Chapter 735 - Empiricism’s Victory

Andrewson was immersed in his research and was constantly changing his strategy. However, nothing was effective. The person who created the virus was an expert and created multiple barriers on purpose, putting Andrewson in loops of traps.

In the end, Andrewson concluded that the creator of this virus must be a virology specialist, and he had put in a lot of effort to wrap this virus to delay his research.

Andrewson might be confident in finding a cure, but it might take a long time. He couldn’t stay up all night to conduct tests, but how long could those patients last?

“Professor, may I come in?” Qiao Xue’s voice resounded.

“Come in!” Andrewson was somewhat exhausted so he also wanted a rest and asked, “Has Brute’s condition improved?”

“His body temperature is still high!” Qiao Xue shook her head and continued, “Although the inflammation in his body had improved, his body temperature is still rising for some reason. It’s already 39°C now, and it will soon go over the warning line.”

“Try and use external cooling methods, if possible.” Andrewson locked his brows together.

It’s normal for the body temperature to rise after taking antibiotics.

“Someone from the Qihuang Charity Funds came earlier and brought us their tonic after hearing that someone amongst us got infected.” Qiao Xue sneaked a peek at Andrewson, fearing that he might be worried and asked, “Are we going to take it?”

Knitting his brows, Andrewson asked in an unhappy tone, “You guys think that their methods are more effective than mine?”

“That’s not it. I’m only here to seek your opinion.” Qiao Xue immediately explained.

“My opinion is that we get rid of it. I don’t believe in their unscientific methods. TCM is nothing more than witchcraft, and it has already been abandoned by modern medical studies.” Andrewson expressed his wrath as he went on, “If you guys would like culture to fall back, then go ahead and believe in their methods!”

“I will deal with the tonic according to your instructions!” Qiao Xue helplessly replied.

Andrewson was an outstanding virology specialist. At the same time, he’s an important professor amongst his students. Despite the fact that he's somewhat irritable and stubborn, his words still held some authority.

When Qiao Xue came out of the laboratory, a student immediately came up and asked, “What did the Professor say?”

“He asked me to get rid of the tonic!” Qiao Xue replied with a helpless expression.

“Oh my god!” That student performed a facepalm before continuing with a hysterical expression, “Just what’s in his mind? The tonic made by those physicians might seem unappetising with its foul smell, but I’ve already made my investigation. Those physicians came in contact with those patients daily, and not a single one of them is infected; it must be the work of the tonic. Is a bet more important than our lives?”

“How can you speak of Professor Andrewson in this manner?” Qiao Xue was furious.

“Alright, you can continue to be his goodie-good student. This is an epidemic zone, and we might lose our lives if we just follow blindly. Professor Andrewson taught us to doubt authority, and I intend to do that right now.” Thereafter, that student went to the bucket and scooped a bowl of tonic then drank it all down.

Since this was a life-and-death matter, all the students also went over to drink it.

“Holy shit, why is it so bitter?!”

Almost everyone cried out in the same manner, but none of them were stopping. They were even worried that a bowl might not be enough and drank another bowl.

In the end, Qiao Xue did not drink it despite the urges in her heart. Thinking of Professor Andrewson, who was wrecking his brain to find a solution, she ultimately decided to stand in the same faction as him.

Qiao Xue went to the tent next door with the empty bucket, Liao Huashi was no longer as passionate as before upon seeing Qiao Xue and asked, “You guys poured it away again?”

“Not this time. Most of my fellow classmates drank it.” Qiao Xue honestly replied.

“Well, it looks like you guys aren’t stupid!” Liao Huashi smiled as he asked, “Let me guess, that old stubborn fellow, Andrewson, did not drink it, right?”

“Please do not insult others!” Qiao Xue reprimanded as she continued, “Not only did Professor Andrewson not drink it, but I also did not drink it.”

“Why didn’t you drink it?” Liao Huashi observed Qiao Xue’s complexion before he continued, “Your physique seems weak, and it’s easy for you to be infected if you don’t drink it. We’ve already found a common point with the virus; it’s easy for it to pass to someone with weak immunity. Aside from elderlies, that will be women. As for young men in their prime, it’s hard for them to be infected. That Brute from your team was infected because he was born with weak kidney energy, so he’s more vulnerable than others. Putting it in a nutshell, this is a victory of empiricism.”

“Thank you for your reminder.” Qiao Xue coldly looked at Liao Huashi before she continued, “I’m leaving now.”

Watching Qiao Xue disappear into the nightscape, Liao Huashi inwardly sighed as he wondered what’s going on with him.

Since young, it had always been women falling for him due to his family circumstances. Even after he had stepped into society, that did not change due to his outstanding appearance and family circumstances, but he didn’t have any interest in them. It was partly due to the fact that he had focused most of his energy on TCM, and also because he hadn't found the right person.

