Chapter 753 - Resolve the heart’s knot through subrogation

As the saying goes, whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must be the one to untie it.

Generally speaking, it’s tough for Su Tao to undo the knot in Sire Zhao’s heart since he was feeling sorrow for the death of his son. However, Su Tao had used subrogation, replacing Sire Zhao’s son with his grandson to undo the knot in his heart.

Many times, physicians were also doctors of the heart. Not only were they required to combat diseases, but they also had to find the source and treat the cause.

After Sire Zhao ate the bowl of congee, he suddenly felt exhausted, which was a normal reaction.

Hence, Su Tao and Mr. Xiao left, allowing Sire Zhao to rest. Aside from losing his appetite, it had also been days since Sire Zhao slept well.

Looking at Su Tao, Mr. Xiao sighed in gratitude, “Mr. Su, it’s all thanks to you that Sire Zhao managed to avert a crisis.”

“If you want to treat Sire Zhao’s condition once and for all, you have to bring his grandson back.” Su Tao replied.

“I have already made contact, and it will be the earliest flight tomorrow. By evening, Sire Zhao will be able to see his grandson.” Mr. Xiao immediately replied.

Nodding his head, Su Tao sighed, “Sire Zhao has been too lonely in his lifetime, and it’s good that there can be relatives around him.”

Listening to Su Tao’s comment, Mr. Xiao was stunned. He never expected that Su Tao was able to notice it in just two meetings. At the same time, he had a whole new understanding of this young physician.

The successor of Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate, Tony, wore a yellow prison outfit with his hair shaved. Sitting before the desk, he had shackles on his hands. A foreign man with curly hair was sitting before him.

“Mike, when can I leave this damn place?” Tony cautiously looked around before he gnashed his teeth. “I’ve had enough of this place! The food is terrible, and I also have to be cautious not to be beaten up. If you want to keep your job, then get me out immediately!”

“Mr. Tony, you have to stay calm right now. There are surveillance cameras all around us, observing our every action and speech.” The lawyer, Mike, pushed his spectacles and patiently explained, “We’re currently trying our best to communicate with the Chinese government through foreign affairs, but the other party is extremely arrogant right now. Because of the trouble you guys have caused, we do not have any advantage in terms of controversy.”

Tony and Ying Xiong were trying to create an epidemic crisis to profit, and their actions could be considered biological warfare. It’s similar to nuclear weapons that were internationally banned.

“I don’t care! Since you’ve taken so much salary, then you have to get this matter done. China is too terrible, and it’s simply a barbaric country!” Tony raged as he continued, “The Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate will never invest in a sealed country like this since the slightest mistake might result in terrible losses because of their uncivilised politics.”

Mike maintained his composure. It was normal for Tony to vent out his emotions right now. However, he did not dare to agree with Tony’s point-of-view since China was the second-largest economy, second to America, and neglecting this market was the same as opposing money.

“Furthermore, I have a piece of bad news to inform you.” Mike shrugged as he continued, “Ying Xiong has already been sent out of China’s borders.”

“What?!” Tony instantly bounced up from his seat. Ying Xiong was the mastermind, so he could only be considered an accomplice.

“What are you doing?!” A prison officer noticed Tony’s actions and immediately slammed Tony back down.

“Relax, officer!” Mike immediately went to push the officer away before he explained in Mandarin, “He’s just a little emotional, he means no harm.”

As the prison officer knitted his brows, he went to the side and continued to look at Tony in alertness.

Due to the earlier impact, Tony’s face was slightly swollen as he asked, “Why was he released?”

“Ying Xiong had a hostage with him, and China agreed to release him in exchange for the hostage.” Mike suppressed his voice as he comforted, “Please be reassured on this matter. We already have a plan in mind.”

After a brief stun, Tony’s expression loosened up and he sighed, “Mike, you’re the best lawyer in the world, and I believe that you can definitely get me out of here.” As he spoke, he gave a signal that no one else could see.

Mike was briefly stunned before he immediately reacted. After he fiddled through his pocket, he gently patted Tony’s palm, the two of them seemed to be shaking hands.

Mike was smart. He knew that the prison was an entirely different society. If you had money, you would be able to raise your standards of living here.

Right now, Tony needed money more than anyone else to improve his standards of living. Many people who were in the same cell as him were Chinese, and he was already terrified of being beaten by them.

“Time’s up!” The prison officer announced.

When Mike saw the drastic change in Tony’s expression, he immediately comforted, “Please be reassured. I will do my best to get you out of this place as soon as possible.”

After Tony left, Mike packed his documents before he left the prison visit. After coming out of the prison, he entered a champagne-coloured Mercedes-Benz and made a call.

