Chapter 757 - High-end Ball in Milan

Maldini was a man with plenty of emotions, but he’s not a playboy nor was he someone fickle in love. Due to his outstanding background and appearance, many girls were chasing after him, but his number of girlfriends could be counted with one hand.

Ever since he fell out of love, Maldini chose to have a period of peace and he hoped to find a woman that he could spend his life with. The women around him were too snobbish, and all of them came for money. Hence, he did not believe in such a mundane relationship.

Hence, whenever Maldini chatted with his friends, he would mock himself for being a pitiful worm without any sense of security.

But the moment when Maldini saw Yan Jing, his long withered heart started to throb. Yan Jing was filled with the mysterious charm of an eastern woman with her independence and intelligence.

He was never a believer of love at first sight, but he found out that he had fallen for Yan Jing. Whenever he sees her, his heart would start to violently throb. Furthermore, Yan Jing’s every smile and frown would strum his heartstrings.

Maldini knew that Yan Jing and Su Tao weren’t just partners, but he still couldn’t control his urge from pursuing Yan Jing since he felt that Su Tao was too young, and he couldn’t give Yan Jing any happiness.

Especially after he knew that Su Tao was speeding not long after coming to Milan, his impression of Su Tao immediately collapsed. He only had one impression of Su Tao right now, a reckless young man.

Hence, he started to wonder why Yan Jing would fall for such a man.

Maldini had investigated Su Tao, and he knew that the latter was a physician. As someone who has grown up in Italy since young, it’s impossible for him to understand TCM.

In his impression, physicians prescribe a bunch of herbs in their treatment for their patient to consume.

Due to the fact that it wasn’t a scientific study, it was long banned in Europe, causing many pharmacies to close down. Although they could be occasionally seen in Chinatowns, they had a terrible business.

The party that he had planned today could be considered a welcome party for Yan Jing, and at the same time, to show Su Tao the difference between them. He hoped that Su Tao would know what’s best for him and withdraw from this triangle relationship.

Then again, Maldini’s pride and indifference was also closely related to his environment.

Folks in Milan were prideful and indifferent, and it’s poles apart from other Italians. Furthermore, they’re competent when it comes to business, allowing them to have bulged pockets. Hence, it had formed their confidence in pride and arrogance.

Maldini might be well-mannered, appearing to be amicable and friendly most of the time, but the arrogance that was carelessly revealed would send a shiver down the spine of others.

When they arrived at a castle, Maldini opened the door for Yan Jing as a gentleman. As Yan Jing placed her hand on top of Maldini’s, Maldini bowed and smoothly fetched her out.

After sweeping a glance at Su Tao, Maldini introduced to Yan Jing, “This castle has hundreds of years of history. My grandfather bought it from a declined Marquis family before renovating it. Although it cannot be compared to the majestic Castello Sforzesco, it’s definitely filled with the ambience of Milan.”

Nodding her head with a smile, Yan Jing replied, “The Maldini Family is truly the most influential family in Milan, and it’s my fortune that I can work with you.”

“No, I have to thank Ms. Ormond. If it wasn’t for her recommendation, how could I get acquainted with such a charming lady like yourself?” Maldini smiled.

Maldini was naturally mentioning Vera since the Ormond and Maldini Families had business interactions all this time, and they even had an opportunity to have a joint marriage. However, Maldini was fussy when it came to marriage, so he had rejected it.

However, Maldini managed to become good friends with Vera. Through Vera’s recommendation, Maldini had invested in Three Flavour International. However, he did not have much knowledge about the Honorary Chairman, Su Tao. He only saw it as an opportunity for his family to gain a stable footing in China.

“Oh, I’ve invited a few famous friends from the international medical field. Mr. Su, you can talk to them later.” Maldini smiled. Although his tone sounded as if he was trying to form a connection for Su Tao, he was subconsciously trying to get Su Tao to recognise his position.

When Yan Jing noticed this, she held onto Su Tao and whispered in his ears, “Don’t bother with him. I won’t be attracted to him.”

“Thank you for your comfort, but I still have this bit of confidence. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have cooperated with you holding my arm.” Su Tao grinned.

When Maldini saw Su Tao and Yan Jing’s intimate behaviour, his face slightly changed, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Upon entering the castle, the interior was filled with Milan’s ambience with many oil paintings from the Renaissance period. There were many naked men and women in the art, filling this place with an ancient style.

The grand hall of the castle was about three to four hundred square meters, looking massive with tables placed everywhere. The table cloths were covered with colorful flowery patterns with all sorts of delicacies placed on them.

The guests were grouped together in threes to fives and they were gossipping amongst themselves, like how the previous prime minister had a new lover or any new business opportunity that they discovered overseas.

