Chapter 752 - Treating the Heart with Chili and Onion

Thunderstorms came quickly in China, and it had already started pouring. Fortunately, there were umbrellas prepared at the entrance of Three Flavour Hall, allowing customers to use them with their member cards. It had been more than a month, and there weren’t any shortages of umbrellas. In addition, the umbrellas all had the logo of Three Flavour Hall for advertisement purposes.

Roughly half an hour later, as the day cleared up, Su Tao flagged a cab and headed for the mysterious, yet low-profile National Healer Specialist Team building. This time, the security did not stop Su Tao’s path. When he went to Yue Zun’s office, the latter was currently making a call and had immediately waved his hand at Su Tao, signalling him to take a seat. After he swiftly ended his call, Yue Zun smiled. “I was just about to call you over to Beijing, but I never expected that you would find yourself here.”

“What’s the matter?” Su Tao was surprised.

“Nothing too urgent. Sire Zhao has been feeling uncomfortable recently, and I’m thinking of letting you take a look at him.” Yue Zun looked at Su Tao while taking a sip of some tea. He was pretty happy in his heart since Su Tao had greatly contributed during the Seven Mountain Virus incident. Hence, the National Healer Specialist Team was commended by the leaders.

Back then, when Su Tao had just joined the National Healer Specialist Team, Yue Zun bore the pressure for Su Tao several times, and reality had proven that his choice wasn’t a mistake.

“Sire Zhao was pretty healthy when I previously took a look at him. Did something happen?” Su Tao knitted his brows.

Letting out a sigh, Yue Zun explained, “Some grievous news came a few days ago, something happened to his son overseas.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao commented, “He must have probably injured his heart channel. Let’s not delay the matter; we can head over immediately.”

Yue Zun never expected that Su Tao would be in such a hurry. He quickly gave a call to the general office and got them to contact Sire Zhao. Shortly after, a reply came that Sire Zhao was willing to accept Su Tao’s healthcare service.

By the time Su Tao came out, the general office had already prepared a vehicle for him. When Su Tao saw that Yue Zun wasn’t coming along, he curiously asked, “Martial Uncle, you’re not coming along?”

“I was worried about you when I went with you the other time. But now that I know that you’re fully capable, it’s time for you to be independent.” Yue Zun smiled.

Responding with a smile, Su Tao gave instructions to the driver. Roughly half an hour later, the vehicle arrived at Sire Zhao’s residence.

The door was still the same as he had previously seen. The green had already started to turn purple and there were many vegetables planted inside the courtyard. At this moment, the secretary, Mr. Xiao came with a passionate expression. “Mr. Su, welcome. The leader is resting in the house right now.”

“Is it convenient right now?” Su Tao asked.

“Naturally!” Mr. Xiao’s face turned grave as he continued, “It has already been days since he ate.”

“It’s natural for him to lose his appetite from sadness.” Su Tao solemnly replied and asked, “May I ask if there is any chilli in the kitchen? Those extra spicy ones, along with onions.”

“Why do you need chilli and onion?” Mr. Xiao was baffled.

“I naturally have my usage for them.” Su Tao answered.

“I’ll get them prepared right away!” Mr. Xiao sighed and immediately got someone to make preparations.

When Su Tao entered the house with Mr. Xiao, Sire Zhao was restlessly sitting in his chair.

“Sire, Mr. Su has come.” Mr. Xiao informed.

“Oh!” Sire Zhao immediately sat up and swept a glance at Su Tao before he squeezed out a smile. “So Little Su is here. Quick, get him a cup of tea!”

Mr. Xiao immediately went to brew a cup of tea for Su Tao. After taking the cup of tea, Su Tao took a sip before placing it to the side. When he saw the signal that Mr. Xiao was giving him through his eyes, he knew that the chilli and onion were brought over. After he went over to take them from Mr. Xiao, he said, “I would like to have a personal talk with Sire Zhao, so please leave us for the time being.”

After Mr. Xiao left, Su Tao opened his medical box and took out a medicinal bowl and started pounding the chilli and onion before filtering out the juice.

Looking at Su Tao, Sire Zhao curiously asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m making medicine for you!” Su Tao honestly replied.

“I’m aware of my own condition, so you don’t have to worry about me.” Sire Zhao sighed with sorrow on his face.

“It’s done!” Su Tao declared a few minutes later.

Bitterly smiling, Sire Zhao had no idea what Su Tao was doing.

The reason why he had a loss of appetite was due to the fact that something happened to his son, and it was a great pain for him to send his son off, experiencing the death of his son. So how could any medicine in the world treat that? Unless his son comes back to life.

But when he saw Su Tao’s insistence, he straightened his back and gave in, “I’ll give it a try, then!”

“An external illness has to be treated internally, while an internal illness has to be treated externally. Since you have an illness in your heart, then you can apply it.” Su Tao replied.

After that, he dipped a cotton swab in the juice before applying it on Sire Zhao’s eyelids.

Chilli mixed with onion stings the eye, and Sire Zhao couldn’t bear to start tearing up.

“It’s the natural reaction of the medicine. Don’t bear it and let it flow, it will be fine soon.” Su Tao immediately said.

