Chapter 732 - Full Outbreak of the Epidemic

“If there’s no antibiotic in it, how can it be so effective?” Qiao Xue doubted.

“The human body is like a machine, and when it becomes rusty, you will have to add machinery oil to lubricate the surface. Although it cannot remove the rust, it can still keep the machine functioning at high efficiency. Antibiotics are akin to rust remover, and different antibiotics can be used to remove different rust. But removing the rust in a machine is not the only way to do it.” Su Tao patiently explained.

Shaking her head, Qiao Xue replied, “I don’t understand what you’re saying, but if more people died because of you guys, then it will be your responsibility.”

Hearing Qiao Xue’s words, Su Tao’s face became grim as he responded, “I told you the truth, and there’s nothing I can do if you don’t believe me.”

Taking a deep look at Su Tao, Qiao Xue said in a low voice, “If you’re lying, then you will become a sinner.”

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao helplessly shrugged his shoulders to Qiao Xue, in which the latter furiously left.

Standing beside Su Tao, Liao Huashi unhappily commented, “What a disappointment. She’s a good lady, but why is she so unreasonable?”

“Everyone has their own standings, and since she’s in Andrewson’s team, she will naturally help the other team. Furthermore, if we really do find an effective antibiotic, we have to let Andrewson know about it. But it’s a pity that they don’t understand the principles of TCM and that we can mediate the five viscera to strengthen the patient’s immunity, allowing their body to combat the virus.”

“It’s truly hard to get them to understand the principles behind TCM, so we can only use achievements to speak.” Liao Huashi muttered as he looked at Qiao Xue’s silhouette.

Nodding his head, Su Tao comforted, “That lady is pretty good. At the very least, she is sincerely caring for the patients. She might be heavily influenced by western medicine, but you can tell from her gaze that she considers herself to be Chinese.”

“Really?” Liao Huashi’s eyes lit up upon hearing Su Tao’s words.

Seeing Liao Huashi’s response, Su Tao smiled. If a bud of love could sprout under this terrible situation, it could be considered some joy in times of bitterness.

Holding onto the phone, Kong Siyu rushed over. “President Su, there’s a call for you!”

Looking at the number, Su Tao immediately answered the call before he went to a remote place and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“There’s a massive outbreak of similar cases to the patients in Seven Mountain Village yesterday. Right now, the State Council has named it the Seven Mountain Virus…” Yuan Lan’s voice resounded from the phone.

Casting a glance into the mountains, Su Tao asked, “Putting in it other words, this is a man-made epidemic?”

Yuan Lan was an agent in Fire Beacon, so she definitely had more sources of information. But her tone had changed when she talked to Su Tao. Yan Wujin must have informed her of Su Tao’s successor identity.

“We’re still investigating the cause, but from the current information we have, it might have something to do with Italy’s Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate and Ying Family Medicine Group.” Yuan Lan said in a solemn voice before she continued, “The Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate managed to enter the market of numerous countries by relying on their treatment for new types of infectious viruses many times. So we have deduced that the Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate might be using this opportunity to gain a stable footing in China this time.”

Ying Family Medicine Group?

Su Tao's eyes immediately lit up before he inwardly sighed. Chief Fan mentioned that someone amongst the visitors was surnamed Ying.

“According to the villagers of Seven Mountain Village, a youth with the surname Ying brought several foreigners for hunting in the mountain, and that youth came from Beijing. It seems that everything is piecing together now.” Su Tao said in a solemn voice.

“We will investigate the cooperation between the Ying Family Medicine Group and Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate’s to find the cure as soon as possible.” Yuan Lan faintly replied.

Su Tao could tell that they’re going to use an undercover tactic to deal with this matter. Hence, he reminded her, “For the Ying Family Medicine Group to dare to plan such a huge scheme, they must be formidable. You guys have to be cautious in your missions.”

“Roger!” Yuan Lan responded after a brief stun.

Meanwhile, Su Tao was surprised since he never expected that Yuan Lan whould treat him as her superior now.

After ending the call with Yuan Lan, Song Sichen’s call came in. He had been concerned with the development at Seven Mountain Village.

“How’s the situation in the epidemic center?”

“The patients’ condition slightly improved after giving them the Four Energy Tonic, but it’s only temporary. If we want to treat the patients thoroughly, we will need to find a cure.” Su Tao sighed before he continued, “I heard that aside from Seven Mountain Village, similar cases have started to appear in other places.”

Song Sichen never expected that Su Tao would receive this news so quickly and sighed, “There were two patients with similar symptoms yesterday in Xiangnan Province, but it has already been put under control. I had just talked to Old Dou, and there were also similar cases at his Xiangbei Province as well. The State Council has treated this matter seriously and they’re planning to establish a specialist team to research this Seven Mountain Virus.”

“Please be reassured. I will try my best to find a solution as quickly as possible.” Su Tao replied.

