Chapter 74 - An Expert in Ruining the Moment

Chapter 74 - An Expert in Ruining the Moment

After breakfast, the Hardware Store’s owner came to change the lock before Lu Shimiao felt relieved. As a gorgeous woman, it’s not wrong for her to be conscious of protecting herself. Since young, she had continuously been harassed due to her outstanding appearance. A flower would naturally attract butterflies, and as time passed, she had slowly built up her barrier. It was also because of this that Su Tao felt that she was a cold woman from the first impression.

But after they got to know each other, Su Tao realised that Lu Shimiao wasn’t that different from an ordinary woman. She had emotions and desires. She would feel hurt and depressed, and this was also the reason why he gave Lu Shimiao help several times. It was also mainly because he could sense a stubbornness in her that any man would feel pity for, especially when she was also an incredibly gorgeous woman.

After separating with Lu Shimiao, Su Tao returned to the Three Flavour Hall to prepare for the Physician King Tournament. There were many emails sent to his mailbox, and all of them were questions of the tournament in the past. It’s a comprehensive competition with 32 participants going at 1 to 1 before moving onto the elimination to compete for the title of the Physician King.

The details of the subject were extremely complicated, since it’s a mix of all the subjects in TCM. The acupuncture, manual therapy, prescriptions and many others. The patients were all hard cases from the various hospitals.

All the previous Physician Kings had to fight their way through the obstacles before they could ascend the peak. They would also be invited to the TCM Association as an important seed to be groomed.

Wang Guofeng had a brilliant reputation, but due to some reasons, the Medical Dao Sect did not register him in it. Otherwise, he would have already obtained this title. This time, the commotion caused by this Physician King Tournament was exceptionally great, and his photo was posted on the official page to launch his advertisement as a seeded player.

Su Tao clicked open the website that was sent over by Yan Jing. This was the gambling website that Vera had contacted Utopia to set up. After a few days of advertisement, the chances of Wang Guofeng winning had reached a high rate of 67%, so if Wang Guofeng lost, then Utopia would become the biggest winner.

Su Tao’s gazes moved down and found his name at the 2nd ranking from the bottom. There was only one person lower than him, and it was a female doctor from Ezhou Province that originally didn’t have a traditional origin, so she wasn’t highly thought of.

There’s a reason why people were more in favour of participants that originated from the famous TCM sects. In all the past tournaments, most of the Top 16 competitors were from the prominent TCM sects, and those that came up with the questions in the tournament were also from those sects. Thus, those participants had a natural advantage.

While Su Tao fell into his thoughts, he received a call from Yan Jing. “I just got the news that the National Health Bureau’s Assistant Minister, Deng Zaimin will be present in the event. So the standard is extremely high, aside from the medical media, all the other media in the country has also focused their attention over.”

Knocking his finger on the table, Su Tao probed, “You seem to very nervous.”

“That’s because I placed a heavy bet on you.” Yan Jing smiled after a brief silence.

Su Tao remained silent for a long while before he suddenly said, “If I can help you win the Physician King Tournament, can you help me get Cai Zhongpu out?”

Yan Jing knitted her brows, but her eyebrows quickly eased up before she sighed, “You’re asking me to do the impossible.”

Su Tao’s gaze flickered before he replied in a composed voice, “Chairman Yan, we can be considered as half friends, right? I know that there’s a hidden power for the reason why you’re so enthusiastic about the Physician King Tournament, and it’s simple for that power to rescue Cai Zhongpu.”

Yan Jing fell into silence. She was taken by surprise. She never thought that Su Tao would have seen through it, since Su Tao had initially been just a pawn in her eyes. “I have to inquire about this again. After all, you should know that your role in their eyes is insignificant.”

“Then I’ll be waiting for your good news.” Su Tao sighed with a faint smile.

Hanging up the call, his gaze fell onto his screen with all sorts of thoughts brewing in his mind. He might look like a youth in his twenties, but he had experienced too much in life. His mindset was way more mature than those of the same age. So the moment when Yan Jing wanted him to participate in the Physician King Tournament, he already knew that he was being involved in a struggle of power.

As the saying goes, a gentleman does not stand under a tottering wall. Right from the start, Su Tao had no intention to participate in this event, since it might affect the existence and development of the Three Flavour Hall. He and the Three Flavour Hall weren’t strong enough, so they might be easily crushed under unprecedented danger.

But danger and opportunities existed at the same time. If Su Tao made good use of this, even he might allow the Three Flavour Hall to grow wings.

Furthermore, Su Tao felt that this was also an opportunity for him to rescue Cai Zhongpu, since the power behind Yan Jing wanted to deal with the Nie Family. Thus, they had a similar enemy, and this was also the reason why Su Tao would ask of such conditions from Yan Jing.

Ten-odd minutes later, Yan Jing called back, “I have just inquired about it. If you can obtain victory in this Physician King Tournament, Cai Zhongpu will be able to return safely.”

