Chapter 75 - Boyfriend Rental Service

Chapter 75 - Boyfriend Rental Service

“Why did you ignore my call?” Yin Le asked in a depressed tone. The feeling of having your call ignored was akin to being rejected after a confession, which would hurt one’s ego.

“There are too many marketing calls, so I generally don’t answer a call from an unknown number.” Su Tao felt Yin Le was being bossy without any courtesy, even they have only met once.

Yin Le felt uncomfortable; she called Su Tao with a request and had gotten her call rejected right from the start. Thus, she felt a little humiliated in her heart. However, she managed to restrain her temper very well and asked, “Are you free tonight? I’d like to invite you to go with me somewhere!”

Knitting his brows, Su Tao subconsciously felt that there seemed to be another story behind that intention, so he probed, “You’re asking me to put up a show with you, right?”

Yin Le was surprised about having her intentions seen through by Su Tao. While pondering about how Su Tao could be so sharp despite his young age, she did not deny and replied, “It’s not that complicated. There’s a ball tonight, and I’d like to invite you to join me.”

“Why should I agree with you? For a beautiful anchor like you, isn’t it easy for you to find a dance partner?” Su Tao sighed.

Yin Le knitted her brows, since she never expected Su Tao to be so unfriendly. “If you’re willing to help me, then I’ll owe you a favour. On the contrary, if you’re unwilling, then I’ll call my Brother-in-Law right now and tell him that you’re running from your responsibility after playing with me.”

Su Tao instantly felt speechless. He never expected Yin Le to be so overbearing. How did he play with her again? Furthermore, her method for resolving the matter was truly unexpected; her method was unruly, which made Su Tao feel a little interested. Since she’s a beauty, then he’d forgive her this once.

Rubbing his nose, Su Tao chuckled, “Sure, come and fetch me tonight, then. Since we’re going to a ball, I must dress well, so make preparations for it. Otherwise, you’re the one that will be embarrassed.”

Yin Le was stunned, before she sourly replied, “Why should I prepare what you’re going to wear?”

“Isn’t that common sense? I’m the actor here, and you’re the director. Shouldn’t the director decide on the clothes of the actor to be compatible with the storyline?” Su Tao nodded his head.

After gently tapping her lips, Yin Le replied, “Fine, I never expected you to be so troublesome. I’ll come and pick you up at 4 p.m.”

A melodious song of Für Elise drifted in the Café, adding a relaxing romantic atmosphere. There were flowers on the table that emanated a light fragrance, along with a relaxing coffee fragrance. The café had brown floorings with books neatly arranged on the bookshelf behind the seats. There’s a bookmark on the right side of the bookshelf that's convenient for customers. 

Yin Le flipped through the pages with one hand while constantly stirring the coffee with a teaspoon and occasionally looked out of the window. Su Tao finally came out of the washroom. He had changed into a black suit with a necktie. Looking at his appearance, Yin Le’s eyes lit up before she walked over and straightened out his collar, while brushing the lower end of the blazer. She was satisfied with her work and commented, “Pretty energetic!”

While Yin Le’s gaze was on Su Tao, Su Tao’s gaze was on her as well. She had a fair and glossy skin with her lips emanating a sweet fragrance. He shrugged. “Rest assured, as a qualified rental boyfriend, I will shoulder my own responsibilities and not embarrass you.”

“Rental boyfriend?” This term was fresh for Yin Le. She asked, “May I ask what services do you provide?”

Straightening up his necktie, Su Tao faintly smiled. “Aside from things that violate ethics, law or justice, I basically provide everything. Furthermore, my fee is also very reasonable, just ¥200 an hour. If you require other special services, like holding hands, kissing, dancing or even making love, there will be additional fees. Naturally, as sympathy for such a charming lady like yourself, I can waive the charges as a special service for you.”

Even knowing that Su Tao was speaking nonsense, Yin Le still couldn’t hold back her laughter. “Stop dreaming. Remember that I’m not employing you, but giving you a chance to come in contact with the upper social circle.”

Su Tao bowed. “Looks like the standard of this ball is very high.”

Nodding her head, Yin Le suppressed her voice, “Basically everyone reputable in Hanzhou will participating in the ball. So you have to perform better. Who knows, you might find yourself  a support to lean on.”

Touching his chin, Su Tao thoughtfully nodded his head. “Sounds like a good opportunity for me to leap through the dragon’s gate.”

Raising her head and seeing the worshipping look on Su Tao’s face, she knew that he was faking it, so she sourly said, “It’s almost time, we should get moving now.”

