Chapter 733 - Same Principles Despite the Changes

Taking a deep breath, Su Tao started performing his acupuncture. The reason why the patient’s condition worsened despite taking the Four Energy Tonic was due to the fact that the effects of the tonic weren't fully released. Hence, Su Tao had to use acupuncture to accelerate the pace that the patient’s body was absorbing the medicinal effect to increase his immunity.

There’s a blatant difference between the treatment of TCM and western medicine. Western medicine emphasised on killing the virus, while TCM emphasised on treating the person instead of the disease.

China overcame smallpox, measles, plague, and poliomyelitis throughout its thousands of years of history. Before western medicine even appeared, China had relied on TCM to fight against epidemics. For example, TCM’s Bupleurum Correction Beverage was effective when it comes to combating viral influenza.

New types of viruses were epidemics that were hard to control in modern medical studies. For TCM, their treatment wasn’t to kill the virus but treat the patients who were infected.

TCM used the same principles despite the changes. When it comes to treating AIDs and Ebola, they focus on controlling the disease starting from the Qi.

TCM had thousands of years of history when it comes to combating epidemics. In Yellow Emperor’s Internal Canon, there’s a section that specially explains how to avoid it.

Thousands of years ago, China’s physicians had already found the profundity of life. All living things had a life, and life was basically formed with shape and Qi. Qi was the center of the shape, and the extinguishment of Qi meant the death of shape. 

As Lao Tze had said, “Everything on the earth is generated by being, and being comes from nothingness. The shape is visible, while the Qi is not. But undoubtedly, the two are linked.”

So from another angle, the virus also had Qi and shape.

As long as vital Qi exists within the body, it’s impossible for evil to wreak havoc.

When a person is combating the virus in his body, it’s an invisible battle between the two Qis, and the principles of TCM’s treatment was to expel by supporting the vital Qi in the body to resist the Qi of the virus. Hence, it’s a battle between the courageous.

Hence, the method that Su Tao was using was to help the vital Qi in the patient’s body resist the Qi of the virus by using the Thirteen Needles of Daoism. 

Although he didn’t know the Medical Dao Sect’s Rising Dawn Qi, he could still pour life into the patient’s body with his Heavenseizing Hands.

In his acupuncture, he mainly focused on the liver and kidney meridians. From the virus point-of-view, the kidneys and liver were the weakest, and the multiplication of the virus required nourishment, which came from the patient’s kidneys and liver. As long as he strengthens those two organs, he would be able to cut the virus off from its source of nourishment.

Su Tao was careful in every step and had to constantly regulate the strength of Qi. After all, the slightest mistake would cause the patient to suffer an unbearable external impact.

As time slowly passed, Andrewson wore a helpless smile. He had heard of the indescribable mystery in TCM’s acupuncture, but he didn’t believe that the patient’s condition could be improved with a few needles. Otherwise, treating patients would be too simple.

On the other hand, Su Tao was focused in his own realm as he became more familiar with the patient’s situation through his acupuncture. He had no idea how the virus attacks, but he knew that the patient’s physique would show signs of deterioration after the attack. Thus, this treatment was a great experience for him when it comes to epidemics.

By treating patients who were on the verge of death, it’s easier for him to find out how the virus damages the body compared to those patients with lighter symptoms.

Half an hour later, Su Tao removed the last needle from the patient’s body, in which the patient reacted by letting out a breath as he slowly opened his eyes before closing.

When Andrewson signaled with his head to one of his students, that student came forth and started performing a check-up on the patient before nodding back to him. It was a signal that the patient’s condition had stabilised from initial observation.

At this moment, Su Tao inwardly let out a breath. Through his acupuncture, the patient would be fine for now, and the Qi that he had injected into the patient’s body would allow the patient to combat the virus. Compared to other patients, he had a higher hope of surviving.

Su Tao knew that it’s effective for him to treat patients with his Heavenseizing Hands and Four Energy Tonic, but his ability was limited. Even if he could perform acupuncture on many people, the number of cases would continue to climb since there’s a nationwide outbreak. At that time, there’s a limit to what he could do by himself. So right now, the utmost importance was to find a cure for the patient to recover. The Four Energy Tonic might be effective when it comes to preventing infection, but there’s a limit when it comes to treating patients in critical condition.

Andrewson stood to the side and did not utter a single word before left the tent, to which Liao Huashi raised his thumb upon seeing that. “Well done, President Su. Now, the foreigner will be fully convinced.”

However, Su Tao shook his head and sighed, “Although I managed to put his condition under control, for now, it’s still far from success. We have to continue our research into the virus to find a suitable prescription.

