Chapter 73 - Watching the Secretly Taped Video

Chapter 73 - Watching the Secretly Taped Video

A video was sent to her phone, and when Lu Shimiao saw Su Tao coming over, she immediately closed the phone with panic in her eyes. Even her face had turned red with beads of sweat on the bridge of her nose. Su Tao asked with a puzzled expression, “What did you see for you to be so panicky?”

Lu Shimiao shook her head as she bluffed, “There’s nothing, why are you here? There’s a guest room next door, and I’ll help you set it up later for you to sleep there.”

Trying to hide from him? Su Tao rubbed his nose as he pretended to walk out before suddenly turning back and snatched her phone away. He keyed in the password that Lu Shimiao had told him in the past, 0613.

Lu Shimiao was taken by surprise, and when she recovered, she already saw Su Tao tapping on her phone’s screen. She first noticed a surprise on his face before he calmed down and started to study this video with a wicked smile.

Helplessly sitting on the bed with her hands tugged together, Lu Shimiao sighed, “Qiao Bo just sent me this, and this should be the video that he spoke about. Although the one messing around looks like me, it’s not me.”

Qiao Bo said the other day that he had seen the video of Lu Shimiao and Qiao Dehao messing together, and she never thought that he would really send it over, which gave her quite the shock.

Su Tao nodded his head, since he could tell the difference, and smiled. “The facial shape of that woman is similar to you, but she’s way inferior in terms of her figure. She’s only an apple, at most, but you’re a watermelon.”

Rolling her eyes at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao said, “Is it fascinating? Should I give you a copy so that you can slowly study it at night?”

Su Tao shook his head, but his gaze was still fixated on the phone as he replied, “The video isn’t clear, so what is there to study? It’s just to satisfy my curiosity. But I have a question, how did Qiao Bo get this video?”

“Could it be that Qiao Dehao purposely sent it to Qiao Bo?” Lu Shimiao knitted her brows as she sighed.

That was a bold thought, but the chances of it were meagre. Although Qiao Dehao had a poor character, he’s not scum to the point that he would send the video of him messing around in the newlywed house to his son. After a long ponder, Su Tao said, “Think carefully if there was such a camera installed in your house.”

Lu Shimiao tried her best to recall, but she shook her head. “There shouldn’t be such a camera, since I clean the house up often. If the camera was installed there for a long time, it would definitely have been discovered by me.”

Swiping his finger on the screen, Su Tao analysed, “Then there is only one explanation, someone is trying to frame Qiao Dehao and even sent the video to Qiao Bo to threaten Qiao Dehao. However, Qiao Bo misunderstood that you and Qiao Dehao were the ones in the video.”

“Your explanation makes sense.” Lu Shimiao bitterly smiled, linking it all together.

Rubbing his chin, Su Tao slowly replied, “The crucial matter is the woman in the video. If we can establish her identity, then we’ll be able to figure it all out. Since this woman has a close relationship with Qiao Bo, that means that she must be an acquaintance. Do you have any idea?”

Lu Shimiao moved over and stood beside Su Tao, before looking at the video for a long time. Due to the poor illumination, only the rough outline could be seen.

Qiao Dehao was out of shape with a big belly on top of that woman, taking deep breaths while he made vigorous actions looking extremely excited…

Such video leaks were prevalent nowadays. Despite the poor quality, it was genuine.

Lu Shimiao suddenly felt that it was too ambiguous, what was she doing here? She’s watching a video leak together with Su Tao?

It’s absurd. She took a peek at Su Tao and noticed his brows locked together without any impurity in his eyes, as if he wasn’t disturbed.

She tried her best to calm herself and tried to identify the woman in the video. However, her gaze had always unconsciously wandered to the contact between Qiao Dehao and the woman. She felt her body heating up and finally chose to give up. She helplessly said, “I can’t recognise the woman; it’s too blurred.”

Su Tao sighed, “I can understand you, the scene is too beautiful, and it’s easy to be distracted.”

Although Lu Shimiao’s character was cold as ice, she was still a woman. Her relationship with her husband was very stiff, and she had been numbing herself with work. But even a woman had needs as well, especially those that have experienced the forbidden fruit. It had been turned into dry wood after such a long time, so if it's ignited with fire, it would blaze into intense flames.

Lu Shimiao was extremely angered. She stretched her hand out. “Give it to me. I’ll take a closer look.”

Tossing the phone over to Lu Shimiao, Su Tao’s gaze fell on Lu Shimiao’s body. No wonder Qiao Bo would misunderstand. Because of the lack of illumination, the woman was genuinely somewhat similar to Lu Shimiao, even her age; however, the figure of that woman was a little lacking, when compared to Lu Shimiao’s voluptuous figure.

