Chapter 730 - Searching for the Cure

South Fourth Circle in Beijing, a commercial building.

In the spacious office with luxurious decoration, a youth that seemed to be in his late twenties sat on the couch while swaying the glass in his hand, causing the ice cubes to bump with the glass as a seductive woman sat before him. Although the woman was dressed formally, her voluptuous figure seemed like it would bust her black formal short skirt open anytime.

“Young Master Ying, we will be meeting with the representative from Tosca Pharmaceutical in half an hour. We will be signing the contract later, so do you need to take a look at it beforehand?”

“If you guys can’t handle such a simple matter without me, what use do I have for you guys?” Ying Xiong smiled.

Wearing a smile, the secretary replied, “The Tosca Pharmaceutical is one of the four major international medicine merchants, and they’ve dispatched the Vice-Chairman of their conglomerate to sign the contract with us, showing their sincerity.”

“Those bunch of people has taken an eye on the monopoly our Ying Family Medicine Group has on the hospitals in the nation. If we help them sell their medicine, their performance in China will increase by at least 30%. Most importantly, we have a good relationship with the military with at least a few billions worth of orders annually. If we give them some sweets, they will be able to gain a footing in China.” Ying Xiong snickered in disdain.

“What about our cooperation with Cambell Pharmaceutical?” The secretary asked in a solemn voice before she continued, “Germany’s Neuer Pharmaceutical Conglomerate is the investor behind Cambell Pharmaceutical, and they will definitely be unhappy in our cooperation with Tosca Pharmaceutical.”

“Unhappy? So what can they do?” Ying Xiong replied in disdain as he went on, “Cambell Pharmaceutical has been trying their best to clear their sales channel for the past few years. They think that they can confront us with the Qin Family backing them up?”

The secretary’s eyes lit up as she figured it all out. “So our cooperation with Tosca Pharmaceutical is a warning to Cambell Pharmaceutical.”

“That’s right. We have to give them a warning that since we can support them, we can also support Tosca Pharmaceutical.”

At this moment, Ying Xiong’s phone rang so he cast a glance at his secretary and instructed, “Get out, first.”

The secretary knew that her boss had a private call, in which she took the initiative to leave. Although she had worked under Ying Xiong for three years, Ying Xiong had always been cautious. Even after their relationship had taken a step further, he still maintained his distance with her.

After the secretary left the office, Ying Xiong picked up the call and asked in English, “Mark, what’s the matter?”

“Young Master Ying, I’m just calling to inform you that the arrangements have been done according to your request. Shouldn’t you fulfil your promise?” Mark asked as he smoked a cigar.

“Don’t be so anxious. Am I someone who would go against my words? Just wait a while and I’ll get someone to transfer USD$2,000,000 to you. Once it’s done, a balance of USD$5,000,000 will be transferred.” Ying Xiong smiled.

“I believe in you. Don’t worry about it, it will be done according to your request.” Mark grinned, revealing his black teeth.

After hanging the call, Ying Xiong stood up from his seat. His secretary had already prepared the vehicle. He came out to the carpark and entered the backseat of the vehicle before it drove off for the hotel where he’s going to meet the representative from Tosca Pharmaceutical.

But when the vehicle drove out, lights suddenly flashed from the opposite side and two off-road vehicles charged towards his Mercedes-Benz.

Seeing this scene, the secretary, who was seated in the front passenger seat, cried out.

One of the vehicles slammed against the side door, causing the secretary to suffer an impact to her head before she fainted.

The vehicle was pushed against a wall before the off-road vehicle swiftly reversed. In just this short moment, the high-quality Mercedes-Benz was completely deformed.

As a few masked men with firearms got out of the off-road vehicles, they pointed to the backseat. “Open the door and get out!”

Without any change in his expression, Ying Xiong knitted his brows together and inwardly sighed. It looked like his meeting with the representative from Tosca Pharmaceutical would be delayed.

After he opened the door, he got out and raised his hands. When the masked person on the right pointed a gun at him and was about to go up to restrain him, Ying Xiong suddenly turned just when his arm was about to get caught. Instead, he twisted the man’s arm and pointed his gun back at him.

As a round went off, that masked man yelled out in pain and his gun was snatched by Ying Xiong. Meanwhile, Ying Xiong used the injured masked man as a shield and fired at the other men. As gunshots echoed, it only took half a minute before everyone was on the ground groaning out in pain.

At this moment, the security of the Ying Family Medicine Group rushed over. Throwing the pistol onto the ground, Ying Xiong swept a glance at them and roared, “You guys only arrive now when they attacked right at our door?!”

The security captain glanced around. Ying Xiong’s aim was accurate. His shots were aimed at vitals, but they weren’t fatal. Letting out a sigh, the security captain flattered, “Young Master Ying has brilliant marksmanship!”

“Stop flattering me!” Ying Xiong waved his hand in annoyance and continued, “Contact those behind these people. Get them to pay USD$20,000,000 if they want them back.”

“Do we have to interrogate them?” The security captain sighed.

