Chapter 755 - Paparazzi who bumped the nail

“Angel, who were you greeting with?” Sitting before Li Qing’er was an Italian man who curiously asked.

GUCCI was a major corporation, and generally, for fashion shows, they wouldn’t have any direct contact with their models. This time, Li Qing’er was only meeting with an advertising company who had a partnership with GUCCI for this fashion show event.

Although Li Qing’er was a first-rated celebrity in Asia, she could only be considered as an ordinary figure in the international fashion industry.

Angel was Li Qing’er’s English name. She smiled. “It was a friend of mine. We’ve once cooperated for a drama, and she’s the supporting role of that drama.”

“I see. It’s really baffling for celebrities from China to attend fashion shows and spend such a huge sum of money daily.” Patrick smiled.

“That’s where you have no idea. In China, you can be proud of participating in a fashion show. After all, everyone wants to become a celebrity who has participated in the fashion week, a movie who has filmed in a blockbuster movie, or a fashionable celebrity who managed to fuse your style into your fashion.” Li Qing’er explained.

Shaking his head, Patrick smiled. “I understand, now. As long as you participate in a fashion show, your net worth will rise once you return. Acting and singing are only considered a small portion of your income, and a large portion of it comes from advertisements and endorsements.”

“You’re really good at understanding others, so I will need your help in my fashion show. Furthermore, I would like to pay for several front seats for a few shows. I hope that I can put in photographers to take photos of me.”

Pursing his lips, Patrick smiled. “Rest assured. This isn’t our first time cooperating, and I will definitely reciprocate.”

Seeing that Patrick has agreed to her request, Li Qing’er replied, “As for the fees, my manager will contact you about that.”

Rotating his eyes over Li Qing’er’s body, Patrick suddenly said, “The fees are negotiable, but I’m actually more interested in you. If you’re willing to be my girlfriend, I can forget about the fees.”

Li Qing’er was briefly stunned by Patrick’s sudden request. Then again, he was truly worthy of his reputation as a famous lecher. Pretending to be shocked, she asked, “If I’d remembered correctly, aren’t you dating the top model, Olivia, right now?”

Running his eyes over Li Qing’er’s body, Patrick smiled. “Everyone has their right to pursue love. It has been some time since we dated, and we have been giving each other some time. If we find someone that we’re satisfied with, we can break up anytime.”

“But China is a very traditional country, and we have our bottom line for love. Unless you have already broken up with Olivia, I will definitely not be a mistress.” Li Qing’er realised that Patrick was charming. Although he was appropriate to be a lover, he's terrible as a boyfriend.

Taking his phone out from his pocket, Patrick gave a call to Olivia, “Hey darling, there’s something that I would like to tell you.”

“What’s the matter?” Olivia’s voice sounded out from the other side.

“Let’s break up!” Patrick straightforwardly said.

“You bastard!” Olivia’s voice clearly sounded happy when she continued, “But I share the same thoughts as well. I had enough of being together with you. You’ve been cheating on me, and it feels terrible. At the same time, I would like to wish your next good luck because she has successfully taken my hands off from a playboy like you.”

“Do you think I will agree to you after hearing that remark?” Li Qing’er looked at Patrick with a playful smile.

“You will because you know that you can gain more benefits in being together with me.” Patrick took a huge mouthful of the red wine as he wore a smug expression.

All of a sudden, he felt a ticklish sensation running down his leg. Li Qing’er was brushing her leg against his. At this moment, Patrick was fantasising about how crazy she would be on the bed.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “Li Qing’er has a pretty good reputation in the country, so why does she become so open when she goes overseas?”

“There’s a management company in the country to manage her image. So when she goes overseas, she’s like an untamed horse.” Gu Rushan helplessly smiled.

“Is that paparazzi over there?” Su Tao nudged his lips to a direction.

“That’s right. According to this situation, it should be someone called over by Li Qing’er. It’s no wonder why she took the initiative to greet me earlier, she has a motive.” Gu Rushan knitted her brows.

Su Tao soon understood Gu Rushan’s concern. Just a moment ago, Li Qing’er had revealed her identity, and it’s practically the same as a piece of free news for the paparazzi.

Recently, Gu Rushan’s management company had been investing a lot for advertisement, shaping her image as a strong and brave woman. If photos of her meeting with Su Tao were revealed, then it might put all their efforts so far down the drain.

Hence, the management company would definitely try to buy it from the paparazzi’s hand, since it could be considered a decent income.

“I’ll talk with him!” Su Tao stood up and headed over to the paparazzi’s table.

The paparazzi who came from China did not panic but arranged his camera. After Su Tao sat down, he pinched his throat and asked, “I’m a little thirsty. Can you treat me to some coffee?”

“I’m not familiar with you, so why would I treat you to a cup of coffee?” Su Tao smiled.

Flinging his lips, the paparazzi replied in disdain, “We both know it well why you came here. I’ve taken quite a few photos of you and Gu Rushan being together. If they’re released tomorrow, I’m sure that it will definitely make the headlines. Then again, Gu Rushan is pretty lucky to soar up in popularity because of you.”

