Chapter 754 - Fashion Week

Milan was Italy’s second-largest city and it’s the most important traffic hub in southern Europe. This city has a long history, and it became famous because of their constructs, art, fashion, paintings, western opera, football, and tourism.

Milan was a famous international city, being one of the eight most popular cities in the world. Even one of the four fashion weeks was hosted in Milan, and it was acknowledged as the standard.

Normally, Milan would host their fashion week in either September or October, along with February and March. Hence, Su Tao and the group had picked this time for the launch event of their new products to build a name for the brand.

The one who received Yan Jing’s group was a man called Maldini, who had two small beards and was proficient in Mandarin. However, he wasn’t exactly fluent in it and it felt that he would bite his tongue anytime when he speaks. It was just like how Chinese talk in English; they would often mess up their use of words.

However, he was extremely willing to boast his talent in Mandarin while constantly introducing Italy to Yan Jing. In the eyes of Italians, the investment of Chinese enterprises was very much welcomed.

There were Milan-renowned football teams that were acquired by Chinese enterprises. Football was part of the life of locals here, and they felt grateful at the generosity of the Chinese to invest so much in football clubs.

“Ms. Yan, do you like football?” Maldini smiled as he continued, “I share the same name with a legendary football star. My father was a football fanatic, so he changed my name when I was eight. And coincidentally, that football star was my favourite player, so I’m also in love with my name.”

“Football is an international sport. Although I’m not fond of it, I don’t particularly despise it, either.” Yan Jing smiled.

“There’s a focus play this week, and I would like to invite you to watch it together. What do you think?” Maldini winked.

“Since you’re so generous, then I feel that we can get thirty tickets so that my colleagues can come along with me.” Yan Jing smiled.

Listening to those words, Maldini was briefly stunned. He was giving a hint to Yan Jing. He was attracted by her beauty the moment they met, so he wanted to use football as an excuse. But despite the tactful rejection from Yan Jing, Maldini still felt the need to insist and agreed, “Sure, I’ll treat you guys to a game of football.”

With thiry-odd people, the cheapest ticket would cost ¥250 that ultimately added up to ¥7,500. For Maldini, this was not an unbearable expense for him.

Yan Jing initially wanted to brush Maldini off, but she never expected that he would really agree to it. Hence, she wore a bitter smile since she could sense that Su Tao, who was standing beside her, was on the verge of exploding.

“You’re jealous?” Yan Jing asked after Maldini left.

“I will never get jealous!” Su Tao was reluctant to admit it.

“Then why are you looking at Maldini with such a ferocious gaze?” Yan Jing pursued.

“Was I?” Su Tao argued, “This is how I am. When I’m in an unfamiliar environment, I tend to be serious.”

“Maldini’s family has some prestige around here, and he’s one of our partners for the launch event. Overall, he’s pretty good and looks like a gentleman.” Yan Jing bitterly smiled.

“Of course he’s a gentleman before you since he’s interested in you.” Su Tao replied in disdain.

“And here you still deny that you were jealous!” Yan Jing burst into laughter.

“No man is willing to see their woman flirting with other guys before them.” Su Tao put on a stern expression.

Shrugging her shoulders, Yan Jing replied, “I’m just meditating with him. As a woman, I have to learn how to make use of my natural advantage. But don’t worry about it, I won’t be at a disadvantage.”

As Su Tao shrugged his shoulders, he noticed that he had been a little too petty.

However, Yan Jing loved seeing Su Tao jealous since that meant that she had a position in Su Tao’s heart.

Since it would take another two days for Vera to arrive in Milan, Yan Jing had to be responsible for many things. Hence, Su Tao became an idle person.

After he took a shower and wore his clothes, his doorbell rang. When he went over to open it, it took him a long time before he realised who it was.

It was Gu Rushan!

It had been months since he had seen her, and she had changed into a completely different person. Compared to her sweet-tempered temperament in the past, she looked more mature right now. It’s probably the result of a professional stylist after joining the showbiz industry.

Along with the Three Flavour International’s launch event, there would also be a large-scale fashion show. As one of the spokespeople for Three Flavour International, it’s natural for her to participate in this event.

“It has been a long time since we met, and you’ve gotten more beautiful.” Su Tao poured a glass of water for Gu Rushan.

“You’ve gotten sweeter with your words.” Gu Rushan smiled before she continued, “But I won’t buy it.”

Wearing an embarrassed smile, Su Tao replied, “I watched your drama, and you’ve acted pretty well. Everyone has commented on how your performance was more outstanding than the first female lead.”

“It’s all thanks to the management company.” Gu Rushan did not show any pride as she explained, “I’m still a little lacking compared to those actors who came from acting schools, so I intend to undertake advanced studies.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “It’s good that you’re seeking improvements.”

“As for that apartment… I do have some money with me, but it’s still not enough.” Gu Rushan blushed as she said in a low voice, “It might take a long time for me to pay you back.”

