Chapter 728 - Physicians Fearless of the Epidemic Deity

After Andrewson entered the tent, he removed his raincoat that was covered in mud and changed into casual shoes. All of a sudden, he locked his brows together with a disgusted expression and asked, “What’s that unusual burnt smell?”

As a woman, Qiao Xue was more sensitive and she had already noticed it when she entered, so she explained, “Professor, it’s something called mugwort leaves.”

“What’s the use of it?” Andrewson had suffered on the journey, so he was in a bad mood.

“Mugwort leaves can be used as an antibacterial, and my home often used them when I was young!” Qiao Xue could understand it since Chinese have often come in contact with the concept of mugwort leaves.

“What a terrible smell!” Andrewson was unhappy. He took out a bottle of Cologne and started spraying it around before he continued, “Tell those physicians to not burn such things in my tent. Not only is it useless, but it also affects air quality. You know why China is always hazy? It’s because you guys like to burn things!”

Facing the professor’s reprimand, Qiao Xue couldn’t find a single word to refute and inwardly sighed. “I’ll tell them immediately.”

When Qiao Xue arrived outside the tent of the Qihuang Charity Funds, she caught onto a fragrant smell before she even entered and was immediately curious about what they were cooking for it to have such fragrance.

It’s already evening and Qiao Xue subconsciously rubbed her stomach. She was hungry, and she even felt that she could swallow an entire cow.

Seeing that Qiao Xue came in, Su Tao went over and smiled. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Casting her gaze over, Qiao Xue noticed that they weren’t eating anything complicated but simple potato beef stew and tomato egg. They weren’t special dishes, but it was attractive for her, who studied abroad.

“Nothing much, I’m only here to remind you not to burn any mugwort leaves in the tents.” Qiao Xue’s temperament was elegant. She has a tall figure. She’s only wearing flat shoes, but she was even taller than ordinary males, roughly about 5’7”.

Although she cannot be considered beautiful, her appearance could be considered above average. But due to her long legs and unique temperament, she attracted the eyes of many.

When many of the physicians had their gazes on Qiao Xue, Kong Siyu purposely coughed as she laughed, “What a bunch of lechers!”

Her words immediately caused those physicians to lower their heads to hide the agitation in their hearts.

Physicians were also human, and it’s natural for a fair lady to be courted by gentlemen.

“I never expected that my goodwill would be treated as rubbish. Don’t worry about it, I won’t enter your tents anymore. But for the tents that will be used to treat patients, it will be smoked with mugwort leaves daily to disinfect, and there’s nothing I can do if your professor can’t accept it.” Su Tao sighed.

“You!” Qiao Xue never expected that Su Tao would be so domineering, so she continued, “Can you have some inner quality?”

“This is our TCM’s way of dealing with infectious diseases, so please understand.” Su Tao seriously replied.

“If it affects Professor Andrewson, you won’t get it off easy!” Qiao Xue rebuked.

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao sighed, “If burning mugwort leaves can affect him, then Mr. Andrewson is a little too fragile.”

“Sly!” Qiao Xue threw a remark before she turned around and left.

Looking at her graceful figure, Su Tao inwardly sighed. He knew that she must’ve thought that he rejected her request because of his bet with Andrewson.

She misunderstood that Su Tao was someone who would do nothing to achieve his objective, burning mugwort leaves to agitate her professor.

When Qiao Xue returned to their tent, everyone had already started eating dinner. One of her fellow classmates who had a favorable impression of her waved his hand over. “Come and try the salad that professor made. It’s delicious!”

Qiao Xue went over and ate a portion of salad, the radish and tomato were crisp and was topped with the flavour of salad dressing. It was pretty refreshing, but Qiao Xue couldn’t help thinking about that stew of potato beef. That stew of potato beef had added quite a bit of chili, and it should taste pretty good.

After handing some toast to Qiao Xue, Andrewson asked, “Have you communicated with them?”

“I have, and they’ve already agreed to it.” Qiao Xue chose to give a tactful reply or with her professor’s temper, he would definitely flare-up.

“Starting tomorrow, we will be going into a strained working condition, so rest early today.” Andrewson ate the toast and drank a mouthful of rum before he encouraged the team.

“Alright!” His students echoed along.

It wasn’t easy for Andrewson to fall asleep. Under this harsh environment, it’s hard for anyone to fall asleep, and he only fell asleep at about three to four in the morning. In the end, he did not sleep for long before he was woken up by a racket. Walking out with a simple shirt, he wore his spectacles and came out of the tent to realise that villagers were sending patients into a huge tent in the distance.