Sire Zhao felt that he couldn’t control his tears from flowing down, and adding on to Su Tao’s words, his tears started to roll down his cheeks.

Standing to the side, Su Tao handed a napkin over. “Sire Zhao, my condolences!”

At that moment, Sire Zhao finally understood Su Tao’s intentions. Su Tao wanted him to cry it out. Applying the ‘medicine’ on his eyelids was only giving him a way to vent his emotions. At this moment, Sire Zhao could no longer control the sorrow in his heart and started to sob.

Inwardly letting out a sigh, Su Tao could understand Sire Zhao’s emotions. His son has died, and it’s unbearable for anyone to accept that. But as someone with a high position, he had to maintain his dignity before others, not to mention that he had a stubborn personality, to begin with. Hence, he had been trying his best to contain the sorrow in his heart all this time.

But by suppressing the sorrow in his heart, it gradually affected his body and appetite, causing an imbalance in his five organs, especially his heart channel. Adding on to the fact that he’s getting on his age, so he’s in a hazardous condition.

Several scientific datas showed that crying would distribute carcinogens, but it’s just one-sided. Crying was a form of relief to vent out emotions and stress. For Sire Zhao, he needed a way to vent out his feelings.

Roughly half an hour later, Su Tao finally opened his mouth, “Sire, you’ve gone through numerous storms, so your will naturally exceeds others. But all humans have emotions, and I can tell that you’re someone who values relationships from how you’ve previously sealed your brush. So as humans, we have to learn how to vent out our emotions.”

Raising his head to look at the young man, Sire Zhao never expected that such words would come from someone so young.

Due to his previous career, he had been putting on an iron-and-blood side of him. Even when facing his relatives, he had been wearing an impartial face. Hence, many people thought that he had lost his emotions.

“I was the one who chased my son out of the country.” Sire Zhao’s face was covered in tears as he continued, “Back then, I found out that he’s actually using my name to open a dummy company. When it was found out, I immediately severed my relationship with him. It has been so many years, and we’ve never contacted each other. But before his death, he told his son, my grandson, that he could finally be relieved in death, and I will finally forgive him. But to be honest, there’s nothing unforgivable between a father and son. As long as he’s willing to change, he’s still my son.”

Affected by Sire Zhao’s story, Su Tao’s nose also started to become sour and he replied, “It wasn’t easy for either of you. Judging from his words before his death, it shows that he understands your reason for dealing with him in that manner back then.”

“Over the years, I’ve experienced countless separations from death, and it still hurts so much.” Sire Zhao lamented.

“Let me give you a suggestion!” Su Tao said.

“What suggestion?” Sire Zhao asked as he wiped the tears with a napkin.

“I heard that you have a grandson!” Su Tao asked and continued, “Why don’t you fetch him back to the country and let him stay beside you? By watching him grow, it can be considered giving an account to your son.”

Listening to Su Tao’s words, Sire Zhao’s eyes immediately lit up before he bitterly smiled. “But he has been staying overseas all this time. Will he be willing to return?”

Su Tao knew that Sire Zhao was already tempted by the idea and questioned, “What if he’s willing?”

“Get Little Xiao over!” Sire Zhao sighed.

Su Tao immediately left the room and waved his hand to Mr. Xiao, who was waiting nearby.

When Mr. Xiao came in, Sire Zhao instructed, “Ask Haoguo if he’s willing to come back and develop in China. After all, his motherland is China. His father has already passed away, and as his grandfather, I will definitely take good care of him and guide him well.”

Listening to Sire Zhao’s words, Mr. Xiao’s brows relaxed before he immediately said, “I’ll contact him immediately!”

But just when he was about to leave the room, Su Tao called out to him, “Get the kitchen to prepare a bowl of congee along with salted vegetables or pickled mustard.”

Hearing those words, Sire Zhao was briefly stunned before he suddenly felt famished. Now that he thought about it, it had been days since he ate.

A brief moment later, Mr. Xiao came over with a tray that had a bowl of congee on it. It permeated with a fragrance that even sparked Su Tao's appetite.

Sire Zhao only briefly stopped before he finished the congee. Seeing that Sire Zhao was willing to eat, Mr. Xiao sighed out in relief. At the same time, he was filled with admiration for Su Tao’s medical skills.

“It has been days since you ate, so would you like another one?” Mr. Xiao inquired.

“He had just recovered his appetite, so he can’t overeat, or he will suffer from indigestion. He can only resume his diet after three to four hours.” Su Tao immediately reminded Mr. Xiao.

“Oh, it was my fault for my inconsideration.” Secretary Xiao gently face-palmed as he smiled.

“I’ll prescribe a few medicinal dishes later, and Sire Zhao can eat according to them. Roughly a week from now, Sire Zhao will be able to fully recover.” Su Tao patiently instructed before he sat down and started to write.

There have been many people since ancient times who were like Sire Zhao, so many famous physicians have used different techniques.

Then again, Su Tao had used his heart in his treatment for Sire Zhao by using the juice from chilli and onion, allowing Sire Zhao to vent his emotions before going into a conversation and finding the crucial person, Sire Zhao’s grandson, to alleviate his condition.

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