When Maldini appeared, he was instantly the focus of attention since he was the host today, so it was natural for him to be the protagonist.

Coming to the centre of the dance floor, Maldini cleared his throat and said in fluent English, “I would like to extend my welcome and gratitude to everyone present here, and I believe that we will share a wonderful night together. Furthermore, everyone must be curious about the topic of this party, right? Alright, I’ll stop keeping you guys in suspense. The objective of this party is for me to introduce you guys to a friend of mine, Ms. Yan Jing, who came from China. While most of you might be unfamiliar with her name, I believe that you guys are definitely not a stranger to the brand that she’s managing. There’s a set of mysterious cosmetic products currently circulating around in Milan’s fashion circle that is said to have originated from ancient China’s court, the Beautifying Cream and Restoring Serum! That’s right; she’s the CEO of this company.”

Applauses suddenly exploded at the party. It was just as Maldini had said, they might be unfamiliar with Yan Jing’s name, but the Three Flavour International’s cosmetics products have made a name for themselves in Europe. It was a shocking achievement that did not rely on advertisements, but word-of-mouth.

Under everyone anticipation, Yan Jing slowly came to the centre and said in English, “I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me, and I also have to thank Mr. Maldini for giving me an opportunity to be here. Actually, the Three Flavour International’s products have nothing to do with me; it was the hard work of our Chairman, Mr. Su Tao. He’s currently here with me, and strictly speaking, he’s the boss while I’m just an employee.”

When she finished her words, she instantly welcomed a wave of laughter and everyone was praising Yan Jing for being resourceful and humorous.

After the applause calmed down, Yan Jing continued, “On this trip to Milan, I did not just bring our latest cosmetics products, but we even brought our latest fashionable clothes and bags. We have one solid objective, to create the first Chinese high-end brand. In just a few days, we will be hosting a product launch fashion show, and I hope that everyone can attend it.”

Yan Jing was smart. Everyone here belonged to the upper circle in Milan, and they could be considered as potential consumers. So she made use of this location to make a free advertisement.

Looking at Yan Jing being so confident and mature at the centre of the dance floor, Maldini sighed as he admired this perfect creation of God.

After Yan Jing left the dance floor, Maldini returned and smiled. “If everyone considers me a friend, then you must participate in Three Flavour Hall’s fashion show. Not only do they have the best fashion products, but they’ve also invited the most outstanding models, and I believe that all of you won’t be disappointed. Alright, I will not continue speaking any further. Please, enjoy the party to your fullest!”

After Maldini left, elegant music started playing and everyone immediately surrounded Yan Jing, asking about the details of Three Flavour International’s new products and the fashion show.

Most of them were women in Italy's upper circle, and they knew that under Maldini’s strong promotion, the new products of Three Flavour International would definitely be a success. Hence, they would definitely not let this opportunity go as they caught onto a fashion trend.

“Ms. Yan is a capable woman, and she’s very welcomed in our circle. I’m afraid that she won’t be able to put any attention on you for the time being.” Maldini handed a glass of wine to Su Tao and continued, “Why don’t I introduce you to several international medical specialists?”

“Thank you!” Su Tao smiled as he took the glass of wine.

Su Tao initially wanted to refuse Maldini, but Maldini reacted swiftly and smiled. “Let’s go. I’ve seen Mr. Roscoe. He’s a giant in the field of Cardiology and Neurology. Furthermore, he’s also the medical consultant of my family.”

Roscoe was currently chatting with a robust foreign man. When he saw Maldini walking over, he smiled. “Mr. Maldini, I was just about to introduce you to an outstanding figure. This is George, and he’s one of the top virology specialists in the globe.”

Pointing at Su Tao, Maldini explained, “This is Doctor Su Tao from China. Since you guys are in the same trade, I brought him here to chat with you guys.”

“Oh? He seems pretty young. May I ask which hospital he works in?” Roscoe knew that someone recommended by Maldini must be from a famous hospital. He had a wide connection, and he would also participate in all sorts of medical conferences. Hence, he’s trying to find the hospital that Su Tao worked in before going into the topic for a deeper conversation.

As for Maldini, he was naturally happy to act as Su Tao’s translator.

“I’m working in a pharmacy in China. It was something left to me by my grandfather.” Su Tao honestly replied and continued, “I’m a physician!”

Once again, Maldini translated honestly.

Upon hearing those words, Roscoe widened his mouth since he had no idea how to continue with the topic.

Standing to the side, George slightly knitted his brows. He had found Su Tao somewhat familiar. When he heard Su Tao mention being a physician, he instantly realised that he was the person who worked with Andrewson to find the cure for the new type hepatitis virus.

But why is he here in Italy?

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