“What are they doing?!” Andrewson was startled before he immediately notified his students to wake up and get themselves dressed.

The clothes were made with the best material that could isolate viruses so that they could ensure that they wouldn’t be infected in the process of coming in contact with the patients.

Andrewson immediately wore his clothes and rushed into the patient’s room to see the team from the Qihuang Charity Funds handling the patients.

His first impression was that they’re too bold to only wear simple masks while coming in contact with the patients. Don’t they know how terrifying viruses are?

“That foreigner, Andrewson, came to steal our skills!” Liao Huashi chuckled as he whispered in Su Tao’s ears.

It was only at his reminder that Su Tao noticed Andrewson standing at the entrance with an unsightly expression and smiled. “Continue feeding the patients. I’ll talk with that foreigner outside.”

After that, Su Tao came over to Andrewson and pointed outside the tent.

“What are you guys doing? Don’t you guys know the terror of a new virus?” Andrewson asked in an irritable tone.

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao bitterly smiled. “I have no idea what you’re saying. Let’s get your Chinese student to translate our conversation.”

Letting out a sigh, Andrewson knew that Su Tao couldn’t understand him. Thus, he stomped off to look for Qiao Xue and solemnly said, “Tell him to stop his foolish actions now and don’t make any more until I investigate the virus.”

“I can give you that time to investigate, but the patients can’t wait. A few of them have already died, and the cases are increasing. I have to control the disease and ensure that those who are not infected are healthy and decrease the infection rate.” Su Tao sighed.

“Coming in contact with the patients without knowing what the virus is will only increase your rate of infection.” Andrewson roared after a brief silence.

“Humans have immunity to resist the infection. If they maintain their health in both their bodies and mind, they won’t be infected. It’s futile for me to explain it to you since you don’t believe in TCM, but I suggest that you and your team rests for a few days. Otherwise, it’s pointless even with your clothes. Viruses cannot be seen, and even the best protective suit can still get you infected.” Su Tao shook his head.

After Qiao Xue translated for Andrewson, he continued to roar, “You’re telling us to rest? Do you know what you’re doing right now? I will file a complaint to your government now!”

Rui Lei had gathered all the patients in the medical base as per Su Tao’s request early in the morning. When he saw that there’s a conflict between Andrewson and Su Tao, he immediately went over to mediate.

“Please don’t fight. We’re in a state of emergency, and we have to consider the overall situation.” Rui Lei sighed. He noticed that the current situation was awkward. One party was a virology specialist that they’d invited with great difficulty, and the other party was a National Healer that he couldn’t afford to offend.

Trying his best to calm down, Andrewson wondered why he was fighting with a young man since it would only lower his standards. Waving his hand, he said in an annoyed tone, “Since you guys won’t listen to my suggestion, then I won’t care about you guys anymore. We will go according to our own styles and not interfere with each other. Half an hour later, I will conduct an examination with the patients here, and I will be able to obtain a result roughly two hours later. When there’s an outcome, I will be able to treat the patients.”

“Alright, then I’ll wait for your good news.” Su Tao gave a polite smile to Andrewson and Qiao Xue before he left, leaving behind a graceful silhouette for them.

He initially wanted to provide a Four Energy Tonic to the other team, but since the other team probably wouldn’t accept it, then there’s no need for the hassle.

He still had more important matters to handle, and he dudn't have any time to quarrel with Andrewson.

Upon rushing back into the tent, a 60-year-old granny laid on a white bed and her complexion was yellow. She had messy hair, an unfocused gaze, dried skin, and peeled lips. She was half-conscious and was laid on the bed while letting out groans. Kong Siyu was currently dipping a swab in water before she applied it on the granny’s lips to make her more comfortable.

But just when Su Tao was about to take her pulse, a young lady suddenly cried out, “Stop!”

The young lady appeared to be eighteen or nineteen. She had a petite figure with delicate features. She nervously said, “Don’t touch her. She’s infectious!”

“Then why do you dare to touch her?” Su Tao looked at her.

“Because she’s my grandmother.” The young lady replied in a soft tone.

“Then I will have to touch her. Because if I don’t, no one will be able to save your grandmother. I’m a physician.” Su Tao seriously said to the young lady before he smiled. “I’m not afraid of the epidemic deities. On the contrary, they’re afraid of me.”

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