Chapter 756 - You’re my backing

After they left the restaurant, Ru Gushan sighed, “You were too rash earlier. It’s troublesome to offend a paparazzi. Even if he won’t do anything right now, who knows if he might frame you in the future.”

As someone in the entertainment industry, Gu Rushan knew how terrifying a paparazzi could be. There was often news of celebrities beating up paparazzi. Although beating up someone might be wrong, who would show a violent side if they weren’t provoked?

Then again, if there wasn’t any paparazzi in the entertainment industry, there would be one less mirror in the world. If that happened, the celebrities in the entertainment industry would act more unbridled. It could be considered two careers that restrained each other. There were rights and wrongs between both sides, and it’s not something that could be easily explained.

“I hate to be afraid of anything. If he wants to frame me, I’ll just deal with it accordingly. Oh, your relationship with Li Qing’er seems to be pretty complicated.” Su Tao smiled.

Su Tao had a pair of vicious eyes, so he naturally saw through their relationship.

From the moment Li Qing’er appeared, she had permeated an imposing bearing to suppress Gu Rushan. As for Gu Rushan, she also did not show anything on the surface and kept it under control.

Suspecting if Su Tao was equipped with mind-reading, Gu Rushan nodded her head after a brief silence. “The drama had a pretty good influence on me. Many people felt that my acting was better than hers, that made her feel humiliated. In the end, she even hired troll armies to frame me for having an affair with the director. However, the management company responded swiftly and got rid of them.”

It’s natural for there to be competition between actors, especially if you’re in the same production team. The first female lead would naturally feel humiliated by the second female lead, thinking that Gu Rushan was using her as a stepping stone.

In the entertainment industry, you’re practically stepping on others to rise up, especially when competing for being a first-rate celebrity. For example, if they participated in the same variety show.

“It seems that every single industry has its own concern.” Su Tao smiled as he continued, “Remain firm. You can definitely change their view in the future.”

“With someone like you backing me up, it’ll not make sense if I can’t rise.” Gu Rushan replied.

“I’m considered a backing?” Su Tao asked.

“That’s for sure. You’re my biggest backing, and I have to tie you up firmly.” Gu Rushan smiled in rapport. As she spoke, she felt the urge to grab Su Tao’s arm, but she ultimately refrained herself from doing so since it wasn’t appropriate.

This was what Su Tao liked about Gu Rushan, her straightforward personality. She wouldn’t put on any artificial airs around him, and that’s what he liked about her. It felt great to be trusted and relied on by someone.

As the two of them laughed, they entered a cab. Somewhere in the dark, someone was watching over their actions.

In a red Ferrari parked near the restaurant, a mercenary dressed in black clothes, Badoglio, spoke out in annoyance as he chewed on the chewing gum in his mouth, “The target doesn’t seem to have any bodyguards, so why don’t we go up and capture him?”

“Did you not listen to the commander’s orders?” Masmo, another mercenary who was dressed in a black T-shirt with a huge skull tattooed on his chest, said as he continued, “According to the target’s information, he’s extremely skilled. So there are some risks for us to capture him with just the two of us here.”

“What risk are you so concerned with? Just point a gun at his head and force him to obey our orders.” Badoglio patted on the pistol at his waist in disdain as he mocked, “Even if he’s skilled, can he dodge bullets?”

He felt contempt for Masmo’s concern. In terms of physical combat, he had never feared anyone.

Seeing this situation, Masmo inwardly sighed. Badoglio was the best fighter in the entire organisation, and this was the reason why Caru had assigned him in the mission to capture Su Tao. However, Masmo did not feel that it was that simple, and they should be more cautious.

As Masmo drove the Ferrari to tail the cab to the hotel once more, Badoglio noticed that several people were charging over in their direction just when they’d parked their vehicle.

“We’re discovered!” Badoglio yelled out in excitement and continued, “Worse comes to worst, we’ll just fight it out with them!”

“Are you insane? Our identities cannot be revealed. Do you want to alert the police?” Masmo immediately turned the steering wheel and charged in the direction of the Chinese bodyguards.

They came with the objective to launch a sneak attack on Su Tao, so they had to be hidden in the dark before acting swiftly and capturing Su Tao.

The bodyguards that Yan Jing brought from China were all well-trained. When they saw the Ferrari charging over in their direction, they could only dove to the side.

On the other hand, Badoglio stuck his hand out of the window and flicked the bird while laughing.

After turning onto a pathway, Masmo unhappily knitted his brows. “These people are really difficult to deal with. They’re actually chasing after us in a car!”

“Stop the car. I’ll teach them a lesson!” Badoglio was furious.

“Remember our mission, this is not the time to be headstrong. Our mission is to capture the target alive.” Masmo bitterly smiled.

Shortly after, a huge bang came from the trunk of the Ferrari.

