Chapter 734 - The Stubborn Andrewson

As a loud bang echoed out, Qin Jingyu slammed the table and wore a grim expression. “That despicable fellow!”

The Dragon Group had just received information that the group who was responsible for infiltrating the Ying Family Medicine Group had suffered heavy casualties. Three members of the Dragon Group died, while five others suffered heavy injuries. As for the leader of that team, Third Dragon was also amongst the list of those who suffered heavy injuries. Qin Jingyu never expected that the Ying Family Medicine Group would conceal such a powerful force without him knowing it.

Strictly speaking, the Ying Family wasn’t one of the four prominent clans in Beijing since they had their foundation in the Beijiang Province. They belonged to a regional force, and the forefathers of the Ying Family had already become a prominent family a few generations back. They were known as the King of Beijiang. Unlike Xijiang Province where chaos often takes place, it was thanks to the King of Beijiang that the Beijiang Province could maintain their peace.

Right now, the forces of the Ying Family in the business field wasn’t something that the Qin Family could afford to provoke.

Putting it in a nutshell, it’s impossible for the Dragon Group to fall out with the Ying Family without any concrete evidence. Hence, they could only fight in the dark.

But generally speaking, it’s impossible for Ying Xiong to fall out with him completely, and it only meant that he still had other schemes.

Did this epidemic involve an international dispute?

Would Ying Xiong become a chess piece of the other great powers?

Normally speaking, it’s unlike the Ying Family to do something so insane, but then again, anything was possible!

At this moment, Qin Jingyu was filled with annoyance for his arrangements. He had underestimated Ying Xiong’s scheme and fell into the other party’s trap.

From the information that he received from the frontlines, the ten-odd loss from the Ying Family’s side were all mercenaries hired from Central Europe, so how could those people be comparable to the elites of the Dragon Group?

Ying Xiong was also someone in China’s Elite Ranking, and he had been concealing his strength. So despite the fact that he could be ranked amongst the Top 5, his actual ranking was 18.

At this moment, Qin Jingyu realised that he had committed a grave mistake by underestimating his opponent.

When the phone on the desk rang out, Qin Jingyu sighed before he picked up the call. “I’m sorry that the planning wasn’t detailed enough, and it was all on me. I’m willing to bear all the responsibility.”

“Failure isn’t terrifying, but it’s important not to lose your confidence. The members of the Dragon Group can be sacrificed, but there must be worth in it. Facing the disaster right now, it’s necessary for the Dragon Group to stand out and find a solution. There’s too much suspicion between the Ying Family and Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate’s cooperation, and you must resolve it as soon as possible. The members of the Dragon Group can be sacrificed, but the epidemic has to be put under control. The country gave us authority, so we must do our best to fulfil our responsibility.” The Dragon Emperor’s magnetic voice resounded.

“Please be reassured. I will definitely keep an eye on Tony and Ying Xiong!” Qin Jingyu sighed as he gnashed his teeth.

After a brief moment of silence, the Dragon Emperor suddenly revealed, “Fire Beacon has sent their people to Beijing!”

“What are they doing by interfering in this matter?” Qin Jingyu’s voice suddenly turned grim.

“The Dragon Group and Fire Beacon might have a competitive relationship, but we must ensure that we’re united when it comes to the bigger picture. The Seven Mountain Virus had already shaken the entire country, and the media has noticed it. As we speak, many reporters are trying to enter Seven Mountain Village to investigate our progress with the epidemic.” The Dragon Emperor’s powerful voice echoed out, “For the bigger picture, any conflict can be tossed aside. Since the Dragon Group has already failed once, why not let Fire Beacon join in on this investigation?”

Although Qin Jingyu was still filled with reluctance in his heart, he still managed to squeeze his words out, “I understand. I will get someone to cooperate with Fire Beacon.”

“Remember that all personal grudges have to be placed aside for the bigger picture. Furthermore, Fire Beacon has already determined their successor.” The Dragon Emperor emphasised once more.

“Fire Beacon has been searching for their successor, so I never expected that they had already determined their successor.” Qin Jingyu sighed.

Unlike the Dragon Group, the leader of Fire Beacon had always been a mystery. Regardless of the old or new Fire Deity, no one knew their true identity. Someone even analysed that the Fire Deity wasn’t a single person, but a collective.

It was precisely their mystery that made the Dragon Group feel fearful of them.

“Giving you some pressure is beneficial to your growth.” The Dragon Emperor’s resonant voice resounded as he continued, “Don’t disappoint me again!”

After hanging the call with the Dragon Emperor, Qin Jingyu paced back and forth his in office before he gave a call to Second Dragon, “Leave the follow-up of the Ying Family Medicine Group and Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate to Fire Beacon. You guys will only be responsible for the logistics.”

“Blood has to be paid with blood, and we have to take revenge for Third Dragon’s team ourselves.” The Second Dragon replied after a brief silence.