“Ms. Monica, I have just met with your son, and he’s in a pretty good condition.” Mike tried his best to sound relaxed, or it would show that he’s incapable to his employer.

“Mike, I’m willing to give you 10,000,000 EUROs if you can save my son.” Monica held onto her phone as she solemnly said, “Aren’t Chinese officials greedy for money? You can feel free to use money to clear up the connections, and the price can be negotiated.”

“Ms. Monica, I’m afraid that you’re still unaware of the current situation. This is no longer a problem that can be resolved with money since Mr. Tony had violated public safety. This is a crime that can render him a death sentence. Oh, China is a country with death sentences, and if it wasn’t for the interference of the embassy, I’m afraid that Mr. Tony would be dead by now.” Mike bitterly smiled.

“What era are we in for there to be death sentences? What a disgusting country!” Monica was furious as she continued, “I didn’t hire you to listen to you talk about the impossible. Please give me some practical suggestions.”

“Alright, let me give you an example. There’s a Chinese, Ying Xiong, who was arrested together with Mr. Tony, but he has already been sent out of the borders because China is willing to exchange him for a hostage.” Mike tactfully said before he continued, “If we have such a hostage in our hands, we can naturally make a transaction with that mysterious force in China to make a hostage exchange with Mr. Tony.”

“But there isn’t such a candidate!” Monica fell into silence.

With a graceful smile, Mike replied, “I have already found the candidate for you, and I will send you the information shortly. This person will soon head to Italy to participate in an activity, and this is an excellent opportunity.”

Monica was briefly stunned before she said in a grim tone, “I’ll be willing to do anything as long as my son can come back safely.”

Mike knew that even if Tony managed to return, his safety could not be guaranteed. However, he comforted with a smile, “You don’t have to pay a great price. I have some information about international mercenaries with me, so you can easily get this matter done through them.”

“I will transfer 3,000,000 EUROs, and you can act on my behalf on this matter,” Monica replied.

“Alright, I will do as you wish,” Mike replied in a confident voice.

After hanging the phone, Mike smiled. “Commander Caru, I’ve just taken a deal for you. 3,000,000 EUROs to kidnap someone in Italy. Are you willing to take up the job?”

A black man sitting beside Mike smiled. “Aren’t you underestimating me a little to doubt if I dare to take this deal?”

“The target is extremely famous in China, and he will definitely have a bunch of trained bodyguards with him.” Mike’s voice became solemn.

“Bodyguards?” The black man wore a disdainful sneer on his mouth and replied, “Don’t compare those kids who have never participated in battlefields with us. 3,000,000 EUROs is a decent income, and it can allow me to upgrade the equipment of my mercenary to another level. I will complete your request perfectly.”

“It’s a promise, then!” Mike had many cooperations with Caru in the past.

As an international lawyer, Mike was required to deal with some dangerous international disputes. Not only did he need to be proficient in international law, but he also needed to have a certain armed force around him as a deterrence.

Caru’s mercenary group was located in Italy, and they had a decent relationship with the local mafia. Hence, they’re the best choice for this capture mission.

After Su Tao smoothly treated Sire Zhao, he received the praises of many seniors in the National Healer Specialist Team. Su Tao might have just joined the team this year, but his performance has convinced many people.

Aside from visiting Liu Jianwei in this trip to Beijing, he’s also here to report to the National Healer Specialist Team to prevent another incident like his Japan trip from occurring.

Su Tao had been cautious in dealing with things, but he would often encounter some unexpected problems, resulting in him bearing controversy. Although his methods might be extreme, reality has proven that they were utmost appropriate.

Thereafter, he stayed in Beijing for a day before he returned to Hanzhou City, since he would be leaving with Yan Jing and the rest for Milan.

Yan Jing had formed a nearly twenty-man team. Of which, twelve of them were bodyguards responsible for the team’s safety.

When Su Tao observed them, he noted that they’re all former highly-trained soldiers. The name of the leader was Hao Changle. He’s roughly in his mid-thirties, and he had the highest prestige amongst the rest.

When the plane landed, Hao Changle came over to Yan Jing and said in a grave tone, “Ms. Yan, you’re my employer, but please follow our instructions when participating in activities for us to do our job.”

Nodding her head, Yan Jing smiled. “Captain Hao, please be reassured. You have the loudest voice here when it comes to security.”

As Hao Changle smiled, he paused his steps for a few seconds before he hollered his team and started working.

“He was staring at me earlier!” Su Tao complained to Yan Jing.

“He’s only looking at you out of habit.” Yan Jing comforted with a smile. Occasionally, Su Tao was also as childish as a kid.

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