The ball was hosted in a luxurious villa. This villa was also very unusual. It was unlike the surrounding villas. This villa occupied a more extensive land, like a hidden Imperial Palace. When the white Mondeo reached the gates, the black-controlled gates slowly opened and two security guards in suits and sunglasses stood one the side with earphones.

Under the security’s guidance, the vehicle stopped on the vacant land on the right side of the building. After Su Tao stepped out of the car, he noticed the formation of luxurious vehicles in the surroundings, and he could judge that the standard of this ball would undoubtedly be high.

The ball was located in the garden behind the building with a swimming pool and roughly a hundred people wearing formal wear, gathering in groups and talked.

Yin Le walked in and instantly attracted the surrounding gazes. She wore a low-cut white gown with her hair tied into a bun, revealing her pearly-white ears and smooth forehead. The moment she stepped in, it was as if she had changed into an entirely different person. There was a faint smile hung on the corner of her lips, filled with wisdom and self-confidence as she walked in with her 10cm silver heels.

Su Tao acted according to the script and extended his arm out, allowing Yin Le to gently hold onto his arm. The two of them stood at the same height and became a golden pair in the eyes of everyone.

There’s a 5’9” man who was smiling while conversing with his friend before the two meter-tall wine glass tower at the west side of the hall. When he saw Yin Le and Su Tao entering the hall, there was a cold flash in his eyes.

“Station Head Bian, isn’t that the anchor of your TV Station, Yin Le? I never thought that she’d be participating today as well, she looks way better in person than on the television! It’s a pity that she brought a partner along. Otherwise, she would definitely be swarmed with people trying to get close to her.” The friend laughed.

Bian Youtian took a sip of the red wine and smiled. “Please excuse me. I have to make a call.”

He slowly pushed open the door and left the ball to look for a remote location before taking his phone out and dialled Yin Le’s number. But his call was rejected, and a message was sent shortly after. “Is there anything?”

Bian Youtian let out a long sigh while replying to the message. “Why are you here, in the ball, and who is the man with you? Are you trying to take revenge on me on purpose? Can you not be so childish?!”

Not long after, he received a message from the other party. “Why can’t I appear where you are? He is my boyfriend and do not contact me in the future, or your wife will be jealous!”

When he finished reading the message, rage flashed in his eyes and threw his hand with the phone up, but he did not smash the phone on the floor. Suddenly feeling a touch on his shoulder, he turned around and revealed a smile after looking at the person behind him. “Darling, you scared me.”

“I’ve been looking for you. I never thought that you would be here. Who is it that you’re calling?” His wife, Xu Huifang, asked with a flash of doubt in her eyes.

Bian Youtian gently embraced Xu Huifang’s shoulder and kissed her plump cheeks. “A colleague sent a message to me, and the situation is a little complicated. So I gave him some instructions.”

Xu Huifang cast a complicated look at Bian Youtian before saying, “No matter how urgent it is, deal with it later. We’re the lead in today’s ball.”

Bian Youtian smiled. “Darling, it must have troubled you to invite so many important guests. The advertisement profit this year will definitely boom.”

With a faint smile, Xu Huifang replied, “Your business is also mine, it’s all worth it to take care of it for you. Dad has done many things, and if it wasn’t for his status, how can we invite so many people here?”

Bian Youtian went from an ordinary employee of Hanzhou TV Station’s Advertisement Department to the Deputy Station Chief in a few years all due to the support of his Father-in-Law. Xu Huifang’s father was the President of Hanzhou’s Commercial Bureau and was still active in Hanzhou’s business world. On the other hand, Xu Huifang was the Chairman of an investment company that commanded hundreds of millions.

When they walked back into the hall, Bian Youtian and Xu Huifang held their hands close together to show their loving affection. However, Xu Huifang’s height was barely 5’2” and with her plump size, she looked a little hilarious as she walked beside Bian Youtian.

Xu Huifang did not walk towards the centre of the limelight, but was heading towards Yin Le’s direction while holding Bian Youtian’s hand, instead.

Seeing that the two of them were coming, there wasn’t any change in Yin Le’s expression. On the contrary, she smiled with her teeth exposed and looked incredibly charming.

Yin Le displayed her self-confidence, since she was half a head taller than Xu Huifang, and was practically looking down at Xu Huifang.

Xu Huifang lightly smiled before she waved her hand to the waiter who was passing by.

The waiter stopped and Xu Huifang took a glass, then her smile suddenly turned sinister. She waved her hand and the alcohol in the glass splattered in the direction of Yin Le.

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