“Are those bastards insane?!” Badoglio roared.

Glancing at the rear mirror, Masmo was also somewhat furious. “They’re only driving a Fiat, and it only costs a few thousand EUROs, so it’s natural that they don't feel anything about it.”

All of a sudden, Badgolio laughed. Masmo was feeling heartache for this Ferrari that he had just bought. Although it did not come from proper channels, it's’ more expensive than a Fiat.

The collision between vehicles soon engulfed his laughter. When he turned around, he sucked in a cold breath as the trunk of the Ferrari was deformed.

 Sitting in the front passenger seat of that Fiat, Hao Changle widened his eyes as he grabbed onto the seat belt. He was feeling conflicted in his heart since he had just rented this vehicle, so how would he explain to the rental company if it was smashed to such a state?

But when he looked at the deformed trunk of the Ferrari, he instantly felt more comfortable in his heart. After all, the owner of that Ferrari suffered more losses than him.

Roads in Italy were narrowed, and due to the frantic chase, it caused a temporary traffic obstruction.

Hao Changle initially thought that Su Tao was a spoiled young master, but he never expected that the latter would have such outstanding driving skills. Driving the car through the narrow pathways, the vehicle would occasionally collide with the Ferrari’s trunk.

“Watch out!” Hao Changle yelled out. Several people were crossing the road.

Su Tao’s expression became solemn as he stepped on the accelerator, controlling the vehicle to collide with the Ferrari up ahead once more. When the two cars charged through the sidewalk, it caused the pedestrians to exclaim out.

 “Are they insane?!” Masmo instantly felt his scalp twitching when he heard the police sirens. They’re both international fugitives, and if they’re arrested, they would face life imprisonment.

“We have to escape!” Masmo never expected that the roles would swap, from hunters to hunted.

The Ferrari started to accelerate. Although it was wrecked, the engine and functions weren’t affected. Determined to escape, the Ferrari started to speed up and shook the Fiat off after two streets.

 Seeing that they couldn’t catch up to that Ferrari anymore, Su Tao parked the vehicle to the side.

“Get down immediately! I’ll take the driver’s seat!” Hao Changle immediately called out.

“You want to take the blame for me?” Su Tao was baffled.

“Your driver's license is useless in Italy for the time being. I rented this vehicle, and I’m also responsible for it. So why don’t I take the blame for it.” Hao Changle sourly replied before he continued, “But you have to get Ms. Yan to compensate the car for me.”

China’s driver’s license could be used in most European countries. In Italy, it could be used for a year legally after being verified. Within the one year, you could feel free to drive in Italy. But after one year, you have to sit for Italy’s driving test. If you fail, China’s driver’s license would be useless.

Su Tao smiled, Hao Changle was still loyal despite his peculiar gaze on Yan Jing. “Your actions have touched me, but I will take responsibility for my own actions.”

Hao Changle widened his mouth as he looked at Su Tao in disbelief.

“Don’t worry. If it goes according to my speculation, those two are international fugitives. After Italy’s police investigate this matter, they won’t hold me responsible. As for the damaged Fiat, I will compensate for the rental company.” Su Tao explained with a smile.

Inwardly letting out a sigh, Hao Changle looked at Su Tao in an entirely new light from his courage to bear responsibility.

After the two of them waited on the side of the road for roughly ten-odd minutes, three police vehicles surrounded the Fiat and a robust police officer aimed his pistol at Su Tao and Hao Changle, ordering them to get down. Although there weren’t any casualties from this event, the two of them had still violated public security.

After Su Tao and Hao Changle obediently got off the vehicle, officers immediately came up to cuff the two of them and they were escorted into a police vehicle. As for the tattered Fiat, it was soon towed away and peace returned to the road.

Su Tao and Hao Changle were detained in different cells and the person who interrogated Su Tao was a female officer who had learned Mandarin. When she heard Su Tao saying that the other party he was chasing after were members of an international mercenary organisation, she had disbelief on her face.

In such a flourishing city like Milan, mercenaries were only heard of in movies. So it’s unbelievable that it had taken place in reality.

Roughly an hour later, the local police had received an instruction from their superior and released Su Tao.

Leaving the police station, Su Tao saw Yan Jing and Maldini.

“To bail you out, Mr. Maldini had used many of his resources to clear up the channels.” Yan Jing explained.

With a smile on his face, Maldini replied, “It’s my honour to help you.”

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao felt suppressed in his heart since he never expected that Maldini would come to help. Then again, it was reasonable since Yan Jing did not know anyone else in Milan.

“It’s now time to eat, and I have to host a party, so please, join us!” Maldini threw out a passionate invitation as he gave a wink at Su Tao. He had long investigated Su Tao, and he knew that this young man was his love rival.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao wasn’t too willing, but he did not have a choice since Maldini had just helped him. So it would be rude for him to reject the offer right now.

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