“What’s the use of interrogating them?” Ying Xiang rolled his eyes at the security captain and added, “It’s more practical to make money!”

The security captain sighed since his boss was truly unique, so he immediately replied, “I will get it done immediately. Are there any other instructions?”

“Quickly find me a vehicle. I still have an important meeting!” Ying Xiong walked over to the Mercedes-Benz and opened the door, carrying his secretary out. After he applied pressure to her Renzhong Acupoint, the secretary groaned and she slowly opened her eyes.

“Are you alright? If you’re fine, then get yourself together and follow me to meet Tosca Pharmaceutical’s representative.” Ying Xiong asked.

When Rangure received the call, she locked her brows together before she said to Qin Jingyu, who was before the golf machine, “Mission failed, and the other party demanded USD$20,000,000.”

“What has it got to do with me?” Qing Jingyu waved his golf club.

“Not only is Ying Xiong my opponent, but he’s also your greatest opponent. You can’t stand by and watch this matter. Instead, we should join together.” Rangure replied.

“What a joke!” Qin Jingyu waved his golf club once more and the golf ball flew to the wall before he continued, “Even if Ying Xiong has conflict with me, that doesn’t mean that I will become your gun. I’m not that stupid.”

“Then hear me out. If you know about it, you will definitely have a different thought.” Rangure revealed a charming smile and continued, “You’ve gotten news that the Ying Family Medicine Group is cooperating with Tosca Pharmaceutical, right?”

“I do, but I’m not interested.” Qin Jingyu faintly replied before he went on, “If they cooperate with Tosca Pharmaceutical, the Cambell Pharmaceutical under Neuer Pharmaceutical will be in a difficult situation. This is the reason why you sent a group of hitmen to stop Ying Xiong from meeting the representative of Tosca Pharmaceutical, right?”

“Your analysis is right, but I’m sure that you’re still unaware of something else.” Rangure slowly stood up and went over to Qin Jingyu then whispered in his ears.

Listening to those words, Qin Jingyu’s eyes widened with shock. “Is that true?”

“Ying Xiong thought of such a vicious plan to clear the channels between Tosca Pharmaceutical with the hospitals in China. I’m sure that you must be furious right now.” Rangure nodded her head.

“Does Cambell Pharmaceutical have any solution?” Qin Jingyu took in a deep breath.

“We’ve already arranged International SOS to dispatch Andrewson’s team into the epidemic center, but we’re still unsure of the current situation.” Rangure shrugged before she continued, “They must have been researching this variation of virus for many years, and I’m sure that the medicine to resolve it will be top secret.”

“I never expected that Ying Xiong would be so deranged!” Qin Jingyu coldly commented.

“Isn’t this the reason why you’ve viewed him as your greatest opponent?” Seeing that she had successfully instigated Qin Jingyu, Rangure added, “He can do anything to achieve his objective, while you still have a bottom line.”

“You have to help me prevent this disaster from happening. If you manage to do it, I can give you plentiful benefits.” Qin Jingyu replied.

Letting out a sigh, Rangure shrugged, “I can only say that I will do my best, and all hope is on Andrewson. Oh, right. I think I should let you know that your other opponent is currently in the epidemic center.”

“Su Tao is in the epidemic center?” Qin Jingyu swept his glance at Rangure.

“He’s a physician, so is it so surprising that he’s there?” Rangure smiled before she went on, “You don’t have to worry about this matter because Su Tao will be able to deal with this matter.”

Shaking his head, a smile rose on Qin Jingyu’s lips. “Now, this is finally something interesting for me to interfere between your matters with Tosca Pharmaceutical. If I manage to get the medicine, doesn’t that mean that I win?”

“That’s right!” Rangure swiftly responded after a brief stun and went on, “You will be able to defeat two opponents at once.”

All of a sudden, Qin Jingyu stretched his hand out and held onto Rangure's chin. Taking a deep glance into her pupils, he smiled. “You’re truly a demoness who knows how to persuade someone.”

After Rangure left, Qin Jingyu took a deep breath and gave a call to Third Dragon. Half an hour later, Third Dragon arrived with a few people from the Dragon Group’s base.

Throwing a document on the desk, Qin Jingyu said, “Here’s an urgent mission. According to my knowledge, a bunch of people are trying to cause chaos in the country, and we have to find a solution as soon as possible for the country’s benefits.”

Receiving the document, Third Dragon knitted her brows. “Find the cure?”

“An epidemic occurred in Seven Mountain Village, and it has something to do with a new type of poison. According to my knowledge, it’s not a random incident, but a scheme by someone. According to the current information we have, our targets are the Ying Family Medicine Group and Italy’s Tosca Pharmaceutical. I suspect that they have the cure, so you guys must obtain the cure at all costs!”

Performing a military salute, Third Dragon responded, “We will definitely complete this mission!”

Nodding his head, Qin Jingyu continued, “The Dragon Group’s existence is to ensure the country’s benefits, and we can sacrifice ourselves for the greater good.”

“Even with our lives as the price, we will definitely complete this mission.” The Third Dragon ensured.

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