“Oh? You know me?” Su Tao was surprised since this paparazzi seemed to know his thing.

“I naturally do. You’re Divine Physician Su Tao of Three Flavour Hall, and you've been making headlines for the past six months. If I can’t recognise you, then I’ll be blind.” The paparazzi grinned as he gave out an offer, “I don’t have a high request. Pay me USD$100,000, and I’ll not say anything about this matter. In the future, if you need any help from me, I will do my best to help you. I have some connections in the entertainment circle, and I can resolve anything for you.”

“What if I refuse?” Su Tao responded with a playful smile.

“Then, I’m sorry. The photos about your meeting with Gu Rushan will be released. It might seem to be a simple matter to meet up with a female celebrity, but humans are naturally curious. As long as someone guides it in the right direction, it will instantly become unfavourable to both of you. Then again, it won’t affect you much, but it won’t be the same for Gu Rushan. Her career has just started, and her management company will definitely abandon her.” The paparazzi replied in a sluggish voice.

“Your shamelessness exceeds my expectations!” Su Tao coldly commented.

Waving the camera in his hand, the paparazzi smiled. “What’s wrong? Do you want to hit me? Sure, I can have another headline news tomorrow!”

Su Tao initially had no intention of using violence. But when he saw the paparazzi being so arrogant, he grabbed onto the paparazzi’s collar, pulling him to the side and made him stumble.

“If you want your reputation to be ruined, then you can give it a try. I’m a famous reporter in the entertainment weekly publication. I have many readers, and I can easily destroy your reputation.” The paparazzi panicked before he roared.

Sending a kick at the paparazzi’s face, the latter flew out and his camera dropped onto the floor. Walking over, Su Tao picked it up and retrieved the memory card before smashing the camera.

The paparazzi naturally never expected that Su Tao would be so violent. At this moment, he finally realised that Su Tao wasn’t as much of a pushover as he looked. He clearly never expected that the famous national hero would be so fearless.

Glancing at the reporter in disdain, Su Tao said, “Since you understand me well, then you should know that I have many ways to ruin your life in China. You can feel free to give it a try if you don’t believe me. We’ll see if your so-called ‘entertainment weekly publication’ or my connections are more powerful.”

Su Tao wasn’t someone who would bully others, but it was mainly because the paparazzi was too hateful.

Su Tao hated people threatening him, especially someone like the paparazzi who tried to profit by revealing the privacy of others.

“Let’s get the bill. We’ve eaten quite a bit, and this meal isn’t wasted.” Su Tao gave a smile to Gu Rushan.

The staff in the restaurant had no idea what was happening. But when they saw that the commotion soon settled down, and the paparazzi knew that he’s in the wrong. Thus, they decided to ignore the matter and did not call the cops.

At this moment, Gu Rushan felt conflicted as she sighed. She never expected that a simple meal would develop in this matter and went to pay the bill at the counter.

After Su Tao left, Li Qing’er went over to the paparazzi and asked, “Is the camera spoilt? What about my photos?!”

“Photos?” The paparazzi sourly said, before he continued, “Do you know how much information I had in this camera? I’ve suffered an enormous loss this time.”

Letting out a sigh, Li Qing’er asked, “Who’s that man from earlier?”

“Forget it, I had bumped the nail this time.” The paparazzi massaged his face and raged, “Consider my loss this time, and I’m willing to accept it. As for you, don’t spread it around.”

Recalling Su Tao’s words earlier, the paparazzi felt a chill down his spine. Su Tao might be a doctor, but he’s also a public figure, so the paparazzi knew how powerful Su Tao could be. If Su Tao was determined to mess with him, he naturally had many ways. Thus, the paparazzi did not want to offend such a formidable figure.

Seeing that the paparazzi left after stowing the remains of his camera with heartache, a bizarre light flickered through Li Qing’er’s eyes. She never expected that the young man standing beside Gu Rushan would have such a significant backing. It looks like that woman isn’t a pushover. It’s also no wonder why she could obtain the heavy grooming of a famous management company in the industry.

Li Qing’er got the paparazzi to snap photos of Gu Rushan because she was overshadowed by her in the previous drama. Although she did not say a word, she was inwardly furious and decided to mess with Gu Rushan.

“What’s the matter?” Patrick came over and curiously asked.

“Nothing much. A friend of mine got into a dispute with someone, but he doesn’t seem to need my help.” Li Qing’er replied with a smile.

“So, where are we going next?” Patrick held onto his chin and suggested, “The hotel or my apartment?”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t feel well today!” Li Qing’er wasn’t a fool to fall for Patrick so easily and continued, “Please be reassured. I’m someone who gets started slowly, and since it’s love, then I will have to get into the mood slowly.”

Pinching Li Qing’er’s chin in disappointment, Patrick smiled. “You’re one cunning little fox.”

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