“Happy cooperation, then.” Su Tao felt relieved, since his gamble had succeeded.

“I’m starting to feel envious of Cai Yan. I never thought that you would treat her so well.” Yan Jing spoke after a brief moment of silence.

Rubbing his nose, Su Tao replied with a question, “Chairman Yan, are you, perhaps, jealous?”

Yan Jing was stunned before she laughed, “Don’t wear a tall hat for yourself. My heart is already dead, and nothing can enter.”

Su Tao faintly smiled, since he knew her Achilles heel. “If there’s a day that you need my help, I will do my best without any hesitation.” When he finished speaking, Yan Jing had immediately hung up the phone, so he blankly stared into space for a long time before he muttered to himself, “What a waste of my feelings.”

Yan Jing had no idea why she hung up the phone. Perhaps it was because Su Tao had poked the depths of her soul in that instant, which made her feel a faint danger.

Taking a sip of water from the cup on the table, she dialled Geng Hong. “How’s Hua Yan doing at home?”

Geng Hong briefly paused before she replied in a soft tone, “Same as the past. She’s timid and doesn’t like to speak.”

Yan Jing sighed with a complicated expression in her eyes. “It has already been a month, and she is still like this. This is truly worrying.”

“But she would occasionally ask where Uncle Su is.” Geng Hong said.

After falling into silence for a long time, Yan Jing replied, “I got it.”

She also felt a little helpless at how her daughter was dependent on Su Tao. Su Tao was an outstanding physician, so he must have a method to treat Hua Yan’s autism. However, Yan Jing felt that she should distance herself from Su Tao based on her instincts.

The danger wasn’t because of Su Tao bringing harm to her, but she realised that Su Tao had been slowly entering into her life. What if one day she became dependent on Su Tao, like how Hua Yan was right now?

Yan Jing knew how terrifying it was to be dependent on someone, which was the reason why she was afraid of it. If there’s a day when that particular person gave you a stab, the pain would definitely reach the depths of the heart.

After finishing the call with Yan Jing, Su Tao realised that Cai Yan was standing by the door with her brows gently trembled. Tears welled up in her eyes with the corner of her eyes turning red and her nose feeling sour.

Su Tao coughed and asked, “Eavesdropping isn’t a good habit.”

Wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes, Cai Yan softly said, “Who’s eavesdropping? I was just passing by here.”

This was how women were, especially beautiful women, since they’re especially fond of arguing. Su Tao stood up, walked towards her and gently embraced her. Surprisingly, Cai Yan did not struggle from his hug.

Suppressing his voice, Su Tao replied, “Rest assured. I have a method to rescue Uncle Cai.”

“It’s tough, and it’s perilous as well.” Cai Yan spoke, worriedly.

With a faint smile, Su Tao replied, “Otherwise, how can I show my abilities?”

Cai Yan suddenly felt that something was fishy .Su Tao’s hands had gently touched her waist, so she knitted her brows. “Can your hands be more honest?!”

Hugging Cai Yan tightly, Su Tao replied, “Okay!” However, his hands were touching her butt before he grabbed her butt cheeks with his hands spread out. The texture was splendid, and they felt soft, as if he’s grabbing ahold of cotton with a moist liquid leaking out.

“Shameless!” Cai Yan finally couldn’t stand it and she pushed Su Tao away before she fled.

Why were men so lustful? It was a special moment back there and he just had to be naughty with his hands. It was fine if he gently touched them, but he used such great force to grab them, which made Cai Yan feel like there were five nails being stuck in her heart.

Cai Yan lowered her head while feeling bashful and furious, then her face blushed. She had already cursed Su Tao a hundred times in her heart. Although Su Tao might look refined and elegant on the outside, he was a lecher deep in his bones!

Su Tao twirled his fingers in thought. Men were good with creating a romantic moment, and also experts in ruining the moment. However, he felt that Cai Yan could understand that he was a young man and even hugged her soft body. If he still remained a gentleman, then that only meant that he either had a problem or he’s a hypocrite.

There wasn’t the slightest bit of guilt on his face as he smiled. He stretched his waist then entered the main hall and looked at his three disciples, who were engaged in their duties. Cai Yan, on the other hand, was sitting by the counter with her computer sorting out the data. She cast her eyes over with disdain and despise. His heart suddenly turned calm. He had changed the lives of these four, and at the same time, they had also changed his life.

What a wonderful lifestyle!

His phone rang. It was an unknown number. Knitting his brows, Su Tao immediately rejected the call and, soon after, a message was sent over, “Hang the call again and see if I’ll get someone to come after you.”

His phone soon rang again, so Su Tao picked it up and heard a clear voice coming from the other side. He immediately figured out that it was Di Shiyuan’s Sister-in-Law, the beautiful anchor was calling him.

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