At this moment, Liao Huashi’s heart sped up. He felt that Qiao Xue was the lifelong companion that he had been waiting for after all this time.

“Hey, what are you thinking about?” Su Tao gave a gentle jab from the back when he saw Liao Huashi dazing off.

“Nothing much!” Liao Huashi immediately looked at the sky and continued, “Tomorrow should be a good day. Just look at the bright moon and sparse stars.”

“Don’t try and change the topic with me.” Su Tao smiled as he asked, “You’d fallen for Qiao Xue, right?”

Waving his hand, Liao Huashi chuckled as he honestly replied, “I can only say that it's love at first sight.”

He had a thin face. He might have dated many girls in the past, but he didn’t find one that made his heartthrob.

“Go for it!” Su Tao faintly replied and added, “But I have to warn you that it’s not easy to woo girls, especially someone so aloof like Qiao Xue.”

Waving his hand to cover up the awkwardness, Liao Huashi replied, “I only admire her.”

“Woo her if you admire her. You can’t leave any regrets in life. From a bystander’s point-of-view, Qiao Xue should have some interest in you.” Su Tao encouraged.

“Is that true? How did you manage to see that?!” Liao Huashi got a little emotional. But soon after, he realised that he had lost his composure and gave Su Tao an embarrassed smile.

“She has been keeping her distance with you on purpose because she’s worried that you might see through her heart.” Su Tao smiled. “Women are usually more realistic. She thinks that it’s only a coincidence that you guys met, and that you guys will be separated after this rescue mission.”

“That’s true…” Liao Huashi sighed as he continued, “She’s a student studying abroad, while I have to stay behind to manage the pharmacy.”

Looking at Liao Huashi’s response, Su Tao smiled. “Don’t look so dejected. You should work hard first. Who knows, she might even return for you.”

“We talked so much, but it’s still a pipe dream. Furthermore, we’re also from two different factions.” Liao Huashi shrugged.

“That’s where you’re wrong. We only have a different standpoint, but we have the same objective. We’re all here to save lives.” Su Tao briefly paused before he continued, “I’ll teach you the Thirteen Needles of Daoism later to nourish the kidney and liver meridians so that you can control the situation if we have a similar patient.”

“Why? Isn’t it fine since we have you?” Liao Huashi asked. But despite his words, he was actually feeling emotional in his heart. As someone infatuated with medical skills, he naturally felt the urge to learn after witnessing such a brilliant medical skill.

“I will be making a trip up the mountain tomorrow, so you might have to temporarily take charge of the camp.” Su Tao knew that it’s currently futile for him to remain in the camp. Since Ying Xiong brought those foreigners up the mountain, then he might be able to find some traces up there.

“Mountain?” Liao Huashi was somewhat surprised by Su Tao’s decision. Although they had only interacted for a few days, the way Su Tao did things made others neglect his act. Hence, he was somewhat worried if he could manage everything well if Su Tao left.

“It will probably take two to three days!” Su Tao smiled as he asked, “You wouldn’t treat me as a deserter, right?”

“You’re joking again!” Liao Huashi patted his chest and continued, “Don’t worry about it. I will definitely do my best in the two days to ensure that nothing goes wrong.”

Glancing at the tent beside them, Su Tao instructed, “You have to take care of those foreigners well if anything goes wrong. After all, they’re international friends. They might not be friendly with us, but we still have to show respect for them since they came all the way here to help.”

“Our China is a country of etiquette. I will melt their frozen hearts with my warmth.” Liao Huashi joked.

After that, Su Tao brought Liao Huashi to a heavily-injured patient and started explaining the Thirteen Needles of Daoism.

It might be a unique technique to the Medical Dao Sect, but there were many versions in society. Liao Huashi had also come in contact with this acupuncture technique in the past, but he only had a basic knowledge of it. After Su Tao went comprehensive about it, it allowed Liao Huashi to gain quite a bit of insight, especially Su Tao’s technique in using Qi, which opened Liao Huashi to a whole new world.

At the same time, Su Tao also had a deeper understanding of Liao Huashi in this process. The latter had a firm foundation in his knowledge, and he would definitely be able to become a Grandmaster like Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang in the future. Right now, he already had the air of a master around him.

In reality, there were many talents in China, and there wasn't a lack of someone like Wang Guofeng. Liao Huashi wasn’t at all inferior to the Wang Guofeng from back then, and most importantly, Liao Huashi had a good personality; he’s a friend worth making.

Su Tao did not hold back and taught the entire Thirteen Needles of Daoism to Liao Huashi, allowing the latter to greatly benefit.

Since Liao Huashi also knew about it, he was touched by Su Tao’s selflessness.

When Su Tao woke up the next morning, he went up to the familiar yet unfamiliar mountain. He had a premonition that something was waiting for him on this mountain.

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