“I’m feeling the same as you, and I will definitely not let the Ying Family Medicine Group off. But since Fire Beacon is helping us probe our enemy, why not let them do it?” Qin Jingyu sighed.

“Roger!” The Second Dragon sighed. Their opposite stance with Fire Beacon was deeply engraved in the heart of every member of the Dragon Group.

After Andrewson returned to his tent to perform all sorts of experiments, a student suddenly, nervously barged in and reported, “Professor, something happened! Brute has fallen ill!”

“How did this happen?!” Andrewson immediately placed the apparatus in his hand down and rushed out of his tent.

Qiao Xue and the rest were currently cleaning up the vomit on the ground. When Andrewson glanced at the vomit on the floor, he reminded them with a grave expression, “Be careful when dealing with the vomit. It’s extremely infectious, and if it goes according to my expectations, it can spread through the air.”

Hearing Andrewson’s reminder, everyone’s faces drastically changed since they had come in contact with Brute. So wouldn’t that mean that they would also be infected?

Knowing that the morale cannot be affected, Andrewson coughed, “Calm down. You guys don’t have to be too worried for now. According to my understanding of the virus, you guys can take Levofloxacin right now. So even if you guys have been infected, it can effectively control the outbreak of the virus for the time being.”

When he finished speaking, he nodded his head to Qiao Xue, to which Qiao Xue nodded and handed out the medication to everyone.

Everyone was dreadful of the Seven Mountain Virus. When they saw the medicinal tablet, it was as if they had seen a lifesaver and they immediately took it.

Lying on the bed, Brute watched as Andrewson gave him an injection for him. As his complexion turned slightly better, he asked, worriedly, “Professor Andrewson, will I die?”

Andrewson inwardly sighed. After participating in so many medical rescue missions, he had experienced life and death. Logically speaking, there’s a high chance of Brute dying since he was the first person infected.

“Brute, who am I?” Andrewson asked.

“My teacher, the top specialist in the field of virology.” Brute replied in a trembling voice.

“That’s right. If I can’t find the cure, no one in the world can.” Andrewson patted Brute’s shoulder and continued, “You guys must believe in me and yourself that we can find the cure.”

Thereafter, he instructed Qiao Xue and the rest to take care of Brute before he left for his laboratory.

He could only save his student by finding the cure as soon as possible to end this rescue mission perfectly and win his bet with that young physician. Hence, he had to grasp whatever time he had to find a breakthrough.

An hour later, Andrewson still wasn’t able to find the cure. But at this moment, his phone rang so he picked it up, it was a call from his old friend, George.

“My old friend, how are you?” George and Andrewson were both virology specialists, but they chose two different paths. George established a medical consultant company to provide service for the various large medicine manufacturing structures.

“What do you think?” Andrewson sighed with a bitter smile.

“Andrewson, I’m sorry to put you in such a dangerous environment.” George briefly paused before he continued, “I have to tell you that the Seven Mountain Virus isn’t a natural disaster, but a man-made one.”

“You mean that someone created this virus on purpose to spread it in China?” Andrewson’s face changed.

“I have also just gotten the news, so I can only call you to express my apology.” George sighed before he continued, “If you would like to return, I can make calls for you right now. You’re in a very dangerous situation right now.”

“No way!” Andrewson gave a decisive reply and added, “George, you know me well. Unless I manage to find the cure for this epidemic, it’s impossible for me to leave.”

Letting out a sigh, George replied in a helpless tone, “You’re truly one stubborn fellow, but this is also what I respect about you. Let me know if you need anything, I will do my best to help you.”

“Your news is the biggest help to me. Since it’s a man-made laboratory-grown virus, there must be a solution. That also means that as long as I find the right method, I will be able to find the cure.” Andrewson shrugged his shoulders with a smile.

After ending his call with Andrewson, George locked his brows and sighed. Andrewson was still as stubborn as always.

Thereafter, George gave a call to Tony and helplessly said, “I have already talked to Andrewson, and he has refused my offer.”

Tony was looking at the bathroom. The waitress from earlier had come after his call and she’s currently showering.

“With Andrewson’s ability, how long do you think he will need to find the cure?” Tony asked with a smile as he sat on the soft couch.

“At least half a month!” George said with confidence. To research the Seven Mountain Virus and its cure, they’d spent at least half a year. That also meant that this plan was put to place half a year ago.

“That’s more than enough time. In just one week, the Seven Mountain Virus will spread throughout China. At that time, we will provide the cure and let them know that we, the Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate, are the savior of their country.” Tony smiled as he comforted, “Don’t worry about it. I promised that I will pay you the rest of the money after this matter is done.”

“Then, I’ll wait for your good news.” George smiled.

After ending his call with George, the bathroom’s door opened, revealing a slim and fair leg. Letting out a whistle, Tony went over to embrace that beauty and inwardly sighed.

China is really a good place! Not only can I make money here, but I can also have a beauty by my side. Right now, I don’t even want to return to my country anymore.

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