Nodding his head, Song Sichen sighed, “The situation is still fermenting, and all the medical personnel has to bear the pressure right now to combat this unknown virus. At the same time, this is also a competition between TCM and western medicine. Western medicine has relied on their ample experiences numerous times to put epidemics under control, and this is the reason why western medicine could take the lead in the past hundred years. In terms of epidemics, we don’t have as many methods as western medicine, but we still have to do our best so that we won’t embarrass TCM.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao said with confidence, “I made a bet with Andrewson, and regardless if it’s official or private, I can’t lose. I’ll send you the prescription for the Four Energy Tonic later. If the patients take it, it can stabilise their condition for the time being.”

Stabilising their condition was to buy more time to find a cure.

After he ended his call with Song Sichen, Kong Siyu ran out from the tent and reported, “President Su, a patient’s condition suddenly deteriorated and he’s in critical condition.”

“I'll take a look at him immediately.” Su Tao nodded his head.

There were several severe cases amongst patients. If it wasn’t for the fact that they took the Four Energy Tonic, they would’ve probably died in the morning.

After Su Tao found his medical box, he immediately ran over to the patient. The patient was a middle-aged man in his forties. He wasn’t tall, and due to the virus, his frame had become skinny and he had a dark complexion. Aside from a faint groan that escaped from his mouth, there’s not a single trace of vitality in him.

Just when Su Tao had opened his medical box, a commotion rang out from his rear and he saw Andrewson in a white coat and mask with a bunch of doctors.

Standing beside Andrewson, Qiao Xue said, “Professor Andrewson had just found a possible medicine to control the virus. It’s an antibiotic for treating chronic pneumonia, and it can bring a decent effect.”

“May I know what antibiotic it is?” Su Tao locked his brows together.

“Levofloxacin.” Qiao Xue replied after a brief stun.

“I’m afraid that Levofloxacin isn’t appropriate. It might have an extensive range to combat viruses, and it’s effective for infection in the bronchus caused by Gram-negative bacillus, but it also has an obvious side effect. It will lead to serious deterioration of the liver and kidney functions.” Su Tao replied in a solemn voice.

Qiao Xue was frozen since she was surprised that Su Tao had such a deep understanding of western medicine antibiotics before she immediately translated his words to Andrewson.

“What’s there to consider at this moment? The patient is already in critical condition, and at this moment, only using Levofloxacin will have an obvious effect. Although it has side effects, it’s fine if we control the amount.” Andrewson replied in an annoyed tone.

After Qiao Xue translated for Su Tao, Su Tao sighed, “Even if Levofloxacin has a pretty good effect, it can’t be used on this patient.”

“Why?” Andrewson felt that Su Tao’s attitude was too overbearing and unreasonable. He had traveled from afar to help, and he was unhappy that these physicians have been making things difficult for him.

“Mr. Andrewson, you’re a famous virology specialist, so you should know when Levofloxacin is forbidden to be used. It cannot be used on patients with a condition in their central nervous system like epilepsy or if they have a history of epilepsy, and this patient has a condition in his central nervous system.” Su Tao sighed as he helplessly replied.

If it wasn’t for this reason, it’s impossible for the patient’s condition to deteriorate so quickly after taking the Four Energy Tonic.

But even if the patient did not have epilepsy, Su Tao would definitely not allow Andrewson to use Levofloxacin on the patient since it would bring side effects to the liver and kidney. The Seven Mountain Virus severely damages the victim’s five organs, and using Levofloxacin was practically the same as tearing down a wall to repair another. It’s not a permanent solution, not to mention that the weak foundation created by the Four Energy Tonic would instantly collapse.

“Are you sure that he has epilepsy?” Andrewson looked at Su Tao with a doubtful gaze, feeling that Su Tao was lying to him.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask Chief Fan.” Su Tao helplessly stretched his hands out.

Qiao Xue immediately turned to look at Chief Fan. Fan Mingcheng inwardly sighed since he had never told Su Tao that this villager was suffering from epilepsy. It was obvious that Su Tao did not guess it, but could it be that he found out by using his eyes?

Although he wasn’t sure of the difficulty involved in this task, he gained more confidence for Su Tao on this matter and nodded his head. “That’s right. He has epilepsy!”

After receiving verification, Andrewson inwardly sighed since it was truly inappropriate for Levofloxacin to be used on this patient.

Seeing that the professor had become silent, Qiao Xue asked, “What do you guys intend to do now? Are you guys going to watch him die?”

“If Mr. Andrewson is willing, he can witness how I will treat the patient. After understanding TCM, I believe that you guys won’t have any prejudice about it.” Su Tao shrugged.

After Qiao Xue translated for Andrewson, the latter silently nodded his head. He still felt a little unconvinced and he wished to see how this arrogant young man treats the patient!

According to his judgment, the patient will die in two hours if he doesn’t take Levofloxacin.

He visited many epidemic centers, so he was familiar with powerful infectious diseases, and it’s practically comparable to Ebola!

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