“Right now, there are similar cases throughout the nation, so we have a heavy responsibility on our shoulders now.” Su Tao further added.

“It still resulted in a full outbreak.” Liao Huashi sighed with shock in his eyes.

“The news will report about it tomorrow. After all, in this era where you can easily access and share information, it will still spread out no matter how the government tries to hide it.” Su Tao did not reveal to Liao Huashi that this was a man-made disaster. Evidently, the mastermind wanted the situation to continue to ferment for him to benefit more.

Within a luxurious business clubhouse, there were only two people despite the massive round table.

The guest was a blonde foreigner. He had a sculptured face, sharp jaw and a height of 6’1”, a standard European hunk. After taking a sip of the white liquor, he locked his brows together before he shrugged and said in standard Mandarin, “Alright, I still can’t get used to the alcohol in your country. It’s too hot for my taste.”

Clapping his hands to call the waitress, Ying Xiong laughed, “Bring a bottle of your best Brandy for Mr. Tony.”

When the waitress glanced at Tony, the latter gave her a wink before the waitress immediately quickened her steps and left the room.

“Women in China are always so shy.” Tony smiled with a shrug.

“You can’t say that for certain. If you require, I can arrange for an untamed woman for you. I guarantee that you will definitely like it.” Ying Xiong winked.

Tony had a special identity. He’s the son of one of the biggest board members in Tosca Pharmaceutical, and he’s also the candidate with the most potential to be the next Chairman of the conglomerate.

In general, he’s young, wise, and well-educated, not to mention that his fiancée was from a prominent family in Italy.

Putting it in a nutshell, Tony’s position in Italy was comparable to Qin Jingyu in China; he’s also a leader of the next generation.

At this moment, the waitress returned with a tray with an opened brandy, to which Tony smiled. “Put it on the table, I’ll pour myself.”

After the waitress left, Tony’s brows were raised as he whistled and retrieved a piece of paper from the tray with a smile. “Wow, it looks like I’ve made a mistake in my judgement. That woman from before wasn’t the slightest bashful at all. Take a look at this, she even gave me her contact number.”

“That’s because she can’t resist your charm.” Ying Xiong clapped.

“Thanks for your arrangements!” Tony replied as he shoved the paper into his pocket.

Seeing that Tony wasn’t stupid to guess that it was his arrangement for the waitress to leave behind her contact details, Ying Xiong shrugged. “It’s nothing much. When you make enough money, you must invite me to Italy to try wines and voluptuous Italian women.”

“That’s a promise. At that time, I’ll bring you to a fashion show. If any of the models catches your eye, I guarantee that you will definitely get what you wish.” Tony smiled.

Despite the faint smile Ying Xiong wore in response, he inwardly pondered that there’s a difference between the western and eastern taste. At the very least, those models with rotten lifestyles weren't to his taste.

“When will the cure be sent over?” Ying Xiong suddenly lowered his voice.

“Don’t worry about it. Once it has sufficiently blown up, I will get someone to send the cure to you free-of-charge. At that time, you will be the greatest contributor to your country, while Tosca Pharmaceutical can gain a footing in China. I heard that you set up a listed company for our cooperation? At the very least, the stock price of that company must grow ten-fold to be of satisfaction.” Tony smiled.

“You’re truly shrewd.” Ying Xiong smiled in response.

“Likewise, likewise!” Tony’s Mandarin was way better than imagined. He took a sip of the brandy while placing a meatball in his mouth.

“But I have to remind you not to go anywhere aside from the location that I arranged for you.” Ying Xiong solemnly said before he continued, “We have already announced the cancellation of our cooperation with the Neuer Pharmaceutical Conglomerate, and they’re very unhappy with you.”

Placing the chopsticks to the side, Tony shrugged and calmly replied, “Although I only brought five people with me on this trip, all of them have experienced life and death. So don’t worry about it; they will definitely protect me. It’s you who has to be careful. I heard that the Neuer Pharmaceutical Conglomerate has a close relationship with Qin Jingyu. That fellow possesses a terrifying force in his hand, and he will definitely interfere in our scheme.”

“Qin Jingyu might be smart, but he has a weakness; he’s self-opinionated.” Ying Xiong sneered as he went on, “I’ve been planning this for a long time now, and I had already analysed his actions. Isn’t it just the Dragon Group?”

“Your trusted aide visited Europe several times for this moment?” Tony was surprised.

Placing his finger by his lips, Ying Xiong revealed a cunning smile. “The individuals in the Dragon Group might be formidable, but I already have my preparations. I’m using a bunch of cheap lives to swap the lives of his elites. If he’s willing, I ensure that he will suffer terribly.”

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