Since the prices for real estate soared in Beijing, it was still insufficient for Gu Rushan to pay Su Tao despite the money she earned from acting and being a spokesperson.

“Do you think that I will be concerned with it?” Su Tao seriously shook his head.

Feeling touched, Gu Rushan smiled. “You’re not concerned, but I am. I don’t want to owe others too much.”

“Then, work hard and make yourself more famous.” Su Tao smiled and continued, “This way, you will be able to satisfy your parents, and at that time, you will have a clear conscience.”

“Although I still owe you money, I can treat you to a nice meal.” Gu Rushan winked.

Rubbing his stomach, Su Tao did feel a little hungry and smiled. “Let’s go, then. I’ll do you the honour.”

Since the fashion week would soon take place in Milan, Gu Rushan had dolled herself up a little when she came out. After all, she’s now a public figure, and she couldn’t afford any scandals.

Now that it’s the hot period for the fashion week, many celebrities and paparazzi were here.

For example, there were two big-shot celebrities with their families having intimate contacts with the opposite sex and had a photo taken. Ultimately, that male celebrity had to spend twenty million to buy it.

Since Gu Rushan was still rising, she had to try her best to control scandals. Otherwise, she could be easily drowned by the scandals.

When the two of them found a western Italian restaurant, they took their seats and the waitress came over and started to communicate with Gu Rushan on her order. For this trip overseas, Gu Rushan had to cram hard on English. Thus, she was able to communicate with the waitress.

There’s a high spending average in Milan compared to China, and a sumptuous dinner could cost 30 EUROs per capita. That equated to roughly about ¥300. Knowing that Gu Rushan could afford it with her current income, Su Tao did not insist on buying the bill with her.

“Oh, it has been some time since you joined the entertainment industry. Many people say that the water runs deep in the entertainment circle, is that true?” Su Tao sounded his curiosity while slicing the steak.

“I never expected that you’re so gossipy!” Gu Rushan was surprised.

“It’s normal for people to have curiosity.” Su Tao took a bite at the steak. It was medium-well, and it tasted pretty good.

“The entertainment circle is truly a little dark. There was one time when I finished my endorsement for a product, someone immediately came up to me and offered ¥80,000 for a meal.” Gu Rushan smiled before she added, “But it was rejected by my manager.”

“You’ve truly found a pretty good management company, and you should thank Jingqiu for that.” Su Tao smiled.

Shrugging her shoulders, Gu Rushan smiled. “I feel that I should thank you, instead. After all, she helped me because of you.”

Raising his thumbs to Gu Rushan, Su Tao smiled. “You have a pure heart, and you see things through.”

“That’s for sure, don’t forget that I slowly climbed my way up from the bottom and understood the real world well.” Gu Rushan smiled.

Involuntarily nodding his head, Su Tao knew that as a drifter in Beijing, Gu Rushan had experienced many things that slowly forged her tough personality.

Many celebrities didn’t take the same path as Gu Rushan. Most of them were selected by big-shots before they were sent into the entertainment circle and repackaged with money. Ultimately, they became a vase.

Gu Rushan might be hardworking and cunning, but she lived a real life. She had both thought and spirit, so she’s not a vase to be messed with.

Hence, Su Tao had thought highly of Gu Rushan.

“Hey, it’s really you!” A surprised voice sounded from the rear, so Su Tao turned around to take a look. It’s a woman wearing the latest fashion. She wore aviator sunglasses and a peaked cap. He couldn’t see her actual appearance with those on, but when she removed her sunglasses, Su Tao instantly recognised her. She’s Li Qing’er, an A-listed celebrity in China. She’s also the first female lead for Huadu’s Green Wine, so it’s natural for her to be acquainted with Gu Rushan.

Gu Rushan also never expected that she would encounter Li Qing’er here. She had once worked together with Li Qing’er for a drama, and they’ve even participated in several variety shows in the past. Due to Li Qing’er’s connections, it made Gu Rushan look like a sidekick beside her.

If they’re in the country, Li Qing’er would definitely not greet Gu Rushan. But they’re in Milan, so it’s naturally a joyful occasion for them to encounter fellow acquaintances. Hence, Li Qing’er placed down her aloof pride and greeted Gu Rushan.

“Hello, Big Sister Qing!” Gu Rushan immediately stood up and responded to Li Qing’er’s greeting.

In the entertainment circle, they emphasise on seniority and capability. For a celebrity like Li Qing’er, she had a high position in the industry. If she’s unhappy with anyone in the production team, she could get rid of them with just a word.

“We’ll talk again. I have to accompany the representative from GUCCI now.” Li Qing’er smiled as she left. In her view, Gu Rushan’s objective here was definitely like those second or third-rate celebrities to spend money on the latest fashion before taking a few photos to be posted online.

Li Qing’er looked down on those who rub at the popularity, while she was invited by GUCCI to participate in two to three fashion shows.

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