After studying it for a long time, Lu Shimiao still couldn’t identify the woman and sighed, “The scene is too blurry, it’s impossible for me to get a clear look at it.”

Su Tao nodded. “The reason why Qiao Bo misunderstood was probably because it occurred in your house, and with how Qiao Dehao usually takes care of you. Thus, he thought that the female protagonist in this video was you.”

Lu Shimiao nodded her head in agreement before she closed the video and glared at Su Tao. “This matter is no longer important. If Qiao Bo thinks that the woman is me, then so be it.”

Su Tao was briefly stunned, since he knew that Qiao Bo had thoroughly hurt Lu Shimiao. He sighed, “But judging from his attitude, I’m afraid that he still intends to pester you. Pass me your phone.”

“What do you want to do?” Lu Shimiao was surprised, but she handed her phone to Su Tao.

Su Tao smiled and blocked Qiao Bo’s number from Lu Shimiao’s phone. “I’ll make you make a decision and cut contact with him completely.”

After Lu Shimiao watched Su Tao leave the room, she felt a little depressed. Perhaps this method of cutting contact made Lu Shimiao feel empty, since hate was also a feeling. As long as she had feelings, it would still take a little more time for her to get over it…

A brief moment later, Lu Shimiao also walked out of her room and found a set of bedsheets and a quilt in the guest room and set it up for Su Tao. She could hear the splashing sound of water coming from the bathroom, meaning Su Tao should be showering at the moment, and the video from before had turned into a demon as it played out in her mind. She felt a chill in her lower body and subconsciously figured out what had happened. She frantically patted the bedsheets before rushing back into her room.

When Su Tao finished his shower and came into the guest room, he felt something was amiss when he looked at the wrinkled bedsheets. As a mysophobia, along with being an OCD doctor, it’s impossible for Lu Shimiao to be so sloppy. He shook the bedsheets to smooth everything out and turned off the light.

The bedsheets were clean, and there was a peculiar fragrance coming from the quilt, since Lu Shimiao touched it. His imagination started to run wild, and with the stimulation from the video, Su Tao felt that he’s undergoing a trial.

The master bedroom was still lit. Lu Shimiao drank a cup of water before taking a love essay out and started reading. For some reason, she couldn’t read any of the words because her mind was filled with Qiao Dehao’s disgusting actions, along with the loud moans of that woman.

Any human would face the trial of human nature, and Lu Shimiao had also suffered. The door was akin to a lock that made her feel like she was suffocating.

While she was staring in a daze, she fell asleep and entered her dreamland. In her dream, the door to her room opened and Su Tao entered with a sinister smile before pressed on her. She did not resist, although she was yelling and shouting for him to get lost, her arms were tightly held against her waist…

After an unknown amount of time, she was woken up by the commotion outside. She subconsciously touched between her legs and felt moist. She bitterly smiled, since it was an absurd dream. After taking some black-laced underwear from her wardrobe and changed, she wrapped the damp one in the clothes that she wore yesterday and intended to dump them into the washing machine later.

When she came out, she saw Su Tao busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen. “I just went down and talked to the Hardware Store’s boss, he will come in a while to change the lock. I’m preparing egg noodles, do you want the egg fried or salted?"

She turned on the washing machine and felt relieved when she saw the clothes spinning. The feeling was akin to destroying evidence after committing a crime. “You decide, I’m fine with both.”

After a long time, Su Tao placed two bowls of noodles and fried eggs on the table. Lu Shimiao had washed up and even applied moisturiser on her face. Looking at her slightly flushed face, Su Tao asked with a faint smile, “You didn’t sleep well last night?”

Lu Shimiao felt that the noodles were incredibly tender and cooked at a perfect temperature. While eating a mouthful of noodles, she replied with a question instead, “Could it be that you’ve not slept well?”

Su Tao picked up the egg with his chopstick and soaked it into his bowl of noodles, “I suffered insomnia last night. I was too excited before I slept and ended up with my imagination running wild the entire night.”

While sourly glaring at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao replied, “I slept till morning and even had a wonderful dream.”

When she spoke towards the end, her voice was lowered and she avoided eye contact with Su Tao, pondering if Su Tao had seen through her.

While she was distracted, Lu Shimiao suddenly felt something touching her under the table. Su Tao had his legs stretched out and hooked them around her feet. “I’m extremely regretful right now. If I was more courageous last night, at least I wouldn’t be the one to suffer from insomnia last night.”

Lu Shimiao immediately panicked and withdrew her feet before she frantically stood up and stared at Su Tao. “You behave yourself!”

Watching Lu Shimiao take her bowl to the couch, he muttered to himself, “Bringing your food along, even when you’re running away. It looks like the ability of your will to live is pretty good!”

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