. “There’s nothing to doubt about that. I have personally witnessed how Su Tao managed to diagnose his patients with his eyes.”

Seeing that Yan Jing was speaking for Su Tao, Maldini pointed at an ample and tall woman not too far away and asked, “May I ask if that lady has any sickness? If she has any, what is she suffering from?”

When Yan Jing noticed the sneer on Su Tao’s lips, she knew that he was feeling upset, so she whispered in his ears, “Why don’t you reveal something for them to see?”

“It doesn’t feel good, and it feels like I’m being led by my nose.” Su Tao sourly replied.

“People in Milan are prideful. Unless you can make them acknowledge you with your capability, you can only suck up on how they looked down on you.” Yan Jing decided to prod Su Tao.

Wearing a bitter smile, Su Tao knew that he would definitely be looked down upon by Maldini if he didn’t say anything right now.

In his heart, TCM was sacred, and it was something used by him to make a living; it’s not something to boast about.

However, he could no longer bear this situation any longer because the tone of these people was filled with contempt when they talked about TCM.

Maldini and his friends never wondered why females would chase after herbal cosmetics products if there’s nothing good about TCM.

He inwardly sighed in his heart. He wasn’t trying to show off, but these people were trying to force him to show off.

Su Tao also knew that Yan Jing was trying to prod him into making a move. He could only convince these people with his capability so that it would make the follow-up work easier.

This was the upper circle, and everyone was influential. If he managed to subdue them, he would be able to conquer many people in Milan.

“That woman does have a condition, and it’s in her knee, not to mention that she’s even wearing such high heels. If she doesn’t seek medical attention in time, her condition will deteriorate, and it will be harder to treat in the future. At that time, I’m afraid that she will no longer wear heels in the future.” Su Tao replied.

As joy flashed through Yan Jing’s eyes, she translated Su Tao’s words.

“Impossible!” Roscoe knew that woman. She’s one of the successors of the Agnelli Family, Emily. He had just witnessed her dancing with a gentleman earlier, and her movements were smooth.

“Are you spouting nonsense to offend her?”

Letting out a helpless sigh, Su Tao replied, “You can ask her if she has played golf or bowling recently. The injury on her knee was left at that time, but she clearly did not notice it, hence delaying her condition.”

Seeing that Su Tao was so confident, Maldini knitted his brows and laughed, “We’ll go and ask her if it is as you’ve said. How about this, we’ll make a bet. If you win, I will get international models to attend the Three Flavour International’s fashion show. But if you lose, you must leave Milan immediately. But don’t worry about it, I will help Ms. Yan with the fashion show even if you’re gone.”

“Isn’t this inappropriate?” Yan Jing locked her brows together. She wasn’t worried that Su Tao would lose, but she felt that doing this would make the conflict between Maldini and Su Tao grow.

Maldini’s eyes flickered with excitement since he knew that he had to show a strong side of him to make Yan Jing find him charming.

Wearing a smile, Su Tao suggested, “Why don’t you invite her for a dance when the dance starts. If she’s willing, that means that I’ve lost.”

Listening to his words, Maldini was briefly stunned before he smiled. “We’ll go according to your suggestion. I’ll go invite her right now.”

When Yan Jing saw that Maldini was walking over to Emily with confidence, she frowned, “Maldini is the host today, and no one will reject his invitation for a dance.”

Placing his finger by his lips, Su Tao hushed, “Just watch!”

Walking over to Emily, Maldini waved his hand before his chest and made a gesture to invite her for a dance. Emily was shocked and covered her mouth; she clearly did not expect that Maldini would invite her for a dance. When she looked around, she saw the jealous gazes directed at her from the surroundings. There were many unwed women present in this party, and in terms of her appearance, Emily wasn’t particularly outstanding.

“Ms. Emily, may I invite you for a dance?” Maldini said in a charming voice.

“Naturally, it’s my honour!” Emily placed her hand on Maldini’s hand without any hesitation. Holding onto Emily’s hand, Maldini swept a glance at Su Tao with a smug look.

At this moment, he even suspected if all of Su Tao’s past magical feats were all fake. After all, it’s unbelievable for someone to treat the vegetative state and Leukemia.

“He must be a liar who’s proficient in putting up an act. Aside from the Three Flavour International’s products effective in beautifying, everything else should be fake.” Maldini had once read a Chinese article about how there have been charlatans scamming others under the name of TCM.

Since he had invited Emily, he naturally had to dance with her before going over to humiliate Su Tao. Maldini was proficient in dancing, matching together with his figure and looks, he was a pleasure to look at and countless women hoped to be Emily at this moment.

As for Emily, she felt as if she was in a storybook. Was Maldini trying to confess his love for her?

Maldini had never acted out in this manner on a public occasion. He had been remaining scandal-free, and he’s the dream prince of many women in the circle.

Could it be that lady luck was shining on her?

“Oops, I’m sorry!” Emily accidentally stepped on Maldini’s foot out of panic.

Bearing the pain, Maldini replied with a gentlemanly smile. “You seem to be a little nervous. Just relax and entrust yourself to me.”

With her heart throbbing, Emily started to dance along with Maldini taking the lead.

The scene of Maldini and Emily dancing had instantly captivated everyone. Maldini was leading Emily in the dance, causing exclamations and praises from the surroundings.

All of a sudden, Maldini felt another surge of pain coming from his foot and knitted his brows together. Did Emily make another mistake?

But before he could even react, Emily had lost her balance and she fell onto the ground, holding onto her knee as she groaned out in pain with sweat covering her face.

Everyone was startled by this scene since they had no idea what was happening.

As for the audience, they were pointing at Maldini and they discussed amongst themselves, debating if Maldini had caused Emily to fall during the dance.

Ten-odd seconds later, Maldini tried to help Emily up several times, but Emily felt that her leg was fractured and she couldn’t stand.

Maldini was at a loss at this moment before he suddenly recalled that Su Tao had warned him about Emily’s injury. Did Su Tao really manage to see through Emily’s condition with a glance? Isn’t that a little too shocking?!

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